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What’s all about the story/documentary assigned to you

2. What reason why the documentation is entitled as “Walang Maiiwan”?
3. How does the main character manage his situation in life?
4. Does it affect your life, why?
5. Lesson learned
6. Ekmans’s emotions triggers you most. Why?
7. What will you do to help the characters?


1. It’s about the life of students who are in material poverty. In a remote area of San Guillermo,
where the mud had to be cleared before teaching and crossing the river to get to school, there
were dreams hanging in the clouds. Most children at the Burgos East Elementary School are
content to just know how to read and write, then stop learning to work. It's easy to lose hope on
the long, muddy roads, it's easy to get discouraged in a difficult and violent world, but as long as
there are children willing to cross the river and storm, as long as there are teachers willing to
sacrifice in the name of service, there is hope in the middle loss and life is the promise that no
child will be left behind

2. The documentation is titled “Walang Maiiwan”, it’s how even in the darkest or hardest times
everyone in the community must survive. Young students are in danger of losing their lives
every day because they cross a river. The river suddenly deepens and the waves surge. This is
especially dangerous for their children as they can drown at any time. But they still go to school,
to learn and experience lots of things children should experience. It’s a shame that at a young
age they are forced to work instead of studying and having fun in school. A wonderful teacher
named Sir Jun Marquez, the head teacher of the Burgos east Elementary School. All he wants is
to complete the student in each class. For him, education is not only about the race, color, or
anything else. That day two students were not in his class. After his class, he guided the children
along the way and went to find the two children who did not attend his class. He convinces the
children to go back to class but the children says they have to work. This is a huge problem for
children in this area. They work early because of poverty. Their parents do not have enough
income for their daily needs so children are forced to work. Education is free to everyone, as
long as there are teachers willing to sacrifice in the name of service, there is hope in the middle
loss and life, the promise that no child will be left behind

3. Sir Jun Marquez, is the head teacher of Burgos East Elem School. He treats his students as his
children, He really cares and love his students. He wants the children to be happy and feel at
peace despite the children working nonstop to help their families. Sir Jun Marquez is a wise man
who not only think of himself but cares for other.
4. Oh for sure it affects my life, the amount of struggle they went through just crossing the running
water, walking long and muddy roads, and working nonstop to help their families is just very
hard to take. Poverty can make a lot of difference in education, I’m lucky to have a family that
can support me, and a school that can help me to plan for my future. It’s sad to think that a lot
of children is abandoning its DREAM because of poverty, they could be the future but society
failed them. But since we have teachers like Sir Jun Marquez, they may have a chance to regain
what they lost. Which is education. A prime example of this is 14 y/o Ricky, Ricky was force to
work even if he wanted to learn and study.

5. The lessoned that I learned is being thankful and contended to the life we have right now. We
should not waste our time to other activities that will not be beneficial to our future. We can
have fun but not completely destroy our lives and put us in danger. We can be stupid but in a
right way, we should value education because we are lucky to have one. And we must respect
our teachers because they are just trying to make a difference in our life.

6. The emotion that hits me hard is sadness. I realized that I’m so lucky that Im not experiencing
everything in the documentary. First of all they cross running rivers and long muddy roads, some
of the students share one pair of slippers so because they only can afford one pair. It’s
saddening because these kids have dreams and because of poverty and lack of support they
have to abandon that dream it sucks because they need to stop school just to help their family
to work and earn money. I find it unfair because the government have enough funds to fix the
problem but instead of making a bridge or anything so that the children can get to the school
they instead make new buildings or worst corruption.

7. If a donation program will happen in the remote area of San Guillermo, I would donate many
slippers, notebooks, pens and a lot of paper. I will convince my family to help and gather many
school supplies just to support them. But the bridge is still the problem, I would advice them to
make a wooden bridge or anything that is safe and can withstand the running water. But the
best way is inform the governor or congress man/woman that there is a problem in the specific
area and they should make action to it. I would also tell them to find jobs and support their
children in going to school, because children are the future and the reason we are evolving,