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Coca-Cola an American Multinational corporation, mainly working in manufacturing,

retailing and marketing of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. Company is
rooted in Atlanta and now its branches are spread around more than 130 countries across the
world. And offering around more than 200 types of beverage product for which, they have to
utilise many of the natural as well as non-renewable resources, so now comes the role of
sustainability to conserve these resources for our future generation as well as for the growth
of nation.
Coca-Cola is sustaining its resources by three mechanism so to minimise the exploitation of
the resources they are majorly working on are-
● Water Sustainability
● Energy Conservation
● Sustainable Packaging and Recycling Plastic

1- How Coca-Cola is working on water sustainability as well as other companies are

working on it?
● Coca Cola is recycling water upto the level which is suitable for aquatic life. The
water consumed by them is again discharged into rivers after recycling.
● Coca Cola has started to market its company by adding environmental slant to it. It
tries to inform its consumers about its partnership with WWF and its engagement with
other local projects. It is engaged in a project where it provides wells of fresh water in
parts of the Kenya
● Coca Cola uses 500 billion litres of water every year, in year 2006 it took an initiative
that every drop of water they use, they would give it back to the society and in the
year 2016, it announced that it has achieved this target
● Coca Cola says that if they achieve the target of using 1.2 litres of water for every
beverage they manufacture, they will be the most efficient company manufacturing
soft drinks. It will sign Courtald Commitment by 2025 proposed by BDSA

Water sustainibility by other firms

● Tata Steel uses 4R methodology for water management. 4R stands for reduce, reuse,
recycle and recharge. It will reduce the use of fresh water by conforming to a water
audit and have real time, online monitoring. It will reuse drain water for low-end
applications such as dust suppression, tyre washing, etc.It recycles water at Central
Effluent Treatment Plant and recharge water using aggressive rainwater harvesting
● P&G is running a Safe Drinking Water Program where it provides clean and safe
drinking water to children and families all round the world. Since 2004, it has
provided 15 billion litres of fresh water under this program. The program provides
water purification packet which can purify 10 litres of water in just 30 minutes.
● PepsiCo has teken an initiative to provide irrigation facilities under the Demonstration
Farm Program which includes 32 farms in the country.
● Water usage in the operations of HUL has been reduced by 55% when compared to
the 2008 baseline. Initiatives such as the reduction in frehwater abstraction, maximum
use of RO plants,etc has helped the company to reduce its water usage.

2-How Coca-Cola is working on Energy Conservation as well as other companies are

working on it?
● Coca cola is aimed to reduce energy consumption by 15 % by 2020 for this they are
using energy efficient lighting in their plant which give 50% more light and consume
50% less energy.
● Coca cola use energy management device in their vending machine which consume
energy as per the requirement of cooling.
● Coca cola which was the sponsor in 2010 Olympic game, installed 1400 eco friendly
cooler in the stadium which reduce carbon emission by 5600 metric tons i.e. equals to
1200 car emission in a year.
3-How Coca-Cola is working on Sustaining and recycling of plastic as well as other
companies are working on it?