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CALAMBA, Ma. Kara Alexir C.


1. Attribution Theory - Chatur cheats to be on top (he provide materials that could distract his fellow
students to shrink their grades down)

2. Argumentation Theory - Rancho argues with the professor regarding the definition of machine.
(Rancho believe that definition should be simplify to be understood by everyone, however the
professor believe that the definition should be according to the book)

3. Narrative Paradigm Theory - Rancho telling a story about the phrase ‘Aal izz well’ to Fahran and
Raju (inside their dorm)

4. Speech Act Theory - Rancho told the unconscious Raju that Farhan will marry his sister without a
dowry to make him feel well and unburden.

5. Dramatism - Raju’s family background. Raju wanted to be engineer to save his family from poverty
(he is burden with responsibility to provide the needs of his paralyzed father and dowry for the
marriage of his sister)

6. Dramaturgical Theory - Rancho acts as a professor in front of the class.

7. Cognitive Dissonance Theory - Mr. Virus made Raju to choose between his family or his friend. He
was torn whether to put Rancho’s name in suspension letter to save himself or keep his friendship with
Rancho but will failed his family. However, he choose to end his life instead.

8. Social Judgmental Theory - Rancho and his Mr. Virus clashed of opinions regarding the pressure in
school system (after Joy Lobo’s death)

9. Speech Accomodation Theory - Chatur (Silencer)’s presentation of his speech during Teacher’s day.

10. Equivocation Theory - Rancho’s conversation with Farhan’s father. He was asked if he was
laughing but he answered him that he was just amazed with the photos took by his son.

11. Rhetorical Sensitivity - Raju being straight forward answering the questions during his job
interview with a company.

12. Uncertainty Reduction - Rancho and Pia’s encounter during the wedding and the hospital.

13. Relevance Theory - Rancho told the librarian that the director remembers him. The librarian
interpret the message that he was called by the director, so he went to Mr. Virus’ office.

14. Aggression Theory - Mr. Virus and Joy Lobo’s conversation regarding his project. He asked for
extension and cite his reason. The director rebutted him that he also experience the same thing but he
never forget to do his responsibility.

15. Interpersonal Deception Theory - Pia confronts his father, Virus about his brother’s death. He
won’t believe her (indenial) that he is the reason why his son took his own life.