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1. This test booklet contains 150 test questions. Examinees shall manage to use three
and one-half hour (3 ½).
2. Read INSTRUCTIONS TO EXAMINEES printed on your answer sheets.
3. Shade only one (1) box for each question on your answer sheets. Two or more boxes
shaded will invalidate your answer.


1. Detach one (1) answer sheet from the bottom of your Examinee ID/Answer Sheet
2. Write the subject title “ENGLISH” on the box provided.
3. Shade Set Box “A” on your answer sheet if your test booklet is Set A; Set Box “B” if
your test booklet is Set B.


1. The teacher’s aim is to let the students recognize sounds with high precision and
produce these sounds correctly and automatically. In a pronunciation drill, which is the

correct order of activities?

I. Ask the students to produce the sound of sounds and words in phrases and
II. Let the students listen to the teacher or the recording for the individual sound
of sounds, and sound of the words in phrases and sentences.
III. Let the students produce the sound contrasts in words, phrases, and sentences.
III. Ask the students to listen to the sound of a word in contrast with another
sound/s in words, phrases, and sentences.

2. Audio-Lingual method is made to directly correct mistakes in pronunciation in order

A. develop fluidity and precision in language use.
B. let the student practice even better.
C. let the students be conscious and be aware of their own mistakes.
D. avoid behavior becoming habits.
3. The jury ___ united once again in supporting the claim.

A. were B. was C. is D. will

4. What is the gist of the stanza below?

But a bird that stalks

down his narrow cage
can seldom see through
his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.
A. Song of freedom
B. Animal preservation
C. Bird extinction
D. freedom from oppression
5. Which of the following supports this statement: “Envy is ignorance, while imitation is
suicide.” (Ralph Walso Emerson)

A. Only those who are idiots are envious and the ones who imitate will perish.

B. Being envious means becoming unaware of things which truly matter while those who
imitate won’t grow as people and will forever be stuck.

C. Being ignorant will just let you look for what’s lacking while imitation kills.

D. Ignorance draws you towards being envious while imitation is like suicide of one’s

6. What is the tone of the following lines from the poem “Africa” by David Deop?

Africa, my Africa
Africa of proud warriors
In ancestral savanna
Africa of whom my grandmother
On the bank of the distant river

A. Pride B. Patriotism C. Veneration D. Proclamation

7. Robert Burn is a romantic poet together with the following EXCEPT one_______.

A. Robert Browning B. John Milton C. William Wordsworth D. John Keats

8. It was decided during the meeting that the pool of town councilors _____________
announced by tomorrow.

A. shall have B. may have C. have been D. will have been

9. An ample amount of water _________ necessary to irrigate the land.

A. is B. am C. are D. were
10. _____________ is an American writer of the naturalistic novel “Red Badge of

A. Samuel Clemens B. Stephen Crane C. Dr. Seuss D. George Eliot

11. The damsel cooked chicken curry in a hurry. Thus, she made sure to be cautious and
careful in order not to disappoint __________.

A. herself B. himself C. themselves D. her

12. The poem “The Spouse” by Luis Dato provides a certain description of the wife. Read
the lines and decides which best describes the role of the wife.

He holds no joy beyond the days tomorrow

She fined no world beyond his arms embrace
She looks upon the man beyond the furrow
Who is her motion, time and space?
A. nanny b. Artist C. working wife D. businesswoman
13. It is a Japanese poem with three lines and 17 syllables?

A. Taiga B. Sonnet C. Haiku D. Tanaka

14. Pilleceta _________ finished making the task by the time her teacher arrives.

A. have been B. has C. will have D. shall

15. If I _______ you, I will accept his proposal.

A. had B. am C. was D. were

16. It is a speech process which deals with the amplification and enrichment of the voice
through the use of amplifiers like the chest, wind pipe, and the nose?

