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1. Name :

2. Age :

a) Above 25 b) 26 -35 c) 36- 45 d) Above 45

3. Gender

a) Male b) Female c) Others

4. Years of Experience …………………………………………….

a) Below 5 Years b) 5 -10 Years

c) 11 -15 Years d) More than 15 Years

5. Marital Status

a) Married b) Un Married

6. How is Safety and welfare Measures administrated ?

a) Jointly b) By Management

7. What is your Designation ?

8. What is the basis of such a selection ?

a) Education b) Experience or Background

b) Dynamism d) Groupism
9. Monthly income

a) Below 10,000 b) 10,000 – 15,000

c) 15,001 – 20,000 d) 20,001- 25,000

e) Above 25000

10. Do you have any chance for participation in Managerial Decision ?

a) Yes b) No

11. What is your view that participation in the management activities improve your level
of Satisfaction ?

a) Agreed b) Disagreed

12. How do you feel about your approach?

a) Satisfied b) Dissatisfied c) Nutral

13. Whether the allowing you to give work Related Suggestions ?

a) Less Experience b) No

c) Not practiced

14. Whether the employees are permitted to represent their grievances to the top level ?

a) Yes b) No

15. Do you have any trade union in your concern ?

a) Yes b) No

16. Are you a member of any area Trade Union ?

a) Yes b) No

17. What has been the attitude of the Management to give Information

a) In Different b) Reasonably good c) Co-operative

18. Are the decisssions taken on safety and welfare Measures implemented ?

a) Yes b) No c) Not all

19. Is there any trade union representation in the management ?

a) Yes b) No

20. Whether the management is giving weightage to the trade union?

a) Yes b) No

21. Who wants to change the policies adopted for welfare –measures why ?

a) Union b) Management

22. Whether the management takes important decisions in consultation with the trade Union?

a) Yes b) No

23. Are you satisfied in your trade union activities among all the employees without partiality ?

a) Yes b) No

24. Which type of problem is mostly arises in your concern ?

a) Between the management and employees

b) Between the trade union and management

c) Between the Employees

25. Whether the Trade Union involved and solve your family problem ?

a) Yes b) No

26. On which basis the major issues are solved by the Trade Union ?

a) By Strike b) By Talk

27. Is there a positive impact of your participation on Industrial Relations ?

a) Strongly Agree b) Agree c) Disagree

28. For which basis the workers are participating in management ?

a) Direct basis b) Truth Trade Union

29. Mention the privicing area are Trade Union you may your suggestions

a) Work Related b) Workers Traders

c) Non Work Related d) Benefits & Welfare