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Crystal City 2018
Arlington, VA | June 18-23

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Five hands-on, immersion-style courses taught by
real-world practitioners

See inside for courses offered in:

SIEM Penetration Testing
Cyber Defense Windows Security

“I’ve been in IT 20+ years and I have Oracle, Microsoft, and several security
certifications. This is the best technical training I have ever experienced.
This training has provided immediate benefit.”
-Richard C., DoD HPCMP CSSP

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Crystal City 2018 JUNE 18-23

SANS Instructors
Fewer than 100 individuals are currently qualified and designated to teach as SANS
Certified Instructors, globally. This select group of professionals includes recognized
industry experts and real-world practitioners, all of whom have proven to be engaging
teachers in the classroom. Their up-to-date examples and deep knowledge ensure
that what you learn in class will be relevant to your job.
For instructor bios, visit: www.sans.org/instructors
The line-up of SANS Certified Instructors for SANS Minneapolis includes:
Jason Fossen Justin Henderson Chris Pizor
Faculty Fellow Instructor Certified Instructor

@JasonFossen @SecurityMapper @chris_pizor

James Shewmaker Bryan Simon

Certified Instructor Certified Instructor

@jimshew @BryanOnSecurity

Evening Bonus Sessions

Take advantage of these extra evening presentations
and add more value to your training. Learn more on page 7.

KEYNOTE: Windows Exploratory Surgery with Process Hacker -Jason Fossen

Training Location
The training campus for SANS Crystal
City, Renaissance Arlington Capital View
Hotel, is conveniently located near Reagan
National Airport and the U.S. Capitol. Find
more information on page 9.

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Courses at a Glance MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT

6-18 6-19 6-20 6-21 6-22 6-23

SEC401 Security Essentials Bootcamp Style - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Page 1

SEC504 Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling Page 2

SEC505 Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation - - - - - - Page 3

SEC555 SIEM with Tactical Analytics NEW! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Page 4

SEC599 Defeating Advanced Adversaries –

Implementing Kill Chain Defenses NEW!- - - - - - - - - - - - Page 5

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SEC401 This course has evening
Bootcamp Sessions www.giac.org/gsec

Security Essentials Bootcamp Style

Learn the most effective steps to prevent attacks and detect adversaries
Six-Day Program with actionable techniques that you can directly apply when you get
Mon, June 18 - Sat, June 23 back to work. Learn tips and tricks from the experts so that you can win
9:00am - 7:00pm (Days 1-5) the battle against the wide range of cyber adversaries that want to harm
9:00am - 5:00pm (Day 6)
your environment.
46 CPEs
Laptop Required Is SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style the right course for you?
Instructor: Bryan Simon
STOP and ask yourself the following questions:
▐ Do you fully understand why some organizations get compromised

and others do not?

Who Should Attend ▐ If there were compromised systems on your network, are you
Security professionals confident that you would be able to find them?
who want to fill the gaps
▐ Do you know the effectiveness of each security device and are you
in their understanding
of technical information certain that they are all configured correctly?
security ▐ Are proper security metrics set up and communicated to your
Managers who want to executives to drive security decisions?
understand information
security beyond simple If you do not know the answers to these questions, the SEC401 course
terminology and will provide the information security training you need in a bootcamp-
style format that is reinforced with hands-on labs.
Operations personnel
who do not have security Learn to build a security roadmap that can scale today and into the future.
as their primary job
function but need SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style is focused on teaching
an understanding of you the essential information security skills and techniques you need
security to be effective
to protect and secure your organization’s critical information assets
IT engineers and
supervisors who need
and business systems. Our course will show you how to prevent your
to know how to build organization’s security problems from being headline news in the Wall
a defensible network Street Journal!
against attacks
Administrators Prevention is ideal but detection is a must.
responsible for building With the rise in advanced persistent threats, it is almost inevitable that
and maintaining systems
that are being targeted organizations will be targeted. Whether the attacker is successful in
by attackers penetrating an organization’s network depends on the effectiveness
Forensic specialists, of the organization’s defense. Defending against attacks is an ongoing
penetration testers, challenge, with new threats emerging all of the time, including the next
and auditors who need
a solid foundation of generation of threats. Organizations need to understand what really
security principles to be works in cybersecurity. What has worked, and will always work, is taking a
as effective as possible risk-based approach to cyber defense. Before your organization spends
at their jobs
a dollar of its IT budget or allocates any resources or time to anything in
Anyone new to
information security with the name of cybersecurity, three questions must be answered:
some background in ▐ What is the risk?
information systems and ▐ Is it the highest priority risk?
▐ What is the most cost-effective way to reduce the risk?

