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Ty Yarbrough

Mrs. Field

10 December 2010

Odysseus and Mr. Jackson

There are similarities and differences between people of Ancient Greece and

modern times. The hero Odysseus and the contemporary hero Percy Jackson are

two examples. The two similarities between Odysseus and Percy are the will to keep

fighting for what’s right and superhuman powers; however, Percy and Odysseus go

to the underworld for different reasons.

Percy and Odysseus have similarities as well as differences in personality and

battles. Percy and Odysseus both battle monsters like: Cylla, the Menetar, and

Hydra. But, their differences are Odysseus is more mature and Percy is younger.

Odysseus is trying to get home while Percy is trying to get to Mt. Olympus.

Odysseus has to battle bigger monsters like Cylla and the Giant Cyclopes. Percy has

to battle Medusa. But, both heroes have to fight the temptation of the Lotus Eaters.

Odysseus is older and wiser than Percy. Their attitudes are different being in

different times. Percy has ADHD and is outspoken while Odysseus is smart,

intelligent, and quiet. While Percy and Odysseus have their different and similar

traits, they both have superhuman qualities.

Percy and Odysseus have extraordinary gifts and talents. Percy has ADHA

and dyslexia. Odysseus does not have any mental problems; he is very intelligent

and could think quickly in tight situations. He was very crafty, and he was able to

get out of bad times. Percy’s ADHD and dyslexia are advantages. They keep him

moving all the time and avoid danger. He can use his dyslexia to read Greek letters.

Percy could manipulate water with his mind and be able to use it to heal himself.

Odysseus had great fighting ability and strong will. Even with their talents, they

have to use these to go to the place they dread the most.

Percy and Odysseus both have to make a trip to the underworld. They make

this journey for important reasons. Odysseus has to go to Hades to hear a prophecy.

Percy is there to get his mother back. But, he has to leave Grover. When Odysseus

goes to Hades, he is looking for Tiresies. In Greek culture the prophets know what

peoples’ fates are. He is told the Penelope is still waiting. Percy does not have to

beliefs but he goes to the land of the dead to prove he is innocent and to get this

mother. This is an example of loyalty.

Even with similarities and differences both Percy and Odysseus are epic

heroes. With or without super powers, they are still heroes. Both of their

characteristics reflect the values and beliefs of their time and place.