A. amplification B. resonation C. phonation D. inflection

17. This kind of verb does not need any direct object in order to complete a sentence.

A. irregular B. Intransitive C. transitive D. regular

18. The cities stated below were centers of religion, government, and culture during the
Third Millennium B.C. EXCEPT_______.
A. Thebes B. Nineveh C Babylon D. Burma
19. “Alienation Effect” is utilized by the playwright, ___________?
A. August Strendberg B. Henrick Ibsen C. Bertolt Brecht D. Shakespeare
20. Listed below are works of Sophocles EXCEPT ______.
A. Ajax B. Agamemnon C. Oedipus at Colonus D. Antigone
21. Have you visited my_______.
A. mother-in-laws computer shop, Liz’s Cafe
B. mother’s-in-law computer shop, Liz’ Café
C. mother-in-laws computer shop, Liz’ Café
D. mother-in-law’s computer shop, Liz’ Café
22. Which of the following will aid the students, in listening to a set of instructions, process
the message?
A. repeating the sentences four times
B. determining and highlighting the keywords
C. paying attention to each word of the sentence
D. identifying the topic sentence
23. It is the most appropriate strategy to retain the essential points while still “listening”
to a text about a family tree with three or more generations.
A. Writing the history
B. Listing of names and Degree of relationship
C. Writing the ancestral history
D. Completing a Family Tree
24. Language is a system of structure of structure composed of sounds, words, and
sentences. If this notion is followed by the teacher, in what aspect of language do you
think will his/her syllabus focus on?
A. Form and Function of Language
B. Communication Activities
C. Building Blocks of Language
D. Language Functions
25. This is characterized by repetitive practices of sentence patterns until they become
spontaneous and automatic.
A. Hypothesis Testing B. Language Performance C. Habit Formation D. Langue Parole
26. Communicative Approach follows which practices inside the classroom?
A. Target listeners’ Assessment of Needs
B. Emphasis on Oral Proficiency
C. Teaching Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing respectively
D. Emphasis on Grammar Rules
27. What approach can be utilized in order to emphasize the learners’ needs on why or
for whom he/she is writing?
A. Communicative Writing Approach
B. Controlled Writing Approach
C. Process Approach
D. Free Writing Approach
28. Knowledge of grammatical rules in language performance functions as______
A. Input B. Output C. Monitor D. Affect
29. If the teacher wants to do an extensive drill on the basic sentence patterns, he/she
should _____.
A. explain and elaborate Grammar Rules
B. do pattern practice
C. prepare related games
D. assign a group work
30. __________will encourage a learner to effectively learn a language.
A. Word Plays B. Rules and its Relevance C. Learning Activity D. Self-Satisfaction
31. A language learner conducts trial and error on the rules of language with a competent
Second Language Speaker. He/She is_____.
A. practicing B. reviewing C. applying D. testing a hypothesis
32. The teaching of the range of meaning between opposite words is attainable through
the use of ______.
A. moving pictures B. context clues C. word cline D. matching words
33. It is an example of information transfer.
A. Simulation
B. Engaging in small group
C. Listening and retelling it to somebody
D. Dictation
34. A behavior should be _______ in order for it to become spontaneous and for it to
become a habit.
A. learned B. reinforced C. copied D. modeled
35. Communicative Approach utilizes authentic materials because_____.
A. learners are already acquainted with them
B. they are cheap and economic
C. they are accessible
D. communicative tasks in real life can be built around and through them
36. In the Philippines, English Language Teaching aims to____.
A. produce learners who communicate with accuracy, fluency, and appropriacy
B. produce learners who are masters of English Pronunciation and Grammar
C. produce learners who can utilize English in proper context
D. produce learners who speak confidently in English
37. Our primary consideration of instructional materials’ use is to interconnect the
materials to_____.

