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The Historical Jesus

Lecture Given by: Sheikh Khalid Yasin

Transcribed by Aminah 4 Allah

"They try and put

Out the light of Allah

With their mouths.

However the light of

Allah will continue to

Glow even if the

Unbelievers hate it."

Chapter 61:8, al-Saff: The Battle Array

To our respected non-Muslim guests we ask that Allah (God), glorious and exalted is He, your creator
and mine, that he open your hearts and your minds and allow you to be objective in the information
that we wish to share with you. The purpose of this lecture is to clarify a topic which is central to all 3
of the monotheistic religions in the world. Christians, Muslims and people of Judaism all share a
connection, however differently, to the person of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him and his blessed
mother). Each of these monotheistic faiths have their own subjective view of this great religious
personality. What we want to do this evening is to examine the historical and scriptural evidence in
order to know and discover through the documented words and behaviour of the person Jesus
Christ, peace be upon him, himself. We want to know and we want to discover the real Jesus, the
Historical Jesus and through that knowledge understand and appreciate his mission and his message.
To accomplish this aim we have to sift and distinguish the simple truths from the complex myths. We
have to distinguish the actual facts from the carefully woven fiction.

Now this what we want to do is an operation and because of the sensitivity that it carries is almost
like doing neurosurgery. Because it is almost like opening up the scalp and going into a person’s brain
washing it, fixing it, sewing it back up and then allowing them to heal. Now the many Christian
people of the Christian persuasion or whatever denomination that you might be you may find the
information that we discuss tonight uncomfortable, riveting, disturbing but that’s not my fault. I will
share with you information which is available for everybody. It is not rocket science. It has no Islamic
slant to it, it is information that you can obtain and information that you can follow up on and
information that if you write to me I will send you free of charge every single reference and
unfortunately the many references that I could give you tonight to substantiate our discussion we
simply don’t have the time.

History has complied literally thousands of blatant information that will allow us to see that there
are clearly two different Jesus Christ’s known to the world. One a Historical Jesus documented by his
own words, by his own behaviour, by those disciples that were with him that we systematically
suppressed, imprisoned, isolated, tortured, killed, eradicated until another Jesus that was more
palatable, more acceptable, more utilitarian for the Greco-Roman Society who took the name of
Jesus Christ and in a very plagiaristic way created a new drama for the whole world. This drama, the
new Jesus, is what is followed and what is understood and what is perceived by 90% of the people in
the world who call themselves Christians. I don’t debate this issue. I don’t challenge Christians or
their leadership about this issue. Because it is up to the Christians themselves, it is up to the church
itself to restore itself, to redeem itself, to reform itself and come back to the Historical Jesus, his
words, his behaviour, his mission and his message.

My job along with others who reach out to Christians all over the world is to say that there is a
genuine connection between us Muslims and you. Between the Quran and between the books of the
Bible. Between Muhammad the last and final Prophet of Almighty God and Jesus Christ the son of
Mary that word of God, that Messiah, that Prophet, that personality whom we revere and love and
embrace and believe in perhaps more authentically than those who claim that he is God or those
that claim that he is the son of God or those that claim that he is a third person in a trinity even
though there is not a Christian here nor a Christian anywhere that can substantiate the issue of the

No Christian here nor any Christian in the world even understand the trinity yet it is unbelievable
how a concept could be forced on the world with their eyes wide open and all the lives all the time
that people goes to church, read the Bible, talk to their priests their leaders themselves around the
dinner table pray to God with their eyes open or closed and don’t understand the trinity and they
accept it that it is simply a mystery that can not be explained. How would a child be told, by it’s
mother or father, if the child asks what evidence is there that you are my father, that you are my
mother, what evidence is there that I am legitimate? If the father said to that child that it’s a mystery
just believe it. How would that child feel going through their life telling others that I believe that is
my mother and father but it’s a mystery. You wouldn’t accept it. No one would accept it. But you
accept that a person, that Jesus Christ and his blessed mother, not only did someone say that he is
God but that he is his own son and that he is the trinity of three persons: person, person, person. Yet
they say one God now add that up. And on top of that just recently casting no aspersion upon
anyone insulting anyone but uncovering the rocks and seeing what’s under it. Just recently Mary, the
mother of Jesus Christ, she has been promoted from being the mother of God to God also. Now
figure that out. That is another person added to the trinity.
Now in order to conduct this sensitive operation we need to be objective and we need to be open
minded and you need to forget about the fact that a Muslim is discussing this issue with you because
then your preconditioning is going to tell you some things that are not true. You are going to close
your mind and you’re going to block out the truth, you’re going to bring that Novocain that you call
prejudice into your minds so that whatever is being said is just going to pass through. Or you’re just
going to say that they just hate Christians anyways or you’ll say they just heathens or you’ll say they
are anti-Christ or you’ll say they just want to undermine the church or you’ll say that they want to
brain-wash and dominate the world and they want everyone to be Muslims or something else that
you have been conditioned to say.

Well people have been saying that but thank God the world is changing. And today the world is
listening because people are not satisfied to sit in a church or to sit at home and get down on their
knees and not understand who it is that they’re praying towards and who it is that is supposed to
answer their prayers. People they want to know today. We are living in the fiber optic age. We want
to know! We want to know by telephone or by television or by computer. We want to know because
this is the age of knowledge and people they are not just going for a mystery anymore.

I myself was fortunate that out of misfortune God delivered me a fortune. I was born into a Christian
persuasion 1 of 10 children that my mother, God bless her, was not able to take care of. And so the
bureau of child welfare stepped in to give my mother some help and farmed us out to different
Christian foster homes and even though I wasn’t an orphan I found myself in an orphanage so from
the time that I was 4 years old to the time that I was 16 years old I was in 6 different orphanages or
foster homes each one of them a different Christian persuasion. So by the time I was 16, you might
say that’s a shame no it wasn’t a shame it was a blessing, a blessing with a dressing. Because by the
time I was 16 I had tasted the full buffet! Oh I went to church every Sunday even if I didn’t listen. I
went to church every Sunday and I was a good reader so I read everything they gave me but I did ask
questions. By the Grace of Almighty God those questions led me to some answers so by the time I
was 17 going on 18 years old I had experienced 8 different persuasions or denominations of the
Christian church or the Christian experience so I believed that by that time my love, my connection to
Jesus Christ had been bonded. I believed that by that time I had a genuine concern connection to
Jesus Christ but unfortunately the more questions that I asked and the more things that I read the
more frustrated and confused I became, and just as I wanted to know then I want you to know.

