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06MARCH2020 Vol 11 • Issue 49

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2 NEW ZEALAND Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Winston Peters’ defence of

Shane Jones’ racist comments reflects
sickening ‘victim-blaming’ mindset obligations in hearing from the voters of
the country who want to engage with them,

ew Zealand First Leader Winston including the Indian community.
Peters’ defence of Shane Jones’ racist However, it is not right if they outrageously
comments is a sickening reflection of extrapolate some private racist conversations
the victim-blaming culture right at the top of as an excuse for a racist tirade against the entire
NZ politics.  community. This is indeed trivialisation of
Blaming victims themselves by holding them racism. 
responsible and in some way telling them why
It is a devilishly clever application of
they deserve the crime perpetrated upon them,
convoluted political logic that trivialises
is victim-blaming culture.  "Mr
Often rape and sexual assault survivors are Jones was
Dividing the Indian community for
asked whether they wore provocative clothing’ mirroring the
political gains is an age-old colonial
or how they fought back. comments that the
Poor people who work three jobs and still Indian people have
passed on to us – so they Meanwhile, for the Indian
can’t support a family are blamed for ‘laziness’
couldn’t be racist in community, which has a mutually
and failure, despite facing an economy that is
that context." shared historical experience of colonial
stacked against them. 
In a similar vein, Mr Peters has shifted the tactics of divide and rule, this is not
responsibility of the latest racist rant on the an altogether new experience where the
Indian community by his party colleague, political masters succeed in pitting one against
by audaciously suggesting that Mr Jones’ is the other, before successfully subjugating them. 
relaying the community’s opinions and so The only thing of interest will be if the Indian
somehow that doesn’t make it racist! community in NZ has learned anything from
NZ Herald reported on Wednesday, March their previous mutually shared experience of
3, that Mr Peters said the comments couldn’t being allowed to drift apart in the wake of the
have been racist as they “come from the Indian application of divisionary politics. 
people themselves”. So far The Indian Weekender has spoken
politics at the highest level.  to express displeasure and appear helpless with many leaders and key stakeholders in the
“Mr Jones was mirroring the comments
In any case, since this audacious victim- blaming coalitions, the MMP system and an community, who have refused to agree with Mr
that the Indian people have passed on
blaming mindset is coming from none other election year! 
to us – so they couldn’t be racist in that Peters’ another bold assertion that there was
context,” Herald further quoted Mr Peters.  than the Deputy Prime Minister it is alarming, Trivialisation of racism  only one leader (as reported in the Herald story)
This is not just outrageous but also sickening especially since the Prime Minister herself Like any other political party, Mr Peters and who was finding the comment by Mr Jones
and could well damage the reputation of NZ seems disinclined to take a tougher stand than his party are well within their constitutional as racist. 

We want to hear from you! Tell us what we should focus on over the next
three years to make your community better through our 2020 Local Board Plans.
Have your say now at akhaveyoursay.co.nz/lovelocal
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 3


SANDEEP SINGH too; they are the youth workforce who study led Coalition Government have targeted and and I can understand what they feel when they

iwi-Indian community is incensed over and work hard here to make their career created rhetoric against the migrants accusing hear such downtrodden views about them. Mr
seemingly mundane trivialisation of legitimately. Such negative connotations about them for every public issue for gaining the vote Jones’ comments, of course, comes once again
racism, as inherent, first in, Cabinet the Indian students here and by extension, the is unacceptable. close to the elections. He needs oxygen and
Minister Shane Jones comments, and then Indian community living in New Zealand is It is dangerous for NZ’s international image, publicity to survive and what better for him to
followed by his Party’s leader and Deputy upsetting. New Zealand is facing dangers of bilateral trade and foreign policy. One side the target the Indian community once again.
Prime Minister Winston Peters backing of him two viruses, Coronavirus and Shane Jones Prime Minister is busy showing off in front For him, the Indian community is the lowest
with tasteless selection of words, and summed virus. Shane Jones’ comments are ridiculous of international media proclaimed herself hanging fruit that he can use anytime for his
up Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s stopping and simply not acceptable. as a champion to stop the hate speech but on political gain and mileage.
short of calling-out Mr Jones comment as racist. the home ground her own ministers are out of No, sir, we are not a steppingstone in your
This is indeed the most systematic and control and fueling the hate. political ambitions, and the community
opportunistic trivialisation of racism being certainly does not appreciate being used as a
carried out at the country’s topmost political tool for his publicity.
level in recent times.
Defending Cabinet Minister Mr Jones’
outrageous comments, Mr Peters briefly spoke
with the media on Tuesday, March 3, and made
some astounding claims in subsiding the level
of outrage within the Kiwi-Indian community,
while simultaneously also perpetuating a
victim-blaming culture.
NZ Herald reported that when Mr Peters
was challenged with the views of one of the
community leader calling out cabinet Minister’s Paul Patel, President, New Zealand
comments as racist, he casualised it by saying, Indian Central Association (NZICA)

“That was one person, what about the other am not surprised that NZ First has against
200,000,” in reference to New Zealand’s stooped down to such a level targeting the
total Indian population. Clearly, in his usual Indian community only to further their cause Vai Ravindran, President, Auckland
belligerent style, Mr Peters suggested that he of political mileage riding on one ethnic group. Tamil Association: Nilima Venkat, General Manager,

was not bothered with one lone voice of reason. strongly condemn Shane Jones’ comments
A few years ago, they targeted the Chinese Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust

However, what was also outrageous, was on the Indian students here. People are upset,
community, and in the last few months, well, ts election time and Shane Jones’ wants
the fact that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, just because we did not speak on this earlier and
the Indian community is their punching bag. publicity. His comments are nefarious, and
who initially appeared lashing out Mr Jones
Where does Shane Jones’ or Winston Peters get out loud, it does not make Mr Jones’ comments we do not appreciate being the subject of his
has stopped short of calling his comments as
such information that the Indian community is not racist. rant. His comments are racist, and we should
not happy with the students coming here? Has I work with the Indian students very closely, ignore it, so he does not gain for this publicity.
In response to this trivialisation, the Indian
Weekender reached out to many community he backed his claims with sufficient evidence
leaders seeking response on the ongoing and information? No, he does not. This is what
trivialisation at the country’s topmost political happens when we have a coalition government
level. that does not help.
Yes, the Prime Minister has condemned her
cabinet’s minister’s comments, but that is not OPEN
enough. If you direct a tirade against one ethnic
group, that demotes them, it is racism, that is
the definition. I am glad that our Human Rights
Commissioner Meng Foon has condemned
East Tamaki
Shane Jones’ comments and released a Phone: 09 218 4899
statement stating how such comments for Email: info@rainbowcorner.co.nz
political ambitions hurt the sentiments of any Add: 417 East Tamaki Road
ethnic group and affects them largely. Auckland 2013, New Zealand
Narendra Bhana, President, Auckland Just because we didn’t respond to his [Shane Website: rainbowcorner.co.nz
Indian Association Inc. Jones] comments much earlier, that does not

S hane Jones’ comments on the Indian student

are racist. Period. New Zealand prides itself
for being an inclusive culture and comments on
mean we stand in agreement. We just don’t
want you to ride on the Indian community once
again and further your cause.
one particular ethnic group is nothing other
than a very severe form of racism. I simply do
Look at the way Shane Jones gives
interviews- so full of arrogance the way he
Spaces available
not understand, why Shane Jones’ backed by
NZ First target the Indian community, again
talks, and know-it-all attitude as if he knows all
the ins and outs of the Indian community. You
Enrol your child today!!!
and again. cannot have a one-on-one conversation with an OUR SERVICES:
Indian students come here to study and arrogant person who is so full of himself.
contribute immensely to New Zealand not just to • Childcare
the social fabric of the country but economically • OSCAR programme & holiday services Rrahul Dosshi
too. Look at the hospitality industry, the Indian • Home-based care Managing Director
students are the real contributors and are a real Founder
asset for the industry.

Sunny Kaushal, Spokesperson, South

Bhavini Doshii
CEO | Founder
Asian Leaders Group NZ

Jeet Suchdev, Chairperson, Bhartiya one of us wants to give any importance to Wishing you a very happy Women's day
Samaj Charitable Trust: Shane Jones, neither we sympathise with 2020. Just wanted to thank you from

I f this is not racism, then what is. The Indian bottom of my heart for all things you do!
his ‘politics of desperation for existence’, but
students are the contributors to this economy the way some of these politicians in the Labour-
4 NEW ZEALAND Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Prime Minister lambasts Minister Jones, denies

suggestions of abetting casual racism in govt
SANDEEP SINGH the power of being admonished in

rime Minister Jacinda Ardern such a public manner.”
has strongly refuted the Ms Ardern further asserted,
criticism on her government “I think that me standing up and
for overseeing a casual trivialisation saying that it’s bad for New Zealand
of racism at country’s highest actually matters. And I do not want to
political offices condemning and trivialise that.”
distancing herself from Minister “But equally my message to voters
Jones’ outbursts against the is that in an election year the power
Indian community. now sits with you as you determine
“I consider those comments to be who is able to form the government
both wrong and I consider them to be and you have within your own power
bad for the community and bad for to decide what you make of those
New Zealand,” Ms Ardern said. remarks as well,” Ms Ardern said.
Ever since Cabinet Minister Shane When asked if she, by not
Jones has targeted the Kiwi-Indian disciplining the errant Minister
community – second time in just a was risking too much goodwill that
few months - by saying that Indian she had rightly earned after the
students had ruined NZ academic unfortunate Christchurch terror attack
institutions and was further defended last year when she firmly criticised
by his Leader Deputy Prime Minister the racist ideology Ms Ardern remain
Winston Peters by shifting the blame stoic in her convictions that she has
on the Indian community for Mr again “stood firm in criticising racist
Jones’ comments, there has been comments.”
much concern in the community "Ultimately, “For me the issue of inclusiveness
about growing casualisation of the only thing in New Zealand, the issue of our
racism at the highest political offices. that can stop [Shane diversity being our strength... you
Speaking to the Indian Weekender, Jones’ comment] are will see me repeat time and again...
Ms Ardern was at her usual best in voters. Voters decide who they are values I believe strongly in,
distancing herself from her cabinet government Ms Ardern firmly denied are voters. Voters we work with,” Ms next six months till the and I live in,”
colleague’s racist tirade, when Ardern asserted “It is simply not fair to take the
by asserting “I don’t consider that I decide who we next election to Minister
she asserted the importance of have excused it in any way. I have work with,” Ms Shane Jones for going rogue statement of one individual MP
“admonishing someone in public.” condemned it most vehemently.” Ardern asserted. as and when he wished, Ms and cast a shadow on an entirely
When asked if she was giving a “Ultimately, the only thing that On being further asked if Ardern sidestepped the suggestion by different Party, because we have
lame excuse for allowing racism to can stop [Shane Jones’ comment] she had given a clear runway of saying, “I think you are diminishing condemned those statements,” Ms
perpetuate at the topmost level of the Ardern asserted.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 5

Race Relations Commissioner

Meng Foon slams Shane Jones’ racist
comments against Indian community
IWK BUREAU Responsible business with lasting

ace Relations Commissioner Meng relationship in the community
Foon has condemned Shane Jones’
comments against Indian communities
as racist, ignorant and harmful.  Home Loans*
Commissioner Meng Foon says ‘Shane • Less than 20% deposit? Rakesh Bansal
Jones’ continued racist and ignorant statements • Residential first home or Investment property? Ph: 021 030 8135
against Indian communities must stop.
Ex Bank Manager with over 30 years
• Building/Extending/Renovating? experience in New Zealand and overseas

“As a leader in Government, his words are • Commercial property?

irresponsible and harmful to many Indian,
• Looking to refinance?
migrant, and ethnic communities. These
• Business loan?
types of comments divide us as a country and
• Self employed but no financials?
embolden those that hold racist and xenophobic
“This stereotyping goes against the central Insurances Era Bansal
Maori value of manaakitanga (hospitality), • Sole bread winner?
of racism and hate. Shane Jones’ comments are Ph: 021 066 7598
which so many of us love about New Zealand, • Young children? Ex Banker for years
an affront to these important moments when era@kiwimortgages.net.nz
and is the reason alot of us came here. • Huge Mortgage?
New Zealanders should be coming together to
International students, including those who • Want to have adequate insurance
support one another.”
come from India, choose New Zealand tertiary cover within budget?
“The anniversary of the 15 March mosque
education because we are a safe county to
attacks marks the day when 51 people were
study in. They do not deserve to be vilified or
discriminated against.” murdered by someone who held erroneous
“The comments about Indian students, and hateful views towards a religious and Contact us for FREE consultation for all your loan and insurance
and others he has made, undermine the rich ethnically diverse group. New Zealand will requirement today. We help you structure your loan as per your Jatinder Singh
contributions that the Indian community has also mark Race Relations Day on 21 March, cash flow to save interest costs and thus repay the loan faster. Ph: 021 154 4327

made since first arriving here in the mid-1800’s. which commemorates the 1960 Sharpeville
Indian New Zealanders enlisted in WW1 and Massacre when 69 Black South African citizens
fought alongside fellow Kiwis at Gallipoli, - including ten children – were shot to death by FREE PHONE: 0508 33 22 11
Somme and Passchendaele. Today, Indian New their own police for protesting against racial (P) 09 9033 602
apartheid laws.”
(F) 09 9033 601
Zealanders remain an important part of who we Mob 021 030 8135
are as a society,” says Mr Foon. “In an election year, leaders must stop using
“This month, New Zealand will mark two minorities as their whipping post. We must and www.kiwimortgages.net.nz Manisha Kumar
important events, the one year anniversary of can do better. I call upon all New Zealanders Office

the Christchurch Mosque shootings and Race and leaders to give nothing to racism and 116B, Cavendish Drive, Manukau City, Auckland *Subject to lending criteria
Relations Day, that remind us of the ugliness xenophobia,” Mr Foon says.
6 NEW ZEALAND Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

For NZ First, it’s always Indians Last

DEV NADKARNI Today, like it or not, some 11 per cent of

n his usual blusterous manner, Cabinet voters in the Auckland region are of Indian
Minister Shane Jones once again targeted origin and we don’t need a psephologist to
his longtime favourite punching bag – tell us that this is a significant number that can
have a bearing on any electoral result of New
Indian immigrants in New Zealand. Naming
Zealand’s proportions. Statements like Jones’
a specific ethnic group in a general comment
are bound to turn proudly Indian voters away
on air about NZ’s growing population was
from his party in droves.    
unabashedly for effect, and very probably,
Despite being a coalition partner, Jones
with a thinly-veiled ulterior motive aimed at
statement sharply goes against the grain
his leader –but more of that in a moment.
of what Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s
In an interview on TV show Newshub last
leadership of the Labour Party has come to
weekend Jones said, “If you want another
assiduously stand for, especially in the past one
million, two million, three million people, we
year – inclusion, compassion and tolerance. 
should debate it and there should be a mandate,
Though the credit for keeping the coalition
rather than opening up the options, unfettered,
waka afloat must necessarily go to Ardern’s
and everyone comes here from New Delhi.”
sharp negotiating and navigating skills, it is
Making sure that the reference to ‘New greatly disappointing that as a senior partner
Delhi’ was not just a casual off-the-cuff in the coalition she has failed to rein in such
mention, he said, “I think the number of pronouncements from NZ First leaders that
students that have come from India have so blatantly go against what the New Labour
ruined many of those institutions,” referring to would have us believe it ostensibly stands
NZ’s educational institutions. for along with its other coalition partner, the
Really? How much have these institutions Greens.
collected by way of ‘international fees’ from potshots against Indians over several years of This is the exact opposite of what Jones said The Prime Minister did well last week, when
Indian students over the years? his political career.  on TV. So, was there some sort of grand design she stood up to Australian Prime Minister Scott
This isn’t the first time Jones has targeted The timing of Jones’ mention of New Delhi to target Peters in a veiled way?  Morrison telling him in no uncertain terms
immigrant Indians and Kiwi Indians in recent and India in a poor light, is interesting. On that However, what is concerning to Kiwi about NZ’s position on the deportation issue. 
times. On the contentious issue of partnership very same weekend that Jones was on air, his Indians is that Indian immigrants and Kiwi Now, will the Prime Minister once again
visas, particularly relating to culturally boss Peters was in New Delhi, India, leading a Indians have once again been used as cannon summon her considerable skills and courage to
arranged marriages, still the norm in many substantial official NZ delegation and meeting fodder in whipping up pre-election fervour in tell off the likes of Jones for the sake of what
Indian communities, he had earlier said, “You with highly placed officials and ministers of the party’s predominantly provincial, rightist she avowedly stands for?
have no legitimate expectations in my view to the Indian establishment.  supporters.  Or will she succumb to realpolitik and risk
bring your whole village to New Zealand, and Peters and his team were on a charm Pronouncements bordering on xenophobia losing the support of the hordes from New
if you don’t like it and you’re threatening to go offensive, waxing eloquent on the India- might have stood them in good stead over the Delhi and their entire villages that have legally
home, then catch the next flight home.” NZ relationship in a glossy brochure titled years delivering votes from their provincial made New Zealand their home, meanwhile
Jones’ is not the lone voice droning and ‘India-New Zealand 2025: Investing in the constituency and kept the flock together but adding more than five per cent to the national
ranting against Indian immigrants. Party Relationship’: “New Zealand has benefited with NZ’s vastly changed demographic that GDP, to say nothing of their contribution to
leader, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign from skilled migrants, student exchanges, and tack is no longer a safe bet. NZ’s brains trust and skills pool?
Affairs Minister Winston Peters has taken rapid increases in tourist numbers from India.” The party’s spin doctors must know this. 

Season’s first Holi celebration in Christchurch draws 12000 people

IWK BUREAU festival.

