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Prepared by: Munazza Kashif

Subject: English {ESL} Topic: Present simple tense Date: 01/15/2015

Level: Beginners Resource: White board, hand outs and Time: 45 minutes.
Objectives: At the end of the lesson learners will be able: Skills: Grammar, Speaking and listening. Assumption: some students might make mistake
-To make sentences and ask questions in simple present while using third person singular by not putting ‘e’
tense and “es”.
-To perform their tasks individually and In the group.
Time Content Teaching Procedure Rationale Student Aid/ Assessment Problems Solution
Stage Activity Material Anticipated

10 minutes Introducing Topic

-Teacher draws a stick picture of a
girl and boy. To give students
-Eliciting from the students and an idea of the
writing on the board: Simple Present Pupils will be
Observation Initially there Teacher will drill
-She is a girl. Tense with actively
and critical would be some to make the
-He is a boy. simple involved.
eye. difficulty in concept clear.
-she is happy. sentences.
Lead - In familiar with the
-Once students are brought to the White board
topic teacher states her routine:
-I read newspaper daily. Learners will
Teacher will
-Asking questions from the be engaged in
Some students ensure effective
students: To give students making
Q&A will not response. participation.
-When do you come to School? idea of ‘I’ in the responses.
-Do you watch TV? tense and build
-When do you have breakfast? vocabulary.

15 minutes Study -Once students are comfortable To give ‘he’ and Students will White board Observation Some students Making
speaking about their daily routine ‘she’ be engaged in Q&A may not interaction more
now third personal singular ‘he’ presentation question and response. effective.
and ‘she’ is introduced. and to tell that answer
-Teacher asks: session.
Topic: Present simple tense – Beginners Level P a g e 1 of 2 Course: TFEL
-When does Marry (student) wake verb ends in s or
up? es for them. White board
- She wakes up at 7 o’clock.
-One student asks and other reply Some students Drilling will be
and teacher writes on the board Observation, may make done.
the answers. To help students Learners will Q&A mistakes.
- When questions exhausted memorize the be engaged in
teacher writes grammatical crucial making
structure. difference. questions and
-Subject+ base verb (“s“ or “es” answers.
third person) + object.
-A lot of drilling is done to ensure
grammatical structure.

15 minutes Activate Controlled practice

-Teacher distributes the

Observation. Some students
worksheets. Students will
To check their may be lazy.
-Gives clear instructions. do their tasks.
comprehension. Teacher clearly
-Observing each student.
announce the
-Asking randomly to students read
time to make
their work.
them finish their
-While other will correct their
Worksheet tasks.
-Pair work.
-One student has to tell his
Observation Some students
likes/dislikes and other has to tell Students will
Peer correction and peer may make Peer correction.
the reasons of liking/disliking. discuss with
and discussion. correction. mistakes and
-I like to read novels. each other.
peer will correct.
-He is an avid reader.

Topic: Present simple tense – Beginners Level P a g e 2 of 2 Course: TFEL

Name:_______________________________ Worksheet Date:_________________________________

Who are you?

Complete the given sentences about yourself.
Draw a picture of yourself

1. My name is ________________________________.

2. I live in____________________________________.

3. I have ________ brother(s) and _________ sister(s).

3. I am__________________________centimeters tall.

4. I weigh_________________________________kilos.

5. My hair is__________________________________.

6. I like ______________________________________.

7. I am _________________ and __________________.

8. ___________________________________________ .

9. ___________________________________________ .

10. ___________________________________________ .

Topic: Present simple tense – Beginners Level P a g e 3 of 2 Course: TFEL

Now, complete the same information about your best friend. This time you have to write whole sentences.
Draw a picture of your friend

1. His / Her name is _____________________________.

2. He / She lives in ______________________________.

3. __________________________________________.

4. __________________________________________.

5. __________________________________________.

6. __________________________________________.

7. __________________________________________.

8. __________________________________________.

9. __________________________________________.

10. _________________________________________.

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Topic: Present simple tense – Beginners Level P a g e 4 of 2 Course: TFEL