I want all of us to know and we have a right to know is Jesus God Almighty? Did Jesus create himself
the heavens and the earth? The enumerable planets, galaxies, is Jesus God Almighty? Is Jesus the son
of God Almighty? Literally that is as I have a son and you have a son does God Almighty, Lord and
creator of the heavens and the earth does he also give birth to son’s and daughters? Is Jesus the son,
S-O-N, of God Almighty? And is Jesus the third person of a divine trinity? That would make Jesus
Christ three different entities. He would be God Almighty, and his own son and the third person in a
trinity, now that’s wrapped up. Now in anybody’s book that is three persons: God is a person, the son
is a person and the holy ghost or the holy spirit you might want to call it would be a person. Person,
person, person! Or is Jesus Christ the Messiah? The one who was blessed, the one that was touched,
the one that was anointed, the one that was appointed, the one that was sent in this world as the
word and the spirit and given to Mary as a son without the intervention of any sperm from any man.
Was Jesus Christ a man God or was he a man Prophet? Did he refer to himself exclusively as the son
of God or did he refer to himself as the son of man and was Jesus Christ a Prophet and a Messenger
to the children of Israel?

Now this is our task tonight and we don’t want to go off into a lot of different tangents because this
is a historical journey with historical problems and we could not cover all of the problems and all of
the tangents but the central question is who is the Historical Jesus because history doesn’t lie. Not
when you have the documents, not when you have the evidence, not when you have the proof.
Human beings lie in history those that tell his-story. There is his-story and then there is history. Now
our task tonight is to find, discover the Historical Jesus and to set the record straight for those of us
gathered in his room, in this hall tonight. Now whoever is outside of this room we are not responsible
for. I am not responsible to talk to the whole world. I can’t solve the problems of the whole world
and I have come to understand that I can not solve some of my own problems. But given the
evidence, given the proof, given the witnesses we can solve this issue tonight.

Now as in any operation there must be a selection of tools. We have to choose what tools that we
are going to use for this operation and secondly we have to determine a chosen procedure. Doctors,
surgeons they select their tools for the surgery that they are going to do and they also determine
how they will navigate and how they will execute the given procedure. Now my tool tonight will be
what is familiar to you and what is familiar to me. We won’t call on any new tools so I have complied
or I have selected what has already been complied and documented from the Old and the New
Testament which the various denominations of Christians would be familiar with. Now I am not using
these references as proof. I am using these as references because the Old and the New Testament is
a proof for you. Because if I were to give you evidence from the Quran which I will, you will say I
don’t necessarily believe that, I have no way of verifying that and I can understand that because that
would be subjective to me and that would not necessarily be objective to you.

So we start out first as using the Old and the New Testament as a reference because we have to
start somewhere. And it is only fair that if a new Jesus has been developed, manufactured, imposed
upon the world a sham, a scam of the biggest slickest kind. If that is what’s happened it has
happened inside of your own books. So we should first uncover the scam inside of your own books.

Secondly, we want to give you the evidence of the final divine revelation, inspiration and legislation
from Almighty God that came to the human beings after Jesus Christ that Prophet and Messenger
that came after Jesus Christ. That Prophet and Messenger that was spoken about by Jesus Christ.
That Prophet and Messenger that was spoken about that was proven that was prophesized spoken
about by Jesus Christ and that Prophet and Messenger that came and fulfilled the prophecy and
spoke and embraced and extended himself from Jesus Christ, the son of Mary. We are speaking
about the Glorious Quran. And if you say to me I never read that, how do I know that book is from
God? I’ll say to you, you have to read it and let your heart and let your mind if it is open, objective, let
your heart and let your mind determine if it is from God or not because you’ve been reading the Old
Testament and the New Testament and there are some things in it from God. But obviously there is a
great deal in it that is not from God but you have been believing in that. So if you have been believing
in something that has some justification in it then I say to you now that you have computers because
anyone of you can go home tonight or tomorrow or go to a public library and you can go into
whatever search engine you like google or giggle. And just type in Quran QUR’AN or type in Koran the
anglicized form of Quran (visit http://www.freequran.ca in Canada to get a free copy of the Quran or
http://www.freequran.org in the USA). Type that in and see how many references you get and see
how much information that you have been deprived of. And then after that read it and when you
read it go straight to the book called Mary. And in case you think that is the name of an R & B style,
no it’s not! It’s the name of the mother of Jesus Christ, Mary the daughter of Imran. An entire
chapter of the Quran. A book with 114 chapters with one chapter dedicated to explaining the life, the
challenge, the pregnancy, the conception, the delivery of a son that she was given by God who’s
name was ‘Isa or Jesus who was born while she was untouched by any man. Now we Muslims, we
don’t have a problem in understanding that. Now some of you scientific, rationalistic, dialectical,
evolutionary, practical people who would have a problem in understanding that a women gets
pregnant while she was untouched. Well you should think about those mommy-mommy families,
how they get pregnant. They used to think about doing daddy-daddy families and how they get
pregnant. If they got some miraculous way to get pregnant then certainly if God wants a woman to
be pregnant without sperm coming inside of her then God can deliver sperm to her without a man. If
those daddy-daddy mommy-mommy families are getting it off the internet God can give it to her

Now in the Quran, the chapter called Mary goes through great detail to tell us how Mary was born, a
beautiful story. It says oh people of the book commit no excesses in your religion. Nor say of
Almighty God except the truth. Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, was no more than a messenger of God
and he was also the word of God. A word which he bestowed upon Mary and a spirit proceeding
from him so believe in Allah (God) and believe in his messengers. Say not trinity, stop, desist, it will
be better for you. For the Almighty is one God, glory be to him, exalted is He above having sons or
daughters. To Him belongs all things in the heavens and earth and enough is Allah (God) Almighty as
a disposer of affairs. Christ Jesus disdains not to serve and worship Almighty God. He does not desist.
He has no hesitation to serve and worship Allah (God). Nor do the angels, those who are nearest to
the Almighty, those who have no hesitancy to worship. Those who have hesitancy to worship are
arrogant. He the Almighty will gather them altogether onto himself to answer but to those who
believe and do good deeds of righteousness he will give their due rewards and more out of his
bounty. But those who are hesitant, holding back, and are arrogant he will punish them with a
grievance penalty nor will they find besides Him anyone to help and protect.
In another verse it says behold the angel said: “Oh Mary, Almighty God has chosen thee and purified
thee, has chosen thee above all the women of the nations. Oh Mary, worship thy Lord devoutly
prostrate yourself and bow down in prayer with those who bow down. Now this is a part of the
tidings of things unseen which we reveal unto thee oh Prophet by inspiration. You were not with
them when they case lots with arrows in order to see which one of them would be charged with the
care of Mary. Nor were you with them when they disputed the point behold the angel said oh Mary
Almighty Allah (God) gives you glad tidings of a word from Him his name will be Christ Jesus, the son
of Mary. Held in honor in this world and in the hereafter and of the company of those nearest to
Allah (God) subhanahu wa ta’ala (glorious and exalted is he God). He shall speak to the people in
childhood and also in maturity and he shall be in the company of the righteous, and she said oh my
Lord how shall I have a son when no man has touched me? The Almighty said through his angel: Allah
(God) Almighty creates whatever He wants to create and when He has decreed a plan He says unto it
be and it is.

