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University of Bohol

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Members: John Kenneth O. Mejares

Mary Jean L. Jala
Mary Grace J. Tabamo
Jesibel Love D. Getigan

Journal Report: Electronic Commerce Software

In today's times, the internet has grown from just a way to communicate
into something bigger. In the past software is just the computer's operating
system, but now the software can mean many things. Like for example, today's
software is different from last century software, the software of the last century is
those web browsers or other applications or programs in the olden computers
used to communicate to other computers, but now software is many times higher
than it was centuries ago. The software of today comes in many forms, for
example, web browsers, word processors, calendars, calculators, file managers,
and even some things like games, music players, or video players that can help
entertain other people.

Unlike the past businessman can now use these software for their own
businesses where they can help track the inventories record and track business
transaction trades and other economic transactions that would help in accounting
for their business. We can host their businesses on the web. These businesses are
tied to domain names by web hosting companies that are internet service
providers. Internet service providers nowadays not only provide internet but also
provide help in commerce such as commerce service providers or managing web
servers called managed service providers or application service providers that
help companies make their lives easier by giving them dedicated personnel in
helping arranged their web hosting needs.

In doing business on the web, famous first know the basic information in the
creation of a website to sell their goods as well as the format and elements inside
of that web site. The reason for this is so that they know how to run their
business online as well as to easily distinguish certain parts of their web program.
The following are the basic function of Electronic Commerce Software:
 Catalog display - it is the displaying of the information of the products you
want to sell on your website or webpage to the customers. Part of the web
page where the most popular products, the new items as well as a detailed
list of goods and services.
 Shopping cart - like how you use a shopping cart when choosing goods in
the mall, shopping carts can also be found in websites or web pages to list
all or some of the products you wish to buy by putting them in the shopping
cart you can remember all the products that you have chosen and will buy.
The shopping carts can also help record your previous transactions so that
you may remember what you had bought previously.
 Transaction processing - the part of the webpage where the customers
after placing all of their wanted goods inside the shopping cart of the web
page they can pick some of the goods in the shopping cart and go to the
transaction process where they will pay for their chosen products through a
variety of means like bank transfers PayPal or billing of the bank using their
credit card info to make transactions in the web easier for all.

Now that we have run down the basics of Electronic Commerce Software we
must move on to the advanced part of the functions of electric software. These
advanced functions or not only used for large scale businesses but also to help
ease the burden of complicated actions that may confuse others in the use of or
the creation of their websites. The advanced functions of Electronic Commerce
Software are the following:

 Middleware - part of the website software that records and transmits

inventory and sales transactions towards the part that handles accounting
into a readable format that can be read into the accounting software.
 Enterprise application integration and databases - integrates the data of
the webpage into an application server where requests received by the
server and depending on the request the server may take action. For
example, creating a database for goods and inventory when they're
barcode is punched it removes it from the inventory section into the sold
section so that there won't be an inventory mix up.
 Web services - an advanced function of electronic commerce data where
data from one website can communicate from another website or
application with different languages to communicate successfully directly
and to extract information without complications. For example, a website
can be opened in a different application in a mobile platform these two
cannot communicate by themselves but these web services transmit
information from one platform to another without troublesome
calculations so that it can reduce costs.
 Integration with ERP systems - part of the advanced functions of Electronic
Commerce Software that is the ERP that calculates all the data from order
management financial management logistics management down to
production management into a single server to reduce the use of
manpower and human error in a business process.
 Supply chain management software - plans and executes a variety of
planning and operations in a company with their supply chains or branch
stores who are members of these brands. it is a software that helps develop
a coordinated demand forecast of companies using the information of past
financial statements or a comparison of income forecast of the main branch
to its side branches.
 Content management software - part of the advanced functions of
Electronic Commerce Software that helps businesses to control what
appears in their usual business processes. it controls large amounts of text
images video or other files that are sent to eat that are not part of the usual
transactions. This software can help avoid and venture mix up because it
segregates information into different blocks that can help employees
become familiar with its operations.
 Knowledge management software - is the system of the advanced function
of Electronic Commerce Software that helps manage the knowledge of the
products instead of just documenting them. The system helps collect and
organize data, share that information with other people, improve the
ability of other people to collaborate, and preserve that knowledge gained
without information so that others may benefit from the experiences of the
present users.

Now we should move on to electric commerce software for small and midsize
companies. Small and midsize companies are different from large companies because of
not only the size but also the number of products they can sell as well as the size of their
income which is easily manageable. The following are what it uses:
 Basic commerce service providers - easily available software for cheap prices
used in sharing or dedicating housing services instead of building a server in their
company. An example of this is cloud storage.
 Mall-style commerce service providers - unlike the basic commerce service
providers. They give internet-ready businesses internet connection as well as
website creation tools without ads because they gain income through you. They
give you their services for a small fee in which they make it so that your software
does not have ads, unlike the basic commerce service providers.

Lastly is the Electronic Commerce Software for mid-sized to large businesses.

Businesses of the size have very large incomes. They have a hard time managing their
local sites due to the complexity of data to be punched in. The software they use would
naturally be different for small businesses. Software’s used by midsize large businesses
are the following:

 Website development tools - are advanced versions of website creating tools of

midsize and small businesses but have more functions.
 Enterprise-class electronic commerce software - software used by large
businesses that are built in house with large amounts of servers and main
computers that help monitor the databases, inventory, transactions, and other
economic trades.
 Customer relationship management software - software used to monitor the
data in events about customers' behavior towards implemented actions of the