Security is all about making sure you focus on the right areas of defense.
In SEC401 you will learn the language and underlying theory of computer
and information security. You will gain the essential and effective
Meets DoDD 8140 security knowledge you will need if you are given the responsibility for
DoDD (8570) Requirements
www.sans.org/8140 securing systems and/or organizations. This course meets both of the key
promises SANS makes to our students: (1) You will learn up-to-the-minute
Bundle OnDemand skills you can put into practice immediately upon returning to work; and
with this course (2) You will be taught by the best security instructors in the industry.

Bryan Simon is an internationally recognized expert in cybersecurity who has been working in
the information technology and security field since 1991. Over the course of his career, Bryan has
held various technical and managerial positions in the education, environmental, accounting, and
financial services sectors. Bryan speaks on a regular basis at international conferences and with
the press on matters of cybersecurity. He has instructed individuals from the FBI, NATO, and the
UN on cybersecurity issues, on two continents. Bryan has specialized expertise in defensive and
offensive capabilities. He has received recognition for his work in IT security and was most recently
profiled by McAfee (part of Intel Security) as an IT Hero. Bryan holds 13 GIAC Certifications including
scholastic achievements have resulted in the honor of sitting as a current member of the SANS
Bryan Simon Institute Advisory Board and in his acceptance into the prestigious SANS Cyber Guardian program.
SANS Certified Instructor Bryan teaches SEC401: Security Essentials Bootcamp Style; SEC501: Advanced Security Essentials –
Enterprise Defender; SEC505: Securing Windows and Powershell Automaton; and SEC511: Continuous
@BryanOnSecurity Monitoring and Security Operations.

For course updates, prerequisites, special notes, or laptop requirements, visit www.sans.org/event/crystal-city-2018/courses 1
SEC504 This course has
extended hours www.giac.org/gcih

Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling

The Internet is full of powerful hacking tools and bad guys using
Six-Day Program them extensively. If your organization has an Internet connection
Mon, June 18 - Sat, June 23
and one or two disgruntled employees (and whose does not!), your
9:00am - 7:15pm (Day 1)
9:00am - 5:00pm (Days 2-6) computer systems will get attacked. From the five, ten, or even
37 CPEs one hundred daily probes against your Internet infrastructure
Laptop Required to the malicious insider slowly creeping through your most vital
Instructor: Chris Pizor
information assets, attackers are targeting your systems with
increasing viciousness and stealth. As defenders, it is essential we
understand these hacking tools and techniques.
Who Should Attend
Incident handlers This course enables you to turn the tables on computer attackers by
Leaders of incident helping you understand their tactics and strategies in detail, giving
handling teams
you hands-on experience in finding vulnerabilities and discovering
System administrators
who are on the front lines intrusions, and equipping you with a comprehensive incident
defending their systems handling plan. It addresses the latest cutting-edge insidious attack
and responding to attacks
vectors, the “oldie-but-goodie” attacks that are still prevalent, and
Other security personnel
who are first responders everything in between. Instead of merely teaching a few hack attack
when systems come tricks, this course provides a time-tested, step-by-step process for
under attack
responding to computer incidents, and a detailed description of how
attackers undermine systems so you can prepare for, detect, and
respond to them.
In addition, the course explores the legal issues associated with
responding to computer attacks, including employee monitoring,
working with law enforcement, and handling evidence. Finally,
students will participate in a hands-on workshop that focuses on
scanning, exploiting, and defending systems. This course will enable
you to discover the holes in your system before the bad guys do!
The course is particularly well-suited to individuals who lead or are
a part of an incident handling team. General security practitioners,
system administrators, and security architects will benefit by
understanding how to design, build, and operate their systems to
prevent, detect, and respond to attacks.

