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ALTO DR® 14x17N Wireless Gadox Flat Panel Detector

Water Resistant, 2nd Generation 14x17N Wireless Flat Panel Detector for Digital Radiography

This new product by has 3 antennas imbedded for stronger Wi-Fi connection and also introduces
Near Field Communication (NFC) function for easier configuration and settings.

The ALTO DR 14x17N Wireless Panel offers a built-in handle and curved edges that allows easier
grabbing of the detector. It also includes an LED display for quick status check of battery and Wi-Fi
connection. Like previous models, users will still be able to enjoy the stable and reliable automatic
exposure detection (Anytime™), direction communication with smart devices (Inside AP™) and
image acquisition & viewer software (VXvue™).

Medlink Imaging offers a variety of digital solutions to help physicians, clinicians

and healthcare professionals make the transition to digital imaging.

ALTO DR® 14x17N Wireless Gadox Panel
ALTO DR 14x17N Wireless Gadox Panel Technical Specs ALTO DR Acquisition & Viewing Software
15.1" (W) 384mm .0.59” (D) 15mm Five (5) LAN - Local Area Network Viewers
DICOM Send - Multi Destination, DICOM Print
DICOM MWL Modality Worklist
User-Friendly Touch GUI
18.1" (L) 460mm Measurement Tools, including:
Auto and Manual Selection, Archive, Image Preview,
Magnify, Zoom, Pan, Annotation, Window Level, Rotate,
Repeat / Reject, L/R Marker

Image Size: 14x17 inch (35cmx43cm) Image Export - DICOM, JPEG, TIF and BMP w/wo Viewer

Dimensions: 18.1”W x 15.1”L x .59”D

MIRAssist® Managed Service
Weight: 6.39 (lbs) 2.9 (kg)
ALTO DR Systems are provided with a One (1) Year 250GB
Scintillator: Gadolinium Oxysulfide Gd202S:Tb (Gadox)
MIRAssist Managed Service Plan with an Automatic Backup to
Pixels: 2560 x 3072 pixels a Fully Monitored and Managed HIPAA Compliant Archival
Pixel Pitch/Size: 140μm x 140μm and Disaster Recovery Service. Customers may increase the
Spatial Resolution: Min. 3.5 lp/mm data plan and/or extend this service after Year One (1) for a
fee. Note: MIRAssist is automatically activated on all systems
prior to shipment.
Power: 3,100mAh X 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
40-150 kVp
ALTO DR® Warranty Coverage
X-Ray Voltage Range:
Image Acquisition Time: 3 Seconds Includes a Five (5) Year Panel Manufacturer Warranty.
Note: Batteries include a six (6) month warranty.
Data Interface: IEEE802.11n/ac (2.4GHz/5GHz)
System includes: 14x17N Wireless Flat Panel Detector, SCU (FXRS-04A),
Battery Charger, Batteries (4 ea.), Cables , Image Processing Software Workstation PC Warranty and Support Coverage
and Acquisition Workstation.
Note: System does not include the Cat. 5 cable between the Acquisition Computer Acquisition Station and Monitor includes a Three
Workstation and the network connection. (3) Year Warranty Plan with Next Business Day On-site
Support from Lenovo. Help Desk Hours: Monday-Friday
ALTO DR Acquisition Workstation 9:00AM - 8:00PM Eastern Time, excluding Holidays.

Local Mini-PACS in a RAID 1 (2 drives total) IP56 Water Resistant and Dustproof
Intel Core i5-6400 Processor
(6MB Cache, 2.70GHz)
4GB DDR4, 2133MHz UDIMM, Preload OS: Windows 10 Pro 64
VXvue Imaging Acquisition Software
Professional Monitor: 23” Touchscreen
Licensed MIRAssist® Bridge 2x1TB (1TB RAID 1)

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