A. Textbook standards B. Policies C. Curriculum D. Current Issues

38. In K to 12 Curriculum, these two types of texts are suggested to aid and nurture

I. Informative text as primary source

II. Informative text as parallel source
III. Literary text as primary source
IV. Literary text as parallel source
A. III and I B. III and IV C. I and IV D. II and IV
39. The teacher may utilize the following in order to portray the use of comprehensible
input in language teaching to grade 4 pupils EXCEPT_______.
A. a jingle B. recorded song C. video clip D. a journal article
40. These materials are utilized in order to activate the students’ schema or prior
knowledge EXCEPT ______.
A. KWL Chart B. story impression C. opinionnaire D. story star
41. Which teaching strategies in K to 12 Curriculum relates to proper ways of utilizing and
producing instructional materials?
I. Contextualization
II. Localization
III. Transition
IV. Authentication
A. I only B. I, II, and IV C. I, II, and III D. I and IV
42. These materials are utilized to aid the students in organizing information through the
combination of lines, shapes, and figures.
A. Graphic Organizers B. Textbooks C. Models D. Exhibits
43. We can acquire this benefit from literature as we involve ourselves with the continuous
process of refining our abilities and talents in the use of language and our sensibilities to
good language use.
A. Love of literature
B. Exploration of the world as it transcends from reality
C. Language Enhancement
D. Literature appreciation
44. The teaching of literature is not only for providing the students with substantial
information. Thus, he/she should NOT do the following EXCEPT______.
A. Allow the students to venture in their own worlds of interpretation in order to deeply
appreciate literary texts.
B. Provide the students the keynotes in learning a literary text.
C. Create a synopsis in order for the students to be acquainted with the literary texts.
D. Distribute copies of annotations for a particular literary piece.
45. It is an effective task of recording experiences, notions, insights, inputs, and
reflections on a regular basis which reinforces articulative mind in order to avoid students
merely copying information about a text.
A. Journal Writing B. Mime C. Playbill D. Game
46. It is a strategy in reading literature in which the reader responds to its form and
content by identifying images and themes through writing marginal notes about them.
A. Scheming B. Previewing C. Annotating D. Scanning
47. Parents agree that texting has a huge effect on children. They are worried about its
effect on_____.

A. the ability of the child to recognize proper spelling.

B. the shortcuts which the children do with sentences.
C. the words which are recognized through guessing.
D. editing grammar and content in a text.

48. This type of assessment task in speaking requires “parroting” back words, phrases,
and sentences which students hear.
A. Responsive B. Intensive C. Extensive D. Imitative
49. Mr. Bellarin divided the class in groups and gave a problem-solving activity entitled,
“Lost in an Island”. He wanted the students to experience a task which would allow them
to signal that one wanted to speak. What particular speech routine used in the situation
did Mr. Bellarin follow?
A. Message Outflow B. Decoding C. Initiating the task D. Encoding
50. Mrs. Pinpin assigned her class to come up with possible solutions to growing number
of catcalling victims in their neighborhood. This will be done through a class proposal.
What kind of assessment task in speaking was utilized?
A. Interactive B. Extensive C. Responsive D. Preventive
51. These sounds are formed and produced by bringing the articulators near each other
such that the flow of air is impeded but not completely blocked. Friction is produced by
the air flow through the narrow opening.
A. f,v,Ɵ,ð,s,z,š,ẑ,h B. p,b,t,d,k,g C. l,r D. m,n,ŋ

52.The category of illocutionary act which is demonstrated in the following example is?
Inflation will worsen in the Philippines in the next eight years.
A. commissive B. expressive C. representative D. directive
53. The area which causes the most number of breakdowns in the communication process
A. the message B. the environment C. feedback D. interference