“We were mindful that this event
oli celebrations for 2020
would get people from all walks of
started a little early in
life, so it was made family-friendly,
Christchurch that witnessed
wheelchair accessible, strictly
a crowd of more than 12000 people
alcohol and drug-free. The colours
to the event. Christchurch’s annual
available to play were from cornflour
Indian Holi Festival of Colours
and was suitable for all ages,” co-
magnetised the Hagley Park with
organiser of the event from Revel
thousands drenched in colours
Events Sandeep Khanna said.
dancing and celebrating unity in the
“The event was assisted by
volunteers from Christchurch and
The event on the leap day of the
proceeds generated from the event
year was held to foster brotherhood
are reinvested into future events and
and peace amongst various
charities in India and Christchurch,”
ethnicities and communities living in
Mr Khanna added.
Christchurch, especially after March
Bollywood-style dance at the event
15 incident of 2019 that unified the Cultural background on Holi
to represent the story of the origin of
spirit of ‘oneness’ in the country. The most popular origin stories are
Holi; the legend of Krishna who had
“This Holi event is more that of Holika Dahan, and Krishna
dark skin and painted fair-skinned
important now than ever due to and Radha.
Radha to show that they were the
the events of March 15, 2019, and Holika Dahan is ‘the lighting of
this event emanates the message of bonfires’, held the evening before
The organisers arranged
togetherness,” Hitesh Sharma, event the main Holi festivities to symbolise
powdered-colours that every attendee
organiser told The Indian Weekender. the triumph of good over evil, and
“Holi is traditionally focused on prepare for a good harvest season.
creating unity. The colours symbolise The festivities officially welcome
that no matter your skin colour, in spring, with Holi celebrated as a
religion, background or social status, festival of love, harmony, happiness
drumming, which comes from the
we are all one. We need events and abundance.
Kerala region in India.
like Holi in our city to continue to The reason colours are thrown
The traditional game of Matki Phod
show strong support for all of the stems from a legend about Lord
provides an opportunity for teams
people that call Christchurch home. Krishna and his beloved Radha.
from all across Christchurch to build
This year we are promoting the Krishna had blue skin and wanted
a human pyramid and tip a hanging
need for kotahitanga – togetherness to be fair like Radha, so his mother
pot of yoghurt – representing one of
and solidarity as Cantabrians,” Mr suggested he paint their faces so that
the legends of Krishna growing up.
Sharma said. they could be the same – symbolising
at the event used, besides, the colour performed by the ‘Rhythm of Kerala’ The event served the taste buds
This event aimed to continue coming together as one.
cannons were blasted from the stage mesmerised the audience and was of 12000 people with a variety of
building community understanding In India, when the colours are
to the crowd and dry powdered one of the highlights of the event, delicious Indian snack and food
through showcasing traditional thrown, all differences are put aside,
colours also thrown throughout the which is traditionally only seen in stalls. Music, dance and other small
cultural performances, food, games and everyone becomes equal, no
event venue on the people. temples. Holi was a rare chance activities for the visitors were crucial
and stories. matter their culture, background,
Chenda rhythm drumming for Cantabrians to witness this to engage everyone present at the
Revathi Performing Arts created a religion or social status.
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 7

Shane Jones comments Trust Saffron Finance for

deeply disappointing by Mr Jones over the weekend that Indian
expert Mortgage/ Insurance
students have ruined our academic institutions
as completely unacceptable.
advice backed by years
• Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern needs to
reprimand her Minister for these comments of experience
National Party List MP which he has repeated several times. They are
Mortgages: Risk Insurances:

wrong and hurtful to Kiwi Indians. 
ometime back I wrote an article Bizarrely - they come at the same time as
describing the Maori world view using New Zealand First Leader and Foreign Affairs • Home loans • Life & Trauma
the famous Maori proverb
He Aha Te Mea Nui O Te Ao (What is the
Minister Winston Peters was in India claiming • Commercial Property loans • Key Person Cover
it is ‘a priority relationship for New Zealand’.
most important thing in the world?) Mr Jones, a Harvard University alumni,
• Business Loans • Medical / Health
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata (it is the will do well to understand that any migrant • Top up & Debt consolidation • TPD and Income Protection
people, it is the people, it is the people).
As New Zealanders recall and mourn the
earns their right to enter New Zealand and • Re-Finance and Refixing • Mortgage Repayment cover
they continue to do so by being law abiding
unprecedented and tragic 15 March 2019 residents, paying their taxes and contributing to
• Investment Property loans • New to Business &
terrorist attack, it is deeply disappointing to New Zealand. • Restructuring of loan • Business Continuity Cover
hear racist comments made by New Zealand As we approach the one year anniversary • Construction & Renovation • Redundancy Cover
First Cabinet Minister Shane Jones against the of the 15 March terrorist attack, let us stand
Indian community. together against racism of any kind and deliver
The New Zealand National Party and our a clear message during the 2020 general election
leader Simon Bridges consider comments made that racism has no place in New Zealand.

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free assessment
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8 NEW ZEALAND Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender


19-year-old white nationalist group member
RIZWAN MOHAMMAD not be tolerated." Police said.

Police have referred the image to Chief
anterbury Police on Wednesday, March
Censor for consideration as to whether it should
4, conducted a search warrant at a
be classified as objectionable material.
Christchurch address and arrested a
If the image is classified as objectionable,
19-year-old man who is a member of a white
anyone who knowingly possesses or shares
nationalist group.
the image commits a criminal offence
Police conducted a search operation
and can receive a maximum of 14 years
concerning a threat message on Al Noor
mosque received by the community earlier
"The safety of the community is our utmost
this week.
priority. Police continue to work alongside
Police reported that a number of items
Al Noor mosque, Linwood mosque, and
including a vehicle were located at the
other members of our community impacted
address and the 19-year-old arrested appeared
by the terrible events of March 15, 2019,"
in Christchurch District Court and charged
Superintendent John Price, Canterbury District
unrelated to the threat on Thursday morning.
Commander said.
Stuff reported that through multiple sources
Police have increased patrols around Al Noor
they confirmed the 19-year-old is a member of
and Linwood mosques and will be maintaining
'Action Zealandia', a far white nationalist group
photo of a masked man sitting outside in a car "We knew that since the March 15 a visible presence in the community as the
that in recent weeks has attempted to gain
outside the mosque. anniversary is coming, someone might try to anniversary of the terror attack approaches.
As reported on Stuff, the image showed a man create a nuisance and disturb the peace and "On behalf of NZ Police, I want to thank
Earlier on Monday, it was reported that a
wearing dark glasses and a balaclava printed harmony of the community," Ms Rahman said. those members of the community who alerted
significant number of community members
with a picture of a human skull. Through a car Security Intelligence Service director us to the recent threat against Al Noor mosque.
received an encrypted message via social
window, the front of the Al Noor can be seen, Rebecca Kitteridge last month warned that "We ask that you continue to remain vigilant,
media app Telegram that showed a man in a
and in the background, four people are visible some Kiwis had been inspired by the March 15 and encourage you to report anything suspicious
mask outside the Al Noor mosque with a threat
at the entrance of the mosque. terror attack, and monitoring such people had or concerning to police immediately."
message directing towards the community and
The message accompanied with the photo been difficult. Police said.
March 15, 2019 incident.
was both in English and Ukrainian that implied At a press conference on Monday afternoon, A number of remembrance events are
This threat has come just two weeks before
the people at the 'same mosque' would be Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she was planned in major cities of the country, and
the Christchurch mosque attacks on March 15,
greeting each other for the 'last time' with a devastated to see Muslim people threatened some smaller events in mosques inviting the
2019, that killed 51 people and injured 100.
gun emoji or symbol also used in the message, nearly a year on from the Christchurch terror wider community for a prayer service for the
Stuff added that an activist group in Paparoa
Stuff reported. attack, RNZ reported. people affected.
that tracks nationalism and online hate speech
Islamic Women's Council national co- Police said they are aware of that a number "Observing death anniversaries in not really
alleges that it has evidence of the teenager
ordinator Anjum Rahman told The Indian of people are sharing an image featuring Al a part of our Islamic faith, but this incident
describing his 'group of fascists' in Christchurch.
Weekender that she received a screenshot of the Noor mosque which was initially published on affects the broader Kiwi communities living in
The Paparoa spokesperson said that they
threat message on Monday morning of which social media and is creating significant stress New Zealand. We all should pray for the fallen
are deeply concerned with Islamophobia
she immediately notified the police. Police and anxiety for the members of the community. souls and their families who have endured
being increasingly normalised and tolerated in
were aware of the threat via other sources and "This type of imagery has no place in through these tough times," Ms Rahman told
New Zealand.
had already started their investigation. Aotearoa New Zealand. It is abhorrent and will The Indian Weekender.
The threat issued on Sunday night showed a

The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 9

Police reassures Muslim community

ahead of ChCh terror attacks anniversary
RIZWAN MOHAMMAD day events, exhibitions and prayer
sessions for the fallen souls. 

Z Police has conveyed
a special message to the NZ Police’s message to
Muslim community living the Muslim community
in New Zealand reassuring the goes as: 
community’s safety ahead of the first Dear members of the Muslim
anniversary of March 15 attacks on community,
two mosques in Christchurch that In preparation for the anniversary
took the lives of 51 people.  of the tragic events that occurred on
This message was sent to the March 15 2019, Police want to assure
Muslim community assuring all communities in New Zealand that
all security arrangements and Police have been in regular contact
communications are being made with and communication with mosques
mosques leading to both planned
and related communities.
and unplanned commemorative
Police have worked with mosques
events on March 15 anniversary in
on security arrangements and to
New Zealand. 
provide ongoing support and advice
Earlier on Monday, Stuff reported
as required.
that around 2000 people in New
In light of the planned and
Zealand received a new threat
unplanned commemorative events
directing at Al Noor mosque via an
encrypted message app Telegram.  around NZ, Police will support these
New Zealand Police in a press events as much as possible.
release said they are aware of the Be reassured that Police have an
planned on March 15 this month Muslim community, Christchurch Queens Drive, Kilbirnie, Wellington in-depth knowledge of individuals
matter and are treated all threads observing the one full year since that City Council, the Government and from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m.
made to the community seriously.  and groups whose actions may pose
mosque attacks that took the lives of Ngai Tuahuriri as Mana Whenua. The New Zealand Muslim a threat in New Zealand.
“Police are working closely with
51 injured 100 and affecting the lives Wellington City on March 15 Association (NZMA) based in If anyone sees or hears of anything
the organisations involved, and we
of hundreds of thousands whose will witness an exhibition organised Auckland in association with FIANZ concerning, or suspicious that does
have the common aim of ensuring
the safety of our communities,” a memories are permanently etched by FIANZ (Federation of Islamic is also hosting a remembrance day look or seem right call us on 111 to
Police spokesperson said.  with the scars of the tragic day.  Association in New Zealand) in similar to the event organised last report it immediately.
NZ Police spokesperson confirmed Christchurch City Council is association with Wellington City year. The event this year will be held Police work tirelessly every day
to The Indian Weekender that the holding a remembrance service on Council and IMAN (International at Eden park grounds on Sunday, to ensure we keep the public in
message of assurance released to the Sunday, March 15 at North Hagley Muslims Association of New March 15, after 1 p.m.  New Zealand safe and make them
Muslim community was in relation Park to honour those killed in the Zealand) called UMAH Day. Some Islamic centres across the feel safe.
to the anniversary as an awareness attack and to build on the spirit of The exhibition has been merged country will also host non-formal Thank you for your cooperation
for the community.  unity that came out of the tragedy. with Mosque Open Day and will be memorial day events with a relatively and support around this time and
Three significant memorials are The service is jointly led by the local held at Kilbirnie Mosque on 7-11 smaller gathering, mosque open in future.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi

National List MP based
in Manukau East

1/131 Kolmar Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland

09 278 9302

For JP services please contact

Rahul Chopra on 09 278 9302

Funded by the Parliamentary

Service. Authorised by
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi MP,

/thegateauhouse 1/131 Kolmar Road,


Queen St / Botany / Mt Eden / Newmarket / Henderson / Glenfield / Albany
10 NEW ZEALAND Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

New Kiwi Indian

talents to watch
out for in 2020:
Pop Singer
Arjun Bhat
RIZWAN MOHAMMAD as a developer for eight years before taking up knew deep down this is what I should be doing!
music as his next parallel venture. I went on to do covers with the likes of

iwi Indian singer Arjun Bhat aka The Mumbai born passionate popstar, Shirley Setia, Kanik Mongia and Avish Sharma,
theajsound is on a roll after making cricketer and IT Developer eyes to become a who were doing Bollywood songs at the time.
a number of music videos earlier and full-time musician-singer making music videos Eventually, I started working on my own covers
now has released his solo single ‘ANYMORE.’ and performing for millions on music tours. in English pop music.
on various music platforms. In conversation with The Indian Weekender,
Performing with the big names in the IWK: How was working with Shirley
Arjun aka ‘theajsound’ narrates his dream Setia?
community such as Shirley Setia, Kanik
of pursuing music from his childhood, his theajsound: Amazing. We’ve been
Mongia and Avish Sharma, the artiste has now
struggles and challenges to break the ice and friends for years and are still so close. We’re
graduated to make his own debut as a talent
what music means to his life. continually sharing our struggles with making
to watch out for in 2020. ‘theajsound’ quickly
topped YouTube fame when his cover with IWK: When did you start getting inter- it big out there.
Shirley Setia hit more than 11 million views ested in making music, and what was It’s all about finding people you resonate
from around the world drawing thousands of the turning point for you? with and can grow with. She’s helped with my
new fans to his name. theajsound: Back in 2012, I was in a growth a ton, and I’m grateful to her for that!
After moving to New Zealand at the age relationship with a pianist, and it was her family I’d love to say she feels the same, but you’ll
of nine, Arjun played cricket growing up and who encouraged me to play until I did my first have to ask her that.
loved to sing as his hobby. He studied Computer performance for our families in the lounge. I IWK: What made you pursue this sing-
Science and Information Systems and worked was so nervous, but it was exhilarating – and I ing and music?
theajsound: Losing the love of my life just
kicked things into motion for me to make this
into a career. I don’t think it’s just talent – I It then progressed to Ed Sheeran, Taylor
think anyone can do it! For me, it’s been hours Swift and Jason Mraz. As of late, I’ve been
of work and grinding day and night. I devoted leaning towards the more hip “pop” music like
hours and days on my guitar practicing, singing Post Malone and Ali Gatie.
and many sleepless nights to improve and IWK: What are your aspirations long
perfect my craft. term?
I did about three years of vocal coaching. theajsound: I want to perfect my music,
One year focused on the rock genre, with RvR. something that inspires the audience. I dream
Then went on to learn from a lovely lady who of going on a world tour someday, become the
did theatrical and operatic vocal coaching with biggest pop singer/songwriter in the world. I
me for two years. want to see my music on No. 1 position on the
IWK: What kind of music do you play/ billboard charts and Spotify.
sing/write? IWK: Tell us briefly about your new
theajsound: My taste and style of music single ‘ANYMORE.’?
are ever-evolving. At the moment, I’m writing theajsound: ANYMORE. is my debut single
mainly pop music, but I don’t limit myself by that follow his emotional journey after a painful
genre. heartbreak. ANYMORE., to me, describes that
I started by playing a lot of acoustic covers moment after a breakup where you just can’t
of artists my dad likes! Such as Neil Diamond, seem to forget about each other, I still can’t get
Guns n Roses, Metallica and so on. her out of my head.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 11

Football tournament to pay tribute

to victims of ChCh mosque attacks
RADIO NEW ZEALAND Siraz said his father was a keen footballer

wo men whose lives have been tipped and he was pleased to be able to honour his
upside down by the 15 March mosque memory in this way.
shootings are organising a football “When we used to go out to play tournaments
tournament to mark the one-year anniversary. and stuff, most of the boys used to come home
Siraz Ali, who lost his father in the Al Noor and they all knew my dad. So yeah, my dad was
mosque, and Azam Ali, who witnessed the like part of this team.
shooting at the Linwood mosque, are holding “That’s why I said like, we should do
the inaugural Memorial Cup on the weekend something, not just for my dad [but] for the 51
following the one-year anniversary. people who have left us and plus like the whole
The idea for the tournament was formulated of Christchurch to get back together and say we
just before Christmas in Azam Ali’s garage, are one again.”
over a few bowls of kava. Siraz said it had been a steep learning curve
Azam, who was still recovering from an and had involved a lot of their own money and
operation to fix a back injury sustained in the time.
rush to get out of the Linwood mosque, said it But he hoped the tournament would become
was about giving back to St John Ambulance a regular fixture in the years to come.
whose staff saved dozens of lives that day. “It’s not going to be stopping here but it’s
The coming together of Muslims and non- going to keep moving, the ball will keep rolling,
Muslims that characterised the days and weeks rolling, rolling until whoever can take over
after the shootings should not be forgotten, he from us. Once we are old, somebody
said. else will be here, hopefully
“I think it’s slowly fading away. So I think our boys. They are soccer
team wants
it needs a bit of a jumpstart again. And hey, fans as well. So hopefully
to win. So I think
we’re Cantabrians, we’re hard, we survived they will take over this as
they’re already
the earthquake, we’re going to survive what well.”
preparing themselves.
happened last year in March and let’s show The two men had
And basically, we don’t
the world. We are one. You know we can live been helped by a wider
Azam Ali and Shiraz Ali are expecting a fierce competition at a football tournament to mark the one know where they are
together, play together.” group of 15 to organise
year anniversary since the Christchurch mosque shootings. Photo- RNZ- Conan Young doing it"
The tournament would be a multi-cultural the tournament which was
affair involving 16 teams with players already preparing themselves. And basically, teams who would also each receive a cup. all being done with the help
representing a rainbow of nations. we don’t know where they are doing it. So they Prize money is on the line for the top four of sponsors, the city council and
Siraz said with teams playing for pride in don’t want us to come and spy and check out the teams who will also each receive a cup.Photo: Mainland Football.
their heritage, the competition would be fierce players, who’s playing, who is not. So basically Supplied They are still hoping a member of the public
and the quality of the football high. we’re only going to find out on Saturday and The third-placed team would be awarded the or a sponsor will help out with seating and a
“Every team wants to win. So I think they’re Sunday, who’s the top team.” Ashraf Ali cup in honour of Siraz’s father who marquee, and with providing some children’s
Prize money was on the line for the top four died in the Al Noor mosque. entertainment.