Allah (God) Almighty will teach him, Jesus Christ, the book and the wisdom the law and the gospel
and appoint him as a messenger to the children of Israel with this message. I have come to you with
a sign from your Lord and that I make for you out of clay as it were a bird and I breathe into it and it
becomes a bird which flies away by God’s leave. And I heal those born blind and I heal the lepers and
I quicken the dead and bring them back to life by the leave and permission of God. And I declare to
you what you can eat and what you store in your houses surely that is a sign. Surely therein is a sign
for you if you do believe. I have come to you to attest to the law of Moses which was before me and
to make lawful to you a part of what was before forbidden to you. I have come to you with a sign
from your Lord so fear Allah (God) Almighty, fear Allah (God) Almighty and obey me. It is Allah (God)
who is my Lord and your Lord then worship him, this is a way that is straight.

Now I read that in English so that I wouldn’t have to beleaguer you to have the brother read another
verse in Arabic. But I wanted you to hear the Arabic of the Quran because it is a medicine that flows
through the air like electric, like the laser, like information and although it’s in a language that you
don’t understand your mind, your energy, your forces will receive it like a medicine and it will give
you some benefit. Now we heard what the Quran said, we heard what Jesus Christ said in the Quran.

Now I want to just turn to a reference for you that you will be familiar with. He said so fear Almighty
God and obey me, it is Allah Almighty, God Almighty who is my Lord and your Lord, then worship him
and this is the way that is straight. Now I remind you in John 12:49-50 listen to the words of Jesus
Christ himself. “For I have not spoken of myself but the father which sent me. He gave me a
commandment what I should say and what I should speak and I know that his commandment is life
everlasting whatsoever I speak therefore even as the Father said unto me that is what I speak.” Now
does that sound like God talking to himself or does that sound like Jesus Christ receiving from God
and then speaking to the people that he was appointed to speak to?
Dear brothers and sisters and dear respected non-Muslims, in our discussion on this topic we want
to follow this procedure. First, we want to talk about the Historical Jesus. His birth, his disciples, his
message, the many miracles connected to him, his titles, his adversaries, his challenges and the end
of his short period on this earth and what has become of his original followers.

Now let me be as brief and direct as I can. We believe, as Muslims, from the Quran and you
Christians, for the most part 85 or 90% of you, believe Jesus Christ was born without a father. You
may not understand how that happened, you believe it and we also don’t know exactly how it
happened but we also believe it. We accept that Almighty God has the power to create the heaves
and the earth. We accept that if the Creator of the heaves and the earth, if He wanted to destroy the
entire cosmos, this earth, it’s solar system, all the solar systems in the milky way, all the galaxies in
the nebula and all the nebulas that we could imagine that have been discovered or haven’t been
discovered. If He destroyed them with his word then he could recreate them just like that. Because
He has that power, because everything is in His hands and He can create whatever He wills just like
that. We also believe that that the Almighty created the first man Ad’am and the first woman Eve.
You say Adam and you say Eve we say Ad’am and we say Hawwa. In Arabic the word Hawwa it means
feeling, emotion. Isn’t that a good description for woman. The men say I think so. The women say I
feel it. So the Creator, he created Ad’am from nothing, from nothing. And Adam he had no mother
and he had no father are you feeling me? Do you agree with me? Adam had no father and no
mother. Then the Creator gave Adam from the same soul, so that makes them equal in the sight of
God, from the same soul he created his mate and then gave him his mate Eve, Hawwa. And Eve the
mate of Adam also had no father no mother. Now here are two people the first man, the first
woman, the two first people that gave birth and all of us and everyone came from those two who
had no father and no mother. So I ask you, what is more difficult for God: to create Jesus with only a
mother or to create Adam with no mother and no father and to create Eve with no mother and
father? What do you say? Of course the first is more difficult, two with no father and no mother the
third with only a mother now that’s easy. Allah (God) said to us in the Quran when they ask you
about Jesus, when they ask you the question about Jesus how could that happen? Your answer
should be the likeness of Jesus is the likeness of Adam. He created them from dust and then he said
be and they were, simple that’s our answer.

As to the disciples of Jesus Christ. There were twelve and by the way Paul was not one of them, just
so you know that. Paul was not one of the disciples. There was Peter, there was John of Zebedee,
there was Simon, there was Thomas, there was Judas of Iskaret, there was James, there was Joseph
of Arathamia the aristocrat, there was Jacob, there was Matthew, there was Steven, there was Philip
and there was Barthalamute. Those were the twelve. And by the way, not one of these twelve wrote
any book in the New Testament. Now these are the ones that traveled with Jesus Christ from
Nazareth, they walked with him, they slept with him, they ate with him, they listened to him, they
prayed with him, they washed themselves as he told them how to wash and they prayed to the
Master as he told them how to pray. He explained to him everything, he guided them he was the
rabbi to them. So if anyone knew the Historical Jesus who was it? It was the disciples that traveled
with him from Nazareth. Because he was known as that man from where? That man from where?
That man from Nazareth that’s why his followers were called Nazarenes. They were not all from
Nazareth but they were called Nazarenes because he was called that man from Nazareth.