54. Schema activation is essential in order to check what’s in need of reinforcement with
regards to what the students already know (prior knowledge) and to make the necessary
connections between the old and the new information. These are good activities for
schema activation EXCEPT _____.
A. K-W-L Chart
B. constructing graphic organizer
C. evaluating or assessing ideas
D. Inquiry-based task
55. These are in relation to teaching reading EXCEPT _____.
A. comprehension development
B. vocabulary development
C. output production
D. application
56. These are principles for designing engaging and effective reading lessons EXCEPT
A. Instructional activities centers on teaching instead on testing.
B. In order for a reading lesson to be engaging and effective, the themes and plots
must be simple and easy.
C. Students reading the texts must be the largest part of the activity.
D. Pre-reading, During reading, and Post-reading must be highlighted.
57. Students presented with target language material in a meaningful, contextualized form
is the focus of Content-Based Instruction (CBI). Therefore, CBI is effective for____.
A. applying what the students learn
B. acquiring information and knowledge
C. interconnecting what is learned inside the school to what is learned outside
D. appreciating the lessons
58. Mr. Banaag wants to know if his students had a schema or a prior knowledge on the
concept of “Climate Change” and so he wrote the topic on the board and drew a circle
around it. He, then, enquired what they knew about climate change, and guided them in
clustering the information. What technique did he utilize?
A. elaboration
B. inductive reasoning
C. discussion
D. semantic mapping
59. Each of our vocabulary is a continuum. On one end of the continuum are words the
person knows very well and for which he/she has a full understanding of their various
meanings. On the other end of the continuum are _____.
A. words which he/she can interpret in various ways
B. his/her favorite words to use
C. words he can recognize and contextualize
D. words he/she doesn’t know or recognize
60. As a teacher initiates her new lesson on a writing unit, she prepares short stories and
works with them to determine the different characteristics of genre. What instructional
strategy is utilized?
A. self-regulated learning strategy
D. introduction-body-conclusion strategy
C. inductive approach
D. discipline-based inquiry
61. Spot the correct word to complete the analogy.
Tiger & Lion: Cat:: Turkey & Duck:_______
A. Beak B. Feathers C. Bird D. Chicken
62. The classrooms must be _________ by tomorrow morning.
A. Vacated B. Abandoned C. Evacuated D. Left
63. When a writer describes himself/herself as “horribly fine”. What does he/she utilize as
a figure of speech?
A. Irony B. Sarcasm C. Oxymoron D. Portmanteau
64. The witnesses corroborate the victim’s testimony against the assailant. Now, he is
guilty of the crime. CORROBORATE means:
A. Disagree B. Support C. Address D. Collaborate
65. Choose the sentence with the most proper order of adverbs and adverbial phrases.
A. Hyu prays fervently at the church for her aunt’s health.
B. Hyu prays at the church fervently for her aunt’s health.
C. Hyu prays fervently for her aunt’s health at the church.
D. A and B

66. Researchers suggest that there are creatures that do not know what light means at
the bottom of the sea. They don’t have either eyes or ears; they can only feel. There is
no day or night for them. There are no winters, no summers, no sun, no moon, and no
stars. It is as if a child spent its life in darkness in bed, with nothing to see or hear. How
different our own life is! Sight shows us the ground beneath our feet and the heavens
above us – the sun, the moon, and stars, shooting stars, lightning, and the sunset. It
shows us day and night. We are able to hear voices, the sound of the sea, and music. We
feel, we taste, we smell. How fortunate we are!

Judging from this passage, we can state

that the gist the story circles around ______________________.
A. how changes in the weather are observed by the deep-sea creatures
B. the superiority and advancement of human beings over some creatures in terms of
C. life situation of sea creatures at the bottom of the sea
D. the differences among people and those living under the sea
67. (Refer to no. 66) We discover that the sea creatures in the story _______________.
A. live in total darkness because light does not reach the bottom
B. are disadvantaged under the ocean
C. do not live anymore under the sea
D. have no sense of hearing and sight
68. (Refer to no. 66) In the passage, a child in the womb is likened to _______________.
A. a child with disability
B. a sea creature with no sense of sight and hearing
C. an impoverished child
D. a hopeless life
69. Any criminal justice system is an apparatus that society uses to enforce the standards
of conduct necessary to protect individuals and the community. It operates by
apprehending, prosecuting, convicting, sentencing these members of the community who
violate the basic rules of group existence. The action taken against law breakers is
designed to serve three purposes beyond the immediately punitive one. It removes
dangerous people from the community; it deters others from criminal behavior and it gives
society an opportunity to attempt and to transform lawbreakers into law-abiding citizens.
We perceive from the passage that the aim of criminal justice is to___________________.
A. educate us
B. to redefine socially accepted behavior
C. to imitate the effective justice system from abroad
D. protect the society and the individual living in it
70. (Refer to no. 69) Based on the passage, prosecution is ________________.
A. the separation of lawbreakers from the good citizens
B. not considered the basic part of the criminal justice system
C. one of the focuses in governing criminal justice
D. considered as the criminal justice itself
71. (Refer to no. 69) It is stressed out in the passage that one of the roles of the criminal
justice system is to _________________.
A. examine and investigate the causes behind criminal behavior
B. take direct action against the people
C. prevent the enforcement of death punishment
D. give a smooth flow of group existence