India delegation 2020

lPriyanca Radhakrishnan
Labour List MP based in
Private Secretary to the Minister for
Ethnic Communities

was recently in India with Trade and Export
Growth Minister, Hon. David Parker
and Foreign Affairs Minister, Rt. Hon.
Winston Peters who were co-leading a business India, on the other hand, tends to be a little
delegation that included representatives sceptical about trade deals as they feel they
from various sectors, business councils and don’t do quite as well out of bilateral – or even
organisations like the Asia New Zealand multilateral - deals.
We specialise in new and refinanced loans of
Foundation. Their reservations when it comes to trade ALL types and personal risk insurances.
We were there to strengthen our ties with deals, coupled with a large domestic market
India and to build the rapport that is the means that India is much more domestically- Get in touch with us if you are in the market to:
precursor to a relationship of mutual trust. focused. All that means, though, is that we need
As the refreshed India Inc. strategy that was to shift the way we see India – a little bit like
• Purchase your dream home
launched during the visit outlines, there are five what this government has done with the Pacific • Find a better deal on an existing loan
goals we aim to achieve by 2025. Reset. The Pacific Reset has two main strands • Purchase a rental property or a business
They are: developing a relationship based – renewed Pacific diplomacy, which includes • Review your insurance- Life, Health,
on mutual trust that advances our shared more frequent high-level delegations and to put
interests; developing more India-capable New our money where our mouth is and invest in Trauma, Disability, Cover, Income Protection
Zealanders; improving our trade relationship; this relationship.
ensuring that New Zealand’s value proposition As I see it, the Pacific Reset is also about
is known and understood and finally, how we view our Pacific partners differently –
strengthening and expanding our sporting and from a donor-recipient relationship to a mature
cultural connections with India. partnership based on mutual understanding,
It has been said often that India and New friendship, mutual benefit and collective
Zealand have a lot in common. Our population ambition.
of Indian New Zealanders – our bridge to Our refreshed New Zealand-India strategy
understanding India - has grown to over is about doing just that – growing our
220,000. India’s population is 1.3 billion and understanding of the Indian context, building
poised to be the largest by 2025. a more mature relationship built on mutual
It’s also a young population, the largest benefit and strengthened people-to-people
democracy and still enjoys a relatively high links, telling the New Zealand story better in
growth rate. It presents enormous market the Indian context and ensuring that we partner
opportunities. with India to add value to both our nations.
Contact Prateek Malhotra on 09 215 6912, Mobile: 021 424 119
And yet, our contexts are quite different. New Priyanca Radhakrishnan, List MP
Zealand is a proponent of trade liberalisation. based in Maungakiekie and Parliamentary Email: info@everesthomeloans.co.nz • www.everesthomeloans.co.nz
We have to be – we are a small nation at the Private Secretary to the Minister for Ethnic Visit us at 557 Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay
bottom of the world and we’re reliant on trade. Communities *Lender Criteria and conditions apply. Disclosure statement available on request
12 NEW ZEALAND Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

SUNIL GROVER’S avatars get

standing ovation in Auckland

iving up to the excitement and
expectation of his fans in Auckland,
Sunil Grover aka Dr Mashoor Gulati,
Rinku Bhabhi, Gutthi and duplicate Amitabh
Bachchan delivered a massively successful
show in Auckland last week.
Actor and stage comedian Sunil Grover
stood in different characters donning a saree
with a broad vermilion on his forehead playing
the avatar of Rinku Bhabhi; the comedian
jumped at the first chance walking amongst
the audience interacting with them.
The much-anticipated show of the year
received an almost full house booking with
families and friends queueing outside the
Convention Centre to see the actor perform
In his starting act, Sunil Grover dubbed
speeches of former Prime Minister
Manmohan Singh, former President of USA,
Barrack Obama and also Prime Minister
Jacinda Ardern in his voice making humorous
anecdotes while welcoming his audience in
the auditorium.
Sunil charmed the audience with his
witty one-liners, picking up on the audience
who arrived late to the show. Against the
background of his signature music video
in which he complains not being loved by
her husband, Sunil raved the audience with
several anecdotes and jokes that got the Bachchan where he picked a random person one-day ahead of the show, Sunil
audience of their seats laughing. from the audience and played Kaun Nahi Grover did not hesitate to mingle
What made the show an actual ‘paisa Banega Crorepati, a parody of the famous with every guest present at the
vasool’ was his charm and part of the act to Indian game show Kaun Banega Crorepati. event and shared a laugh or two
engage with the audience seated by making The surprise elements of the evening were with them.
them dance with him, cracking jokes and Dr Mashoor Gulati inviting ten ladies from Sunil mentioned his
playing silly games that brought more laughter the audience for a ramp walk on the stage, inspirations that he draws from
and smiles. dance and gave a sponsored goodie bag to the his real-life experience that he
Sunil used seemingly mundane words most cheered contestant. enacts them or scripts them for
and situations relevant to New Zealand and Another act just after the interval that Sunil his sketches, both on-screen
created comedy in his act. Grover played was reading a poem on the life and on stage.
“Who would have thought here that Mission and his struggles, then narrating a seemingly “He is one of the most
Bay, Papatoetoe, DOL, Immigration at the real-life horror story and scared the audience humble stars that I have ever
airport and Ghar da Achaar would create with a thunder. met,” a guest present at the
such hilarious comedy acts on stage and Sunil Sunil Grover’s brilliance on stage was meet and greet event said.
Grover performed used these words to create not just his comic timings, and different CFI Events is the
a never seen comedy act on the stage,” a characters that bring to life on stage, and but Events Manager of show
member of the audience said giving feedback even when playing actor Sunil Grover, he co-ordinated by RS
on the show. presented himself to the crowd with utmost Promotions, presented
He equally charmed the audience with humility and won the hearts of his audience. by Travel Corner &
his avatar Dr Mashoor Gulati, Sunil Grover Addressing the guests at the meet and greet Bindu’s Brows+Beauty.
himself, Gutthi, and duplicate Amitabh

Government’s soft on crime attitude hits a new low

l Dr Parmjeet Parmar
released. What does that say about the state of Once offenders come out of prison and have re- to be put in this position and we should be
National List MP based in Mt Roskill our justice system under this Government?  joined society then they have this right returned putting them before criminals.
National Party Spokesperson for This is just one example of the Government’s to them.   National has always been very clear, we
Research, Science and Innovation, soft on crime attitude filtering down, and this Going to prison is a punishment, it should unapologetically stand on the side of victims,
Associate Spokesperson for
Economic Development
time it’s Corrections reacting to it.  be treated as such. Instead this Government is and a National Government would ensure
If releasing a prisoner on bail because he intent on making it seem like a holiday, even victims feel as though they have received

his week we’ve seen the Government’s went on hunger strike wasn’t bad enough, then releasing prisoners early if they become too justice. 
soft on crime attitude has hit an all new the Government introduced a Bill that will difficult to deal with.  It’s becoming obvious at the election this year
low. allow prisoners to vote. But with this sort of behaviour happening, there is a stark difference between a Labour,
 For a start, Corrections released a prisoner  Losing the right to vote is a consequence of it’s no wonder other criminals are feeling Greens, NZ First soft on crime Government
on bail after he staged a hunger strike for 25 serious offending, and National has been very emboldened under the current Government. clearly on the side of offenders, and a National
days. Instead of dealing with the offender clear that we will oppose any change to the law We’ve seen a sharp increase in gang Government that is tough on crime and puts
inside prison, Corrections took the easy option. on this. membership as well, since October 2017 almost victims at the heart of our justice system.
 As a result, we now have a recidivist offender   It’s difficult to be sentenced to prison, and 1600 more people have joined gangs, with this
with an extensive criminal record living in our you have to have committed serious crimes to number continuing to grow.
community. get there. It’s making excuses for drug use, we saw last
 Corrections has set a dangerous precedent  Prisoners who have received sentences of up year that drug dealers who could prove their
and has essentially opened the floodgates, what to three years aren’t petty criminals. They are addiction caused the crimes could receive a 30
will prisoners try next to force Corrections’ people who have committed serious assaults, per cent discount on their sentence.
hand?  robberies, family violence and sexual offences.   If you commit a crime you shouldn’t get off
What’s even worse is that the prisoner Losing the right to vote is consistent with the easily.  
himself didn’t even think he should’ve been loss of other freedoms when going to prison. This isn’t fair on victims. They haven’t asked
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 NEW ZEALAND 13

Fourth NZ Hindu Youth

Conference held in Auckland

he fourth New Zealand Youth
Conference lauds youths in community
for stepping up and taking leadership
working towards the goal of a mutually shared
peace and prosperity in Aotearoa New Zealand.
The one day conference was hosted by Hindu
Youth New Zealand (HYNZ) and New Zealand
Hindu Students forum (NZHSF) on Saturday,
February 29, at KPMG, Auckland.

The conference had more than 120 delegates
from around the World, including Fiji,
Australia, Malaysia and Bharat (India).
The conference welcomed young people of
all ethnicities, backgrounds, and affiliations
providing the opportunity for important
discussions and networking opportunities with There are now interested in this sector. like KPMG coming out in full support of
various young leaders. about 123,500 She said she was very much impressed by the encouraging cohesion and inclusiveness.”
The Minister for Ethnic Communities, Hon. welcome speech and keynote address given by Expressing his interest in the deliberations of
Hindus in Aotearoa New the Hindu youth before her presentation. the day and to ensure that youth voices are heard
Jenny Salesa inaugurated the event, which
was also attended by the Race Relations
Zealand, and you are the Ms. Salesa was joined with Dinesh Naik, Hon. Bakshi said in his address, “I would like to
Commissioner Meng Foon and National MP second largest, but fastest Partner - Diversity and Inclusion, KPMG; receive a summary of today and understanding
Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi who all addressed the Inspector Rakesh Naidoo, Principal Advisor – from Hindu Youth New Zealand of how I can
growing community. Your New Zealand Police;, as well as Vinod Kumar, help to make sure what you want is heard by
young delegation.
“There are now about 123,500 Hindus in
faith and your community President of Hindu Council of New Zealand us.” Acknowledging under-representation in
Aotearoa New Zealand, and you are the second will be a big part of in lighting the lamp and inaugurating the certain areas, he also welcomed young people
conference. to politics stating that mentoring opportunities
largest, but fastest growing community. Your Aotearoa New Zealand’s
faith and your community will be a big part “Be proud of your identity and use it to stand will be available to Hindu Youth that approach
future, out. Be outstanding and not a bystander,” said the party.
of Aotearoa New Zealand’s future,” said Hon.
Salesa speaking at the occasion. Meng Foon, Race Relations Commissioner, in Conference Coordinator and Hindu Youth
Minister Salesa further went on to country. She also encouraged young Hindus his summing up of his address to the delegates. New Zealand President, Murali Krishna
acknowledge the participation of Hindu youth to participate in politics and state sector He went on to commend the efforts of KPMG Magesan delivered the keynote address in the
in medicine and technology as well as in a boards whilst opening her doors for offering in their support of such activities saying, “it is inaugural session, highlighting the participation
range of different workplaces throughout the mentorships and pathways for young people heartening and encouraging to see a company of Hindu Youth in nation building.

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14 FIJI Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

NZ announces $2m funding Four people in Fiji

are in isolation and

for Fijian climate fund

are being monitored
for Coronavirus

our people in Fiji are being

ew Zealand has today of the battle against climate change monitored for Coronavirus
become the first country to and it is important that New Zealand which is now known as
contribute to Fiji’s Climate supports those who contributed the COVID-19 and are in strict isolation
Relocation and Displaced Peoples least to rising sea levels and extreme as the Ministry of Health awaits
Trust Fund. weather but who’re experiencing it test results.
This as New Zealand Prime the most to resettle their communities There are no confirmed cases of
Minister, Jacinda Ardern announced in safer places. coronavirus in Fiji. All four are in
a two-million-dollar contribution to Praising the fund, which is a stable condition. A 15-month old girl
the fund. world-first initiative, Ardern says developed respiratory symptoms in
The contribution comes from the it’s a practical project that helps Suva after arriving in Fiji from the
$150 million package of Pacific- people already impacted by climate United States of America yesterday.
focused climate change assistance "We change that they want to ensure their A 37-year-old Fijian woman who
the Government announced at the here in the assistance is targeted at. returned from Italy was flagged with
Pacific Islands Forum last August. driven by Fiji for Pacific have long everyone has seen the “We here in the Pacific have long respiratory symptoms during a health
known that we are so
Speaking at the University of the Fiji and for those reality sadly.” known that we are so much stronger screening at Nadi Airport yesterday.
much stronger and so much
South Pacific, Ardern says Fijian communities by more effective when we Ardern says and so much more effective when A three-year-old Fijian boy and
Prime Minister Bainimarama had those communities speak with one voice and the relocation of we speak with one voice and act as a his 26-year-old mother developed
asked for a contribution to the Fiji and I think that is act as a region from communities has region from here and into the world. respiratory symptoms yesterday after
Trust last year. so important. here and into the already started in Fiji and "Last year as leaders we’ve returning from Bali and Singapore.
“New Zealand really the funding "No one is to be world" five communities have been highlighted the importance of Contact tracing has commenced
that we announce today, for instance, the ones coming in and moved to a date and a further maintaining region solidarity and for all four patients.
it came with the request of the make those decisions on those 42 have applied for Government encouraging engagement in the The Ministry of Health says as the
Fiji government. We’re the first communities’ behalf. That is support to move. region that aligns with and supports symptoms of coronavirus are very
contributes towards it and it is been meant for Fiji but really I think She says Fiji is on the front line Pacific’s priorities and values.” similar to many other respiratory

Ardern: NZ illnesses, it is expected that with time

the Ministry will investigate more

hopes to persons with relevant travel history

and symptoms related to coronavirus.

replicate The Ministry is urging the

public to not share rumours and

Fiji’s women misinformation.  

72 countries outside China have

representation reported cases of coronavirus with

30 countries reported by the World

in Parliament Health Organisation as having local


ew Zealand hopes to There are now over 90,000
replicate Fiji’s women confirmed cases of coronavirus
representation in globally with over 80,000 cases
Parliament. alone in China. Over 3,000 people
Speaking in an interview with have died worldwide and most deaths
the media during her official visit have been recorded in China.
to the country this week, NZ Prime How can you prevent yourself
Minister Jacinda Ardern said she from getting coronavirus and other
shared this with Prime Minister diseases?
Voreqe Bainimarama during their
Bainimarama commends Jacinda Ardern’s leadership • Frequently clean hands soap

bilateral meeting. and water or an alcohol-based
“I discussed and raised with PM he visit by New Zealand Bainimarama also commended "And behind the words stood
hand rub
Prime Minister Jacinda the way Ardern responded to the a remarkable story of resilience,
Bainimarama my appreciation of the • Avoid touching your face –
Ardern is a celebration of the Christchurch terror attacks last year. compassion and action that I believe,
fact that within the Pacific, you have especially your mouth, nose
rich and enduring friendship between He said this was one of two defining set a new benchmark for how any
the greatest representation of women and eyes
Fijians and Kiwis. moments in Jacinda Ardern’s time in leader can help a wounded nation
in Parliament and that I’m very Prime Minister Voreqe office to date. heal.” • When coughing and sneezing
keen to continue to do what we can Bainimarama highlighted this at the “The other was her unshaken This morning, Prime Minister cover mouth and nose with
to replicate that around the Pacific State Dinner for his NZ counterpart. response to the hate-filled acts of Ardern met the Secretary-General of flexed elbow or tissue – throw
and the strength of the women and Bainimarama stressed that terror carried out at mosques in the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat tissue away immediately and
leadership here,” she said. Ardern’s interactions with Pacific Christchurch last year, and the before making an official visit to the wash hands
PM Ardern was in the country Island leaders at last year’s forum comfort she lent in a time of immense RISE project in Tamavua-i-wai. • Avoid close contact with anyone
this week for a four-day visit before in Funafuti, is a reflection of New fear, grief and mourning. At four this afternoon, Prime who has fever and cough – stay at
departing for Australia to meet with Zealand’s genuine desire for a “They are us.” Those few words Minister Ardern is scheduled to least 1 metre away
Australian Prime Minister Scott renewed and strengthened connection helped unite a nation and inspire the speak at the University of the South • Avoid travel to mainland China,
Morrison. among our regional family. world. Pacific, her last official function. Iran, Italy and South Korea

NZ PM says building resilient communities is crucial

ew Zealand Prime Minister remind other world leaders of the friends.”
Jacinda Ardern has stressed real impacts of the environment that Minister for Housing Premila
that we have to build they are facing daily. Kumar says with New Zealand’s
resilient communities. “We are all connected by our support, Fiji will be able to
Ardern highlighted this while shared humanity and by the fact that forge ahead with much needed
officiating at the ground breaking we are friends. infrastructural work with the
ceremony for the RISE (Rising "I hope that we can see the benefit installation and improvement of
Informal Settlements and the of what here might seem like just utilities, including roads, water and
Environments) Project at Tamavua-i- a number on a page but $3m that electricity in the communities.
wai in Suva yesterday. means that 2,000 people benefits The RISE project will use
Ardern says we face the from a project that realizes innovative, community driven
consequences of climate change all of those goals. "We nature based methods
and Fiji knows all too well the "I know there is are all to address health,
consequences of flooding. more work to do connected by our environment, water and
The New Zealand PM adds that but I am confident shared humanity and sanitation issues faced
the voice of the Pacific is important that we can keep by the fact that we are by people in informal
on the world stage right now, to doing it together as friends." settlements.




