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Sensory rain cloud: Children squeeze shaving cream Rock painting: children discover the insides of rocks and paint the rock surface
and use eye dropper to add water to the rain cloud
Pet rocks: Children make a pet rock and design a home for the rock including furniture and decorations
Ocean water play: Children have sensory water play
tray filled with different objects found in the sea to Shells at the light table: The light on the table helps highlight shells details, patterns, shadows and light
experiences the wonders of the ocean
Ocean Discovery bottle: Children fill and create their own ocean in a bottle choosing from a variety of different materials and
Sand Play dough: Children use rocks, shells and stones objects
to make indents in the play dough to create an ocean
landscape Nature mobile: Children design and create a nature mobile using string, sticks, air dry clay and natural treasure they have found
at home or in the playground
Kinetic sand: Children play with the tactile material of
kinetic sand and water using it to mould sandcastles
or add various summer related materials Concept: Earth and Space sciences PHYSICAL: Gross Motor
Term: 1 Weeks: 5 - 8
Rock collecting: Children run around the
garden and outdoor learning environment
COGNITIVE / LANGUAGE collecting rocks and placing them in an egg
Home corner dramatic play: Children dress up in carton
Water evaporation experiment: Children compare the evaporation of
weather appropriate clothes and forecast the
water in bottles placed in different environments
weather to each other using backgrounds of
different weathers Rain collection and measuring: Collecting water in a rain gauge and
measuring how much rain has fallen over a period of time
Salt dough Sea Stars: Children learn about
uniqueness in sea stars as well as themselves while Sorting and ordering rocks: Sort rocks into child created categories SPIRITUAL / MORAL
and order them from smallest to biggest
designing and creating a sea stars out of salt dough
and tools Sink and float test: Children predict, then test different objects in Listening post: Children listen to the
fresh and salt water to see if they float or sink sounds of different weather types and can
Autumn play dough: Go for a walk to notice
complete drawings that match the sound
autumn changes. Children use twigs, leaves, nuts Cloud investigation table: Children play with water puddles and
with autumn coloured and scented playdough to objects made out of various materials and see what absorbs water
develop emotional capabilities just like a cloud in the water cycle