As to his message, the message of Jesus Christ was a simple message. A simple message. He said to
his people when they asked him: “oh rabbi teach us how to pray.” He said: “I will teach you how to
pray.” And you Christians here you recite along with me, you remember the Lord’s prayer, you didn’t
forget that, what did he say? He said: “Our father who art in heaven.” He didn’t say MY father who
I’M with in heaven. “Hallowed, praise be thy name.” Not MY name and OUR name but THY name.
“Thy kingdom come.” Not MY kingdom come but THY kingdom come. “Thy will be done on earth”
where I am and you are as it is in heaven when you are only God. “Give all of us this day our daily
bread.” That means me and my mother and all of the human beings. “Give us this day our daily bread
and give us something to drink afterwards.” Because that goes along with bread. Jesus not asking for
bread and you and I not going to ask for bread and don’t drink water if we’re not human. So if Jesus
and his mother said give us this day our daily bread that means they had to eat, they had to drink and
like you and I when we eat and when we drink the body uses a portion of it and what the body
doesn’t use we defecate and urinate. Can you imagine God defecating and urinating? “Give us this
day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses.” Now God is not trespassing against nobody. “As
we forgive those that trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation. And deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.” Now that’s the Lord’s
prayer isn’t it? Is that the Lord’s prayer? Well does that sound like God praying to himself? Teaching
his disciples how to pray to himself? Three a triune trinity God? No that’s Jesus Christ the man, the
Prophet, the son of Mary that man from Nazareth teaching his disciples, his companions how to pray
when they’re asked to. And when that lady wanted to be healed and when Jesus Christ passed by
that lady and she touched his garment and she said good master, good master, he pulled his garment
form her hands angrily and said to her “Oh woman why does though call me good? There is none
good except the one that is in heaven.” This is Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, that Prophet, that
Messenger, that man from Nazareth.

The message of Jesus Christ let us listen what Jesus said and what was said about Jesus. Those that
witness Jesus, those that ate with Jesus, those saw with Jesus, those that sat with Jesus, those that
received his blessing, those that he laid his hands on, those that laid their eyes on him, those that
surrounded him, walked with him, traveled with him let me tell you what they thought he was. Let’s
go to Matthew 21:11 “and the multitude said this is Jesus the Prophet of Nazareth of Galilee.” Lets go
to Matthew 21:46 “but when they sought to lay hands on him they feared the multitude because
they took him for a Prophet.” Lets go to John 4:19 “the woman said unto him, sir I perceive that
though art a Prophet.” John 6:14 “then those men when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did
they said this is of truth that Prophet that should come unto the world.” John 7:40 “many of the
people therefore when they heard this saying that they said of truth this is a Prophet of God.” Luke
7:16 “and there came a fear on all and they glorified God saying that a great Prophet has risen up
amongst us and that God has visited his people with this Prophet.” John 9:17 “they say unto the blind
man again what says though of him that he has opened thine eyes. That blind man said he is a
Prophet.” Indeed how did Jesus himself describe himself? Listen carefully, never the less Jesus must
walk today and Jesus must walk tomorrow and the day following Jesus must walk for it can not be
that a Prophet perish out of Jerusalem. This is what Jesus said. And in Matthew 13:57, Mark 6:4, Luke
4:24, John 4:43 it says and they were offended in him but Jesus said to them that a Prophet is not
without honor except in his own country and in his own house. So Jesus establishes for us and those
who witnessed him establish for us that he was what? A Prophet! And Jesus said concerning his
miracles when he was asked how does though do such miracles? He said I can of my own self do
nothing. But whatsoever I am commanded to do by the One that is on high that is what I do. Jesus
Christ called himself the son of man 72 times he called himself the son of man. And when Jesus Christ
referred to God as the Father he did so just as God referred to Isaiah as his son, as Abraham as his
son, as David as his son as in the figurative son. Because the son of God here meant one that God
loves not one that God gave birth to. And if Jesus ever said that he was exclusively the son of God
then he would not have said our Father who art in heaven.

Now Jesus had his own challenges from demanding Israel. Who were they called? They were called
the Sadducees and the Pharisees. They were the learned people, the priests who were using the
religion to make money. Who were gambling in the temple, who were forcing the people to pay
them to do religious subscriptions. They were the corrupt people that he said you call God your
Father but your father is none other than the devil himself. And Jesus went inside the temple that
man of love, that man of peace, that man from Nazareth, he went inside of the Temple and he
grabbed a stick and he beat them across their backs and he chased them out of the temple. Jesus
went to war. And it was those adversaries who plotted, who schemed, who conspired to try to trick
him to say things so they could prosecute him and they when to Pontus Pilot and they said to Pontus
Pilot: “this man Jesus is a trouble maker.” Just probably like some of you say this guy Khalid he’s a
trouble maker. “This man Jesus he’s starting trouble, he’s healing people, he’s brainwashing people,
he’s turning people away from us, he’s calling himself the son of God and that’s a blasphemy. He’s
calling himself a king along with Harrod, he’s calling himself a king along with Caesar, he’s saying that
he’s the king of the Jews. He says that he is the son of God. Both of them are blasphemies.” They
went to Pontus Pilot and said, “You should arrest him.” Just like somebody might drop a dime on me
and say you should arrest him. That’s always what happens to people that want to uncover the truth,
somebody want to drop a dime on them. And so Jesus Christ had his adversaries. And when Pontus
Pilot under the obligation of those wealthy powerful Pharisees and Sadducees just like George Bush
and Tony Blair under the influence of those powerful Pharisees and Sadducees they feel the
obligation to follow up on that phone call and so they arrested Jesus and they brought Jesus in front
of Pontus Pilot on those charges. And what did Pontus Pilot do? He asked him directly, “And what do
you say about the charge that you call yourself king of the Jews?” Jesus Christ looked at him and said,
“You say I am the king of the Jews.” And then Pontus Pilot said, “And what do you say about the
charge that you call yourself the son of God?” Jesus Christ looked at him and said, “You say that I am
the son of God.” And Pontus Pilot understood his answer to be a refutation of the charge, a denial of
the charge and what did Pontus Pilot do he said to those Pharisees and those Sadducees, “I find no
guilt in that man.” And they said, “If you find him not guilty though art not a friend of Caesar.” So
Pontus Pilot said, “I wash my hands of this affair. You prosecute him according to your own law.” So
Pontus Pilot understood that Jesus denied the two charges. And therefore you and I should
understand that Jesus Christ denied the two charges.
Next we want to examine the words of Jesus Christ himself. Just listen to this. The words of Jesus
Christ himself. First of all, let us say this to you: the 5 Gospels is a 550 page book containing
translations of the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. 550 pages of four people who we don’t
know what their last names were. Matthew who? Mark who? Luke who? And John who? Secondly,
82% of those 550 pages, 82% they are not the words of Jesus Christ at all. Khalid didn’t say that.
Christian scholars of 364 denominations they said that 82% of the 550 pages of the Gospels are not
the words of Jesus Christ at all. And the way that they have determined that and showed that to you
and I they have done something called the red letter Bible. How many of you have seen the red letter
Bibles? Be honest. Those are the Bibles that whatever Jesus said himself are in red letters. How many
of you have seen that Bible? Yes? And you will find for yourself that only 20% of what is in the New
Testament is written in red. That is allegedly what Jesus Christ said. Biblical scholars and theologians
alike have learned to distinguish the Jesus of history from the Christ of faith. It has been a painful
lesson for both the Church and the Scholarship. This distinction between the two figures has been
the difference between a historical person who lived in a particular time and place and a figure who
has been assigned a mythical role in which he descends from haven to rescue human kind and of
course eventually returns back to heaven. We want to continue to review the words of Jesus Christ
himself. Jesus Christ himself said, Jesus Christ said, “And this is the life eternal that they may know
you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent,” John 17:3. “That ye may with one mind
and one mouth glorify God.” And Jesus Christ said in 20:17 to a woman, “I ascend onto your father
and my father and to your God and my God.” So by Jesus Christ’s words he is a Prophet of Nazareth,
he is a Prophet of God, he is a man that eats and drinks, he is a man sent by God, he is the son of
man, man meaning human. He is the son of a woman, Mary, who was pure and untouched chosen by
God to have a son through phenomenal birth.