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Thought of the week
"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90%
how you react to it."
- Charles R. Swindoll

Editorial 06 March – 12 March

Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu
Mind & behavioural
coaching a must for On-and-off Partly Parlty Clouds and A touch o Sunshine A few

Indian cricket rain and

sunny sunny sun dafr and pactcy

he previous week had three significant moments with regard to Indian cricket. 21° 23° 24° 23° 23° 24° 24°
The senior Indian team, having demolished New Zealand in the five-match T20I 14° 13° 16° 15° 16° 16° 17°
series were brought down to earth, lost 0-3 in the ODIs. The New Zealand side,
which looked like a dazzled rabbit under a spot light after the T20Is, suddenly turned into
hunters rather than one that was being hunted. This week in New Zealand’s history
Although the ODIs did not have much importance at this stage, the failure of India’s
three star performers -- Virat Kohli, Jasprit Bumrah and Kuldeep Yadav -- are a cause for 8 March 1929
concern. All of them looked till then infallible, but going into the important two-match First 'talkie' draws crowds in Wellington
Test series, New Zealand may feel that they have found a chink in India’s armour.
The Test matches are crucial for India to garner points for the Test Championship. The
M oviegoers flocked to see Frank Borzage’s Street angel, a silent picture with a recorded
musical soundtrack, at Wellington’s Paramount Theatre. There were also five ‘talkie
shorts’, including an interview with the King of Spain. Live music usually accompanied silent
two top qualifiers will play for the first ever Test-match Trophy in the final to be held at movies, so a recorded soundtrack was a real novelty.
Lords next year. The Test series, therefore, should be very interesting as New Zealand,
especially at home, are a side that seem to flourish in their backyard. 8 March 1921
The red cherry or cricket ball is all that it takes to make cricket encounters between First appointment of trainee school dental nurses
teams into a different ball game.
The wonderful aspect of the New Zealand versus India battle has been the spirit in O n 8 March 1921 newspapers reported that the first 34 women had been appointed to train as
dental nurses for the state-funded School Dental Service (SDS). A world first, the SDS was
established to provide New Zealand primary school children with free dental care, in recognition
which both the teams have played the game. It is so inspiring to see players on both sides
of the appalling condition of New Zealand children’s teeth; it had been found that four out of five
appreciating, acknowledging as well as admiring each other on and off the field.
schoolchildren were in need of dental intervention. 
On the other hand, the next significant moment for India was the U-19 World Cup final
and the atrocious behaviour that one witnessed while watching it. 9 March 1890
India played Bangladesh and the match turned out to be an encounter that one should Sutherland Falls climbed
ensure never happens again on the cricket field. The umpires, I felt, should have sternly
put a stop to it at the very beginning. It gradually escalated into an abusive and aggressive
mayhem that marred the spirit of the game.
Y oung surveyor William Quill needed only basic climbing equipment, including a billhook
and an alpenstock, to scale the side of the ‘great Sutherland waterfall’ which cascades for
580 m near Milford Sound.
India, the more powerful side with the leading batsmen of the tournament in Yashasvi
10 March 1869
Jaiswal and the bowler Ravi Bishnoi in their fold, were the strong favourites. Although,
both of them did come through with match winning performances, Bangladesh as a team New Zealand Cross created
and with an astute captain in Akbar Ali, romped home victorious.
The Indian defeat, if one analyses, was not because of the lack of any cricketing ability
T his medal was created because members of New Zealand’s
colonial forces were not eligible for the Victoria Cross. Only
23 were awarded, all to men who served in the New Zealand Wars,
but solely on account of their immature and emotional outbursts. making it one of the world‘s rarest military honours.
Bangladesh, who had nothing to lose, may have instigated the aggressive behaviour, but
the Indian side, rather than focusing on their game fell a victim to it. 11 March 1884
The talented Indian opening bowlers, rather than concentrating on their line and length New Zealand Freethought Association
went into a mode to showcase the fire power that they possessed and gave away those founded
extra runs that proved detrimental at the end. This was a very bitter lesson that not only
the coaching staff of the U-19 side learnt but one hopes that it will be an awakening for F orty delegates from six regional associations met in Dunedin to adopt a constitution and
elect the first officeholders in the new organisation. ‘Freethinker’ was the 19th-century term
for people (mostly middle-class men) who viewed the world through the lenses of reason and
the young Indian cricketers in the future as well.
The U-19 Indian side had three of the coolest heads in Indian cricket preparing them for
the tournament, in Rahul Dravid, Paras Mhambrey and Hrishikesh Kanitkar.
All of them are known for their serious, unemotional attitude and ones who never lost Indian Weekender : Volume 11 Issue 49
their cool even in the most adverse conditions. One, as they say, lives and learns and one Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited
is sure that, hereafter, the U-19 and the India A players will be taken through an emotional Content Editor: Sandeep Singh | sandeep@indianweekender.co.nz
and mental behaviour class in going forward. Chief Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad | rizwan@indianweekender.co.nz
Chief Technical Officer: Rohan deSouza | rohan@indianweekender.co.nz
The third significant encounter was the tri-series final between Australia and the India
Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar | mahesh@indianweekender.co.nz
women. India, did well to qualify ahead of England and had Australia in trouble.
Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand | design@indianweekender.co.nz
This T20I series is a warm-up to India’s T20 World Cup being held from February 21. Accounts and Admin.: 09-2173623 | accounts@indianweekender.co.nz
Once again as in the past, India failed to close the match, with 40 runs to make with both Media Sales Manager.: Leena Pal: 021 952 216 | leena@indianweekender.co.nz
their top players Smriti Mandhana and Harmanpreet Kaur at the crease. Sales and Distribution: 021 952218 | sales@indianweekender.co.nz
The Indian women are getting themselves into a very good position but somehow fail Editor at Large: Dev Nadkarni | dev@indianweekender.co.nz
to complete the task at hand. Once again this is all to do with mental preparation and the
Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher
Indian coach, W.V. Raman, needs to address this very seriously.
is not responsible for advertisers’ claims as appearing in the publication
India, has two of the most renowned finishers of the game in M.S. Dhoni and Virat
Kohli. A talk with these two individuals before they commence their World Cup campaign Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
would be just the pep talk needed to build their confidence. the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
Kiwi Media Publishing Limited - 133A, Level 1, Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland.
Cricketing wise the Indian women’s team is right at the top. A cool and collective mind
is all they require to win the first big trophy for Indian women’s cricket. Printed at Horton Media, Auckland
Indian cricket at all levels seems to be swarmed with talented and skillful cricketers. Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
But the BCCI now has to make them mentally and behaviourally strong and coaching is
the only way forward. One hopes they put a good curriculum in place soon.
The Indian Weekender Friday, February 28, 2020 OPINION/EDITORIAL 17


DEV NADKARNI that support has steadily wavered.

ast month a report in online Not least because of repeated
media outlet The Newsroom pronouncements by Labour’s
said, “Voters in the Indian coalition partner NZ First, whose
communities are particularly leaders have continually targeted
unhappy with the Labour-NZ First Indian immigrants for one reason or
coalition’s migration rhetoric and another in the media.
policies,” in an in-depth article NZ First has little to lose by
headlined ‘Unhappy Indian voters alienating the Indian community. But
eye shift to National’. the loss will be telling for Labour,
Last weekend’s unfortunate whose leadership will be seen as
comments by Shane Jones criticising being unable to control its coalition
Indian immigrants might well have partner’s repeated generalised
accelerated that shift to blue. criticisms obviously designed to
Making a point about New play to the galleries of its shrinking
Zealand’s growing population provincial support base.   
and NZ First’s plans to bring to ruined many of those institutions,” was both,” as Newshub reported.  Simon Bridges clearly stole her The Kiwi-Indian community can
centerstage a conversation on a referring to NZ’s educational In her media stand-up yesterday, thunder saying that Jones’ comment expect more such sprays from NZ
‘Maximum Population Policy’ in institutions. the Prime Minister reminded was racist and that he should be First’s leaders as the election nears. 
the coming election, Jones said, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern reporters that this was a coalition reprimanded once again reiterating Unfortunately, though, 17 New
“If you want another million, two publicly criticised Jones’ comments arrangement under the MMP system that National would not work with Zealand democracy will be the
million, three million people, we saying they were “loose” and and an election year, as if justifying NZ First. poorer because such repeated
should debate it and there should be “wrong”.  her coalition partner’s rant. Those words will undoubtedly insulting comments, rabble-rousing
a mandate, rather than opening up She said, “When I see Minister But as well as being a coalition be welcomed by the Indian and fear-mongering will only
the options, unfettered, and everyone Jones next I intend to [bring it up]. But partner, he is also her cabinet immigrant community.  succeed in distracting attention from
comes here from New Delhi.” I will very happily put on record my minister and she could well have a Traditionally, a sizable chunk of any genuine underlying concerns that
In the same Newshub interview he position… that on many occasions taken a more stringent line. Indian immigrants have stood solidly richly deserve civilised, collegial
said, “I think the number of students I have witnessed Minister Jones be Her response won’t wash with the behind Labour. But more recently, debate in the interests of all New
that have come from India have both loose with his language and also Indian community. particularly since this coalition Zealanders and their collective
be wrong, and on this occasion he In fact, National Party leader government has come to power, future.  

Why Bollywood doesn’t do this?

AMIT KHANNA  support in this regard. If some qualification on producing films, all

here’s no denying that younger filmmakers are carving and sundry jump into film making,
cinema, especially Hindi a niche for themselves, it is only many with no talent and others
cinema, has tremendous their talent and spunk which is with no resources. The result is
influence on contemporary Indian responsible for their success. Media several disgruntled filmmakers,
culture. Bollywood is arguably one and audiences confuse red carpet writers, artistes and technicians and,
of India’s most well-known brands appearances with a festival presence. of course, a small section of the
globally. Having spent five decades The same set of half a dozen critics audience.
in showbiz, I am often asked some keep writing their obscure columns Leading the chorus of how unfair
common questions at various forums read only by few filmmakers and multiplex chains are is a group of
-- international conferences, social cineastes. film critics, cineastes and some
media and familial get-togethers. Another question I am often asked cultural interlopers.
Let me try and answer a few of these is why don’t ‘good’ films get screen Let’s not forget, since the
questions. time or are not even released in many beginning of cinema in India over
Why do Bollywood films not win cases? a century ago, many a talented and
Oscars? First, we must understand Again, the answer is simple. One brave people have fought against
Academy Award, the official name cinema theater is a part of a business odds and not only succeeded but
of Oscar is an award given by a and not some film society promoting even made landmark films in spite of
few thousand (7,000-odd) members good cinema. lesser cinemas.
of American Academy of Motion Besides, there is no substantive Many get paid to receive awards in When they have an oversupply It is assumed, largely based on
Pictures Arts and Sciences. Only financial fallout by winning this person or at least some assured media of films every week, they obviously hearsay and stray misdemeanors,
recently, a couple of non-American award. For some it’s a mere ego coverage in lieu of being honoured. select those films which will have that all film people are promiscuous.
artistes and a few technicians have massage. Our insecure creative fraternity maximum footfalls. There is great exploitation and
been included in the voters’ list of the At the end of the day, I don’t see collects these poorly designed Why should they be responsible gender inequality. Of course, there
academy. much difference between a Filmfare trophies by the bagful, some TV for either safeguarding ‘art’ or give is but perhaps far less than in other
We must remember until China award and an Oscar. As neither media coverage and indulge in some opportunity to new talent at the cost occupations.
emerged for a select number of impact the box office returns of a film mutual back slapping at these made- of a haemorrhaging bottom-line.? Nowadays, most production
Hollywood films, 70 per cent of the and both involve a lot of lobbying for TV shows and the accompanying For true cinephiles, there are houses and all studios practice a
revenue of a Hollywood film came and PR. red carpet and after parties, often in enough film festivals where such healthy work environment and
from their domestic market. Hence, Oscars and similar awards cannot borrowed outfits. films can be viewed. discrimination on caste, creed,
all awards and promotions were even ensure the people involved Some organizations like IIFA and Besides, several film clubs and language, religion and sex is
largely US centric. get work because of these awards. IFA are actually running a thriving institutions hold regular screenings discouraged.
Academy members, bulk of whom Of late, our media has gone on a business on the basis of these shows of award winning and off-beat Today, there is a greater awareness
were retired artistes and technicians, hyperdrive every award season, and awards. Similarly, while dozens cinema in dozens of towns and cities. and observance of copyright and
were largely ignorant of global egged on by an equally ignorant of Indian films are screened in film I watch almost 30/40 such films at seldom are writers, technicians,
cinema. Condescendingly they gave bunch of social media ninjas. festivals regularly, few win prizes at such screenings. artistes, musicians and other creative
out one award for best foreign film Today, almost every organization major festivals like Cannes or Berlin. We must remember India is a professionals denied their credit.
every year. from a neighborhood club to leading The reasons are again akin to the hugely under screened country. With A $ three billion industry,
A lot of canvassing and trade media houses run dozens of award Indian performance at the Oscars. a population of over 1,300 million employing over half a million people,
marketing and PR happens before shows where the only criterion for Since there is hardly any economic cinema lovers and production of is definitely not what people imagine.
nominations and winners are such awards is either to attract TV payback (except an occasional 2,000 films and just 9,000 screens, it Behind tinsel and glamour, and neon
announced. Indian filmmakers don’t audiences or sell advertising. Lunchbox or two) not enough time becomes obvious that half the films lights, there is struggle, ignominy
have either adequate skill or money In most cases, strange categories of and effort are invested in the festival will never get released as the cinemas and loneliness.
for this promotion. awards are created to “honour” every circuit. can’t accommodate them. (Amit Khanna is a filmmaker,
and anyone who attracts eyeballs. There is very little government Since there is no embargo or writer and media guru)
18 INDIA Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

The Delhi patient, who tested positive for the viral infection, Don't panic, work
has been kept in a separate cubicle within this isolation ward together: Modi on
How India is P
rime Minister Narendra Modi
urged people not to panic
and "work together" on a

preparing to
day six new suspected coronavirus
cases were reported from Uttar
Pradesh's Agra.

tackle the
"There is no need to panic. We
need to work together, take small yet
important measures to ensure self-
protection," Modi tweeted.

He also tweeted a poster
highlighting basic hygiene like
washing hands frequently and

avoiding touching eyes, nose and
"Plus, mouth to prevent the spread of
there would
the virus. A control room number is
be support from
private facilities also provided in the tweet.

as well, like when Hundred and twelve evacuees were airlifted from China to New He also had an "extensive review"
wo floors in the new super-speciality block usually treat there was a swine
Delhi’s Chhawla quarantine facility. regarding the preparedness on the
of Safdarjung Hospital have been set aside H1N1 (swine flu outbreak in “India has actually handled the situation very COVID-19. "Different ministries
for isolating persons suspected to have been flu) patients to India" set up well. Our surveillance has been very strong since and states are working together, from
infected by the novel  coronavirus  (COVID-19). isolation wards, adding the cases started being reported in China. screening people arriving in India to
The Delhi patient, who tested positive for the 230 beds. Currently, 30 people "Yes, Kerala and even Delhi has better providing prompt medical attention,"
viral infection, has been kept in a separate cubicle are in hospital in isolation in Delhi – 26 in healthcare facilities than many other states but our tweeted Modi.
within this isolation ward. Safdarjung Hospital and four at RML Hospital. disaster preparedness is very strong even at the Earlier in the day, health concern
Another floor of the same building has been Apart from the hospitals, two isolation facilities district level. was discussed between Modi and
kept on stand-by. created by the army and the Indo-Tibetan Border Isolation facilities can be created easily at a Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal during a
“These are not like general wards, these are Police in Manesar and Chhawla can accommodate short notice,” said Dr Jugal Kishore, head of the meeting in Parliament.
all cubicles that can accommodate one or two around 800 persons. department of community medicine at Safdarjung On Tuesday, six fresh cases of
patients. Two floors in the new building have been Even as Delhi gears up to handle  coronavirus Hospital. “Plus, there would be support from suspected Coronavirus with high
reserved for isolation of patients, either (those cases  by activating its H1N1 network, other private facilities as well, like when there was a viral load was detected in Agra
who have tested) positive or suspected to have the states have been asked to identify possible swine flu outbreak in India. Healthcare systems besides one in Lucknow. Apart from
viral infection. We do not know what the situation isolation facilities. The armed forces, paramilitary have learnt a lot from swine flu outbreak and Uttar Pradesh, there is at least one
will be like and we need to be prepared. One forces, medical colleges and even public sector Nipah. I think we are prepared.” case in Delhi, one in Telangana and
floor has been opened, the other will be opened undertakings (PSUs) have been asked to help After a meeting of all senior officials of the one in Jaipur, where a traveller from
if necessary,” a doctor at the hospital said on in scaling up the isolation facilities across the health department on Tuesday, Delhi health Italy showed signs.
condition of anonymity. country. The health ministry has also asked state minister Satyendar Jain also said there was The Agra cases were detected
The wards can accommodate over 100 people, governments to hold meetings with hospital sufficient stock of masks and personal protection during sample testing. Contact tracing
if need be. associations to identify such isolation facilities in equipment, or PPE, in the city-state. of the persons who have come in
Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, the other the private sector as well. “A total of 230 beds are being arranged in the 25 contact with these six persons is also
nodal centre for COVID-19, also has a 32-bed The health ministry is also coordinating with hospitals to treat people in case of an outbreak. We simultaneously being done through
isolation facility. Besides the two nodal centres, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce have around 3.5-lakh N95 masks and over 8,000 the Integrated Disease Surveillance
the Delhi government has asked 25 other hospitals & Industry (FICCI) to develop standard operating PPE kits for the hospital staff treating coronavirus Program (IDSP) network, informed
– 19 government-run and six private — that procedures for private facilities. patients,” he said. the government.

Modi, Kejriwal discuss Delhi violence, coronavirus Will do whatever possible

D to bring peace: Rajinikanth
elhi Chief Minister Arvind
Kejriwal after meeting Prime

Minister Narendra Modi in amil superstar Rajinikanth
Parliament said they discussed the has said that he would do
Delhi violence and first coronavirus whatever possible within
case in the city. his capacity to bring peace in
Speaking to the media after the the country.
meeting, Kejriwal said, "I told him In a tweet late Sunday, Rajinikanth
that whoever is found guilty for Delhi said he was happy to meet the
violence should be given the strictest officials of Tamil Nadu Jamathul
punishment. Be it anyone from any Ulama Sabai (TNJUS) and hear
party or religion or how powerful he violence was first reported in one that we have to work together their views.
may be, a strong message needs to be district only, many lives would have against coronavirus." This was "I second their views that love,
sent across." been saved." Kejriwal said that he the first meeting between Prime unity and peace should be the main
He said he told the Prime Minister appealed to the Prime Minister to Minister Modi and Delhi Chief goal of a country," he said.
about the good work done by the which he agreed that steps need to Minister Kejriwal after the Assembly Earlier on Sunday, TNJUS
Delhi Police in controlling the be taken to prevent such things from elections. Tuesday's meeting was members met Rajinikanth and Citizens (NRC).
rumour mongering that had gripped recurring in the future. held in the Prime Minister's room in apprised him of issues related to According to K.M. Baqavi,
the city on Sunday. On the first coronavirus case the Parliament premises and came the Citizenship Amendment Act TNJUS President, Rajinikanth
But, at the same time he also being reported in Delhi, Kejriwal a day after Delhi Lt. Governor Anil (CAA), National Population Register assured the delegation that he would
conveyed him that "had the police said, "This was also discussed with Baijal met the Prime Minister and (NPR) and the National Register of do the needful.
acted in the same way when the the Prime Minister. We discussed briefed him on Delhi violence.