“This course gives attendees a view into the hacker mindset,

insight into the findings that we receive from our external
and application pen tests, and the tools that the SecOps
team members need to master to track and hunt hackers.”
Meets DoDD 8140
(8570) Requirements -Joshua Alderete, Oil States International

Bundle OnDemand
with this course

Chris Pizor is a civilian employee working for the U.S. Air Force as the lead curriculum designer for
cyber warfare operations training. Chris served on active duty in the U.S. Air Force as a Network
Intelligence Analyst before retiring in 2010. He was part of the initial cadre of the NSA Threat
Operations Center and helped develop tactics to discover and eradicate intrusions into U.S.
government systems. Chris has worked in the intelligence community for more than 20 years, including
12 years focused on cybersecurity. Over the course of his active duty career, Chris received multiple
individual and team awards. Chris is passionate about security and helping others advance their
security knowledge, and he is continuously researching and refining his own skills so he can prepare
U.S. airmen and women and other professionals defend their vital networks and critical infrastructure.
Chris earned a bachelor’s degree in intelligence studies and information operations from the American
Chris Pizor Military University and a master’s of science in cybersecurity from University of Maryland University
College. He holds the GSEC, GCIA, GCIH, GPEN, GXPN, GCFA, GISP, and CISSP® certifications. Chris is also a
SANS Certified Instructor recipient of the General John P. Jumper Award for Excellence in Warfighting Integration for the Air Force
Space Command. The General Jumper award recognizes individuals for sustained superior performance
and outstanding contributions to the integration of Air Force or DoD warfighting and/or operations
support capabilities that shorten the kill chain and/or enhance the decision cycle.
2 Register at www.sans.org/crystal-city | 301-654-SANS (7267)
SEC505 www.giac.org/gcwn

Securing Windows and PowerShell Automation

Hackers know how to use PowerShell for evil. Do you know how to use
Six-Day Program it for good? In SEC505 you will learn PowerShell and Windows security
Mon, June 18 - Sat, June 23 hardening at the same time. SecOps/DevOps requires automation, and
9:00am - 5:00pm Windows automation means PowerShell.
36 CPEs
Laptop Required You’ve run a vulnerability scanner and applied patches – now what? A
Instructor: Jason Fossen major theme of this course is defensible architecture: we have to assume
that there will be a breach, so we need to build in damage control from
the beginning. Whack-a-mole incident response cannot be our only
Who Should Attend defensive strategy – we’ll never win, and we’ll never get ahead of the
Security Operations
game. By the time your monitoring system tells you a Domain Admin
personnel account has been compromised, IT’S TOO LATE.
Blue Team players who For the assume-breach mindset, we must carefully delegate limited
were terrified by SEC504
administrative powers so that the compromise of one administrator
Windows endpoint and account is not a disaster across the board. Managing administrative
server administrators
privileges and credentials is a tough problem, so this course devotes an
Anyone who wants to learn
PowerShell automation entire day to just this one critical task. Perhaps you’ve taken a hacking
Anyone implementing the
course at SANS and you now want to learn Windows mitigations: SEC505
NSA Top 10 Mitigations is that course. SEC505 is the defense-only mirror image of SEC504 with
Anyone implementing regard to Windows and Active Directory.
the CIS Critical Security
Learning PowerShell is also useful for another kind of security: job
security. Employers are looking for people with these skills. You don’t
DoD admins applying the
NSA/DISA Secure Host have to know any PowerShell to attend the course, we will learn it
Baseline together. About half the labs during the week are PowerShell, while the
Individuals deploying or rest use graphical security tools. Many of the PowerShell scripts written
managing a PKI or smart by the course author are available to download from GitHub for free.
Anyone wanting a This course is not a vendor show to convince you to buy another security
more rugged Windows appliance or to install yet another endpoint agent. The idea is to use
architecture built-in or free Windows and Active Directory security tools when we can
(especially PowerShell and Group Policy) and then purchase commercial
products only when absolutely necessary.
If you are an IT manager or CIO, the aim for this course is to have it pay
for itself 10 times over within two years, because automation isn’t just
good for SecOps/DevOps; it can save money too. This course is designed
for systems engineers, security architects, and the Security Operations
(SecOps) team. The focus of the course is on how to automate the NSA Top
10 Mitigations and the CIS Critical Security Controls related to Windows,
especially the ones that are difficult to implement in large environments.
SEC505 will also prepare you for the GIAC Certified Windows Security
Administrator (GCWN) certification exam to prove your Windows security
expertise. The GCWN certification counts towards a Master’s Degree in
Information Security from the SANS Technology Institute (www.sans.edu)
and satisfies the Department of Defense 8140 computing environment
requirement. The GCWN is also a foundational certification for soldiers in
the U.S. Army’s 255-S Information Protection Program. For DoD students,
Meets DoDD 8140 we will see how to apply the NSA/DISA Secure Host Baseline.
DoDD (8570) Requirements
www.sans.org/8140 This is a fun course and a real eye-opener, even for Windows administrators
with years of experience. We don’t cover patch management, share
Bundle OnDemand permissions, or other such basics – the aim is to go far beyond that. Come
with this course have fun learning PowerShell and Windows security at the same time!