Now we want to examine a totally different view of Jesus as taught and represented by St. Paul, the
father of the modern church. In doing so, we will talk about the new covenant, the New Testament
and what has inevitably become a new religion built around a new Christ and a new Jesus. Now lets
make reference to Paul himself. By his own admission Paul said that, “I was on my way traveling on
the road to Damascus.” That is what Paul said. Now when he was on that road traveling to Damascus
what was he doing? Paul said, “I was on a mission to capture or to kill or trap Christians.” Because
Paul, well at that time his name was Saul of Tarsus, Saul was a bounty hunter. And what was his
hunt? What was his prey? It was Christians. Paul used to trap them, bind them, hold them, arrest
them and deliver them to the Romans to be jailed and killed for a price. Now on one of those
excursions Paul said, “He was on the road to Damascus and he was riding on a horse along with some
other people.” And he said, “He heard a voice but the other people didn’t hear it. He said that he saw
a light but the others didn’t see it. He said that he fell off his horse but the others didn’t fall of their
horse.” And Paul said that, “In a vision he saw Jesus Christ and Christ revealed to him Paul, Paul why
do you prosecute the Church? Paul, I have selected you to be an apostle of the gentiles.” Now that is
the only time that Paul said that he saw and talked to Christ but those that was with him they didn’t
see Christ, they didn’t see the light, they didn’t hear the voice and they didn’t fall off their horse. But
at best Paul saw something. We can not deny that Paul saw something. But isn’t it strange that after
that one vision Paul straight away understood that he was now the 12th apostle of Jesus Christ to
replace Judas, a good replacement. Judas of course had already betrayed. Jesus Christ had already
been lifted. Now there were only eleven disciples, genuine disciples and Paul said that he had been
appointed to fill that gap. He now became the 12th apostle of his own appointment. And isn’t it
strange that of the 27 books of the New Testament that 15 of those books are absolutely written by
Paul himself, 15 books. And the Church fathers are of the opinion that the first 5 books were also
written by Paul or under the influence of Paul, why is that? Because Paul wrote his books between 50
and 60 years after Jesus Christ left. The other books the 4 Gospels and Acts they were written
between 90 and 100 years afterwards. Therefore whoever wrote Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and
Acts they were influenced by Paul who wrote first. Now most Christians don’t know that. Now if you
got the majority of the books written my Paul who never saw Jesus physically in one vision and you
got another 5 books of 4 Gospel writers who also never saw Jesus, never ate with Jesus, never talked
to Jesus, never sat with Jesus, never heard directly from Jesus then you got at least 20 books of
human beings who had no direct connection with Jesus Christ. And mind you all of these books were
written without the authorization, without the assistance, without the witnessing, without the
documentation, without the collaboration of the other twelve Apostles who were living. Where were
they living? In Antioch, or Jerusalem or Galilee. One would ask, “Why didn’t those eleven write and
why were they passed up and why were they not collaborated with?” The other issue is that when
Paul when to Jerusalem with Barnabas that blind disciple of Jesus, Barnabas who was blind who used
to follow Jesus but he was blind. Paul went to Jerusalem to visit the disciples in Jerusalem and Paul
told them about his vision and that he was appointed as an Apostle and that Jesus Christ was the son
of God and what do you think was the reaction of the Apostles? They rebuked him, they rejected him
and the people of Jerusalem stood up to jump on Paul and to kill him and Barnabas helped him to
escape from Jerusalem.

Now this is the Paul who has re-written the life of Jesus Christ and said to us 1) Jesus said I came not
to change and alter the law, who’s law, the law of Moses. Not one jot nor one tickle until heaven and
earth shall pass away. No one must change or alter the law for anyone that does so is the least in the
sight of God, that’s what Jesus said. Now Paul said that he came with a new covenant. Paul said that
he came with the New Testament. Paul said that he came to the gentiles and that they no longer had
to, those that followed Paul, they no longer had to follow the law of Moses. What was the law of
Moses? The 10 Commandments. They no longer had to. They could eat pigs meat. The Jewish people
today following the law of Moses they can’t eat pigs meat. So how could Paul change that law and
tell them they could eat pigs meat? Paul said they didn’t have to circumcise. All Muslims, all Jews, all
of those that follow the Prophets they are circumcised. How is it that Paul said they don’t have to be
circumcised? Paul said they didn’t have to observe the Sabbath. Now the Sabbath is one of the
Commandments, one of the 10 Commandments and Jesus said when they asked him about it, he
said, “Do you know which is the greatest of all the Commandments?” What commandments was he
talking about? He was talking about the commandments of Moses. Jesus said, “Love the Lord thy God
with all the heart and all the mind and all thy soul.” This what Jesus said was the first of all the
Commandments. Because that commandment for Moses was, “Hear ye oh Israel. The Lord thy God is
one and though shall not worship anyone except the Lord thy God and though shall not bow down to
any graven images in the heavens or in the earth or in the sea below for the Lord thy God is a jealous
God and though shall not worship any gods along with him.” That was the first of the
Commandments. But Paul said that we didn’t have to observe that commandment.
And it was through the epistles of Paul that Constantine later on, 300 years later, he decided to
reconcile this new Jesus at the council of Nicaea, to be specific in the year 354. It was Constantine
that reconciled Paul’s Jesus from the Historical Jesus and decided that he would go with Paul’s Jesus
and kill everybody else. And that’s where the trinity was born. That’s where the incarnate God was
born. That’s where the atonement was born, that’s where the idea that Jesus Christ was crucified,
dead and buried for 3 days and coming back was born. This is where the idea of Jesus Christ being
God was born because Constantine accepted that idea. Because Constantine had already deified his
father as sole evictus. And that’s how December the 25th became the birth day of Jesus. Although
Jesus could not have been born December the 25th because that would have been the winter in
Lebanon. And anyone that is here that is from Lebanon will tell you that December the 25th there is
probably snow on the ground so why would they have a baby in a manger when there is snow on the
ground? But that was the date of the sole evictus and that’s when they changed the Sabbath from
Saturday to Sunday. From yaum as-sabt, yaum as-sabt, all the Arabs in this room know that yaum as-
sabt the Sabbath is Saturday so how did the day of worship for the Christian become Sunday?
Because that was the day of the worshipping of the sun and that’s the day Constantine worshipped.
And that’s where they took the name of Jesus and took the Sabbath and made it into Sunday. And
Moonday, Monday, and Tuesday Tyr another God and Wednesday another God and Thorsday
another God and Freyjaday another God. All gods of the Romans and the Greeks. What did that have
to do with Jesus Christ? Absolutely nothing! So a new covenant was born through Paul and to
collaboration and the official documentation of Constantine who then assigned an official Bishop of
Rome. That Bishop of Rome became the official Pontiff of the Catholic Church. And so today that is
why the Pope is called the Pontiff. He is called the shadow of God on earth. Who’s God? The God of
Paul, the God of Constantine, certainly not the God of Jesus.