72. The poetic expressiveness and creativity of Japanese women poets of the Manyoshu
era is generally regarded as a manifestation of the freedom and relatively high political
and economic status of women of that era. During the Heian Period (A.D. 794 – 1185)
which followed, Japanese women became increasingly relegated to domestic roles under
the influence of Buddhism and Confucianism which excluded women from the political and
economic arenas. Yet, since poetry of the period came to be defined solely as short lyrical
poetry, known as “waka”, and became the prevailing means of expressing love, women
continued to excel and play a central role in the development of classical Japanese poetry.
Moreover, while official Japanese documents were written in Chinese, the phonetic
alphabet “kana” was used for poetry. Also referred to as “onna moji” (women’s letter),
“kana” was not deemed sufficiently sophisticated for use by Japanese men, who continued
to write Chinese poetry, increasingly for expressing religious ideas and as an intellectual
pastime. Chinese poetry ultimately yielded, then, to “waka” as the mainstream of
Japanese poetry.
According to the passage, it can be best described that the mainstream Japanese poetry
of the Heian period was___________________.
A. the poetry of the Manyoshu era
B. sentimental in nature and lyrical in style
C. intended primarily for a female audience
D. an influence of Buddhism and Confucianism

73. (Refer to no. 72) Which of the following statements about “kana” is true?
A. It was used in Japan before 793 B.C.
B. It was considered a counterpart of “waka”.
C. It was never used by Japanese men.
D. It was utilized for Japanese poetry.
74. (Refer to no. 72) The primary purpose of the author in writing the passage is to
A. emphasize the influence of religion on the development of Japanese poetry
B. highlight the role of women in the development of Japanese poetry
C. provide an explanation through history for the role of women in the development of
Japanese poetry
D. identify the reasons for the popularity of poetry in Japan
75. It is a reading model which emphasizes on what the reader brings to the text?
A. bottom-up B. top-down C. interactive D. heads up
76. It is a reading model which recognizes the interaction of bottom-up and top-down
processes simultaneously throughout the reading process.
A. heads up B. interactive C. top-bottom D. up-down
77. Arrange the stages of reading development accordingly:
1. Decoding
2. Emergent Literacy
3. Learning the New
4. Fluency
A. 1-3-4-2 B. 3-1-2-4 C. 2-1-4-3 D. 1-2-3-4
78. This is one of the Four Reading Development Stages in which the child is ready to
learn how to read and to be transformed from being a non-reader to a reader.
A. Wide Reading
B. Beginning Reading
C. Reading for enjoyment
D. Reading Readiness
79. Another one of the Four Reading Development Stages is “Wide Reading”. What does
the child develop in this stage?
A. The child is exposed to more words and increases word recognition and reading fluency.
B. The child reflects a positive attitude towards reading.
C. In this stage, the child becomes versatile, quick at reading, more confident in their
D. The child is starting to read and is ready to accumulate spoken information.
80. SQ3R in reading stands for _______.
A. Search, Question, Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle
B. Stand, Query, Research, Repeat, and Review
C. Survey, Question, Read, Recall, and Review
D. Syllabicate, Question, Rest, Reread, React
81. It is a style in reading which is utilized when you are looking for a specific information.
A. Scanning B. Skimming C. Detailed Reading D. Underlining & Highlighting
82. Another style of reading in which the reader looks for the gist of the text or any reading
A. Scanning B. Skimming C. Detailed Reading D. Underlining & Highlighting
83. One of the Four Levels of Comprehension in which the understanding is based solely
on the information given by the text.
A. Literal B. Inferential C. Critical D. Applicative
84. Another one of the Four Levels of Comprehension in which the information is evaluated
on its merits and demerits.
A. Literal B. Inferential C. Critical D. Applicative
85. One of the skills of an emergent reader is Visual Discrimination. Which statement
accurately defines the skill?