Help poor countries fight COVID-19, Bill Gates tells donors

aying that the novel coronavirus solve the immediate problem and keep it from cent) and the 1918 influenza pandemic (2 per
(COVID-19) has started to behave a lot happening again. The COVID-19 pandemic is cent)," Gates said.
like the once-in-a-century pathogen the an excellent case in point. The world needs to "Second, COVID-19 is transmitted quite
world has been worried about, Bill Gates has save lives now while also improving the way efficiently. The average infected person
called upon donor governments to help low- we respond to outbreaks in general." spreads the disease to two or three others.
and middle-income countries prepare for this The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation "That's an exponential rate of increase.
"pandemic", in addition to helping their own earlier this month announced that it would There is also strong evidence that it can be
citizens respond. immediately commit up to $100 million for transmitted by people who are just mildly ill
"By helping countries in Africa and South the global response to the novel coronavirus. A can kill healthy adults in addition to elderly or not even showing symptoms yet," he added.
Asia get ready now, we can save lives and significant portion of the commitment people with existing health problems."The Gates warned that COVID-19 will be much
also slow the global circulation of the world needs that the foundation made is focused data so far suggests that the virus has a case harder to contain than Middle East Respiratory
virus," the Microsoft co-founder and to save lives now particularly on developing fatality risk around 1 per cent; this rate would Syndrome or Severe Acute Respiratory
billionaire philanthropist said. while also improving countries, Gates said. Explaining make it several times more severe than typical Syndrome (SARS), which were only spread by
"In any crisis, leaders have two the way we respond to why COVID-19 is a big threat, seasonal influenza and would put it somewhere those showing symptoms and were much less
equally important responsibilities: outbreaks in general" Gates pointed out that the virus between the 1957 influenza pandemic (0.6 per efficiently transmitted.
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 INDIA 19

India to have its first sky NEWS in BRIEF

eye in geostationary orbit GISAT-1
ndia will launch its first state of
India cancels all visas issued to
the art earth observation satellite citizens of 4 countries
Geo Imaging Satellite (GISAT-1)
to be placed in geostationary T he Directorate General of Civil Aviation
(DGCA) has said that all visas issued to
nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan,
orbit on March 5, said the Indian
on or before March 3, and who have not yet
Space Agency.
entered India, stand suspended with immediate
The satellite will provide real
effect. Those required to travel to India due to compelling reasons, may
time image of large area of region
seek fresh visas from the nearest Indian embassy or consulate, it said.
of interest at frequent intervals. The "All regular/e-visas issued to nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea and
GISAT-1 will also enable quick Japan issued on or before March 03, 2020 and who have not yet entered
monitoring of natural disasters, India, stand suspended with immediate effect. They may not enter India
episodic events and any short from air, land or seaport ICP," the DGCA circular said.
term events. It further said that the regular or e-visas issued to all other nationals who
According to Indian Space have travelled to China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Japan, on or after
Research Organisation (ISRO), the February 1, and who have not yet entered India, stand suspended with
GISAT-1 will also provide spectral immediate effect, it said.
signatures for agriculture, forestry, Weighing 2,268 kg, the GISAT-1 be taken up further firing its on-board "Diplomats, officials of UN and other international bodies, OCI
mineralogy, disaster warning, cloud will be carried by the three stage motors to geostationary orbit. cardholders and aircrew from above countries are exempted from such
properties, snow, glaciers and restrictions on entry. However, medical screening is compulsory."
geosynchronous satellite launch A satellite in geostationary orbit
oceanography. vehicle (GSLV-F10). (about 36,000 km above earth) has Mamata launches new housing scheme
The satellite will have payload
imaging sensors of six band multi-
The rocket is expected to lift off at an orbital period equal to earth's for poor people
5.43 p.m. on March 5 from the second rotational period. est Bengal Chief Minister Mamata
spectral visible and near infra-red launch pad at India's rocket port at A four metre diameter Ogive Banerjee on Tuesday launched a
with 42 metres resolution; 158 bands Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh. shaped payload fairing (heat shield) new housing scheme "Snehaloy" for poor
hyper-spectral visible and near infra- About 18 minutes into the flight the is being flown for the first time in this people, under which the beneficiaries will
red with 318 metres resolution and GSLV rocket will first place GISAT-1 GSLV flight. This is the fourteenth receive Rs 1.20 lakh each from the state
256 bands hyper-spectral short wave in a Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit flight of the GSLV. government to build houses. The scheme
infra-red with 191 metres resolution. (GTO). From GTO, the satellite will is for those economically backward people

‘True leader’ would focus on averting crisis to be

who don't qualify for the state government's
present housing scheme Bangle Awas Yojana. Speaking at a rally here,

unleashed by coronavirus on India:Rahul Gandhi

Banerjee said around 25,000 people would benefit from the scheme.
"Around 25,000 people from economically weaker sections had

aising concerns over the detection of fresh telephoned the chief minister's grievance cell requesting for a house to live
coronavirus case in India, Congress leader Rahul in. They are not entitled for our housing scheme Bangle Awas Yojana.
Gandhi on Tuesday said a “true leader” would be "25,000 people have made such requests to Didi (elder sister, as Banerjee
completely focused on averting the massive crisis about to is affectionately called). For them, today we are launching a new housing
be unleashed by the virus on the country and its economy. scheme 'Snehaloy'. Under this scheme the beneficiaries will get Rs 1.20
Gandhi’s remarks came after India on Monday reported lakh each. We have handed out the cheques and certificates ti a large number
two new cases of the novel coronavirus, including one of people today," she said. The money would be given in two tranches.
from the national capital.
“There are moments in the life of every nation when UN rights chief to move SC over CAA, irks India
its leaders are tested. A true leader would be completely
focused on averting the massive crisis about to be
unleashed by the virus on India and its economy,” Gandhi
I n an unprecedented move, the UN
human rights chief has said she intends
to intervene in India’s Supreme Court on
tweeted. the contentious Citizenship (Amendment)
He also tagged his February 12 tweet in which he had Act (CAA), prompting New Delhi to assert
said the coronavirus is an extremely serious threat to “our on Tuesday that no foreign party has such
people and our economy”. India had earlier reported three cases from Kerala, a right in matters related to the country’s
“My sense is the government is not taking this threat including two medical students from Wuhan in China, the sovereignty.
seriously. Timely action is critical,” he had said. epicentre of the dead The UN high commissioner for human
rights, Michelle Bachelet, informed India’s
Nirbhaya scheduled for March 3 is deferred till
further order," he added. permanent mission in Geneva on Monday
evening that her office would file an “intervention application” in the
case: Stop
Earlier today, convict Pawan Gupta
had sought stay on the grounds that Supreme Court. People familiar with the development in Geneva said on
Tuesday evening the brief was still being worked on and would be “filed
playing with
his mercy petition is pending before
the President of India. shortly”.
Another convict, Akshay, also filed The external affairs ministry opted to act pre-emptively, with

fire, court a fresh mercy petition contending that

the previous one was "incomplete".
spokesperson Raveesh Kumar saying the CAA was India’s internal matter
and “concerns the sovereign right of the Indian Parliament to make laws”.

tells convict's During the hearing on the

application today, the court was
He added, “We strongly believe that no foreign party has any locus standi
on issues pertaining to India’s sovereignty.”

lawyer apprised that the jail authorities are UN asks India to mediate between Israel & Palestine
"Despite stiff resistance from the aware of the convict's mercy petition. he UN is exploring ways to engage India for mediation between Israel
ou are playing with fire.
victim's side, I am of the opinion "This game of hide-and-seek and Palestine to resolve the protracted conflict between the two in the
You should be conscious,"
that any condemned convict must needs to be handled with a hard hand. Middle East. A delegation of the UN Committee on the Exercise of the
the court told the lawyer
not meet his creator with a grievance This application is not maintainable," Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People was on a two-day visit to New
representing the convicts in Nirbhaya
in his bosom that the courts of this public prosecutor Irfan Ahemed said. Delhi beginning from Monday.
rape and murder case on Monday.
country have not acted fairly in The case pertains to the gang- The team includes UN Ambassadors and Representatives of Senegal
Additional Sessions Judge
rape and murder of a 23-year-old (Committee Chair); Indonesia and Malaysia (Committee Members); and
Dharmendra Rana made the grating him an opportunity to exhaust
girl, called later as Nirbhaya, in the State of Palestine (Committee Observer).
observations while noting that his legal remedies," Additional
the national capital in December According to an official statement, the delegation "intends to engage
there was a "delay in filing Sessions Judge Dharmendra
2012. Six people, including the four India, a country with good relations to both the State of Palestine and Israel,
curative and mercy petition by the Rana said.
convicts and a juvenile, were named in looking for ways how it could play a more proactive role in the settling
death-row convicts." "I am of the opinion that the death of the question of Palestine".
sentence cannot be executed pending as accused.
"You are playing with fire. You The UN group will focus on enhancing the political and diplomatic
the disposal of the mercy petition Ram Singh, the sixth accused,
should be conscious. One wrong support of India for a peaceful solution of the question of Palestine; and
of the convict," the judge allegedly committed suicide in Tihar
move by anybody, and you know "You engaging Indian counterparts on synergies in capacity building for staff and
said. jail days after the trial began in
the consequences," the court rapped are playing institutions of the State of Palestine.
"It is hereby with fire. You the case.
advocate A.P Singh. The visit would also focus on enhancing the coordination of the UN
directed that the should be conscious. The juvenile was released
The convicts were scheduled to committee bureau and India on capacity building projects for the State
execution of death One wrong move by in 2015 after spending
be hanged on Mrach 3, but the court of Palestine, including within the context of South-South and Triangular
deferred their execution indefinitely. warrants against anybody, and you know three years in a correctional Cooperation.rks India
all the convicts the consequences" home.
20 WORLD Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Coronavirus spreads to NEWS in BRIEF

over 60 countries, global Global ocean covered entire Earth 3.2bn years ago

toll reaches 3,000   E arly Earth, home to some of our planet's

first lifeforms, may have been a real-life
"waterworld" without a continent in sight- a

oronavirus cases surged discovery that can scientists to better understand
in Italy, and France closed how and where single-cell organisms first emerged
the world-famous Louvre on Earth. The researchers took advantage of a quirk
Museum as the deadly outbreak of hydrothermal chemistry to suggest that the surface
that began in China sent fear rising of Earth was likely covered by a global ocean 3.2
across Western Europe, threatening billion years ago. It may even have looked a bit like the post-apocalyptic, and
its tourism industry. land-free, future imagined in Kevin Costner's infamous film 'Waterworld'.
The number of countries hit by the "The history of life on Earth tracks available niches. If you've got a
virus climbed past 60, and the death waterworld, a world covered by ocean, then dry niches are just not going to
toll worldwide reached at least 3,000. be available," said Boswell Wing, an associate professor in the Department of
New fronts in the battle opened Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.
rapidly over the weekend, deepening
Lead author Benjamin Johnson and Wing analysed a geologic site called
the sense of crisis that has already
the Panorama district located deep in Northwestern Australia's outback.
sent financial markets plummeting,
It's also the resting spot for a 3.2 billion-year-old chunk of ocean crust
emptied the streets in many cities and to 34. France raised its number of popular time for schoolchildren to
rewritten the routines of millions of that's been turned on its side.
reported cases to 130, an increase of visit France and Italy.
people. More than 88,000 around the 30 from the day before, and said it “We had already registered a Australian Associated Press to shut after 85 years
globe have been infected, with the
virus popping up on every continent
but Antarctica.
has seen two deaths.
The U.S. government advised
Americans against traveling to the
slowdown of Americans coming to
Italy in recent days,” Bernabo Bocca,
president of Italy’s hotel association,
T he Australian Associated Press (AAP) announced on Tuesday that they
will shut down their entire media operations after 85 years in operation,
adding that their newswire service which supplies every major media outlet
Australia and Thailand reported two northern Italian regions hit said in a statement Saturday. “Now, in the country was no longer viable.
their first deaths Sunday, while hardest, among them Lombardy, the final blow has arrived.” Founded in 1935 and owned in partnership by News Corp, Nine
the Dominican Republic and the which includes Milan. Major Tourism accounts for 13% of the Entertainment and Seven West, current editor in chief Tony Gillies said: "We
Czech Republic recorded their American airlines began suspending economy in Italy, with its world- have had a place like no other in journalism," reports Xinhua news agency
first infections. Italian authorities flights to Milan. The travel restrictions class art museums, archaeological "We exist for the public's interest and I now fear for the void left by the
announced that the number of people against Italy and the rising alarm in sites and architectural treasures. absence of AAP's strong, well-considered voice." Set to impact the company's
infected in the country soared 50% to France could deal a heavy blow to More than 5.6m Americans visit 180 reporters, Gillies added that throughout the years, hundreds of the nation's
1,694 in just 24 hours, and five more the countries’ tourism industries. Italy every year, representing 9% of top journalists made their start at AAP and went on to have brilliant careers.
had died, bringing the death toll there Spring, especially Easter, is a hugely foreign tourists. "Our reporters, photographers, videographers and production staff are
second to none," he said.
US announces new travel restrictions Netanyahu, allies win "They have been leading the country in breaking news for decades and

to combat coronavirus outbreak Israel elections: Exit polls showed the way for publishers in terms of the 24-hour news cycle."

he United States announced sraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Indonesia's most active volcano erupts,
new travel restrictions to and Netanyahu's Likud party and its flight alert issued
from parts of the world worst allies are poised to win the largest ount Merapi, the most active
hit by the coronavirus outbreak after number of seats in the parliamentary volcano in Indonesia, erupted,
the first death caused by the disease in elections, exit polls have showed. spewing a column of thick ash which
America as the Trump administration According to the exit polls prompted authorities to issue flight
was seen struggling to put together on Israel's TV news channels, alerts, a senior official said. The eruption
an effective response. Netanyahu and his right-wing and of Merapi in the main island of Java
The Trump administration has Jewish ultra-Orthodox ally parties was detected 2 km from the crater, media reported. The volcano unleashed
expanded the travel ban on Iran, are likely to win 60 seats together, dangerous volcanic gas and hot clouds, head of the Indonesian Research and
which has seen a surge in COVID-19 one seat short of the majority needed Technology Development for Geological Disaster Agency (BPPTKG) Hanik
cases, to now include foreign which appears to have continued. in the 120-seat Israeli Parliament Humaida said.
nationals who have visited that Acknowledging the first death from to form a coalition government, Rains of ash and sand poured down villages 3 km from the crater, Humaida
country in the last 14 days. COVID-19 in the US, President Xinhua reported. The centre-left said, adding that the rains of ash fell in the northern areas about 10 km from
The state department raised travel Donald Trump misidentified the bloc, headed by former military chief the crater. Flights have been banned from flying over the mountain as a
warning advisory for Americans victim as a woman, telling reporters Benny Gantz, gained between 52-54 volcano observatory notice for aviation (VONA) has been put in place with
travelling to South Korea and Italy, at a White House briefing Saturday seats. Netanyahu's rightwing Likud red code, the highest level of alert, according to the official. Residents were
which are reporting an increasing she was “a wonderful woman – a party was projected to win about prohibited from a radius of 3 km from the crater, the official said.
number of cases, to the highest medically high-risk patient in her late
level. More restrictions are expected, fifties”. The victim was a man.
37 seats while its main rival, Benny Sri Lankan Parliament dissolved,
Gantz's centrist Blue and White elections on April 25
including along the southern border. The United States has 22

party, garnered about 33. ri Lankan President Gotabaya
The Trump administration’s initial reported cases of coronavirus and
The Israeli leader is expected to Rajapaksa dissolved parliament late,
response to the outbreak and rising health officials have warned there
concerns in the United States was are more but have also sought to soon arrive at the Likud's elections and the election commission announced
seen as marked by confusion and reassure Americans that their risk of headquarters in Tel Aviv to give his a general election for April 25. Rajapaksa
bureaucratic infighting, some of contracting the illness was “low”. victory speech. – a former defence secretary – won the

COVID-19 a unique virus with unique

presidency last November and named his
elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksa as interim Prime Minister. The election
could help the Rajapaksas, known for the brutal defeat of separatist Tamil

characteristics: WHO chief rebels, to strengthen their hold over the island of 22 million people. The
president is empowered by Sri Lanka’s constitution to dissolve parliament

ifferent from SARS, MERS people will provide further insight any time after it completes four-and-a-half years of its five-year term – which
or influenza, COVID-19 into the extent of infection in it did on Monday.
is "a unique virus with populations over time, said Tedros.
unique characteristics," the chief Although no vaccine and no Nasa images show fall in China’s pollution due to
of the World Health Organization specific treatment are available for coronavirus shutdown
(WHO) said.
"We are understanding this virus
and the disease it causes more and
COVID-19 so far, Tedros noted
that more than 20 vaccines are in
development globally, and several
N asa satellite images show a dramatic
fall in pollution over China that
is “partly related” to the economic
more," said WHO Director-General therapeutics are in clinical trials. slowdown due to the coronavirus
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. China showed that most of the Tedros reiterated that COVID-19, outbreak, the space agency said.
COVID-19 does not transmit as reported cases develop symptoms rather than seasonal flu, can be The reduction in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution was first noticed near
efficiently as influenza, according to within two days and only contained by a comprehensive
Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak, but eventually spread across China,
the data collected so far, Tedros said, one percent have no "COVID-19 approach. He urged countries
according to Nasa scientists who examined data collected by their and
noting those people who are infected symptoms. does not to adapt their existing
European Space Agency satellites.
but not sick are not major drivers of The ongoing transmit as healthcare systems to
Maps comparing NO2 concentrations showed a marked decline between
COVID-19 transmission, the Xinhua studies on examing efficiently as influenza, contain COVID-19.
news agency reported. COVID-19 antibodies according to the data "They are not starting January 1-20, before a sweeping quarantine was imposed on Wuhan and other
He stressed that evidence from in large numbers of collected so far" from scratch," he said. cities, and February 10-25.
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 SPORTS 21

Women's T20 WC: NEWS in BRIEF

England wary of Poonam Chelsea dump Liverpool out of FA Cup

Yadav threat in semis C helsea prevailed 2-0 over Premier League champions-in-waiting
Liverpool to advance to the fourth round of the FA Cup and smash the
Reds' hopes of winning the treble.

ngland dealt with leg-spinner conceding 29 from her four overs Jurgen Klopp's men suffered their third loss in four outings, though
Poonam Yadav impeccably as Knight's side romped to an eight- Liverpool were better than in last weekend's shocking Premier League
two years ago and captain wicket victory to reach the final in defeat to Watford, reports Efe news. And while mistakes by Reds backup
Heather Knight insists that a repeat 2018. goalkeeper Adrian were a major factor on Tuesday night at Stamford Bridge,
of that is what they need when they Poonam has since gone on to it was Chelsea's solid performance that determined the outcome.
face India in the Women's T20 World become India's leading T20I wicket- Kepa, ousted as the Blues starting keeper after some disappointing results
Cup semi-final at the Sydney Cricket taker and her ability to deceive on in the league, made the most of his opportunity in the cup competition,
Ground (SCG) on Thursday. Australian pitches has forced Knight making some impressive saves to ensure the victory.
"We've practised for her a lot, I to take note ahead of their crunch As expected, Klopp chose a starting 11 heavy with subs. His Chelsea
thought we played her (Poonam) match in Sydney. counterpart, Frank Lampard, also turned to the reserves, though partly out
outstandingly in the last T20 World With rain forecast for parts of the of necessity, as N'Golo Kante, Christian Pulisic and Tammy Abraham are
Cup and that was due to the day in Sydney, a degree of flexibility sidelined with injuries.
preparation we had," said "She's will likely be required against India
a massive No threat to IPL due to coronavirus: Ganguly
Heather. – a change in approach Knight is
threat and is an here is no threat to the Indian Premier League
"We don't have willing to take on.
improved bowler since due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, said
(assistant coach) Ali the last World Cup, so for in the game," she "It feels like we've built some
Maiden anymore, who us to be successful, we're added. momentum, we were gutted after the BCCI President Sourav Ganguly.
bowled brilliant leg- going to have to play her P o o n a m South Africa game and we've been He also asserted that the South Africa series is
spin, but we've got a few bamboozled hosts playing knockout cricket since game on as per schedule and there is no threat. The three-
and all their spinners
coaches who have bowled well" Australia in the two, that stands us in very good stead match series is beginning with the first ODI on
it brilliantly and we've been tournament opener going into the knockout stages," said March 12 at Dharamsala.
really clear on how we're going to and her wicket-taking the England skipper. "Nothing in India. Not even discussed it
do things against her. exploits haven't stopped there, "We've started to get some players (Coronovirus)," Ganguly said.
"She's a massive threat and is an leading the charts with nine scalps in in real form and the players that IPL Governing Council chairman Brajesh Patel also ruled out any threat
improved bowler since the last World four matches. aren't, you feel like they're just but said they are keeping a watch. "There is no threat as of now and we are
Cup, so for us to be successful, we're But the leg-spinner couldn't round the corner and can produce keeping a tab (on the situation)."
going to have to play her and all their cast her spell the last time India in a massive game such as the semi- The IPL begins with a clash between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super
spinners well. That's going to be key met England in the tournament, final." Kings at the Wankhede Stadium on March 29.