Now Paul through his writings set up a nefarious situation that virtually stamped out, wiped out,
imprisoned, tortured, killed, eliminated all of the Unitarians. Because those that followed Jesus Christ
were called the Unitarians. That means they were subscribing to one God. And what happened to the
Unitarians? They were thrown to the lions until they were gradually eliminated. And then
Constantine made Christianity the official religion. Why? Because he made a distinction between the
Nazarenes and the Christians. If you were Christians you were cool. If you were Christian you were
official. If you were Christian you could be assimilated. If you were Christian you were Constantized.
If you were acceptable if you could embrace the Pauline Doctrine then you became a Christian and
Christians then became the antitheist of the Nazarenes. It also became the antitheist of the life and
the message of the Historical Jesus. This new evolution, this new faith system officially adopted by
Constantine, the Roman empire, the establishment of the Church of Rome, and the subsequent
christology that has developed. I say christology, now what is christology? Christology is the
scientific, systematic, dramatization and mythological replacement of the Historical Jesus. That’s
what christology is. Because if we want to love Christ and follow Christ we have to follow the real
Christ. We have to follow, find and subscribe to the Historical Christ. The issue is who is willing to
follow the Historical Christ? And even after you receive the information some of you are angry right
now. If you had some rocks you would probably stone me right now. Some of you might want to
invite me outside to beat me up. You might want to stand up right now where you are and just say:
“You’re a liar! I don’t care what you say, Jesus is God!” And you are going to keep saying that.
Because change is difficult and to know that you have come all this way and spent all this time and
that you’ve been hood winked, you’ve been scammed, you’ve been tricked and trapped and misled
and misguided through false and fabricated purposeful fabricated information that has been
systematically developed to create a new Jesus Christ. A drama more profound that Steven Spielberg.
And what has happened? Jesus Christ said God is one. Paul said trinity. Jesus Christ said God has no
sons and daughters, God has no physical shape, God is not related, God is not like anything that he
has created. He is the most powerful but Paul said father, son, holy ghost.

And let me tell you a very interesting issue, a very interesting one. Did you know that the only verse
in the Bible that states the trinity, there is only 1 verse in the Bible, the only verse that states the
trinity, one verse. And did you know that all the denomination, the 52 churches and all the
denominations they said that this verse was fabricated and they threw it out. John 17:3 threw it out
or John 5:17. We’ll search for it right now and give it to you in a few minutes. Threw it out,
fabricated. And the 30 years later it caused so much damage with the King James Version what do
you think they did? They dug it back up and put it back. So today you will find in your Revised
Standard Versions (including the New International Version) that verse is not there anymore. There is
no evidence for the trinity in your Bibles anymore but if you turn to the King James Version they put
it back because they said we don’t want to be breaking with tradition it’s been there too long. So we
have evidence, we have tracked it, we have found it, we have discovered it, we have outlined it, I
could give you here tonight if we had time at least 150 inditements of the lies and the fabrications
against who? Against God and against the Historical Jesus and against his blessed Mother. Concocted
first by Paul adopted, conspired and cooked even more by the Greco-Roman Church and we now
have good evidence of the gross distortions, Biblical inconsistencies. I have a book here and I have
evidence that I can give to anyone that wants it here of 110,000 contradictions inside the Bible.
110,000 blatant contradictions and I say to you God don’t contradict himself so if there’s even just
one. And there’s 110,00! Well you may say I think you’ve really gone a little too far here brother. But
if there is only one inconsistency, contradiction, blatantly, open, clear then it can’t be God. God don’t
contradict Himself, it had to be someone that wrote it.

We have now discovered the blatant orchestration and dramatization of the new mythological Jesus
and the eventual deification of the making Jesus a god creating the idea of a man god and in so many
words the making of a new god. It is not God at all. It is a creation of another god and finally I want to
make an appeal and a proposition about this issue. In fact I want to launch a defence of the Historical
Jesus, I want you to be the jury and I’m the defence lawyer and I want to appeal to you that Jesus has
been slandered. Jesus has been replaced. Someone has imposed themselves on Jesus and on the
world, someone has lied on Jesus and someone has disguised themselves in the name of Jesus and
they have perpetrated crimes the greatest crimes against humanity and say that it was Jesus who
said it. I say to you that you should go home with an open heart and an open mind and you should
read for yourselves. Don’t read the Muslims books, don’t read the Jewish books, read the book that
you’ve been having in your home all your lives. And they got the nerve to put this book in all the
hotels all over the world. I can’t understand it. It is as if there’s some money in it. In every hotel all
over the world. I say to you at least it’s accessible, that’s one good thing. They can’t hide it but you
Christians or you people of monotheistic faith if one thing I said in my constructive criticism if one
thing that I said about the Historical Jesus and if one thing that I said is right then the whole book is
wrong. Because it’s either the God’s honest truth all the way or it’s a lie. Cause a woman she can’t be
almost pregnant. And water can not be almost wet. And you can’t be almost alive or almost dead.
No! Truth is truth and a lie is a lie and there isn’t such thing as a white lie and a black lie as if black
people lie different from white people. Now either it holds water or it doesn’t. Either it is clean and
straight and clear from God and it can be tested or it isn’t. And I say to you that the evidence is in
front of you. And I say the onus is on you. Myself I have done my best to bring to you some
indications. I have done my best to bring to you a proposition and that is what? Come back to God!
Come back to the God of the Historical Jesus! Come back to the message of the Historical Jesus!
Come back to the mission of the Historical Jesus! Put your prejudice aside, put your arrogance aside,
put your traditions aside and discover the real Jesus if you dare! Because if the whole idea of
worshipping God is to uplift your life and make it acceptable to God how is it that a person once they
know continues. It’s like Christopher Columbus he landed in the Americas and he was so arrogant he
knew he was not in India but he was so arrogant that he called them Indians. And when he got back
to Queen Ferdinand and Queen Isabella since they had hopped their crown jewels to pay for that
excursion they said they were Indians also. And guess what all the way to today in their arrogance
they still call them Indians. Now how in the world could some Natives in that part of the world also
be Indians if India is a whole other directions. This is to show lies perpetuate themselves. And then
how did he discover a land where some people was already living? That sounds like some of the
things going on right now. Don’t let me get political on you.