A. Reading starts from the left of the page going to the right.
B. It is the ability to distinguish the differences in the animal sounds, sounds of the
different musical instruments and other sounds.
C. It is an ability to distinguish the differences in sizes, shapes, color, etc.
D. Reading starts through line and point recognition.
86. The period during which the child learns a new set of signals --- the visual symbols
which stands for auditory symbols (Theories of Reading Readiness by Charles Fries).
A. The Transfer Stage
B. The Vivid Imaginative Realization of Vicarious Experience (VIRVE)
C. The Productive Stage
D. The Transition Stage
87. It is in this stage from the Theories of Reading Readiness that the child’s reading
becomes fluent and automatic.
A. The Transfer Stage
B. The Vivid Imaginative Realization of Vicarious Experience (VIRVE)
C. The Productive Stage
D. The Transition Stage
88. This is the stage by Fries in which the reading is now utilized for different purposes
and as a tool for learning a broad range of information.
A. The Transfer Stage
B. The Vivid Imaginative Realization of Vicarious Experience (VIRVE)
C. The Productive Stage
D. The Transition Stage
89. Norwegian, Philippine, and Thai are example of ______.
A. Nouns B. Verbs C. Adjectives D. Gerunds
90. Statistics _____ one of those courses in college which require advance Mathematics
A. is B. are C. will be D. was
91. “After years and years of waiting, the lovers have finally met. Mixed emotions were to
be anticipated. What will they do first? Will they kiss for the very first time? Will they look
at each other’s differences? These questions will have answers now.”
This paragraph is best fit for what part of a short story?
A. Denouement B. Exposition C. Climax D. Rising Action
92. Sancho Panza is to Don Quixote dela Mancha, as Robin is to _______.
A. Beowulf B. Batman C. Harry Potter D. Isagani
93. What do Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, and Dante Alighieri have in
A. They were outstanding poets.
B. They were just few of the successful tragedians.
C. They were self-proclaimed satirists.
D. They were Fathers of their nation’s respective literary endeavor.
94. In what level does Cark’s reading ability belong if he committed a word error range
from 3 to 5 word calling errors per 100 words of text (90-95 % accuracy or better), with
at least 80 percent comprehension on easy recall questions about the story?
A. Frustration Reading Level
B. Independent Reading Level
C. Instructional Reading Level
D. Successful Reading Level
95. Which one below clearly describes a “strategic reader”.
A. The reader previews a text and tries out some challenging selections.
B. The reader prefers to read a simple text for fast and easy reading.
C. He/She takes notes while reading difficult passages to memorize the plot.
D. He/She refers to a dictionary whenever faced with even a simple term.
96. Lark, a Grade 3 pupil, has a difficulty finishing a homework, writing, producing letters,
and may not understand the relationship between sounds, letters, and words. Additionally,
his fine motor skills are challenged. What learning difficulty does he suffer from?
A. Dyslexia B. Dysgraphia C. Digraph D. Dyscalculia
97. Mrs. Ofania learned that language learning could also be interconnected to and could
be the result of cognitive processes. Which of these is a result of this principle?
A. Suggestopedia
B. Peripheral Learning
C. Content-Based Instruction
D. Total Physical Response
98. In which class below is codeswitching possible?
A. Content-Based Instruction
B. Audio-Lingual Class
C. Communicative Classroom
D. Any Class Type
99.In Language Learning, what is a sign of hypothesis testing?
A. Input B. Output C. Interference D. Error
100.Which of these encompass covert grammar teaching?
A. Task-based Language Teaching
B. Audio Lingual Method
C. Group Tasking
D. Communicative Language Teaching
101. A sonnet dedicated to her husband was written by the famous Elizabeth Barrett-
Browning and it begins with the lines:
“How do I love thee
Let me count the ways
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach
When feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace”
Which word is suited for the persona’s emotion in the poem?
A. devoted B. homesick C. blinded by love D. desperate

