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Mamali, Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat

Physical Education II

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Q.1 What is the length and breadth of Q.11 The colour of the ball is:
volleyball court?
a) White b) Bluec) Multi-coloured d)
a) 18mx9m b) 20mx10mc) 18mx10m d) Black
Q.12 How many players are there in a
Q.2 The height of the antenna is? team?

a) 1.20m b) 1.90mc) 1.80m d) 1.60m a) 12 b) 14c) 11 d) 16

Q.3 The length and width of the net is? Q.13 How many time outs can be taken
in a set?
a) 9.50mx1m b) 10mx1.50mc) 9mx1m
d) 9mx1.5m a) 1 b) 2c) 3 d) 4

4 The standard height of net for women Q.14 Which word is not related to the
is? volleyball?

a) 2.24m b) 2.25mc) 2.26m d) 2.27m a) Antenna b) Netc) Rotation d) Goal

Q.5 The standard height of net for Q.15. This game was invented in:
women is:
a) U.S.A. b) Englandc) Germany d)
a) 2.44m b) 2.45mb) 2.46m d) 2.43m Australia

Q.6 The standard weight of the ball is: Q.16 One set is of :

a) 260-280gm b) 250-260gmc) 270- a) 25 pts b) 20 ptsc) 15 pts d) 22 pts

280gm d) 240-260 gm
Q.17 What is the duration of a time out
Q.7 The required circumference of the in a set?
ball is:
a) 15 sec b) 20secc) 25 sec d) 30 sec
a) 60-64cm b) 65-67cmc) 62-65cm d)
69-71cm Q.18 Which is the word related to the
Q.8 The height of the pole from the
ground is:-a) 2.66m b) 2.56mc) 2.55m d) a) Lay up b) Forehand strokec) Kick d)
2.58mQ.9 The distance between the Underhand Pass
pole and the side line is:-a) 50cm b)
60cmc) 55cm d) 40cm Q.19 Which one is the offensive
technique in volleyball?
Q.10 The game was originated in which
year: a) Overhead Pass b) Underhand Pass

a) 1857 b) 1860c) 1861 d) 1895 c) Roll d) Smashing

Q.20 No. of substitutes in volleyball is: Q.35 Can a time out be given at any
a) 6 b) 8c) 9 d) 4
Q.36 Name the basic skills used in
Q.21 The pressure in the volleyball is volleyball.
_____________ .
Q.37 Is it a foul to cross and touch the
Q.22 The rotation takes place centre line during the match?
Q.38 Can a back zone player participate
Q.23 There are ____ or ____ sets in a in blocking from the frontzone?
volleyball match.
Q.39 Can a service be performed
Q.24 Double touch is a __________ in without tossing of ball?
Q.40 What are the types of Passing?
Q.25 _____________ is called a
specialized defensive player in the
game of volleyball. Q.41 Can any player of the team come
forward for blocking?
Q.26 Let service is _____________.
Q.42 Who is called a ‘Libero’ in a team?
Q.27 The first service can be received
by any ___________________. Q.43 Name one cup related to
Q.28 The size of the net ma sh is
_________. Q.44 Is a colored ball permitted in a
Q.29 The rotation in volleyball is
________________. Q.45 Has every service a point?

Q.30 The player standing in Q.46 Is let service allowed?

_____________ does the service
involleyball. Q.47 Name one trophy.

Q.31 Describe the officials of volleyball Q.48 Name two Arjuna Awardees of
match. volleyball.

Q.32 What are the types of services in Q.49 Name the Dronacharya Awardee
volleyball? of volleyball.

Q.33 What are the various types of Q.50 Name one open tournament of
blocking in volleyball? volleyball?

Q.34 Will it be a foul, if the ball touches

the net slightly in case ofservice?
Answer key 20. a 35. No, time out can
only be given when the
1. a 21. 0.40 to 0.45 kg/cm ball is dead.

2. c 22. After the change of 36. Passing, Smashing,

service. Service, Blocking,
3. a Rolling and Diving.
23. 3 or 5
4. a 37. Yes.
24. Foul.
5. d 38. No
25. Libero
6. a 39. No
26. Allowed.
7. b 40. Two types-
27. Any part of the body. underhand Pass and
8. c Overhead Pass.
28. 10x10cm
9. a 41. No, on1y the players
29. Clockwise. of the front zone can
10. d come forward for
30. Zone no.1 blocking.
11. c
31. Two refree, scorer, 42. Libero can be called
12. a linesman 2 or 4 a specialized defensive
player in back zone. He
13. b 32. Underarm, is not allowed to serve,
Roundarm, Floating block and any attempt to
14. d service, Tennis service, smash.
Sidearm and jump & 43. World cup,
15. a serve. federation cup.
44. Yes.
16. a 33. There are three 45. Yes.
types of blocking- one 46. Yes.
17. d man, two men and three 47. Poornima trophy.
men blocking. 48. Amir Singh, Ravi
18. d kant Reddy.
34. No 49. Ramana Rao.
19. d 50. Canada Open