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Presented By:
Case Analysis on ‘Can a strong culture be too strong’

Presented By:
Aishwarya Solanki,

Section C

Letter of Transmittal

August 1, 2019 

Prof. Rihana Shaik

Visiting Faculty
IIM Rohtak
Dear Ma’am

Subject: Transferring of report for evaluation and assessment

As per the guidelines provided by you during the classroom discussion, we hereby submit a
report on the case titled Can a strong culture be too strong. This report has been prepared
after going through the entire case and carefully scrutinizing the facts and assumptions. The
report contains the relevant facts in the introduction, problem statement and list of possible
alternatives and best action plan to be implemented. 

Kindly evaluate the same and provide your valuable inputs.

Aishwarya Anand Solanki
Section ‘C’
Room no 001, Dorm 7
IIM Rohtak, Sunaria
Rohtak, Haryana-124010

Table of Contents

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1 Executive Summary 4

2 Situation Analysis 4

3 Problem Statement 5

4 Alternatives 5

5 Evaluation Criteria 5

6 Implementation Plan 6

Executive Summary:
Parivar, an IT company is facing an increasing employee turnover rate amongst its
employees. Indira Pandit, the Vice President of HR is worried about the situation, therefore,
she is planning to consider the idea of People Support which deals with the promotion of
work culture inside the office. Sudhir Gupta, the company’s CEO is impressed with the idea
and is ready to implement the idea at workplace as the idea encompasses the basic principles
of the company. Nisha, who joined recently gives a presentation backing the idea of People
Work culture as she believes that love and care can help people function better but some
employees like Amal think that monetary value can increase the retention capacity of the
employees at workplace. Furthermore, Kumar, the head of Operations feel that the idea may
increase the cost of the project. based on all these things, Indira is facing a dilemma whether
she should go with the implementation of plan or not. So she’s a bit sceptical whether People
Support implementation will result in improvement or not.

Situational analysis
Parivar, a mid-sized Chennai based IT services company, works on the ethos set by its CEO,
Sudhir Gupta. He is an extremely charismatic person who saved the company from
bankruptcy, tripled the company’s revenue and quintupled the company’s profit. He prefers
to be 100% committed to the culture of care and love. So, the ‘People Support’ idea came up
in the Future Vision exercise. It’s an exercise that encouraged juniors to join seniors in the
brainstorming and design sessions focussed on basically skills development and achieving of
organisation’s goals as a whole. But Kumar Chandra, the head of Operations found the idea
expensive. The idea was basically discussed in order to tackle the high employee turnover
and attrition rate of the company. The issue is addressed by Indira Pandit, the vice President
of HR. But this idea was supported by Vikram, the head of recruiting.
In a conversation with one of the employees of Parivar, who was going to leave the company
and join Infosys, complained that Parivar’s CEO only includes a certain number of people
from the top and there was only a little inclusion of other subordinate members. He said that
now the group of managers should stop acting like the big brothers and start working on
providing more money. This made Indira to contemplate over these things.
Furthermore, the meeting is held with Sudhir and other senior and some young members of
the office who were keen on implementing the idea of People Support- that had love culture
as its base. The idea was backed by Sudhir because he wanted to promote the young minds
with the new ideas. But Kumar started with firing questions at Nisha, who was giving the
presentation regarding the idea about the feasibility of this plan.
This made Indira to ponder upon the scope of the plan. In order to resolve the scepticism, she
went to her friend Amrita for advice.

Problem Statement 

Indira who was already sceptical about how the culture that was imbibed in Parivar which
emphasized on family cultures and values can be formalized into roles and processes.
Moreover, she was facing a dilemma whether she should support the People Support idea or
not and what to tell Sudhir in the forthcoming meet. Indira was also concerned with the large
attrition rate of the company. A large number of employees leaving the company made her
think whether the company’s family like environment draws talent in or whether it repels the
talent from the company since their turnover rate almost reached 35%.

So, she was basically left with two options

Indira should support People Support Function

Parivar’s inclusion principle supports entrepreneurial spirit and thrive collaboration
with others. The plan emphasises Sudhir’s philosophy of genuine concern for the
company’s people. This can be measured by the Retention Numbers. The lower the
turnover, the better the implementation and better the listeners are doing.
Indira should not support People Support Function:
Indira should not support People Support function as its learned to be expensive
which would increase the operation cost. Further, Indira contemplated that complexity
of evaluating anyone on the basis of turnover, given the volatility in the labour
market, she got an idea that the plan won’t work.
Increase in Incentives and Perks:
The employees lacked the motivation to work in the environment with such low
monetary benefits. So, this led to an increase in the attrition rate of the company. In
order to reduce the employee turnover, the company can come up with different perks
and incentives.

Evaluation Criteria
Functional Cost:
The Cost incurred in implementation of the model is an important factor in deciding
which of the alternatives should be selected.
Sudhir as CEO pf Parivar, has tripled the revenue and increased the revenue to a large
extent, therefore, the company is growing at a good pace. So, the ease with which the
plans can be implemented is also an important factor.
Employee Retention:

An increment in the incentives provided as well as the monetary perks may result in
decreasing the attrition rate of the company.
Employee Satisfaction
The employee satisfaction that will be experienced after the implementation of plan is
also an important factor in the decision making.

Implementation Plan
Indira should select the plan of implementing People Support System at workplace for the
fact that it is supporting the core values and principles upon which the company has been
running. It’s the same values that even the CEO of the company has been looking for and it
has created an environment which has booted the CEO to save its company from bankruptcy.
It has even subsequently, helped in increasing the revenue as well as profits manifold.
Furthermore, implementation of this plan will help in promoting a healthy junior- senior
relationship. The plan can be improvised by awarding employees with incentives and perks
on quarterly or half yearly basis. This will give an added advantage in overcoming the
problem of increasing employee turnover.