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ONLINE ACTIVITY & QUIZ CHAPTER 2b: Facilities Location

Solve the following problems and submit your answer using the link below:

Some of the data required to solve the quiz problem is obtained from your own 6 digit UTHM
Matrix number. Value for L3D = The last 3 digit value of your UTHM Matrix number.
(Example ID is AD 190079. Therefore the L3D value is 79)

1. Table Q1 shows the fixed and variable costs for several alternative location considered for
a factory location. In a single graph draw the cost line for all alternative location. Use
breakeven analysis graphical method to suggest the optimal location selection.
Use this answer format as a guide to solve the problem.
0 < Q < Point 1, Location X is best
Point 1 < Q < Point 2, Location Y is best
Point 2 < Q , Location Z is best

i. Location X
ii. Location Y
iii. Location Z
iv. Point 1
v. Point 2

(Example answer: Point 1 = 13.1, Point 2 = 50.3 )

(Hint: Use graph range of Q between 0 to 200)

Table Q1
Fixed Cost ($) Variable Cost ($/unit)
Location A 100 20
Location B 400 + L3D 10
Location C 700 + 1.5(L3D) 5
Location D 800 + L3D 8
2. A very special manufacturing operation is being designed as an assembly line. Table Q2
shows the tasks that need to be performed, their task time, and preceding tasks. The goal is
to produce 5760 products per month. The company has an operation pattern of 24 days per
month with 8 hours per day.

i. Draw a precedence diagram.

ii. Determine the cycle time.
iii. Using the largest work element-time rule, assign tasks to the workstations in order
to have appropriate line balancing.
iv. Identify the idle time for workstation 1, 2 and 6.
v. Identify the number of workstations for the balanced line.
vi. Calculate the balanced line effieciency to 2 decimal places (Example 0.78).

Table Q2: Assembly task information

Task Time Required Immediate Predecessors

A 30 + (L3D/100) -
B 40 + (L3D/100) -
C 20 + (L3D/100) -
D 100 + (L3D/100) A, B
E 25 + (L3D/100) D
F 50 + (L3D/100) C, D
G 50 + (L3D/100) E, F
H 90 + (L3D/100) G
I 10 + (L3D/100) H
J 51 + (L3D/100) H
K 45 + (L3D/100) H
L 48 + (L3D/100) J