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If I could fly, I feel, I would be the luckiest person on this Earth. I would be able to travel the world on
wings and explore the unknown. I could transport from one place to another free of cost and at my own
will. There would be no boundaries for me and I could hover anywhere I want. Ability to fly would enable
me to favour nature by not polluting it. I would glide above oceans and lakes and enjoy the panoramic
beauty of hills and mountains. Flying ability might enable me to help people in need or during any crisis
resulting from natural calamities. It would be fascinating to wave hands to a stunned pilot of a plane flying
near me. If I had wings to fly, I would love to do all the possible activities I had dreamt of in my
imagination. I would fly to the waterfalls and drink the pure water and probably would like to take rest in
nature’s lap. If I had the ability to fly I would never be late at school and stand behind my class in the
assembly. The best part about the ability to fly could always keep me stay on top of things. If I had the
wings, I would aim to reach for the sky and fly higher and higher. Overall the ability to fly would be a great
super power I would possess. I wish I could really fly to bring my imagination turn to real.