102. Below are some lines from the poem by Maya Angelou entitled, “Caged Bird”.
The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.
What is the mood of the poem?
A. The caged bird refers to the victims of oppression and how they sang their voices in
order to be heard.
B. The story of oppression which the poem tells is inspiring yet saddening.
C. The persona of the poem speaks of her own experiences from the oppressors.
D. The poem tells a story of a bird which is extinct as of the moment of speaking.
103. Complete the statement with the correct coordinating conjunction.
“Fardo finished his homework early _____he thinks it’d help in improving his
A. so B. yet C. but D. for
104. The English language has various punctuation marks. Which of the following below
can replace the coordinating conjunction like “and”, “but”, “so”, etc?
A. colon [:] B. hyphen [-] C. semicolon [;] D. long dash [---]

105. This graphic organizer is best suited for showing how one budgets one’s money for
a week. Which one is it?
A. line graph B. pictograph C. pie graph D. bar graph
106. He is the author of Les Misérables.
A. Pearl S. Buck B. John Steinbeck C. Jack London D. Victor Hugo
107. One of the quantifiers below modify plural nouns. Which one is it?
A. many B. many a C. each d. every
108. The following are language development milestones during the pre-linguistic stages
EXCEPT one. Which one is it?
A. echolalia B. babbling C. crying D. cooing
109. All of these are regarded in the category of determiners EXCEPT _____.
A. demonstratives B. prepositions C. adverb D. articles
110. Which of these statements is an example of a fragment?
A. She cries. B. Win it! C. The mommy’s girl. D. I’m done.
111. Which sentences below is considered grammatical?
A. Dash has sent the letter to me yesterday.
B. I’m believing her.
C. It’d happened to me, too.
D. She had stayed with her boyfriend for about a year now.
112. These are basic patterns in a sentence EXCEPT one. Which one is it?
A. Subject + Verb +Object
B. Subject +Object
C. Subject + Verb +Indirect Object +Direct Object
D. Subject + Verb
113. What techniques are utilized in the following lines?
Shhhhshhhh, I believe in Eve.
Hisssss, I believe in my color trick.
Roaaar, it’s a miracle to tear.
Blessed is He who rears,
A. Personification and Consonance C. Assonance and Metaphor
B. Hyperbole and Imagery D. Onomatopoeia and Rhyme
114. Which statement is an example of “allusion”?
A. Be like Noah who gathered all organisms in order to be saved from the phenomenon.
B. Shakespeare is a great poet.
C. Oh! Captain! My captain!
D. Row, row, row your boat!
115. What do you call the choice of words in paragraph-making which is essential in
order for it to be successfully delivered to an audience?
A. decorum B. diction C. thesaurus D. vocabulary
116. Hermeneutics is_______.
A. a spiral progression of thoughts.
B. a clinical approach on language disability prevention.
C. the science of interpretation.
D. an approach towards studying old literature and its history.
117. It is a representation of the various social overtones, cultural interpretation, and
emotional implications associated with a sign.
A. Denotation B. Annotation C. Pidginization D. Connotation
118. It is a direct address to someone/something which is long dead or absent.
A. Allusion B. Apostrophe C. Synecdoche D. Illusion
119. First-person accounts of personal experiences or historically recorded events are
A. Autobiographies B. Diaries C. Biographies D. Anecdotes
120. A narrative sequence of events which are structured accordingly to form a story is
A. Synopsis B. Recipe C. Outline D. Plot
121. Who wrote the famous “Aeneid”, an epic poem in twelve books about the story of
A. Homer B. Virgil C. Aristophanes D. Euripides
122. This literary genre is known for expressing social protest and was used during the
American regime.
A. Duplo B. Cenaculo C. Zarzuela D. B & C
123. Who kept Odysseus on her island for seven years in the epic entitled, “The
A. Penelope B. Calypso C. Athena D. Helen
124. The person responsible for the murder is now being _______.
A. invested B. investigates C. investigating D. investigated
