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Max. Marks.:50 Quarterly Examinations, June - 2010 Class: X
Part - A Subject: Biology

I. Answer any five of the following choosing atleast two from each group. Each question carries two
marks: 5 × 2 = 10 M

Group - A
1. Define photosynthesis and write the equation?
2. In which step of respiration most of the energy is released from glucose? In which form is that energy is
3. What is the difference between oxidation and reduction?
4. Write short notes on double circuit circulatory system.
Group - B
5. Write short notes on pulmonary respiration?
6. What is an electron acceptor? Give some examples?
7. What is the difference between photophorylation and oxidative phorphorylation?
8. Describe the pharynx of human beings.
II. Answer any four of the following. Each question carries one Mark: 4×1=4M
9. What are the end products of light reactions?
10. What are the external factors that are essential for photosynthesis?
11. How is trachea prevented from collapsing?
12. What is palate?
13. Mention two animals in which blood is white in colour.
14. What is pulmonary heart?
III. Answer any two of the following choosing two from each group. Each question carries four marks.
Group - A × 4 = 16 M

15. How do you prove that carbondioxide is essential for photosynthesis?
16. Write a brief account of glycolysis.
17. Describe the mechanism by which light energy converted into chemical energy.
18. Describe the transport system in amphibians.
Group - B
19. How can you show experimentally that heat is librated during respiration in germinating seeds?
20. Explain carbon fixation (dark reaction) in the photosynthesis?
21. What are the differences between photosynthesis and respiration?
22. Describe the structure of ‘powerhouses of the cell’.
IV. Answer any one of the following: Each question carries 5 Marks:
23. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of transverse section of leaf.
24. Draw the neat labeled diagram of mitochondria.
-pass, Nellore.
Saila Children’s Academy :: Vanamthopu Centre, Near Mini By-
Phone: 0861 - 3208090, 98853 53048, 99662 93952
Max. Marks.:50 Quarterly Examinations, June - 2010 Class: X
Part - B Subject: Biology

I. Choose the correct answers:

1. Iodine test can be used to test the presence of [ ]

a) carbon dioxide b) light c) glucose d) starch

2. The rate of respiration per minute in a new born child. [ ]

a)18 times b) 32 times c) 26 times d)16 times

3. In plants exchange of gases takes place through [ ]

a) stomata b) palisade tissue c) spongy tissue d) midrib

4. Operculum occurs in [ ]

a) Bony fishes b) Frog c) Cockroach d) Catilagenous fish

5. Plants are green because they [ ]

a) refract green light b) absorb green light c) do not absorb u.v. light d) reflect green light

6. Ventricle is incompletely divided in [ ]

a) crow b) cat c) camel d) lizard

7. Vena cavae in man, opens into [ ]

a) right auricle b) left auricle c) right ventricle d) left ventricle

8. In cockroach the muscles that help in sending the blood into the heart [ ]

a) tracheal muscles b) cardiac muscles c) alargy muscles d) branchial muscles

9. Haemoglobin of blood transports [ ]

a) oxygen only b) CO2 only c) nitrogen only d) Both O2 and CO2

10. Animals without red blood cells [ ]

a) frog b) earthworm c) snail d) peacock

II. Fill in the blanks:

11. The scientific name of wind pipe in human beings is

12. In women play a major role in respiratory movements.

13. During photosynthesis the chlorophyll molecule gets

14. In ATP energy is stored in inorganic

15. Sinus venosus is formed by

16. won Noble Prize for his work on photosynthesis.

17. The pumping device in the transport system is

18. Grana are stacks of membranes.

19. A single circuit circulation is present in

20. Pulmonary Aorta arises from

III. Match the following:

A Group - A Group - B

21. Light Screen [ ] a) Stomata

22. Half leaf [ ] b) VIBGYOR

23. Visible light between 400-700 nm [ ] c) Dark reactions

24. Calvin cycle [ ] d) CO2 is necessary in photosynthesis

25. Guard cells [ ] e) Importance of light in photosynthesis

f) Light reactions
g) Unstable compound
B Group - A Group - B

26. Aestivation [ ] a) Earthworm

27. O2 is utilized [ ] b) Cockroach

28. 13 chambers heart [ ] c) Summer Sleep

29. Dorsal and ventral blood vessel [ ] d) Winter Sleep

30. Pulmonary vein [ ] e) Photosynthesis

f) respiration

g) Carries de oxygenated blood to heart

h) Brings oxygenated blood from lungs