Dear brothers and sisters I want to launch a campaign in defense of the Historical Jesus. I want to
launch a campaign, I want to look into, I want to investigate, I want to establish, I want to make it
clear, I want the world to see and understand and come to discover and embrace the true Jesus
Christ. I want to do that on behalf of the Christian Unitarians. I want to do that on behalf of the lovers
and admires of the Historical Jesus. I want to do that on behalf of the Muslims who revere him as a
great Prophet and Messenger and finally I want to do that on behalf of every human being who is
attached to Prophethood, scripture and monotheism throughout the world. Thank you very much.

Question period:

1. Mary being God?

I didn’t say that you Christians said that, I said that the Catholic Church has made a determination a
Pontifical determination and they have upgraded, promoted Mary from the Mother of God to God
itself. Now that’s what I say of the Catholic church. Now if you collaborate and support the Catholic
Church you may not even be aware that they made that amendment. You should know that is the
case. Mary is now not just considered the Mother of God but part of God Himself.
2. Proofs from the Bible

First of all, yes I did subject not the Bible itself but what I subjected was what has been commonly
believed concerned Jesus Christ, I subjected that to scrutiny. And I did so with evidences and
references from the Bible, Old and New Testament of which I have only given to you maybe a 10th of
the reference that I have here which itself is maybe only a 10th of the references that could be made
available to you. I will just deal with one and I will give you a chance to answer. You give me one
reference from the Old or the New Testament to the trinity. One reference and the only one you will
find is the one that has been expunged, abrogated. This is the most blatant contradiction of the Bible.
This is among the most blatant contradiction that I have read. I say you or anyone else give me a
verse from the Bible where Jesus said father, son, holy ghost, trinity. Now Jesus didn’t say that, if the
Historical Jesus didn’t say that then I say that is like lying on my mother, that’s like lying on my wife.
That’s like lying on your mother or your wife. And you would not allow somebody to lie on your
mother or your wife you would defend them. And I love Jesus more than I love my wife and you
should love Jesus more than you love your wife. And I say that that trinity is a lie and a fabrication
against Jesus and there is no evidence of it in the words of Jesus.

Now we were talking here about the Historical Jesus. Now relative to the Quran. The Quran has been
subjected to scrutiny on a Historical basis, a scriptural basis, as to it’s sources, it’s references, it’s
validity and it has stood that test. Here we are talking about several blatant inconsistencies relative
to the person, the mission and the message of Jesus Christ. And what I tried to deliviate here is that
there are obviously two different Christs. There are two separate Christs that are not, they don’t
collaborate, the don’t mix, they’re not compatible, one has got to be a lie and the other has got to be
a truth. Now if the one the Historical Jesus that I gave reference to is a lie then it is up to the people
to say that the Historical Jesus that you refer to is a lie and the one that I refer to as being the
mythological Jesus created by Paul and the church is the truth so now I give you the chance to just
give us one evidence of the trinity since that’s the biggest lie. Good try. I mean a lot of metaphors, a
lot of insinuations but no direct reference at all to the issue of trinity from Jesus. And ironically in
case you don’t know this, Paul himself never mentioned the trinity, the trinity was decided in 354 by
Constantine at the Council of Nicaea. I gave you the hint, I gave you the information, all you had to
do is connect the dots. Now I want to make it clear that we Muslims and Christians we cousins. See
we cousins. We’re all one human family and we isn’t going to break out no knives or guns and we
isn’t going to take anyone hostage. What we’re trying to do is reason. Said the Lord, “Prove all things
by reason.” And I say lets go back to the 10 commandments of Moses before we start getting
hypothetical lets go back to the 10 Commandments of Moses that starts out like this: “Hear ye oh
Israel the Lord thy God is how many? How many? End of story.

3. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John my friend, they wrote between 90 and 110 years after Jesus. Paul
wrote between 50 and 60 years after Jesus so now in order for them to have been disciples when
they wrote and Jesus was already 33 at that time they would have had to be 123 or 143. Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John they were not disciples!

Secondly, I ask you Matthew who? Mark who? Luke who? John who? How could four people, that
wrote separately, all of them forgot to write their last names?

The third thing, not only did they forget to write their last names they began their chapters they all
started out the same: they all said according to, according to, according to, according to. Now what’s
your name sir? Huh another Paul. Paul if you wrote me a letter or wrote your wife a letter would you
write according to, according to Paul? No you wouldn’t. You would write your name at the end and if
you were asking for a debt that I owed you, you would write you last name and your address. The
Gospel writers, the alleged Gospel writers they didn’t write a name, they didn’t write an address,
they didn’t write a reference and in the beginning of each one of their Gospels they said according to,
according to, according to, according to. No one knows who these people are who wrote those four
Gospels. They absolutely were not disciples.

4. The equality of all the Prophets

When we talk about Prophets there is not an issue of equality here. They have all been sent by God
with a message and with signs of prophecy and God doesn’t love one more than the other and we
don’t say we love one more than the other. They’re all Prophets, brothers of Prophecy from Almighty
God. We love them all and we make no distinction except by saying one was the first Prophet and the
first man the other Muhammad was the last Prophet. Jesus’ distinction was that he was born without
a father, and second was that he spoke in the cradle and Jesus’ also distinction is that he was lifted
up by God and another distinction is that he will return before the end of the world. Now those
distinctions don’t make Jesus better than another Prophet. So here I want you to understand that if
the basis of Jesus being born without a father makes him sort of special in your eyesight then what
about Adam and what about Eve? They double special.

