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Seeking an opportunity for professional growth and increasing responsibility as software

Job Seek : In BPM-Pega
Preferred Location : Mumbai

Technical Skills
Tools : PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC) V5x,
Siebel 8.0, Actuate e-Reports
Operating Systems : Windows 98/2000/XP.
Programming Languages : Core Java, PL/SQL.
Databases : SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005.
Web Technology : HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript.

External Certifications : PRPC(Pega) Certified System Architect V5 with 80%
Internal Certifications : Cognizant Certified Professional in Life Sciences L0,
Cognizant Certified Professional in Banking and
Financial Services.
: SCJP ( Java) Certification appearing in December 2008

Employment History

Name of the Company Designation Technology From To Duration(Months)

Cognizant Technology Technical BPM-Pega November Till Date 11 months
Solutions Analyst 20, 2007
Cognizant Technology Technical Siebel CRM September November 3 months
Solutions Analyst 10, 2007 15, 2007

Experience at Cognizant Technology Solutions:

1. Cab Booking System (POC) and Project

This Project deals with the process of booking a cab, getting management approval,
then admin booking the cab for the associate and finally the bookings being reconciled by admin
(comparison between vendor information and associate information).This will help in
streamlining the process, making it more standardized and making reconciliation easier.

Client Cognizant
Project Title Cab Booking System
Duration 25-Mar-2008 till 20-Oct-2008 (POC and Project)
Technology PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC V 5.4 SP2) with
TomCat as Application Server and SQL Server 2005 as Database
Roles Developer and Tester
Responsibilities • Prepared the Design Document for the Manager Approval,
Manager Summary and Raise a Cab Request Use Cases
based on the BRD given by the BA
• Prepared the Unit Test Cases for the above mentioned Use
• Prepared a part of the Requirement Traceability Matrix for
the analysis of the requirement document, design document
and the Unit Test Cases.
• Pro-activeness and analytical skills enabled me to foresee
many additional functional requirements not mentioned in
the BRD given by the BA.
• Worked on SQL Sever 2000 and 2005 - Configuration of
the SQL Server
• Have carried out the installation of the Cab Booking
System Server (Tomcat) on the Server machine.
• Designed the Class Structure and complete Flow for the
Cab Booking System Application.
• Worked on SLA's and Auto Assignment of the Work item
from one level to the other.
• Gained good knowledge of Core Development in Pega and
Unit Testing.
• Developed various reports based on complex requirements.

2. Account Opening Project (POC)

This Project (POC) deals with the generic process to create a new account for a retail
customer in a bank. The account may be for any of the following banking services:

• Saving Bank Account

• Personal Loan
• Credit Card
The process starts with the request from a retail customer for any one of the above
mentioned services. This is followed by a defined information flow, which involves
information capture, validation, approval and fulfillment to enable a successful
completion of the business process.
Client Cognizant
Project (PoC) Title Account Opening
Duration 20-Dec-2007 till 10-Mar-2007
Technology PegaRULES Process Commander (PRPC V 5.4 SP2) with
TomCat as Application Server and SQL Server 2000 as Database
Roles Developer
Responsibilities • Requirements Gathering
• Design document preparation
• Core Development
• Prepared Unit Test Cases.
• Involved in Manual Testing.

3. Developed a tool for “Competency Management” in Siebel 7.7.

A tool that tracks the skills and competencies of associates and provides
supervisors and project leads with associate details for a given skill/competency,
their experience on the same and to generate reports using Actuate 7.

Client Cognizant
Project Title Competency Management Tool
Duration 1-Nov-2007 till 20-Nov-2007
Technology Siebel 7.7, Siebel ePharma, Actuate 7, Oracle 9i
Roles Developer
Responsibilities • Involved in analysis and requirement gathering phase.
• Involved in preparation of Design document.
• Involved in Server installation and administration, EIM
loading, Scripting for validation of various process.
• Responsible for creating user responsibilities and login
Id/Password thru SQL Server for various users.
• Worked extensively on Siebel Configuration. Involved
in making reports according to the requirements.
Personal Details
Date & Place of Birth : 31st July 1986, Mumbai.
Age : 22 years.
Sex : Female.

Educational Qualification :

Degree/Exam Institution Year Of Passing Percentage Class Name of the

B.E (EXTC) V.E.S.I.T May-2007 68.03% First Class Mumbai
H.S.C A.E.J.C Feb-2003 92.33% Distinction Maharashtra
S.S.C A.E.C.S Mar-2001 84.2% Distinction C.B.S.E

Notice Period : 1 Month (Negotiable)

Total I.T Experience : 1.2 Years
Current Employer : Cognizant Technology Solutions


I consider myself familiar with Analysis, Decision Making & Working Discipline Aspects. I am
also confident of my ability to work in a team.
I hereby declare that all the information provided is valid to the best of my knowledge.

Suneeta Vishwakarma.