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4th FINAL Examination

Parent’s Signature MARCH 19, 2018 Score

Teacher: Christine Gerecka Neille T. Codilla

General Instruction: The test is consist of 45 items. You are just given 1 hour to finish the test. Read
each instruction carefully and do what is asked. Please avoid erasures. You may now begin.
Test I. Identification (15 points): Read and analyze each statement carefully. Identify what is being
asked. Write your answer on the space provided below. Wrong spelling is wrong.

___________________ 1. A group of twelve Gods who ruled after the overthrow of the Titans.
___________________ 2. He is the King of Gods and controls thunder and lightning.
___________________ 3. She is the Goddess of marriage and the wife of Zeus.
___________________ 4. The Goddess of hearth and home. She is also the protector of the sacred
___________________ 5. He is the God of the sea who controlled earthquakes, hurricanes, rough
seas and tidal waves.
___________________ 6. The God of the underworld who is not friendly, but not evil either.
___________________ 7. The creature who rowed people across the river Styx
___________________ 8.The 3-headed dog who guarded the underworld.
___________________ 9. He is the God of war but no myths written about him.
___________________ 10. The Goddess of the moon, hunt and witchcraft who is also the twin sister
of Apollo.
___________________ 11. The Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality and married to Hephaestus.
___________________ 12. The God of the forge and made Zeus’s lightning bolts and the armor for
___________________ 13. The Goddess of Agriculture and the mother of Persephone.
___________________ 14. The Goddess of wisdom, defensive warfare and handicraft.
___________________ 15. The God of light and drove the sun chariot.

Test V. Essay (30 points) Read and analyse carefully each question below. Create an essay with a
not less than 50 words. Share your hypothesis and justify them by giving scenarios from the story.

The content of all your responses will be graded in terms of the accuracy, completeness, and
relevance of the ideas expressed. The form of your answer will be evaluated in terms of clarity,
organization, correct mechanics (spelling, punctuation, grammar, capitalization), and legibility.

You can use the back sheet of this paper.

1. What is the nature of the Filipino culture and social roles portrayed in the story “Why Women
Wash Dishes”?
2. What is the importance of unity in a family?
3. If you would be given a chance to be part of the 12 Olympians, What would be your name and
power as God or Goddess.