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Michael Joseph B.

N39 TTHS 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Mr.Samera Junard

El Filibusterismo

“The Filibusterism” or literally the regime of greed. This was the second novel that Rizal
wrote and dedicated for his country specifically the three martyr friars, namely: Gomez,
Burgos, and Zamora. The three priests were accused by the Spaniards on being a
traitor to the government and were sentenced to death. Also, this novel was the
continuation of the Noli Mi Tangere. But, even though Noli talks about romance and
love, El Filibusterismo talks about the politics and governmental issues in our country. It
targets the Spanish government in indirect way.

This novel tell us how cruel and how purely evil the Spaniards was. Nevertheless, it also
tackles the bravery of the Filipino community. It shows the unimagined bravery of our
countrymen on fighting the greediness and cruelty of the Spaniards.

By reading this poetic novel, you can conclude that the sword is not the only one who
can cut through the steel armor but also words can shatter the pride of anyone in this
world. It cannot result in to a fatal death but the wound it can cause will gradually devour
you. If I’m a Spaniard and I’d read his novel, surely, I’ll lose my mind to anger and
grudge. I am thankful not only for Jose Rizal but also for the people who fight for
freedom in a war of words and thoughts. Even though it is not directly into war, but the
effect was very unburden to the enemy. El Filibusterismo, a novel about the word war
for freedom.
Michael Joseph B. Canlapan
N39 TTHS 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Mr.Samera Junard

Unit III- Chapter 1

The trial of Rizal was said to be an eloquent proof of the injustice and misrule of
Spanish Authorities. To describe it simply, it was clearly a mistrial. It was a big joke from
the very start and it was completely trash if I would describe it and utterly disgusting that
I want to puke. The cruelty enrages me so much that I can compare those Spanish
authorities at that time to wild animals possessed by evil. They were way too much and
hate is not enough to describe it in words how I feel about them.

When Rizal was deported to Dapitan in July 1892, despite his denial and insistent
demand for investigation in accordance with the due process of law, he was
immediately placed under arrest and escorted to Fort Santiago without the benefit of a
trial and the decree and charges were kept secret from him.

And again, when he was placed in Montjuich Castle dungeon on arrival in Barcelona
and the same day re-embarked for Manila. Arrived in Singapore, his friends tried to
rescue him for a Habeas Corpus writ but it was unsuccessful. It was clear though that
Spanish authorities didn’t follow due process of the law, the writ of habeas corpus was
denied when he was illegally detained in a ship from Singapore.

He was immediately placed in Fort Santiago upon his arrival in Manila and then he was
charged with Treason, sedition and forming illegal societies, the prosecution arguing
that he was responsible for the deeds of those who read his writings. Then ruled that he
should be put to military court.  Rizal was a civilian but was tried by a military court
where civilian and church interference was not allowed. It was clear that they have the
intention to really put him on death cage and there was really no way out for Rizal.

His case was prejudged, they considered him guilty before the actual trial. The military
court was not meant to find the truth or to give justice but to accuse and condemn him.
They ignored all arguments and proofs in favor of Rizal and completely turned blind and
deaf to appeals and pleas because right from the start, they have a clear motive, they
wanted his head. And instead they accepted all charges and testimonies against him
Michael Joseph B. Canlapan
N39 TTHS 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Mr.Samera Junard
and Rizal was not even given the right to face witnesses against him in open court
which any accused is entitled to have in a real court of justice.

The only right given to Rizal was to choose his defense counsel that was also a highly
restricted that he was only allowed to choose from a list submitted to him where he
chose Don Luis Taviel de Andrade.

Those who condemned and persecute Rizal were unjust and ruthless. The military court
turned deaf on Rizal’s supplementary defense where he had proven his innocence of by
twelve points which he wrote in his prison cell. And after a short deliberation, Rizal was
given the death verdict and like GOMBURZA, Rizal was executed and became a noble
victim of Spanish miscarriage of justice.

If I were to reflect his trial in today’s time, I could say, there’s still injustice in our society
and especially in our justice system that it seems impossible to eradicate because if you
ask me, I think it became an instilled culture already. It’s still way too far from what Rizal
had experienced from the hands of those cruel oppressors but if we still let our corrupt
government officials do the bad deeds and we are not going to do anything about it
then, it is not impossible that history will repeat itself on the thought that it will be
different in such a way that it will no longer be from the hands of the foreign oppressors
but from our countrymen, which is saddening and frightening at the same time.

We should develop our National Consciousness. We should be vigilant with what is

happening in our country and not to let our guard down. We must always be aware our
rights as a citizen and we should always be ready to uphold and promote them since its
it is both our duty and responsibility as a citizen and for being a part of this nation that
once Rizal loved and fought for with all his life and the nation we are taking pride for—
our Philippines.
Michael Joseph B. Canlapan
N39 TTHS 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Mr.Samera Junard


Directions: Using Venn Diagram Compare the meaning of process Trial in Rizal’s
time and present.

Presenting the
Prosecution/Plaintiff’s Evidence. ...
It’s up to the jury, or the judge in a
bench trial, to decide the true facts
from what is said by each party and
each witness. ... Expert witness
testimony – Testimony of a person
who is qualified to help the jury or
judge understand ..

Rizal’s death was an emotional

event in our history as it produced
A “martyr” and resulted in some
form of social change or
transformation in our lives as a
people. Rizal was put to death for
“subversion” by the dominant
political forces. He presented  a
Of society which had begun to
trouble and therefore constituted a
Threat to the existing social order.
Michael Joseph B. Canlapan
N39 TTHS 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Mr.Samera Junard

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Michael Joseph B. Canlapan
N39 TTHS 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Mr.Samera Junard