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Project # Science Fair Judging Rubric Judge

_____________ Team Project _____________

CREATIVITY: 25 points (suggested point distribution 0 - 5 points each)
Problem original or unique approach
Ingenious use & design of equipment and/or materials
Creative research /scientific methods
Creative analysis / interpretation of data
Ingenuity rather than gadgeteering
CREATIVITY Total _________
Scientific Thought or Engineering Goals

SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT: 30 points (suggested point distribution 0 - 3 points each)

Hypothesis clearly stated/ Clearly designed project
Depth of study and effort/ scope limited appropriately
Appropriate sampling / data collection
Variables clearly recognized & defined
Controls correctly used or not required
Scientific procedures appropriate and organized
Orderly recording & analysis of data
Logical conclusions, relevant to the hypothesis & based on data
Understands ties to related & future research
Cites scientific literature rather than popular literature
ENGINEERING GOALS: 30 points (suggested point distribution 0 - 5 points each)
Clear objective relevant to needs of potential user
Orderly recording & analysis of data/ testing procedures
Logical conclusions based on the data collected
Product or solution is workable and feasible
Product or solution tested for performance
Product or solution is significant improvement
THOROUGHNESS: 10 points (suggested point distribution 0 – 2 points each)
Study carried to completion
Student familiar with scientific literature / other approaches
Several experiment repetitions performed
Data collection in quantitative units / thoroughly analyzed
Project notebook and records are complete
THOROUGHNESS Total _________
SKILL: 10 points (suggested point distribution 0 - 2 points each)
Construction / use of equipment skills evident
Mathematical / computational/ observational skills evident
Skillfully designed to yield valid, reliable, and accurate data
Student’s own work without inappropriate adult assistance
Resource utilization /well chosen project site, equipment and/or consultants
SKILL Total _________
CLARITY: 10 points (suggested point distribution 0 – 2 points each)
Project notebook well organized, neat, and accurate
Purpose, procedures & conclusions clearly outlined - Title reflects the problem
Student extemporaneously explains project through interview
Display communicates science not merely artistry/Display can stand alone
Student demonstrates understanding of research, future applications
CLARITY Total _________
TEAMWORK: 15 points (suggested point distribution 0 – 5 points each)
Each member’s tasks & contributions clearly outlined
Each team member fully involved & familiar
Final work reflects coordinated efforts of all team members
TEAMWORK Total _________
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