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GULTN LMT ��‫��װװ‬

���ֲ�˵����ʹ�� GULTN LMT ��‫����װ‬
� � ���
���� 裬��
‫�����װ���� ע‬

Ŀ ¼
0 ���÷�Χ
1 � �
��� ����
2 ��‫����װ‬ ά���ն���
3 ��‫�װ‬ļ�����
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�� ��
0 ���÷�Χ
����‫ װ���������ڰ�װ‬GULTN LMT��

1 ��������

1.1 Ӳ��������
�������� �������
CPU 2.0G 1.8G
�2 �‫ڴ‬G 1G
Ӳ�� 80G 1G(��С���ÿռ�)
�ֱ��� 1024��768 800��600
�� 10&100M 10&100M
�����ѡ������ Modem�������� ��

1.2 ��������
����ϵͳ�� Windows 2000 �� Windows XP��
����ϵͳĬ������: Ӣ�Ļ�����(����)��
JRE(Java���л���)��JRE6.0���ϰ 汾��‫�ע‬⣺JRE ��Ҫ ��‫������װ‬Ŀ¼���ո��Ŀ¼�£���ȷ��"ϵͳ����->�
��->������->ϵ ��
�ͳ "�"Path" �а�JRE��binĿ¼�����������ܻ�������쳣쳣쳣��

2 ��‫����װ‬ά���ն���
LMT��ΪEOMS(����ά��)��EFMS(���Ϲ���)��EDMS(������)��EPMS(���ܹ����)�����߰� �����ֱ�

2.1 EOMS��EFMS��EDMS��EPMS��ȡ;��
EOMS��EFMS��EDMS��EPMS�汾�����վ������ͻ �վ 汾���

һ ��
� �����վ�ϣ
¼ ����� �
�վ Web
Ҳ�������LMT Start����(��‫װ‬LMTTools_setup.exe �� õ
ɵ�)ѡ � ���
�վ� 汾
� ���ʹ�ã������汾�����‫ڰ‬汾��
�copy_versionĿ¼���ҵ���ʹ�÷����ǣ�����copy_versionĿ¼�����‫��ע‬ � �‫��ش‬JAR����Ҫ����������

2.2 LMTTools_setup.exe��‫����װ‬
LMT���߰� ��а��˻�վ�ճ�����ά���о����õ���С���ߣ���(LMT
Start�����߰� ���ù������ʽ�����������Ǹ��Ƶ�Ӳ���‫��װ‬

2.2.1 ��LMTTools_setup.exe

2.2.2 ����Ŀ��λ��
�˴����ð�‫��װ‬Ŀ���ļ�λ�ã�ϵͳĬ�ϰ�‫��·װ‬ΪC:\Program Files\ZTE LMTTools��
2.2.3 �����ļ�

�����������ú� ‫���װ‬
� ���
�� д���Ŀ¼�Ϳ���
� ļ������������ĵ

2.2.4 ����ϵͳ����
�� � ���
�� ‫�ڿ‬ʼ�˵��д��������飬�û������ó��������г���֮�
� ���

2.2.5 ��‫���װ‬
�‫��"���������˵ڲ‬ʼ/����/ZTE LMTTools"�����飬��˵���"LMT Start"��"Tools"��
��‫��װ‬ɺ �ϵͳ�; �������Ӧ � �������ĵ���

3 ��‫�װ‬ļ�����
board_version EOMS��EFMS��EDMS��EPMS���������汾��������LMT Start��������
copy_version EOMS��EFMS��EDMS��EPMS�Ŀ����汾
JRE Java���л�����‫�װ‬ļ�
LMTTools_setup.exe LMT���߰� �‫����װ‬
readme.txt ��‫���������װ‬ļ�

4 ��������
��‫����װ‬ � ����Ի�����‫���װ‬Զ�������ϵ ͳʹ �����ԣ����Ը ���������ʾ
֧ � ‫���װ‬档 ��
�����û�� � � ‫�װ‬°������������LMT�����������е��ȶ�
� �‫����ڱ‬LMT�������‫ڷ‬DZ�

GULTN LMT Installation Guide
This manual describes the environment requirement, operation steps, installation
result and points for attention of the GULTN LMT installation program.

Table of Contents
0 Application range
1 Program environment requirement
2 Install LMT software
3 Installation file description
4 Supplementaries

0 Application range
This installation program is for the installation of GULTN LMT.

1 Environment requirement

1.1 Hardware environment

Recommended Minimum
CPU 2.0G 1.8G
Hard disk 160G 1G(the minimum available space)
Resolution 1024*768 800*600
Network adapter 10&100M 10&100M
Others Modem,sound card and sound box ---

1.2 Software environment

Operating system: Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
Default language of the operation system: English or Chinese(Simplified)
JRE(Java runtime environment):JRE6.0 or above version. Caution: Install JRE in a
path with neither Chinese character nor blank. Please make sure that JRE's bin path
is contained in the path of "System Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables
-> System variables", otherwise program may be executed abnormally.

2 Install LMT software

LMT includes EOMS(Embeded Operation and Maintenance Subsytem), EFMS(Embeded Fault
Management Subsytem), EDMS(Diagnostic Management Subsystem), EPMS(Performance
Management Subsystem) and tools package, the installation steps are as follows:

2.1 Acquirement path of EOMS,EFMS,EDMS and EPMS

EOMS, EFMS, EDMS and EPMS version are put into base station software package, and
released to the base station with base station software package. Users can login
into base station through Web Server, step: input
http://XX.XX.XX.XX��XX.XX.XX.XX(base station IP address) on the IE browser.
It can be accessed by LMT Start tool (run LMTTools_setup.exe to get the LoadTool),
and then choose ��base station version��. It also can be accessed by loading base
station software package or a special software version (saved in board_version path
of version release path).
Now the version also support software ready-to-run after copy, and is saved in
copy_version path. Methods: copy copy_version folder to HardDisk and run .jar
program directly. Note: copy in a path with neither Chinese character nor blank.

2.2 Installation steps LMTTools_setup.exe

LMT tools package includes the tools which usually used during the base station
testing and maintenance. Tools package program are released in the form of CD-ROM
or are copied to HardDisk for installation.

2.2.1 Start LMTTools_setup.exe

2.2.2 Set target location

Set the location of the target file installed here, the system default installation
path is: C:\Program Files\ZTE LMTTools.

2.2.3 Copy file

When the above setting is complete, the installation program will create directory
and copy the file(including help.chm document.
During file copying, the installation program will display the installation
process, the copying process of single file.

2.2.4 Update system environment

Finally, the installation program will create program group in the start program
menu. The user can run it via the program item.
Then the "Installation complete" window is popped up, click <Finish> to end the
program installation.

2.2.5 Installation result

Add to the menu group the program group "Start/Program/ZTE LMTTools", including
menu item "LMT Start", "Tools", "Uninstall", etc.
When the installation is complete, the installation path includes folder Help.

3 Installation file description

board_version Special software version of EOMS, EFMS, EDMS and EPMS, being
loaded to run by LMT Start .
copy_version Copied version of EOMS, EFMS, EDMS and EPMS
JRE Java runtime environment installation file
LMTTools_setup.exe LMT Tools installation program
readme.txt Installation program readme file

4 Supplementaries
Installation program supports multi-language environment installation. It can
automatically detect the language of the operating system and display the
installation interface with this language.
It is recommended that LMT software be installed in a standard operating system.
Otherwise, they might not be compatible.