125. This is a short narrative poem which is intended to be sung.
A. epic B. romance C. lyric D. ballad
126. Technology has advantages and disadvantages. However, its primary purpose is to
aid people for a progressive work.
What is the function of the underlined word?
A. to show cause
B. to introduce a noun phrase
C. to show possession
D. a contraction of “it” and “is”
127. If a rebellious child is not carefully taken cared of, the child _________ indifferent
to his/her own family.
A. will become B. will C. becomes D. is
128. The ___________ of all the school papers around the country are being called for a
general assembly for the upcoming Press Conference.
A. editor-in-chiefs B. editors-in-chief C. editor-in-chieves D. editors-in-chieves
129. The country’s largest drug store originated from the Roman Gods’________.
A. keepers B. servers C. worshippers D. messenger
130. Various movies and series around the world are patronized by people from different
family backgrounds, races, and beliefs. To cite one, the Disney movie “Frozen” taught
siblings how to treat each other despite the differences and adversities.
What literary standard is presented here?
A. universality B. emotional value C. permanence D. consistency
131. The Philippine economy __________ apparently in the few years.
A. had improved b. has improved C. have improved D. did improve
132. “Location plays a very vital role to the success of a commercial complex. Ideally, it
should have more than one line of access and there should be good visibility from the
main line of travel. The location must be arrived at only after an analysis of the market
and its accessibility.” (Lynch,1973)
The following are mentioned in the passage EXCEPT ______.
A. commercial complex
B. Means of Transportation
C. Market Location
D. Transportation
133. Due to ______ joints, the building started to move.
A. lose B. loose C. lost D. louse
134. “Thespian” was taken from a poet during the 6th B.C. known as Thespis who was
said to be the founder of Greek drama. Thespian means_____.
A. orator B. politician C. actor poet
135. We see the “story” through the eyes of the ______.
A. reader B. author C. actor D. narrator
136. A gargantuan task is given to the most talkative pupil. What does “gargantuan”
mean in the statement?
A. a big task
B. a task on the characteristics of spiders
C. the counterpart of a task
D. any school-related task
137. What genre of literature below may be considered as the oldest literary form?
A. Prose B. Poetry C. Novel D. Pickup Line
138. A stanza with six lines is called ____.
A. couplet B. seslet C. sestet D. octave
139. Which term tells about the gap of knowledge about a topic in a language research?
A. Blind Spot B. Loophole C. Black hole D. Blank Spot
140. Which of the following words is an example of a slang?
A. Ammo B. Spyware C. Goalie D. Hardware
141. Which word is a jargon of academe?
A. Check and Balance B. Athletics C. Pedagogy D. Leverage
142. What is the primary aim of audio lingual method in language teaching?
A. reading proficiency B. writing aptitude C. aural aptitude D. oral proficiency
143. Who developed the consonantal writing from which the Greek alphabet originated?
A. Hittites B. Phoenicians C. Babylonians D. Babaylans
144. A poem is _____ if it has two syllables and an unaccented syllable followed by an
accented one. What unit of rhythm is it?
A. iambic B. trochaic C. dactylic D. anapestic
145. It is an interdisciplinary field of linguistics which focuses on how a particular
language is used.
A. Applied Linguistics
B. Theoretical Linguistics
C. Descriptive Linguistics
D. Historical Linguistics
146. Which of the following below is not an example of a lyric poem?
A. Ode B. Sonnet C. Ballad D. Elegy
147. Which notetaking category is most preferable for a serious study?
A. Highlighting B. Summarizing C. Quoting D. Editing
148. What type of error is committed in the statement? “I loved, I was hurt, Now I am
A. pacing B. syllabication C. capitalization D. punctuation
149. The conclusion made by the debater was impertinent to the topic because it
A. irrelevant B. vital C. superb D. incomplete
150. How many syllables are there in a sonnet?
A. 150 B. 140 C. 130 D.120