Jason Fossen is a principal security consultant “This class provided

at Enclave Consulting LLC, a published author,
and a frequent public speaker on Microsoft real-world examples
security issues. He is the sole author of the
SANS week-long Securing Windows course
and sample scripts
(SEC505), maintains the Windows day of to make a Windows-
Security Essentials (SEC401.5), and has been
involved in numerous other SANS projects centric environment
since 1998. He graduated from the University
fundamentally more
of Virginia, received his master’s degree from
Jason Fossen the University of Texas at Austin, and holds secure.”
a number of professional certifications. He
SANS faculty Fellow -Nick Boardman, HRSD
currently lives in Dallas, Texas.
For course updates, prerequisites, special notes, or laptop requirements, visit www.sans.org/event/crystal-city-2018/courses 3
SEC555 This course has evening
Bootcamp Sessions Coming Soon!

SIEM with Tactical Analytics

Many organizations have logging capabilities but lack the people

Six-Day Program and processes to analyze them. In addition, logging systems collect
Mon, June 18 - Sat, June 23
vast amounts of data from a variety of data sources that require
9:00am - 7:00pm (Days 1-5)
9:00am - 5:00pm (Day 6) an understanding of the sources for proper analysis. This class is
46 CPEs designed to provide individuals training, methods, and processes for
Laptop Required enhancing existing logging solutions. This class will also help you
understand the when, what, and why behind the logs. This is a lab-
Justin Henderson
heavy course that utilizes SOF-ELK, a SANS-sponsored free Security
Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, to provide
Who Should Attend hands-on experience and the mindset for large-scale data analysis.
Security analysts Today, security operations do not suffer from a “big data” problem
Security architects but rather a “data analysis” problem. Let’s face it, there are multiple
Senior security engineers ways to store and process large amounts of data without any real
Technical security
emphasis on gaining insight into the information collected. Added to
Security Operations
that is the daunting idea of an infinite list of systems from which one
Center analysts, could collect logs. It is easy to get lost in the perils of data saturation.
engineers, and managers
This class moves away from the typical churn-and-burn log systems
CND analysts
and moves instead towards achieving actionable intelligence and
Security monitoring
specialists developing a tactical Security Operations Center (SOC).
System administrators This course is designed to demystify the SIEM architecture and
Cyber threat investigators process by navigating the student through the steps of tailoring
Individuals working to and deploying a SIEM to full SOC integration. The material will cover
implement Continuous
Security Monitoring many bases in the “appropriate” use of a SIEM platform to enrich
Individuals working in a readily available log data in enterprise environments and extract
hunt team capacity actionable intelligence. Once the information is collected, the
student will be shown how to present the gathered input into usable
formats to aid in eventual correlation. Students will then iterate
through the log data and events to analyze key components that will
allow them to learn how rich this information is, how to correlate
“The immediate the data, how to start investigating based on the aggregate data, and
value of the finally, how to go hunting with this newly gained knowledge. They
will also learn how to deploy internal post-exploitation tripwires
course material is
and breach canaries to nimbly detect sophisticated intrusions.
unlike any course
Throughout the course, the text and labs will not only show how to
or training I’ve manually perform these actions, but also how to automate many of
received. A++” the processes mentioned so students can employ these tasks the
-David Savercool, day they return to the office.
Cart Container The underlying theme is to actively apply Continuous Monitoring and
analysis techniques by utilizing modern cyber threat attacks. Labs
will involve replaying captured attack data to provide real-world
results and visualizations.

