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Total Smoking Ban Is Here

Smoking is a habit that is on the rise in the last years and more and more people are

addicted to this habit with young people being a great majority of it (“Tobacco Smoking”),

(Cacciottolo). It causes numerous problems and some common health problems are the

emphysema, cancer, and heart disease (“Tobacco Smoking”). So a total smoking ban

wouldn’t be such a bad idea. When we say total smoking ban we mean that smoking will be

totally eliminated from all workplaces and public places such as clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants

and airports but they will have the opportunity to smoke at the roads, at their vehicles, in bus

stops as long as there are no sides and a roof, in Sports Stadiums as long as there is no roof

and in many other places as well (“Smoking Ban”), (“Where”). Although the entertainment

industry, tobacco’s companies and hardcore smokers argue that a total smoking ban is too

extreme this however is not the case because it is the best and most effective way to combat

passive smoking illnesses, improve the financial position of each consumer not to mention the

quality of their life.

The entertainment industry, argues that the problems will be inevitable in the case of

the ban. Due to the ban many problems have been occurring such as the loss of customers and

money in many entertainment industries (Matheson). It’s true that the entertainment industries

had a reason to be concerned and many of us do understand it but according to other countries

that have enforced this ban their businesses such as England and Scotland for instance after

the ban worked almost the same as before in some industries whereas some others had only a

little deterioration at their finances (Adda). And this happens because even if some smokers

stopped going to some bars for examples the non-smokers started going outside just because

of the ban and making the profit again to these businesses (Adda).

Tobacco’s companies have been shutting down and furthermore countless workers

have been with no job but they can find a new job (Matheson). This however is not a problem

since the state can help them enroll in the already existing positions in other companies or in

the agricultural jobs too. So even if they have been shutting down the workers after the ban

have somewhere else to go with the same wages and they don’t stay hanging.

Hardcore smokers also believe that this ban is too extreme and they are right up to a

point. Additionally if the hardcore smokers’ argument is about freedom of choice then they

should stop arguing and accept it since freedom of choice is allowed when your freedom

doesn’t hurt others. Not only this habit does hurt others since but also causes the world’s most

dangerous disease, cancer, which results most of the times to death and more specific it has

killed 33.600 people on 2002 and according to the studies of The Cancer Research Of UK “25

-40% of the smokers will die in middle ages” (“Smoking Ban”), (“Tobacco, Smoking and

Cancer”). And since the smoking diseases, both on passive and hardcore smokers, are on the

rise today and are the major cause of deaths and moreover since the death rate is increasing

rapidly each state in order to deal with this totally extreme situation had to take extreme

measures as well so as to avoid the worse meaning that they shouldn’t complain about it

because after all they were the ones that pushed the things to the edge and since this it being

done for their own good I believe that they should not only approved and welcomed this ban

but also being grateful too. Although smoking is illegal and not allowed in public places this

however doesn’t mean that they can’t smoke at all. If they need to smoke they can do this in

many other places such those places that were mention above.

Smoking illnesses are the result of smoking which some of them are difficult to be

cured such as the cancer. This habit impaired many people’s health, including smokers, and

some times this leads them even to death. The problems it causes vary. According to a study

“smoking cigarettes for as few as five years can have a permanent effect on the lungs, the

heart, the eyes, the throat, the urinary tract, the digestive organs, the bones and joints, and the

skin even if the smoker quits” (“Consequences Of Smoking”), (Brodish). Many people died

from smoking diseases and more specific 1.2 million people only in Europe because of the

Cardiovascular Disease according to the Cardiovascular Disease Statistics of 2008 (“CVD

Statistics”). Governments are hoping that the ban will decrease these illnesses and are already

seeing positive results. According to a study in United Kingdom in the American Cancer

Society the lung cancer death rate declines up to 36% in men that quit smoking and 40% in

women subsequently (“Risk”). In addition the people who had ill-health symptoms due to

cigarette smoke fell by around 30 per cent after quitting. (“Scottish”)

The health issue it creates is a major problem but we have another problem of the

same importance which is the financial. As Sarah Modlock points out at in her article on

Yahoo on “What You Can Save If You Stop Smoking” with a typical packet of cigarettes at

6,79 Euros a twenty-a-day smoker spends around 207,55 Euros a month which equals to

2490,64 Euros a year whereas if they had deposited the money for 12 months to a savings

bank he or she would have 3094,43 Euros money in his or her account which equals to a lot of

money loss to something that is not that important and essential to our life. Also those who

smoke in places where it is forbidden they are going to deal with high penalties which can

reach the amazing amount of 3182 Euros or some times even higher and many people are not

willing to pay if they get caught either because they can afford it or due to personal reasons

and that’s why some end up being in jail right now (“Government”). So smoking pays its toll

to everyone pocket, smoker’s and state’s, where as the deposit of them may help them to do

and acquire other things that weren’t able to have before.

A total smoking ban is maybe the best and maybe the only opportunity for smokers to

quit, be healthier and financially better off and because of the ban many improvements are

going to occur to everyone and some of them are going to be in financial and heath areas.

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