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Research Group Eulogizes Bogoro’s Purposeful Policies

A group of academics under the aegis of South East/South South

Research Group (SESSRG) has applauded the Executive Secretary of
Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund), Professor Suleiman Elias
Bogoro for championing a purposeful and result-oriented policy,
especially on Research and Development.
The group led by its Chairman, Dr. O. Arugu on a courtesy visit to
the Fund, also honoured Professor Bogoro with an award of
Excellence for Capacity Building.
The Chairman noted that the SESSRG is “particularly impressed with
Professor Bogoro’s efforts at making TETFund more purposeful and
result-oriented as manifested by your achievements so far, especially
in the area of research and development in public tertiary institutions
in the country”.
Presenting the group’s 2020 Action Plan to the Executive Secretary,
they also implored him to accept their request to be a Patron of
Welcoming the Group of Researchers, the highly elated Professor
Bogoro described their initiative as very commendable, particularly
at a time when the Fund is projecting the issue of Research and
Development in the University community, and the country at large.
He explained that Nigeria has not gotten right, the issue of research
as a base for economic growth and development and this has been
responsible for slow pace of national development all these past
He said; “First let me welcome you and thank you, I’m happy to know
that you put together a research group in that part of the country
and a voluntary initiative. That is commendable. Anything that has
to do with research is touching my soft part, because I’ve since been
reflecting over the way we’ve gone in the academic community in
Nigeria, particularly our Universities.
“You are aware that there is an impact assessment team that is
working. They just finished collecting data. So your initiative is
coming so timely and it will compliment what the independent impact
assessment team of TETFund that did some work months back and
their report is almost ready. For me you have not bothered to
characterize your individual areas of benefits from TETFund but if
your institution have benefited you are happy to be associated with
it. I want to thank all of you for this.
“I’m excited to know that you have put yourself together and more
importantly the motivation for this group there are researchers as
academics but that they have been encouraged by what they consider
as visible impact of TETFund that’s why I’m so excited and I cannot
thank you people enough. To volunteer to do this means a lot”, he
pointed out.