Bundle OnDemand
with this course

Justin Henderson is a passionate and dedicated information technology professional who has
been in the field since 2005. Justin focuses on providing comprehensive industry training and
uses his knowledge and experience to mentor others. Justin is highly proficient in technical
platforms including operating systems, networking, security, storage, and virtualization, but he
has also worked in governance, project management, and service management. He has a BS
degree in network design and administration from Western Governors University and has over
40 certifications, including the GPEN and GCWN. Justin has also taught network security at Lake
Land College. Some of his other achievements include mentoring individuals in the information
technology field as well as developing the virtual dojo, a fully automated cloud computing
solution showcase environment.
Justin Henderson
SANS Instructor
4 Register at www.sans.org/crystal-city | 301-654-SANS (7267)

Defeating Advanced Adversaries –
Implementing Kill Chain Defenses
You just got hired to help our virtual organization “SyncTechLabs”
Six-Day Program build out a cybersecurity capability. On your first day, your manager
Mon, June 18 - Sat, June 23
tells you: “We looked at some recent cybersecurity trend reports
9:00am - 5:00pm
36 CPEs and we feel like we’ve lost the plot. Advanced persistent threats,
Laptop Required ransomware, denial of service...We’re not even sure where to start!”
James Shewmaker
Cyber threats are on the rise: ransomware is affecting small, medium
and large enterprises alike, while state-sponsored adversaries are
attempting to obtain access to your most precious crown jewels.
Who Should Attend SEC599: Defeating Advanced Adversaries – Implementing Kill Chain
Security architects Defenses will arm you with the knowledge and expertise you need to
Security engineers detect and respond to today’s threats. Recognizing that a prevent-
Technical security only strategy is not sufficient, we will introduce security controls
designed to stop advanced adversaries.
Security Operations
Center analysts, Course authors Erik Van Buggenhout and Stephen Sims (both
engineers, and managers
certified as GIAC Security Experts) are hands-on practitioners who
IT administrators
have achieved a deep understanding of how cyber attacks work
Individuals looking to
better understand how through penetration testing and incident response. While teaching
advanced persistent cyber penetration testing courses, they were often asked “But how do I
adversaries operate and
how the IT environment prevent this type of attack?” With more than 20 labs plus a full-day
can be improved to better “Defend-the-Flag” exercise during which students attempt to defend
prevent, detect, and
respond to incidents our virtual organization from different waves of attacks against its
environment, SEC599 gives students real-world examples of how to
prevent attacks.
Our six-day journey will start with an analysis of recent attacks
through in-depth case studies. We will explain what types of attacks
are occurring and introduce the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)
Attack Cycle as a structured approach to describing attacks. In order
to understand how attacks work, you will also compromise our
“The course content virtual organization “SyncTechLabs” in our Day 1 exercises.
has been carefully In designing the course and its exercises, the authors went the
crafted to provide extra mile to ensure that attendees “build” something that can be
students with the used later on. For this reason, the different technologies illustrated
best advantages to throughout the course (e.g., IDS systems, web proxies, sandboxes,
visualization dashboards, etc.) will be provided as usable virtual
defeat the advanced
machines on the course USB.
SEC599 will finish with a bang. During the “Defend-the-Flag”
-Dan Parry,
challenge on the final course day you will be pitted against advanced
Adeptio Solutions
adversaries in an attempt to keep your network secure. Can you
protect the environment against the different waves of attacks? The
adversaries aren’t slowing down, so what are you waiting for?

