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To : Rendi Dear Mrs.

Congratulations on your success in the English Debate
Congratulation on the opening of your boutique!
competition. You are the best. We are proud of you.
Wish you luck and success!

Love, MR. Tom

Uncle yusuf and aunt Mala

My dearest brother tigor,

Uncle joe, congratulations! Best wishes from Astia and Today is your day,
me on your success. You are really skillful, patient, wish Smile big and laugh loud.
and kind that make you deserve a position as a manager. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
We wish you good luck! Wish you a day filled with fun and happiness may all of
your dream come true!


Dear Lana,
Congratulations on your birthday! My wish for
you is that you will always be healthy and never stop To : Rian and Nadine
chasing your dreams. I wish that you will always find
Love is one for all and all for one
your way to happiness. Keep fighting for your studies
It is about take and give, share and care
and good luck for your future. Let us work hard for the
Happy second wedding anniversary!
upcoming exam. Analize
May god give you more happiness and prosperity!
Aunt Sista

Dear sierra, Congratulation for my beloved daughter, for the winning

singing contest.
Today is a very special day in your life. Your voice, your power is the best. The judges really
You and your family will move to a new house. Home know how to find awesome talent.
sweet home! You are that awesome one indeed.
We wish you all live happily and harmoniously forever.
Beloved Mother
Your cousin,