ICC Test rankings: India, Kohli Kohli 'very passionate', Barty, Djokovic remain on top in tennis rankings

retain spots despite NZ drubbing

tries to bring out best in
himself: Southee A ustralia's Ashleigh Barty and Serbia's Novak Djokovic have maintained
their respective top spots in the tennis rankings.

In the latest WTA rankings released on Monday, Barty has a best of 8,717
ndia remain top of the ew Zealand pacer Tim
points and is followed by Romania's Simona Halep on 6,076 points.
International Cricket Council's Southee has defended Virat
Switzerland's Belinda Bencic managed the only gain in the top 10 players,
Test rankings despite the 2-0 Kohli's outburst during the
moving to eighth from ninth at the cost of 23-time Grand Slam champion
drubbing they received in New second Test, saying the India captain
Zealand. India have 116 rating points Serena Williams. Russian Svetlana Kuznetsova surged 14 places to reach
is a "very passionate and energetic
and lead second-placed New Zealand 32nd and Briton Heather Watson moved up 20 spot to make the 49th spot.
guy" who is always trying to "bring
by six points. Third-placed Australia In the ATP rankings, Austria's Dominic Thiem has reached a career high
out the best in himself" on the field.
are on 108 points. of third place. The 26-year-old has 7,045 points to overtake Swiss great
"He's (Kohli) a very passionate
Indian captain Virat Kohli remains Roger Federer, who is currently out with a knee injury and intending to
guy... and very energetic on the
second on the batsmen's rankings on return for the grass season from June.
field. He tries to bring out the best in
886 rating points. Top ranked Steve Situation should be carefully monitored: Abhinav
himself," Southee told 'Radio New
Smith is on 911 points. Kohli had a Kyle Jamieson rose to 43 on the
dismal series in New Zealand, scoring bowlers' rankings. Jamieson had
Zealand'. Kohli had a fiery exchange Bindra on coronavirus threat to Olympics
38 runs in four innings as India lost
the two matches by 10 wickets and
made his Test debut in the series
and took nine wickets and scored
with a journalist who asked him to
tone down his aggression following
his team's crushing defeat in the
I ndia’s champion shooter Abhinav Bindra said
the situation arising out of the coronavirus
outbreak has to be carefully and constantly
seven wickets respectively. 93 runs as he repeatedly led lower
New Zealand skipper Kane order fightbacks from New Zealand second and final Test against New monitored in the run-up to the Tokyo Olympics.
Williamson lost his third place to to frustrate India. This meant that he Zealand at the Hagley Oval. The International Olympic Committee (IOC)
Australia's Marnus Labuschagne. jumped 26 places to no.22 on the all- On the second day of the Test on Tuesday unequivocally backed this summer’s
Mayank Agarwal fell out of the top rounders' list. match, Kohli was seen giving Tokyo Olympics, urging athletes to prepare “full
10, being replaced by England all Tom Blundell scored 117 runs in angry send-offs to Kiwi batters and steam” despite the coronavirus threat. The novel coronavirus has so far
rounder Ben Stokes. the series with one half century and animatedly celebrating the fall of claimed over 3,000 lives and infected more than 94000 people across the
Indian pacer Jasprit Bumrah the performance helped him jump 27 wickets during the first two sessions. world after being first detected in Wuhan, China.
and his New Zealand counterpart places to no. 46. On one particular instance, Kohli “It is a situation which has to be monitored, a decision can’t be taken
Trent Boult returned to the top 10 Prithvi Shaw, playing his first today. It is a question of monitoring the whole situation very carefully and
was even seen using an expletive
while Boult's new ball partner Tim series since he made his debut in which is being done,” Bindra said on the sidelines of an event.
towards the crowd.
Southee, who was declared player of 2018, scored 98 runs including 54 The Indian skipper got riled up with Sakshi Chaudhary advances to quarters of boxing’s
the series, has jumped two places to in the first innings of the second Test the question and told the reporter: "I Asian Olympic Qualifiers
no.4 on the bowlers' rankings. and rose 17 places to 76. am asking you the answer." ormer junior world champion

Satisfying to beat a quality side like India: Williamson Sakshi Chaudhary (57kg) stunned
Asian silver-medallist and fourth seed

ew Zealand captain Kane contributed with valuable 93 runs Nilawan Techasuep of Thailand to enter
Williamson said that it in the two innings he played in the the quarterfinals of the Asian Olympic
was quite satisfying for his series. "Jamieson's a very exciting Qualifiers for boxing. The two-time youth
team to leave behind their debacle talent, and contributed incredibly world champion Indian, who is only 19,
in Australia and defeat a "quality" well with both bat and ball in both prevailed in a split verdict against the Asian Games bronze-medallist in an
side like India in the two-match Test games. He's tall and gets bounce engrossing bout. She will next be up against Korea’s Im Aeji on March 9.
series. which is very helpful in these Making the semifinals would assure her of a spot in the Tokyo Olympics
New Zealand, after winning the conditions," said Williamson. scheduled in July-August this year.
first Test by 10 wickets in Wellington, "The runs he scored in the backend The opening round was fought on even keel for most part but Sakshi
registered another comprehensive post-match presentation ceremony. of both games were very valuable. managed to be ahead of her fancied rival in a split verdict. Techasuep
seven-wicket victory over India "A fantastic series from outside Great progress for him," he added. came out all guns blazing in the second round and caught Sakshi off-guard
within three days at the Hagley Oval. and the way the guys stuck in. India New Zealand had come into the with a barrage of combination straight punches. The Indian was pushed to
"It's an outstanding feeling. The are a world-class side and to beat series after suffering a 3-0 whitewash the backfoot by the aggressive Thai, whose left jab was particularly eye-
surfaces in both the Tests were quite them is quite satisfying," he added. in Australia. They then conceded a catching. But the judges ruled in Sakshi’s favour in a 3-2 second round
sporting. Bowlers had to put it in the The Black Caps skipper reserved 5-0 clean sweep in the T20Is against verdict. In the final three minutes, Saskhi’s counter-attacks proved enough
right areas, but this pitch played well rich praise for Kyle Jamieson who India and were on the backfoot. to trump Techasuep’s consistent aggression. The seasoned duo of Gaurav
on all the days, even though history performed with bat and ball in both However, they came back strongly Solanki (57kg) and Ashish Kumar (75kg) advanced to the pre-quarterfinals
suggests it flattens out after doing a the Tests. Jamieson picked nine and registered wins in the three ODIs in the men’s draw.
bit initially," said Williamson at the wickets in the two Tests and also and two Test matches.
22 FEATURES Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

People who eat less

fruit, vegetable more
prone to anxiety
eople who have low fruit and vegetable
intakes have a higher likelihood of being
diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, say
The study, published in the International
Journal of Environmental Research and Public
Health, found that those who consumed less
than three sources of fruits and vegetables
daily, there was at least at 24 per cent higher
odds of anxiety disorder diagnosis.

6 kinds of walks and

"This may also partly explain the findings
associated with body composition measures.
As levels of total body fat increased beyond 36

their benefits
per cent, the likelihood of anxiety disorder was
increased by more than 70 per cent," said co-
author Jose Mora-Almanza, a Mitacs Globalink

Intern who worked with the study at Kwantlen e have all have heard that walking is so beneficial to health — we know about how it helps
Polytechnic University in Canada. prevent several chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke — but are
According to the researchers, increased body we walking enough? How many calories you burn depends on your body weight and how
fat may be linked to greater inflammation. One in nine women had an anxiety disorder fast you walk. It's also important to walk the right way. Take brisk strides, keep your shoulders back,
Emerging research suggests that some anxiety compared to one in fifteen men, the study said. swing your arm and don't tilt your head. As you take steps, let the heels dig into the ground first,
disorders can be linked to inflammation. The prevalence of anxiety disorders among then let the pressure move towards the balls of your feet and finally the toes.
"Our findings are in keeping with previous those who had always been single (13.9 per 1. Brisk Walking: This is the most holidays and during other recreational
research which has also indicated that women cent) was much higher than among those who commonly used style. Beneficial to activities. It works to strengthen the
are more vulnerable to anxiety disorders than were living with a partner (7.8 per cent). weight-watchers, it also strengthens the calves, thighs and hamstring.
men," said study co-author Karen Kobayashi. Approximately one in five respondents with heart and cuts diabetes risk. 5. Treadmill walking: Part of the
The study team analysed data from the ousehold incomes under $20,000 per year 2. Power striding: An upgrade to the cardio gym activity, this works for just
Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging which had anxiety disorders, more than double the
included 26,991 men and women between the prevalence of their richer peers.
ages of 45 and 85. Other factors associated with "We were not surprised to find that those in
anxiety disorders among mid-age and older poverty had such a high prevalence of anxiety
Canadians disorders; struggling to afford basics such as
In addition to diet and body composition food and housing causes relentless stress and
measures, the prevalence of anxiety disorders is inherently anxiety inducing," said study co-
also differed by gender, marital status, income, author Hongmei Tong, Assistant Professor at
immigrant status and several health issues. MacEwan University in Canada.

6 foods for a healthy liver brisk walk, power striding is taking the anyone. Use the pace as you're your

ne of the most vital organs of your Grapefruit: Rich in vitamin C and natural gait to a faster, brisker pace with comfort level. Also one of the most
body, the liver is responsible for most containing antioxidant properties, having exaggerated arm swings. Helps to burn relaxed styles of walking as you need
metabolic functions. Here are foods this fruit or as a juice can help flush out fat, build metabolism and boost energy not worry about obstacles in your path.
to include in your diet to keep your liver carcinogens and toxins. levels. 6. Pool walking: Can also be done by the
functioning normally. 3. Stairwell walk: Walking up and
Avocados: Avocados produce a type
of antioxidant called glutathione, which is
needed for our livers to filter out harmful

Spinach: Leafy veggies, especially spinach

and lettuce help in neutralising chemicals
and aid protective mechanism for the liver. downstairs is also a great way to burn
calories (175-200 an hour) and tones seashore. It takes the stress and pressure
major muscle groups. Remember, to off the joints as water provides support.
take rest in-between. It's apt for patients with arthritis, back
Garlic: Loaded with sulfur, a mineral that 4. Uphill climb: Usually done on pain and osteoporosis.
helps rid the body of toxins, garlic is known

Health Tip of the Day

to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
It is also used in the treatment of
high blood pressure, atherosclerosis,

and bacteria- related Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits like oranges
tudies have
and lemons are full of vitamin C that can
help your body remove out all the toxic
shown that basil
materials and aid the digestion process. leaves are a
significant anti-stress
agents, providing
protection against stress.
Even healthy persons
Tu r m e r i c : can chew 12 leaves of
Using turmeric (haldi) as a spice in your food basil, twice a day, to
can not only enhance the colour but also help
your liver. It is said to help your system digest prevent stress.
fats and acts as a natural detox for your liver.
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 FEATURES 23


• 50gm - penne pasta, uncooked
• 1/2cup - mayonnaise
• 1/2tsp - lemon juice
• 1/4tsp - garlic powder
• 1/2cup - ham, chopped
• 40gm - chicken, cooked and shredded
• 1 - onion, small and chopped
• 4 - cherry tomatoes, sliced into halve
• 1tbsp - parsley, chopped

WHITE SAUCE PASTA • 1rib - celery, diced

• 1/4tsp - black pepper, coarsely grind
• 1/4tsp - salt
• Cook pasta according to the package
directions, drain and then rinse well under
cold water. Keep aside for later use.
• In a large bowl add mayonnaise, lemon
juice and garlic powder, mix well.
• Add all the other ingredients to the
mayonnaise and mix well again. TIP: This pasta is good for tailgating events,
• Add cooked pasta and gently mix it with potluck dinners and picnics. It can also be
the spatula. excellent hot summer evening main dish.
• Serve • Serves - 2


• Add garlic and sauté for a minute.

• Remove skin, clean, wash and cut chicken
• 250gm - wide lasagne, uncooked
into small pieces and cook over medium flame
• 1/2tsp - garlic pasta
for 3-4 minutes or until the chicken is almost
• 50gm - chicken thigh, boneless
• 4-5 - mushroom buttons
• Wash and cut mushrooms into halves and add
• 60gm - baby spinach leaves
them to the chicken, mix well.
• 4 - bacon strips
• Wash and add spinach leaves, mix well again. INGREDIENTS: stir over low flame for about 2 minutes
• 200gm - cream
• Cut cooked bacon strips into small pieces and • 350gm - fettuccine, uncooked until melted and it starts lightly to simmer.
• 1/4tsp - crushed black pepper
add them to the chicken. • SAUCE INGREDIENTS: • Add garlic paste, sauté for a minute over
• 1/2tsp salt or according to taste
• Add black pepper, salt and sauté everything • 1/2cup - butter medium flame, then add black pepper and
• 1/2cup - grated cheese ( Do not press cheese
together over medium flame, stirring • 11/2cup - heavy cream salt, mix well.
into the cup while measuring it ).
occasionally until extra water dries up. • 1/2tsp - garlic paste • Reduce the flame to low and add in the
• 1tbsp - butter
• Add cream and let 1 boil come over medium • 1/4tsp - black pepper Parmesan cheese, continue to whisk until
METHOD flame, then stir in grated cheese. • 1/4tsp - salt or according to taste melted.
• In a small pan over medium flame cook wide • Garnish with extra grated cheese and serve • 11/2cup - parmesan cheese, grated • Add cooked fettuccine, mix it well into
lasagne as per the given instructions. warm. • 1/4tsp - nutmeg the sauce.
• Drain the lasagne and keep aside for later use. • TIP: Chicken paste can be refrigerated in the • Sprinkle nutmeg on the top and serve.
• Cook bacon over medium flame in a large flat METHOD
air tight container for up to 4 days. TIP: You can reduce fettuccine to 250gm and
pan or skillet, turn the strips as needed until • Cook pasta according to the package
• Microwave pasta for 30 seconds, stir and add 50gm of shredded chicken along with
they reach the desired crispness. directions, drain and then rinse well under
microwave it again or reheat on the stove top sliced 6 mushroom buttons.
• Drain well on a paper-towel lined plate and cold water. Keep aside for later use.
over medium-low flame so that the sauce does • Serves - 4
leave it for later use. not get over heated and separates. METHOD FOR SAUCE
• Heat butter in a medium pan over low flame. • Serves - 2 • In a large pan, add butter and heavy cream;


INGREDIENTS: • In a large bowl, place chopped asparagus, capsicum, zucchini
• 250 gm - fettuccine, uncooked then toss them with olive oil, garlic and salt until evenly
• 4 - asparagus coated.
• 1 - red capsicum, small • Spread the vegetables on the silver foiled tray.
• 1 - zucchini, medium • Bake uncovered for 6-8 minutes or until tender. Keep aside.
• 2tbsp - olive oil
• 2 - garlic cloves
• In a large pan, add butter and heavy cream;
• 1/2tsp - salt
stir over low flame for about 2 minutes until
SAUCE INGREDIENTS: melted and it starts lightly to simmer.
• 1/2cup - butter • Add garlic paste, sauté for a
• 11/2cup - heavy cream minute over medium flame, then add
• 1/2tsp - garlic paste black pepper and salt, mix well.
• 1/4tsp - black pepper • Reduce the flame to low and add
• 1/4tsp - salt or according to taste in the Parmesan cheese, continue to
• 11/2cup - parmesan cheese, grated whisk until melted.
• 1/4tsp - nutmeg • Add cooked fettuccine, mix it well into the
METHOD sauce.
• cook pasta according to the package directions, drain and
• Wash and cut asparagus, capsicum and zucchini into halve • Slightly mix vegetables into the pasta.
then rinse well under cold water. Keep aside for later use.
inch pieces; peel and chop garlic. Keep aside. • Sprinkle nutmeg on the top and serve.
• Heat oven to 180dc.
• Serves - 4
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HITORI NO: 49 1. In the song “Frosty the Snowman,” what made Frosty department store? Macy’s
Hitori – a logic puzzle with very simple rules and challenging solutions. Can you eliminate come to life? An old silk hat 15. In the song “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,”
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column? Objective / Rules. Eliminate 2. What Christmas decoration was originally made from what “incriminating” evidence was found on
numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column. Eliminate numbers strands of silver? Tinsel Grandma’s back? Claus marks
by marking them in Black. You are not allowed to have two Black squares touching
horizontally or vertically (diagonally is ok). Any White square can be reached from any 3. Who played George Bailey in the Christmas classic 16. How many reindeer are featured in the poem “Twas the
other (i.e. they are connected). “It’s a Wonderful Life?” Jimmy Stewart Night Before Christmas?” Eight (no Rudolph!)
4. Per a recent holiday fad, what “spy” hides around 17. What traditional Christmas decoration is actually a
the house, reporting back to Santa on who has been parasitic plant? Mistletoe
naughty and nice? The Elf on the Shelf 18. In “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” who played
5. What Christmas beverage is also known as “milk Scrooge? Hint: It wasn’t a muppet. Michael Caine
punch?” Eggnog 19. What beverage company has been using Santa Claus in
6. One of Santa’s reindeer shares a name with a famous its advertising since 1931? Coca-Cola
symbol of Valentine’s Day. Which reindeer is that? 20. According to legend, what holiday goodies were
Cupid shaped to resemble a shepherd’s staff, as a way to
7. What Christmas-themed ballet premiered in Saint remind children of the shepherds who visited baby
Petersburg, Russia in 1892? The Nutcracker Jesus? Candy canes
8. In 1981, Bob and Doug McKenzie released their own 21. In the movie “A Christmas Story,” what was the
version of a classic Christmas song. Which song is name of the next door neighbors whose dogs ate the
that? The Twelve Days of Christmas Christmas turkey? The Bumpuses
SPOT THE DIFFERENCE NO: 49 9. What animated 2004 film is about a train that carries 22. What figure from English folklore came to be
See how many differences you can find in the right or left photo. kids to the North Pole on Christmas Eve? The Polar associated with Santa Claus? Father Christmas
Express 23. In the 1964 classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed
10. What much-reviled Christmas edible is known for its Reindeer,” what was the name of Rudolph’s faithful
long shelf life? Fruitcake elf companion? Hermey
11. In Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” what was 24. According to the folklore of Austria and other
Mr. Scrooge’s first name? Ebenezer countries, what horned figure punishes naughty
12. What Bing Crosby song is the best-selling single ever? children at Christmastime? Krampus
White Christmas 25. In the TV special “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,”
13. In the early 1800s, the first gingerbread houses were what three words best describe the Grinch? Stink,
reportedly inspired by what famous fairy tale? Hansel stank, stunk
and Gretel 26. What well-known Christmas carol became the first
14. “Miracle on 34th Street” centers on what real-life song ever broadcast from space in 1965? Jingle Bells

