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How to practise conversation

It is best if you can practise with a friend each taking turns with each name. You can
practise if you are on your own by reading all the conversation.

Conversion 1

Jason: Hi David. When are you next going to play golf?

David: I going to play tomorrow with a friends from work this Saturday.
Jason: Do you already have a foursome?
David: Yes we do. If you like we can have a game at weekend.
Jason: That a great idea. Where do you fancy playing?
David: Lets choose somewhere close for both of us.
Jason: How about pebble beach? That is close for us both.
David: How much is it for a round of golf there?
Jason: For a one day pass it is twenty five pounds
David: That's a good price lets go for it.
Jason: OK lets make it 1pm on Saturday is that alright for you?
David: Make it 2pm. My wife works till 1pm and I have to look after the kids.
Jason: 2pm it is.
David: Ok see you on Saturday should be a lot of fun.

Conversation 2

David: How did you get on playing golf at weekend?

John: I was pretty pleased. I was 14 over for my round.
David: That's not too bad, but sometimes you brake less then 10 over.
John: Well I had a very good chance. I was 3 playing he front nine, but the back nine
was a nightmare.
David: Why?
John: My driving was shocking on the back nine. It started hooking ball slightly to the left
and once I hit three balls out of bounds that ruined my round.
David: Gutted. You would have broken into single figures, but for them penalty strokes.
John: Yes I was gutted. It was playing on my mind after them holes, But overall, I was
pleased with my round. How is your golf going?
David: I seem to hit great on the range, but when I am on the course golf, I can't seem
to hit the ball the same as am on the range.
John: That happens to a lot of people. You need to go out on the golf course more as
you can't beat the real thing.
David: And I am still trying to score lower then 90.All I seem to score is in the mid
John: You will do the more you play you will soon break into the eighties.
David: How's your driver John? I don't use mine now as I tend to use my 3 wood more.
When I use the driver my driving is shocking.
John: You must try and keep practicing using it get on the practice drive range on the
golf coarse.
David: I practice with it on the range, but sometimes am OK then back to normal.
John: Do you fancy a game of golf this week?
David: That a good idea. How about Saturday?
John: Yes that's fine 1pm OK with you.
David: Can you make it 2pm as I got to look after the children, till my wife finishes work
at 1pm.
John: Sure. 2pm is fine see you then.