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4/12/2019 Zimbra

Zimbra suksham@extramarks.in

Breach in Appointment Contact

From : Suksham Sawhney <suksham@extramarks.in> Fri, Apr 12, 2019 10:16 AM

Subject : Breach in Appointment Contact 1 attachment
To : hr <hr@extramarks.com>
Cc : Shahrukh Usmani
<shahrukh.usmani@EXTRAMARKS.COM>, Karunn Kandoi
<karunn@extramarks.in>, Rishabh Arora
<rishabh.arora@extramarks.in>, Sungkrityayan Khan

Dear Sir, Greetings.

With this message , I would like to bring your notice to an important discrepancy that has taken place. My
designation on the concerned portal used to be Business Development Manager , and now that had changed to
Assistant Manager . I was hired by Mr Rishabh Arora as a Business Development Manager , but I did conductions
too solely to add to the team's number as I was aware of the fact that Mr Arora had a team with only few members
.And I was never told that I am fulfilling an assistant manager's duty. Though I have informed Mr Khan and Mrs
Payal about the same but the revert that I have received is "The designation BDM was offered as a mistake and I
actually was appointed as AM".
I would like to list out few points of the timeline that ran across -
- I was offered a position of BDM on papers ( Offer letter, Appointment letter, Portal)
- I went on field to generate revenue as Mr Arora was in early days of building his team , thus my revenue would
have been of great help, plus we didn't have much executives so that I would have got a team.
- Profile on my portal changed from BDM to AM.
- On alarming Mr Khan about this , I was explained that it will remain the same as all the documents that showed
me to be a BDM were not correct and it showed BDM due to technical glitch.
I am not able to understand, how a strong document like appointment letter (which I signed) , and Offer letter (on
which it had signature of HR) can have a glitch in those and nobody checked. Also , all my salary slips states that I
am a Business Development Manager.

Sir I was asked to join as BDM so I joined , but now as I have been asked to work as AM, this feels as some sort of
on papers demotion.
I feel this is a breach of appointment contract.
Please help me with this and help me achieve my offered position.

https://webmail.extramarks.in/h/printmessage?id=1831&tz=America/Los_Angeles 1/2
4/12/2019 Zimbra

https://webmail.extramarks.in/h/printmessage?id=1831&tz=America/Los_Angeles 2/2