Send us stories, drawings, poems and other contributions by your little ones along with their
photographs for this page. E-mail us at reporter@indianweekender.co.nz
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 FEATURES 25

Fashionable Singles
This also extends to lingerie avoid granny undies as it is a big
turn off.
Do not dress like a teenager. Dressing too young is not a turn
on. Avoid board shorts, pants that are too long or too short. Low-
rise jeans are out. None of these outfits will earn you any brownie
points on your date.
Coming to what you should wear on your first date. You could
go with full proof jeans and t-shirt combo. This outfit gives a
sense of comfort and confidence. As this outfit can be worn as an
FOZIA YUSUF athleisure if it’s an outdoor date.
If you lack confidence you can never go wrong with black.
Black is a colour that generally males people feel confident and

families and partners kids etc. But in singles case, time to look
after yourself is in abundance as everything is about you.
Looking into some single’s fashionable lifestyles. You
shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But in today’s dating world
of singles, first impressions and looks are impossible to ignore.
Fashion in a singles life is a big deal. Often it is related to deal
breaker if you don’t appear fashionable enough.
For singles who identify themselves as fashionable get more
attention on social media. Bad news for singles if you don’t
consider yourself as trendy and fashion-forward it is time to

hat does it mean to be single? Well taking a Stroll
down into my memories lane, all I can come up with
is – people who are single live best meaningful,
authentic life. As a single people mostly are beaming with Joy,
living unapologetically. Hence when you explore and see singles
live more fashionably.
Now you may think that’s a very vague statement. But it is
based on my years of meeting single people and living the phase Nude make up is the new millennial style. Even bright red
of my life. I have noticed this pattern. lipstick brings charm to your character and leaves a lasting

pick yourself up. Invest in a personal shopper. I know getting a

personal stylist can be expensive. Hence, I am here to guide you
along this journey of singlism and independence.
Dressing up for a first date is a must. If you feel fashion is not
your cup of your tea at least try not to fall into fashion disaster
Here are a few key things to Note.
Firstly wrinkled clothes are a big NO-NO, clothes must be
well ironed and washed. If you hate ironing have more wrinkle-
free outfits in your wardrobe.
Leave Behind the Croc’s, sandals, flip flops, and socks. It is
time to time to put on the big girl shoes. Heels are the way to
impress, introduce nude heels in your selection as it gives an Millennial singles focus on looking their best and exercise
illusion of long sexy legs. and a good diet is on their top priority list. If you are planning
Avoid wearing baggy clothes. It is good to wear clothes that dates surrounding these activities do not forget deodorant, the
fit you perfectly and according to your shape. Not too tight and last thing you want to do is smell like sweat that’s an ultimate
not oversized. if you feel you are not slim around the waistline turn off.
introduce belts so you can draw the attention away and belts also Hopefully few of these tips will help you along in planning
Singles have more time to look after themselves. Time is a your first date.
create an illusion of curves. As curves in a woman are always
valuable thing. Which most married couples and non- single
sexy. Photo Credit- Kaleidoscope fashion Events
people don’t have as they tend to be busy looking after their Pinterest
26 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

I feel underutilised as an actor
Chiranjeevi's 15
on why he's prou
ctor Sonu Sood says he is proud
to be a part of Telugu superstar

Chiranjeevi's upcoming
espite making a mark with varied roles in films mentioned that he was surprised to see
152nd film.
such as Kalyug, Traffic Signal, Go Goa Gone and me in 'Malang'. I think many people
now Malang, actor Kunal Kemmu says he mostly are under the impression Tentatively titled Chiru 152, the film is
gets offers to play comic roles thanks to his roles in the that I can only be good at helmed by Koratala Siva.
"Golmaal" series. The actor says he has much more to offer comedy. "It makes me very proud to be
as a performer. "I really have a lot associated with the project and sharing
"I can't say that I am underrated, but I am underutilised for to offer, if they cast screen space with Chiranjeevi Sir. The
sure as an actor. I know that I am capable of doing so much me!" said Kunal who, south Indian film industry has been very
as a performer. I have so much to offer. I have more potential in the nineties, had embracing of me and I hope with this
than what the audience has seen in the films that I have done impressed as a child film I am able to give them back the
so far. Or maybe my fans who like my work believe that I am artiste in films such as same amount of love through my work,"
versatile as an actor. But that is not how the filmmakers and Sir, Hum Hain Rahi said Sonu.
casting directors are seeing me," Kunal said. Pyar Ke, Naaraaz, I The actor has in the past worked in
The actor recently proved his versatility in Mohit Suri's Raja Hindustani, southern projects such as the Kannada
can't say that
Malang. In the film, he played a cold-blooded psychopathic Tamanna, Bhai and comedy "Vishnuvardhana" (2011), the
I am underrated, but
cop who deceptively passes off as a thorough gentleman Zakhm, before making Tamil romance "Raja" (2002), the Telugu
I am underutilised for
in public. While the multistarrer also featured Aditya his debut as a lead drama "Hands Up!" (2000).
sure as an actor. I know
Roy Kapoor, Anil Kapoor and Disha Patani in lauded and actor in the 2005 Meanwhile, his next Bollywood outing
important roles, it was Kunal's portrayal of a complex release, Kalyug. that I am capable of doing
so much as a performer. "Prithviraj" is a historical drama that
character that became a major talking point. Currently, the actor traces the life of King Prithviraj Chauhan.
"One of my friends who is also a filmmaker told me that is busy shooting the I have so much to
offer. The film stars Akshay Kumar in the
his reference to my work was Golmaal. So, he tends to think new season of the titular role and marks the debut of former
that I am good in comedy. ZEE5 web series Miss World Manushi Chhillar.
He added that my comic timing was good. Then he Abhay 2. Sonu will also be seen in the Tamil film

NEENA GUPTA: Don't fall Shruti Haasan admits to getting plastic surge
in love with a married man A
ctress Shruti Haasan recently choose to live. The biggest favour w e
took to her Instagram page can do for ourselves

to slam bodyshaming while and others is
eteran actress Neena Gupta has
admitting that she had gone under just be and learn
warned her fans not to fall in
the knife. to accept the
love with married men. She says
Having undergone plastic surgery, she changes and
she has done it in life and suffered.
says she neither advocates it nor is against it, the movement
In a video shot at Mukteshwar,
adding that she chooses to live that way. of our bodies and
Uttarakhand, Neena is seen giving a
In a long yet brave post, Kamal Haasan's minds."
piece of advice to her fans. daughter said: "I'm not one driven She ended the
She begins by talking about how by other people's opinions of me note saying she
not one
extra marital affairs start. "He tells you but the constant commenting driven by other is learning to love
he doesn't like his wife and they are not and she's too fat now she's too people's opinions of herself a little more
getting along for a long time. You fall in thin is so avoidable. These two me but the constant everyday "because the
love with him, he is a married guy. Then commenting and she's
pictures have been taken three greatest love story of my
you say ‘why don't you separate'. But he too fat now she's
days apart. too thin is so life is with myself and I
says ‘no, no there are kids'." "I'm sure there are women out avoidable" hope yours is too".
She says they then start meeting there who relate to what I'm going A few weeks ago in an
secretly and go on holidays. That turns to to say. Most often I'm at the mercy of my interview with actress Lakshmi
spending nights together and ultimately hormones mentally and physically and over Manchu, Shruti Haasan opened up
"you want to marry him". the years I work hard to try and have a healthy on her battle with depression, and
Then, the woman wants the man to relationship with it. It isn't easy. The pain isn't overcoming alcoholism.
divorce his wife, but he says, "it's not easy the physical changes aren't easy but "I was trying to heal myself. I stopped
so easy, there is property, there are bank what's become easier to me is to share my caring about what people were saying. I
before, I have suffered. That is why I am
accounts etc". journey. had to figure it all out. I took a one year
telling my friends: try not to do it."
The woman gets frustrated and thinks No one famous or not is in a position to break," Shruti said.
Neena was in a relationship with West
of leaving him. It ends with the man judge another person. Ever. That's just not Shruti Haasan will soon be
Indian cricketer Vivian Richards in the
saying f*** off to you". cool. I'm happy to say this is my life my face seen in the Telugu film "Krack"
eighties. They share a daughter, Masaba and yes I've had plastic surgery which I'm not opposite Ravi Teja, and the Tamil
Then comes Neena's advice: "Do not
Gupta. Later, Neena went on to marry ashamed to admit. Do I promote it ? film "Laabam" opposite Vijay
get involved in all this, do not fall in love
Vivek Mehra. No am I against it ? No -- it's just how I Sethupathi.
with a married man. I have done this

Anubhav Sinha: Violence gets normalised Javed

if oppressed accept it T
he "Mr India" wa
its original creato
After Shekhar

ith "Thappad", filmmaker accepts it," the filmmaker said. original, slammed the m
Anubhav Sinha has trained Sinha explained his point: "If your trilogy for not acknowled
focus on a womans self- mind is conditioned as a woman that such Kapoor took up cudgels
respect in a relationship, and how it has disrespectful behaviour is ‘chalta hai' in a Kapoor, who had starred
been compromised over the ages owing relationship — because she is responsible
of writer-lyricist Javed A
to a certain conditioning of the mind in a to maintain it — she will normalise it. She
the film is actually his i
patriarchal society. Sinha believes it is not will never raise her voice.
to Kapur.
just men but also women who are equally "That is what has happened for ages.
"Shekhar saheb the sto
responsible for the situation. In this case, a slap is not
characters the dialogue th
"Somewhere, women are equally "If only accepted, but
your mind these were yours.
responsible for the whole practice also perpetrated by
is conditioned as "I gave it all to you. Ye
of ‘adjustment to keep the family women."
a woman that such how can your claim on
united', where the woman has to "Thappad"
disrespectful behaviour is It wasn't your idea. It w
compromise on several things ‘chalta hai' in a relationship features Taapsee Pavail Gulati, Ratna Pathak Shah, Tanvi opening collection of Rs 3.07 crore in the
including self-respect. — because she is responsible Pannu in a Azmi, Dia Mirza, Ram Kapoor, and domestic market, although it has received
Akhtar's tweet was a
"You see, violence gets to maintain it — she will starring role Kumud Mishra in important roles. excellent word of mouth and generally
latest outburst over the re
normalised if only the oppressed normalise it" and also features The film released on Friday to low-key positive reviews.
"The argument on a re
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 ENTERTAINMENT 27

52nd: Sonu Sood Rishi Kapoor: Delay in Nirbhaya hangings ridiculous Divya Dutta:
eteran actor Rishi Kapoor convicts -- Mukesh Singh, Pawan
ud of the project I trust Neeraj
used the popular "Tareekh
pe tareekh" dialogue from
Gupta, Vinay Kumar Sharma and
Akshay Kumar -- were scheduled to
the 1993 film "Damini" to slam the
Delhi Court judgment to defer the
be hanged at 6 am on March 3.
Pawan Gupta, the last of the four
Pandey blindly
execution of the four convicts in the convicts to seek legal remedy or file
Nirbhaya rape and murder case. a mercy petition, had moved a fresh
On Monday, a court in Delhi again application seeking a stay on the
deferred the execution of the four hanging, as his mercy plea is pending
convicts in the Nirbhaya rape and before the President after the court
murder case, which was slated for dismissed their application seeking
Tuesday, till further orders. stay on hanging earlier on Monday.
Rishi finds the delay ridiculous, He filed the mercy petition after
and he took to twitter to express his his curative petition was rejected by

view with a post. Supreme Court on Monday morning.
ctress Divya Dutta is excited
"Nirbhaya case. Tareekh pe The case pertains to the gangrape
to collaborate with director
tareekh, tareekh pe tareekh, tareekh and murder of a 23-year-old girl,
Neeraj Pandey for the
pe tareekh - ‘Damini'. Ridiculous," christened Nirbhaya bythe media, in
upcoming web show "Special Ops",
he tweeted. the Capital in December 2012. Six says she has and "blind faith" on the
It may be recalled, "Damini" people, including the four convicts filmmaker.
starring Rishin Kapoor and Sunny and a juvenile, were named as "As an actress, I am quite
Deol with Meenakshi Sheshadri in accused. instinctive, and do not over-prepare
the title role, was a courtroom drama mouths the "Tareek pe tareek" Ram Singh, the sixth accused, before shooting. When it comes
that is fought out in the aftermath of dialogue in frustration and anger allegedly committed suicide in Tihar to Neeraj, there is a blind faith,
the rape of a young domestic help by even as the defence manages to bank jail days after the trial began in the in which I know that I am in good
"Thamilarasan", an action drama starring a group of influential boys. on one loophole after the other to case. The juvenile was released in hands. From the script to character
Vijay Antony and directed by Babu Sunny Deol, who fights the case keep deferring the verdict. 2015 after spending three years in a graph, everything is designed by
Yogeswaran. to ensure justice for the dead victim, In the Nirbhaya case, the four correctional home. him. He is clear with exactly what
he wants from an actor and later how

ery Bhumi, Tanaaz Irani on period taboo

he will utilise it during editing, to
create a magical narrative out of the
material. So I was just following his

ctresses Bhumi Pednekar out of school each year," Bhumi instruction," Divya said.
and Tanaaz Irani are said. "Special Ops" features Kay Kay
shocked that conversations The actress has joined hands Menon, Karan Tacker, Meher Vij,
around menstrual cycle are still with Whisper for an initiative Sana Khan, Saiyami Kher, Vinay
considered a taboo, and stressed #KeepGirlsInSchool. Pathak, Vipul Gupta.
on the importance of opening up Talking about it, Bhumi said: On her role, Divya said: "I cannot
about it. "The initiative comes at a time disclose much of my character but
Actress Tanaaz Irani, who when empowering the young I was constantly looking forward
has a daughter and a son, said: women of India with the right to the next scene because I did not
"Being a mother I feel the roads knowledge and education is critical know what was coming next -- how
of communication should be quite for our country's growth. It is a rare he will take the next shot!
open between a mother and a opportunity where each of us can He brought out the best of me on
daughter especially when it comes collectively make a difference in the screen."
to menstrual hygiene. lives of young girls. It truly is time The actress has worked with
"Women are very shy and get very to #KeepGirlsInSchool." Neeraj Pandey in the 2013 film
scared to talk about these things. I "Qubool Hai" actress Shalini "Special 26" in the past.
would want my daughter to talk to Kapoor Sagar shared: "With times What made them wait for so
me about it rather than go to their we need to change too. I have no long to reunite? "Since I do not ask
friends." shame in saying that during Ganpati questions on the length of my role,
"I think we need to raise more Visarjan I was on my period and I the story or the script, Neeraj is very
awareness around the how girls are as they would use foreign elements "we are already talking about how went to my doctor and asked for a responsible with it. I trust him and
dropping out of school due to lack like ‘flower and coconut shells' to respect a women". pill to delay it. that is why he only calls me when he
of menstrual hygiene among the when on their periods. "The cause of keeping girls in "He was shocked and told me that feels that the role is worth my while.
younger generation. "I was shocked and I feel that school hits home, and feels personal living in this time why do I think This is the second time I am working
"There is an entire world out the main thing is that the lines of to me, especially with like this and want to put yourself with him after 'Special 26'.
there that does not have the kind communication have to be "Women periods continuing to through a hormonal misbalance. I At that time I thought that my part
of facilities we do… When I was open on these topics at a are very shy be a taboo topic. I actually did the Puja despite having is small, but I remember the producer
in college and my friends from younger age so that they and get very scared to was shocked to my periods because I know my telling me that my line would become
the gynecology department went are conditioned to hear talk about these things. I learn that lack of thoughts are clean and that is what famous once the film released.
out to government hospitals for these things." would want my daughter period education counts. I have realised that I can That has happened. I think Neeraj
internships, they would find small Tanaaz says her son to talk to me about it rather is leading to 1 in bring a change to society once I knows how to utilise the potential of
girls in serious health conditions is about 12 years old and than go to their friends" 5 girls dropping change my own mind set." any actor," she signed off.