I think my friends and Christians that are here no need for anybody to think that you have got to ring
your bell about Jesus cause we got all the bells. We love Jesus we think more than you because we
think that we understand the real Jesus the Historical Jesus that makes our love genuine and direct.
Here we saying we want to share all the love we just want to make sure that the letter goes the right
place. We want to make sure that the Jesus that we’re loving, that we’re following, that we’re
making reference to is the real Historical Jesus we’re not trying to denigrate Jesus Christ. We’re not
trying to denigrate the church. We’re not trying to embarrass, compete or denigrate Christians or
Christianity, no! We’re trying to uncover all the rocks and see what’s underneath them.

Now in all fairness, if evidence that I brought to you about the Historical Jesus if the idea of the
Historical Jesus is repugnant to you. If you don’t think that I have a right to talk, search, find, identify
the Historical Jesus. If you find some problem with that you need to tell me. At the same token I find
a problem with someone manufacturing lies and fabrications and dramatizations and mythologies
about Jesus Christ especially when Jesus Christ himself had nothing to do with the evidence that they

Now lets keep it on point because that’s the issue. There is no tug-of-war here, there is no issue here
of arguing here trying to cast aspersion upon Jesus or Christianity. Because Jesus for us was a
Muslim. Because Muslim means one that submits to God. Because Abraham was a Muslim because
he submitted to God. Because Moses was a Muslim and David and Solomon were Muslims and all the
Prophets of God were Muslims. Because Muslims doesn’t mean Arabs it means those that submit
themselves to the law, the legislation the inspiration and the law of Almighty God so if Jesus was a
Muslim then we on his side.

5. The Crucifixion

Well the revelation that came to us through that final Prophet and Messenger Muhammad peace
and blessings be upon him in the Quran it says, “They crucified him not and they killed him not.” This
is the revelation that came to us. Now we have confidence in that revelation because we’re Muslims
and that’s our revelation.

Well lets go to the issue itself and discuss that a little bit. Because I believe that you’re open minded
about this issue, wouldn’t you? Okay good. On that day when Jesus Christ was allegedly crucified.
Before we talk about the kill lets talk about crucifixion first. On that day that Jesus Christ was
allegedly crucified, Penny, what day was that? Okay I’ll tell you then. I’ll tell you what day it was. It
was what they called Good Friday. Isn’t that right, Friday, you remember that now. I said what day
was that? Good Friday wasn’t it? And for all Jewish people Friday at sunset what does it become? It
becomes Saturday, right? Saturday for all Jewish people is what? The Sabbath. Did you know that no
one, no Jew could be prosecuted, executed on the Sabbath. Lets just follow for a moment, I just want
to make sure that we’re on the same page. Now on that day allegedly that Jesus was taken to
Gargosa and put on that cross allegedly, what time was it? It was in the afternoon. And I ask you
another question, if was Friday afternoon how long did it normally take a person if they had nails
driven though their hands and feet, nothing else, and put on a cross, how long did it take for a person
to die? Because crucifixion is not being nailed on the cross, crucifixion is dying on the cross. Just like if
somebody was electrocuted. If I said that a person was supposed to be electrocuted (put in the
electric chair) or if I said that a person is supposed to get an injection if they got an injection and
didn’t die were they executed? Were they? If they were put in the electric chair and the electric went
all through them and they didn’t die were they executed? No. Okay. So if Jesus Christ was put on the
cross, if he was put on the cross Friday afternoon, nails through his hands, not his heart, nails
through his feet, not his heart and put on the tree in order to be what? Humiliated, dehydrated,
traumatized and die a slow agonizing death that usually took 3-4 days why would Jesus have died in
an afternoon before sunset if he was crucified? The guys that are in Guantanamo Bay they have been
tortured and abused those people that was in Goree Prison they’ve been tortured and abused. There
are plenty of people that have been tortured and abused. A woman could be raped and tortured and
abused but that doesn’t mean she was executed. Here we’re talking about crucifixion.

Now since you asked the question I am giving it back to you in a very rational way. I didn’t say that
he was crucified. I’m giving you a rational explanation of the issue of crucifixion. That’s just the one
point. One, it was the afternoon allegedly, second thing is that if he was put up on the cross a Roman
soldier came by and stuck the spear in his side and what happened? Water came out. It didn’t say
blood, it said water came out from his side. Now it might have been water mixed with blood but if he
was dead on the cross at this time the heart would not have been beating therefore water would not
have come out. You see, this whole idea of crucifixion it is crucificion but not fix like he was fixed it’s
fiction. Fiction. And the Quran, that final revelation, it says that. They were made to think that. In fact
another possible issue, that is in the Bible, that one of the disciples of Jesus Christ who looked very
much like Jesus Christ gave his life up for Jesus and when they came to get Jesus the Roman soldiers
they didn’t know Jesus otherwise Judas wouldn’t have sold him out for 7 pieces or 13 pieces of silver.
The Roman soldiers didn’t know Jesus so when they came to get Jesus they got somebody else. Now
that’s only plausible. I didn’t say that’s what happened.

Now our revelation says that, “They were made to think that they killed Jesus Christ but they
crucified him not and the killed him not.” According to our revelation Jesus Christ was spared of that
crime and that humiliation and the Almighty God sent his angel to Jesus Christ and lifted him up
physically and brought him up to the havens and our belief is that he will come back again physically
from the heavens back into the earth again that’s what our revelation tells us.

6. The Trinity

We don’t believe the trinity because the trinity has no scriptural context, that’s number one.
Secondly, the trinity has no historical context. Thirdly, Jesus Christ never said anything about the
trinity. And fourthly the only reference about the trinity in the Bible wasn’t even made by Paul. It was
made in 1 John and that was expunged. So the trinity has no basis whatsoever. Whereas the birth of
Adam, the creation of Adam is scriptural, the birth of Eve it’s scriptural, the birth of Jesus is scriptural.
We believe upon the order, the revelation of Almighty God which is scriptural and proven that’s why
we don’t accept that. Because we have scriptural evidence that Muhammad, peace and blessings be
upon him, is the final Prophet.

Now that’s our scripture but as for your scripture in the garden of Gessemanine there was a
conversation that Jesus Christ had with his disciples and he mentioned in there about a comforter
and he gave six descriptions of that comforter of which I won’t give you all of them now but six
descriptions. This means that someone would come after Jesus Christ fulfilling those six descriptions.
The only person claiming to be a Prophet, coming with a scripture, confirming Jesus Christ, fulfilling
those six descriptions that Jesus Christ gave confirming Jesus Christ and mentioning his mother in
that scripture is Muhammad, may peace and blessings be upon him.