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Welcome Everyone To Our Internship Program

Linda Melnick
Please give a quick outline of how to set up an affiliate site outside of Inbox

Fred’s Answer
1. There Are Landing Page Creators In A Number Of Email Autoresponder
Companies. GetResponse And Definitely Sendlane Has It. Create Your
Landing Page / Opt-In.
2. LeadPages Or ClickFunnels - Landing Page Creator (WYSIWYG)
3. Design It In Photoshop And Then Get My Developers To Create It.
(Fiverr Or Upworks To Get It Done).

1. Free Report / Lead Magnet
2. T.Y.P Method In Place (What Is The First Product You Want To Sell Right
3. Make Sure You Have Your 10 Day Autoresponder In Place
4. After Day 11, You Want To Put These Subscribers Into A Broadcast Pool
5. Go To Clickonomy And Buy Solo Ads From These People
6. Get Data - Get EPC, Revenue Per Lead, etc..
7. Repeat Step #5 - Buying More Solo Ad Traffic
8. Building A Full Content-Based Website To Start Advertising On
9. You Need To Have A Custom Funnel For Your T.Y.P. Method
10. Have A Video In Your TY Page To Tell Them To Check Their Emails

Teresa Kelly-Tagas
Please explain better about how to go about adding additional FB ad
accounts. I did go through module 4 but i would like more details.

Fred’s Answer: First Of All, You Must Have A Business Manager

Account. You Immediately Will Have 2 Ad Accounts Available To You.
All You Have To Do Is Go To The Top-Left Navigation Bar And Then Go
To Business Manager And Add A New Ad Account. If You Need More
Than 2 Ad Accounts, You Need To Have 2 Of Your Existing Ad
Account Up And Running And Spending Money Then You Contact
Facebook Support VIA Live Chat Or Their Email Support And Request
For More Ad Accounts.

William Bright
is WooCommerce a good platform to build an eCommerce store

Fred’s Answer: The Great Thing About WooCommerce Is That It Is

Wordpress Based And That Means There Are More Customizations
That You Can Do. You Pay Only Your Hosting Fee. There Are Some
Really Nasty Stories With WooCommerce. It Is Wordpress-Based.
Wordpress Is Known To Be The Easiest Platform To Get Hacked Into!
VaultPress Or To Actually Use WPEngine.com As Your Host And
Ensure That Your Themes And Your Plug-Ins Are All Up To Date!
There’s No Support! WooCommerce, You Need To Actually Figure Out
Your Own Credit Card Processing.

Jason Craigg
How Can we use FB to generate leads for our email marketing business.
And making it more cost efficient than Solo Ads. As Solo Ads are a little

Fred’s Answer: It All Drills Down To Your Targeting. Increase

Conversion On Your Website And I Mark The Conversion As Leads!
Lead Ads, Especially When I Have A Webinar That I Have Something
To Sell.

Does Sendlane have Survey option?

Fred’s Answer: Sendlane Doesn’t Have It.

My CPC Link is over $1.00 but cost per purchase is good. Should I worry
about CPC Link in that case?

Fred’s Answer: NO! What the CPC Link Does Is An Indicator To You
When You Create A New Ad set In Your Facebook Account To Test The
Market And You Don’t Have Conversions Yet.
Is it better to use a personal photo or a logo as your FB avatar for
advertising on FB?

Fred’s Answer: Logo Unless If You Are Trying To Become A Public


When I try to clone my ad, the cost per click for the new ad is high. Should I
close the new ad and activate the older one?

Fred’s Answer: I Would Say Yes. Try It Out And Test Out.

Should I buy Doodly now?

Fred’s Answer: I Highly Recommend It.

Jason Craigg
Would you recommend Lead Ads or The traditional squeeze page . I have
not been getting much luck with the Lead Ads from FB. Also what is a good
Cost Per Lead to aim for

Fred’s Answer: Cost Per Lead Less Than $2.00

I am thinking about adding some products to my Shopify account like
quotes T-shirts, Minions, Makeup Brushes...Will this confuse customers or
should I open a new e-commerce store?

Fred’s Answer: It’s Fine, But ONE Important Thing.. Don’t Sell

Do you have to have an ad account for each niche? Can you have muliple
FB fan pages on one account?
Fred’s Answer: One Domain, One Ad Account, One FB Fan Page.

Jason Craigg
What would you say the best approach to sending FB traffic to a
supplement based business. I found customers are not as eager to buy
consumable products as they are like Prepper gears or like cell phone
cases? What funnel set would you do if you were using FB for supplements
as they are a little hard on weight loss and supplements?

Fred’s Answer: Every Successful Supplement Businesses Have A VSL

Or Uses Risk-Free Trial Model.


I made all the changes you suggested on this page:

Is the text better/more emotional now?

Fred’s Answer / Suggestion…

The 3 Simple Steps That Can Turn Your “Screw-Up” Relationships To

The Best Romantic & Intimate Moments You’ll Ever Dreamt Of With
Your Partner…

Is He Fucking You Over? 3 Simple Steps To Get His Attention With

The Burning Love Desire!

Do you have to have new pixels in before putting in flexify app?

Fred’s Answer: To Fully Take Advantage Of Flexify, Use Shopify’s

Facebook Pixel Integration.

How does Sendlane compare to Aweber as an autoresponder?
Fred’s Answer: Sendlane Is Way Better With Better Deliverability.

whenn an ad is running really well and making sales for about a week BUT
then suddenly it stops being profitable like no more conversions or even
clicks, how can i quickly fix this problem??

Fred’s Answer: First Of All, Check Your Frequency. Less Than 1.5.
Create A New Campaign And Clone The Ad Set To The New Campaign
To Reset The Algorithm. FB Fully Optimizes Your Ads After 25

Would that Landing Page your just reviewed be approved for FB ads as it is
not a FULL Website??

Fred’s Answer: Hers Will Get Approved.

And what does a conversion on Facebook really even mean? for example if
on Facebook ads I have 175 "conversions" but when I go to my store I
actually have only 8 sales, i don’t understand how that works. What is
Facebook counting if it isn’t the true number of "conversions"

Fred’s Answer: When You Hover Your Cursor Over The Conversions
Column You Will See Specific Data. Any Standard Event Conversions
Are Marked As A Conversion. You NEED To Customize Your Column
Based On What I’ve Shown In Prepper Gears To Show The CORRECT

Are you planning on selling a Copywriting Course in the Near Future was
looking for a Copywriting Training but couldn't find one. Anik has a live
workshop but its hard to Fly to USA to do it with work.

Fred’s Answer: I’m Not The Best At It So I Don’t Teach A Ton Of It

regarding the fb optimize after 25 conversions.. is that 25 conversion based
on campaign or ad set?

Fred’s Answer: Ad Sets.