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Megan Grable

~Background Statement~
I was raised in a small community in Western Washington, an hour away from Seattle

by ferry. From a young age, I loved reading and would often be found reading past my

bedtime, much to my parents’ chagrin. To this day I have a compulsion to fill shelves up

with books everywhere I live. As a young child, I had aspirations of working as a lawyer

when I was told that lawyers read all day. Of course, at a young age, I didn’t realize that

what they would be reading wouldn’t resemble the Babysitters Club Series or R.L. Stine.

From my love of reading, I formed a passion for writing and I would write short stories

and poems often as I grew up. This love of both reading and writing has continued

through into adulthood. I am often found reading several books at a time and when I

have more downtime, I will write stories and post them online.

My father traveled often for work, and my mother was a stay at home mom until I was in

second grade. At that time, she decided to pursue a degree in nursing. For a few years,

my younger brother and sister and I went to a daycare when my mother was in school,

however, once I was in sixth grade my mother would leave me in charge of my two

younger siblings after school. Every day I would walk from the elementary school with

my sister who was in the 3rd grade down to the preschool my brother was at, pick him

up and together the three of us would walk up to our home. My mother would return

home about an hour and a half after we did. This extra responsibility fostered a sense of

the importance of taking care of others and soon I was babysitting for neighbors and

family friends. As much as I aspired to be a writer, I didn’t feel like it would be a strong
enough career for me out of high school. I began at my local community college with a

focus on transferring to a university later to get my k-8 teaching credential and teaching

2nd grade. While in school, I elected to look for work in a daycare, since I was always

interested in babysitting. I found to my surprise that I loved working with the younger

children, particularly toddlers. My local community college had an esteemed early

childhood education department with a wonderful director, from there I changed my

focus from elementary education to early childhood education. Soon after I began to

pursue my degree I was hired to work for the Suquamish Tribe at their Marion Forsman

Boushie Early Learning Center. I started as a childcare teacher, was moved to a

teacher’s assistant positions, was then promoted to an Early Head Start Teacher

position. In 2017 I applied for and got the position of Early Head Start Education and

Disabilities manager. With this new position, I needed to go further than the AA I

received ten years prior and finish my BA.

Working with young children has always been a passion of mine and I find I am better

with children than adults most of the time. Working for a head start facility has been a

wonderful, at times exhausting, but ultimately fulfilling experience. I love the program

because it is not only the children we are serving but the families and the community as

a whole. We offer not only education for the children, but for the parents, we offer

services for the whole family and support to help families get on their feet. Forming a

relationship with families is one of the best parts of my day. I feel that I have a sense of

empathy for others that have served me well in this role. I have a zeal for learning and

genuinely love working with children. All of these have contributed to me being well

suited for the field.