Akhtar to Shekhar Kapur on Mr India: I gave it to you

ar is now being fought among no one took permission from me or even bothered to Javed wrote the original "Mr India" with Big B in mind
ors. tell me. too, to utilise the actor's rich baritone, in a character that
Kapur, director of the 1987 "The question is. If you are remaking a feature film, would remain invisible on screen.
makers of an upcoming remake based on a director's very successful Storm over the new "Mr India" started soon after
dging him, and actress Sonam work, does the Director have no director Ali Abbas Zafar announced the project mid
s on behalf of her father Anil creative rights over what he/she February.
d in that film, it is now the turn created?" @shekharkapur had "Excited to partner with @ZeeStudios_for an epic
tweeted. trilogy #MrIndia!
Akhtar to join. Akhtar contends
Akhtar co-wrote "Mr "It is a huge responsibility to carry forward an iconic
idea and that he had given it
India" with Salim Khan character loved by everyone. Currently, working on the
and also penned the lyrics script, no actor has been locked till now.
ory the situations the scenes the for Laxmikant-Pyarelal in " Once we lock the first draft of the script, casting
he lyrics even the title none of the film. In fact, the script begins!" wrote @aliabbaszafar.
marked the culmination of a cemented Amitabh Bachchan's iconic Soon, Kapur took to Twitter to declare that "no one
Yes you execute it very well but fruitful union of the celebrated has even asked me or mentioned to me about this film
the film be more than mine. angry young man image, such as Zanjeer
writer duo Salim-Javed, who had called Mr India 2".
wasn't your dream," wrote @ (1973), Majboor (1974), Deewar (1975),
belted out several memorable scripts A few days later, Sonam Kapoor avered: "My father
in the seventies including Andaz (1971), Haathi Mere Sholay (1975), Trishul (1978), Don (1978), Kaala didn't even know the film was being remade, we found
reaction to Shekhar Kapur's Saathi (1971), Seeta Aur Geeta (1972), and Yaadon Ki Patthar (1979), Dostana (1980), Shaan (1980) and out about it through social media when @aliabbaszafar
emake on Twitter, on Thursday. Baarat (1973). Shakti (1982). tweeted. It's quite disrespectful and underhanded if it
emake of #MrIndia is not that Salim-Javed also penned some of the films that Unconfirmed reports have often stated that Salim- is true."

Tips to clean your jewellery

28 Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender

Health Tip
of the Week
W How to clean your silver
ith the festive season bidding
adieu, it is time to pack your heavy,
traditional jewellery. But do not do
so without cleaning them properly, otherwise Salt and baking soda: Line a glass
Trouble sleeping
you may permanently damage their sheen and
container with tin foil and pour some hot in summers?
Here are some useful jewellery
care tips, to make your valuables last Cumin powder
mixed with mashed
banana taken at night
is one of the most
popular remedies to
water in it. Add one or two tablespoons
of salt and baking soda. Put your silver beat insomnia
jewellery in this mixture and leave it for five

1. Use soft cloth and a mild soap in water

to clean the jewellery.
2. When not in use, keep your precious minutes. Rinse jewellery with water.
pieces clean and dry to keep away jewellery on, to avoid discoloration. Olive oil and lemon juice: Mix half a
the moisture. 6. Use Vodka to clean those cup of lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of olive
3. Don’t make a cocktail in a box. Maintain expensive diamonds. oil in a bowl. Dip the cloth in the solution,
separate boxes for Gold, Silver, 7. To clean silver jewellery use a mixture squeeze the excess mixture out and polish the
Diamond and Gemstone jewellery. of charcoal and washing powder. silver with it. Rinse it with warm water.
4. Keep away your jewellery from 8. You can alternately clean them by White vinegar and baking soda: Soak
chemicals/alcohols of perfumes, boiling in hot water with baking soda the piece of silver in a solution of half a cup
creams etc. and a piece of foil paper. of white vinegar and two tablespoons of
5. Don’t enter the pool with your gold 9. Use a soft toothbrush to clean your jems. baking soda for two-three hours. Rinse it and
dry . This helps in removing heavy tarnish.

Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and
fengshui consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is
available for consultations online as well. E-mail her at support@askmanisha.com or contact
15 March – 12 March 2020 | By Manisha Koushik at +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +91-9716145644 • www.askmanisha.com
You will have to get somebody interested in what You will find the week extremely lucky. Fame A situation at work may call for your expertise.
you are doing, if you want help and support. Some of and riches come to you as you ascend the ladder Some of you are likely to fall head over heels in love
you may feel under the weather on the health front. of success. You are likely to beat the workplace with someone you had been smitten with. Changed
You are most likely to spend on inessential things, if competition to emerge at the top. Excellent mindset will help bring you out from negativity and
you don’t prioritise your shopping list. A conscious performance on the academic front will keep you lead you towards positivity. Someone close will be
effort will have to be made to conserve money for a in a buoyant mood. Those feeling unwell will more responsive towards your well being and this
future event. Critics are likely to punch holes in a project or assignment show quick recovery. There is much to gain by will make you feel nice from within. Financial front remains secure as
submitted by you. Lucky No.:2 / Lucky Colour: Pink visiting someone influential. You gain much by you remain tight-fisted. You are likely to help out spouse in her plans.
focussing on fitness by taking up an exercise regimen. Lucky No.2 / Lucky No.:7 / Lucky Colour: Olive Green
Lucky Colour: Brown
There are many advisors to misguide you, so don’t CAPRICORN (DEC 22-JAN 21)
be gullible. You are likely to direct your energies in VIRGO (AUG 23-SEP 23) A little bit of praise will keep you in an upbeat mood
doing what you do best both at home and at work. A see-saw battle may rage between you and a rival in this week. Changes made on the home front will
Impressing those who come in contact with you at work, but you hold the chips. Homemakers will be to your liking. A senior is likely to appreciate
will prove much more beneficial than what you be able to implement some of their ideas on the your contribution. Plans for a family gathering will
had anticipated. A prized posting can be bagged home front. Wedding is on the anvil for someone
be put in force, so expect an enjoyable time. Money
by those in uniform. You will manage to resolve a who is close to you. You are likely to be smitten
flows in and keeps you financially strong. You may
workplace problem successfully. Homemakers may focus on giving the by someone’s charms, so expect the romantic
get concerned about the health of a family member, but things will turn
home a facelift. Lucky No.: 6 / Lucky Colour: Fuchsia front to get brightened! Those waging a see-saw
out right. Love life remains satisfactory. Lucky No.: 9 / Lucky Colour:
battle with health problems are likely to find relief soon. A short journey
is indicated. Lucky No.:1 / Lucky Colour: Red
Keeping busy is in your blood and this week will LIBRA (SEP 24-OCT 23)
Mistakes and carelessness may make a disastrous
be no different! If there is nothing pressing, you Your efforts are likely to be recognized by those
cocktail at work, so be careful. You may not be
will remain busy doing up the home. A pleasant who matter on the professional front. Realising
week is foreseen, when you accomplish much, your academic dreams becomes a possibility soon. able to achieve everything that you had set out for.
both on professional and social fronts. You will It is a good week to extend your social circle by On the academic front, constant interruptions may
be able to impress those who matter at work due meeting people you have not met before. You are keep you from carrying out your allotted tasks.
to your cheerful nature and good communication likely to take an active part in a family do and gain Some of you can get caught on the wrong foot
skills. Celebratory mood prevails at home as you manage to achieve popularity. Someone you have helped out will by a family elder. You may resent the authority of someone you don’t
the unachievable. Health remains satisfactory. Lucky No. 4 / Lucky extend full support to you in your hour of need. You remain financially particularly like on the home front. Health requires care. Lucky No.:1
Colour: Purple strong. Lucky No.:5 / Lucky Colour: Teal / Lucky Colour: Red

CANCER (JUN 22-JUL 20) SCORPIO (OCT 24-NOV 22) Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)
You may act childishly and undermine your Don’t neglect anything that is vying for your You will have to be up and about to meet the
reputation on the social front. Don’t take someone’s attention. Much excitement is foreseen at home expectations of seniors at work. A misunderstanding
word at work and check things out for yourself, as as you go all out to organise a function or party. with spouse cannot be ruled out. Tension may prevail
you can be put in an embarrassing situation. You may Someone may be all praise for you on the social at home over an issue. There is scant chance of
not totally agree with spouse’s views, but it is best front. If you are seeking love, you will be able to someone responding to your romantic overtures, but
to avoid confrontation at this point in time. Saving shed your inhibitions and approach the one you there is no need to lose heart! Your pocket may not
money is likely to become a priority in view of a desire. There is something positive taking place on allow an overseas or out of town invitation. Your decision on a property
future event. You will need to become health conscious for remaining the work front that will prove favourable for you in the long run. Lucky related matter may not be binding on others. Lucky No. 6 / Lucky
fit. Lucky No.:3 / Lucky Colour: Navy Blue No.:8 / Lucky Colour: Fuchsia Colour: Navy Blue
The Indian Weekender Friday, March 06, 2020 FEATURES 29


Things every traveller

should DEFINITELY do
once in their lifetime

here are ‘n’ number of things that you might want to do of Dubai at the Arabian Desert or iconic Palm Jumeirah will be Ride a bike in Amsterdam
once in your lifetime and experience that adrenaline rush. an experience that you would surely want to do once in your
And being aware of how affirming and life-enriching lifetime.
those experiences can be, research suggests that most people Go on a bike trip, Ladakh
miss out on their wish list, and end up regretting when they look
back on their lives. However, just creating a bucket list will not
serve a purpose. You need to start somewhere. And here’s is the
first step, where we have curated a list to help you in getting a
Visit Taj Mahal, India

R iding a bike in Amsterdam

can be a nightmare if
you mess up with the rules,

T his will push you both mentally and physically, whereas

unpredictable weather and rugged terrains might also work
as a deterrent.
but once you grasp it, the
experience will be a blast.
Most of the bike rentals will
Yet, when you reach the destination, there is a peculiar sense also provide a helmet if you pay

T ill date, Taj Mahal remains an architectural marvel of the

modern world. Not only does it find a mention in stories
related to love, it is also a living testament to history, romance,
of accomplishment. As the saying goes, going on a bike trip to
Ladakh also means taking part in the Holy Grail of biker-trails
in the world.
them some extra cash.
Be safe, and enjoy this experience of
roaming around a city on a bike and moving
and magnificence. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the around freely, without having to be dependent on
See the Northern Lights public transport.
moment you lay your eyes on it, you are awestruck, and this
is the very moment that you realise, your travel memoir would Climb Eiffel Tower
have never been complete without a visit to Taj Mahal.
See a Broadway show, New York

T he ever-elusive Northern Lights of Iceland remain on top of

most tourists’ wishlist.
However, to see this, you have to take into account many

T outed to be the best in the world, this experience will have

you admiring Dubai from an impressive height.
things, such as the season and length of your stay, weather, time
of the year, and most importantly, your luck.
Your chances to view them will be high if you visit the spot
E iffel Tower has three floors; the first two floors, you can
take the stairs, whereas the top floor is only reachable by
elevator. If you’re not in haste, you can take your time while
The glorious around-the-year sunshine makes skydiving in during winters. going up the steps, and read the signs detailing the history of
Dubai an enjoyable sport, which will let you add another feather You need to see it to believe the magical influence when the Eiffel Tower along the way.
to your lifetime memories. sky is lit from within with different hues of purple, yellow, pink Depends on what option you pick, the moment you reach the
Also, the freefall from an impressive height through the skies and green. top, the experience and views are just breathtaking.
30 FEATURES Friday, March 06, 2020 The Indian Weekender


Cover your mouth and

nose with a tissue when
you cough or sneeze

Put your used tissue in the

rubbish bin or in a plastic bag

idea when out and about)
here are now three cases of COVID-19 now • Stay properly hydrated, get a good night’s sleep, good
Wash and dry your hands confirmed in NZ,  the chances of community nutrition and exercise.
often, especially after coughing outbreak remain low. • All are important to make sure your immune system
or sneezing – use soap Public health staff are working with border agencies to is at its best.
ensure any travellers arriving in New Zealand who have
been in China during the past 14 days are aware of the need Thinking of travelling overseas?
to self-isolate and know what that entails. Self-isolation For the latest advice, visit the  Ministry of Foreign
Stay away means avoiding situations where you could infect other affairs and Trade’s Safe travel website
from others people. Such travellers are also asked to register for health Returning to NZ from overseas?
if you’re sick checks through the designated new Healthline service. New Zealand citizens (including those from the
 Freephone: 0800 358 5453 (NZ only). Other general three Countries of the Realm: Tokelau, Niue and the
health.govt.nz/coronavirus health enquiries can dial the standard Healthline Cook Islands) permanent residents and their immediate
Protect your family/wha-nau from coronavirus number 0800 611 116. family or air crew who have been to or transited through
January 2020 | HP7328 Staff at airports and ports have been advised what to Mainland China in the past 14 days will need to self-
look out for and have information on hand for passengers isolate when they return home to New Zealand.
that advises them what to look out for and what to do if Self-isolation means avoiding situations where
they get symptoms. you could infect other people. Further information on
What precautions can I take? self-isolation is available on the Ministry of Health
With no known cure and vaccination still many website https://www.health.govt.nz/-ncov#travellers
months away we are reliant on our natural defences Other information for returning travellers is attached to
for COVID-19. The best way to avoid catching COVID-19  this email.
virus is following WHO (World Health Organisation) What are the signs & symptoms of  COVID-19?
recommendations. It appears that most cases have mild to moderate illness.
WHO advises people to follow the basic principles to In severe cases, the virus can cause pneumonia and severe
reduce the general risk of acute respiratory infections. acute respiratory infection.
These are: Symptoms of  COVID-19 are similar to a range of
• Avoid close contact with people suffering acute other illnesses such as influenza and do not necessarily
respiratory infections mean that you have COVID-19. Symptoms include fever,
• Wash your hands regularly, especially after contact coughing and difficulty breathing. Difficulty breathing
with ill people or their environment is a sign of possible pneumonia and requires immediate
• Try to avoid touching your eyes, ears or mouth (all medical attention.
entry points for the virus) New Zealand citizens (including those from the
• People with symptoms of acute respiratory infection three Countries of the Realm: Tokelau, Niue and the
should practice cough etiquette (maintain distance, Cook Islands) permanent residents and their immediate
cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or family or air crew who have been to or transited through
clothing, and wash hands). Mainland China in the past 14 days will need to self-
• Social interaction (hugs and handshakes not a good isolate when they return home to New Zealand.

India maximizing efforts to contain

the spread of novel coronavirus
s of 4 March, a total of 28 confirmed cases of the guidelines. States were also asked to identify possible
COVID-19 have been reported as following: in quarantine facilities, to augment isolation wards and
Jaipur 17 cases, Delhi one case, Agra 6 cases, for active engagement of district collectors in cluster
Telangana one case and Kerala 3 cases. In addition, management at district, block and village levels.
laboratory confirmation is pending for two cases in Passengers (foreign and Indian) arriving directly or
Telangana. Hospital isolation of the cases, tracing and indirectly from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Iran, Italy,
home quarantine of the contacts are ongoing in these Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea,
localities.The Prime Minister's Office, MoHFW and Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam are screened at point of
Cabinet Secretary are closely monitoring the situation of entry. Indian citizens are advised to refrain from travel
COVID-19. to China, Iran, Italy, Republic of Korea and advised to
Dr Harsh Vardhan chaired a high-level meeting on 4 avoid non-essential travel to other COVID-19 affected
March 2020 and urged the States/UTs to strengthen core countries.
capacities for disease preparedness and surveillance and “The Government of India has demonstrated strong
focus on cluster containment strategy to avoid widespread commitment for preparedness and response to COVID-19,
community transmission. which is being led by the Prime Minister’s office and
Cabinet Secretary chaired a review meeting through coordinated by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
video conference on 3 March 2020 wherein States were (MoHFW).
asked to monitor airport management in coordination There is focus on point of entry screening, testing,
with Airport Health Organizations (APHOs) and airport confirmation, isolation and management of cases.
managers. The central government is working closely with the
Cluster management guidelines were shared with states states on all aspects including contact tracing through the
and Chief Secretaries were requested to operationalize Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme.
Inviting nominations for
The guidelines, which need to be adhered to, for
nominations, are as follows:

The Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame 2020

1. The nominee needs to have an undisputable

2. Should be nominated by a person of repute. Further,

the nominee.
3. The nominator has to provide their full contact
details. No anonymous applications will
be accepted.
business, sports, art, culture, or any other

Indian origin, from any part of the world, who has

settled here in New Zealand. To be of Indian origin,
at least one of the parents of the nominee have to
be Indian, by blood, thereby making the nominee
of Indian lineage.
6. The nominee must have either a Permanent
‘The Indian Weekender Honours’ recognises individuals who have built a road to Residency (PR), or Citizenship of New Zealand to
be eligible for consideration.
glory for themselves and left a path for the coming generations to tread on; who
7. The nominee should have no prior convictions.
have touched the lives of thousands and enriched the society with their being; 8. For minors, under the age of 18, parental consent
who have brought fame and respect to New Zealand and the Kiwi-Indian community. will be required.
The Indian Weekender invites nominations for such personalities from the 9. The successful candidate will be required to attend
community for getting inducted into the Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame 2020. the ceremony in person. In case a person is not able
to attend, due to any unforeseen circumstances, the
We also invite nominations for Kiwi Indian Young Achiever of the Year jury will use its discretion.
and Kiwi Indian Community Service Exellence Award 2020. 10.
Nominate Online: visit www.halloffame.co.nz cannot be challenged.
Post your nominations: Fill this form and post it to the address given below.

ENTRY FORM: Nomination form for The Indian Weekender Honours 2020 | Please fill and post it to the address below

Nominator Details Nominee Details About the Nominee

Name of the nominator Name of the nominee

For how long have you known the nominee?

Please state your reasons for nominating the above person. You may mention the
achievements of the nominee in his/her profession.
Professional details of the nominator Age of nominee

Gender M F

Address & Contact number of nominator Address & Contact number of nominee

How according to you has the Nominee brought fame and respect to the Kiwi-Indian
Category Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame community? (Add extra sheets to this form, if required)
Kiwi Indian Young Achiever of the year (16 to 35 years only)

Kiwi Indian Community Service Excellence Award

Declaration by Nominator
Nominee has accepted to appear in person
for the ceremony, if he/she gets chosen
the nominee for this application. for the nominated category for Kiwi Indian
Honours 2020.
Yes No
Yes No

I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I also
allow The Indian Weekender and the Jury to use the information provided for background
checks and to contact either me or the nominee for the purpose of getting any
What to do next?
Please take a print out of this form, sign (Add extra pages to this form if required.)
more information.
and send / or email at: For details contact Indian Weekender on
Jury Panel, Kiwi Indian Honours 2019 09-217 3623 or go to:
Level1,133A Onehunga Mall, www.indianweekender.co.nz
Signed: Date: Auckland 1061 halloffame@indianweekender.co.nz

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