James Shewmaker is the founder and principal consultant at Bluenotch Corporation, Long
Beach, California, which provides customized security services focusing on investigations,
penetration testing, and analysis. James authored and maintains the post-exploitation content
in the SANS Security 660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking
course. Before becoming a SANS Certified Instructor in 2009, his creative technical work led
him on many adventures, including “The Great Translator Invasion of 2003.” James led the
development and operations for NetWars as a U.S. Cyber Challenge game in June 2009. He is
currently developing an independent cyber challenge, Bunker011, and is involved in the U.S.
Cyber Challenge as an instructor at Cyber Camps. James regularly teaches a Tactical Offense
and Defense day at these events.
James Shewmaker
SANS Certified Instructor
For course updates, prerequisites, special notes, or laptop requirements, visit www.sans.org/event/crystal-city-2018/courses 5
Bonus Sessions
Enrich your SANS training experience! Evening talks by our instructors and
selected subject-matter experts help you broaden your knowledge, hear
from the voices that matter in computer security, and get the most for your
training dollar.

KEYNOTE: Windows Exploratory Surgery with Process Hacker

Jason Fossen
In this talk, Jason Fossen, SANS Institute Fellow and SEC505 author, will rummage
around inside the guts of Windows while on the lookout for malware, using a
free tool named Process Hacker (similar to Process Explorer, but open-source).
Understanding processes, threads, drivers, handles, and other OS internals
is important for analyzing malware, understanding exploits, doing forensics,
troubleshooting, and hardening the OS. If you have a laptop, get Process Hacker
from http://processhacker.sourceforge.net and together we’ll take a peek
under the GUI to learn about Windows internals. This talk also helps to prepare
attendees for several of the courses at the conference by presenting key OS
concepts like virtual memory, modules, security access tokens, and more.

Security Awareness Training by the Most Trusted Source

Security Awareness Training by the Most Trusted Source

Computer-based Your Employees
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Keep your organization safe with flexible, computer-based training.
End User
User •• Train employees train
Let employees on their
on own
own schedule
CIP v5/6 •• Modify modules to
Tailor modules to address
ICS Engineers
Engineers •• Increase
Courses comprehension
translated into–many
courses translated into many languages
Developers •• Test
comprehensionthrough module
through quizzes
module quizzes
Healthcare •• Track
completionforforcompliance reporting
compliance purposes
reporting purposes

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Corporate Member of the AFCEA community.
Ask the Experts Webcasts WhatWorks Webcasts
SANS experts bring current and timely The SANS WhatWorks webcasts bring
information on relevant topics in IT powerful customer experiences showing
security. how end users resolved specific IT
security issues.
Analyst Webcasts
A follow-on to the SANS Analyst Tool Talks
Program, Analyst Webcasts provide Tool Talks are designed to give you a
key information from our whitepapers solid understanding of a problem, and
and surveys. how a vendor’s commercial tool can be
used to solve or mitigate that problem.

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• InfoSec Reading Room • Security Posters
• Top 25 Software Errors • Thought Leaders
• 20 Critical Controls • 20 Coolest Careers
• Security Policies • Security Glossary
• Intrusion Detection FAQs • SCORE (Security Consensus
• Tip of the Day Operational Readiness Evaluation)
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