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ND architecture & Installation concepts

Deployment of ear file (like giving jndi name/virtual hosting

Difference between was version ( &
Difference between clustering and load balancer
Clustering configuration(types of clustering
About service integration bus in was .
Installation logs and federating of nodes to dmgr
Backup config and associated command while was up gradation
How to configure JDBC driver for a db for different databases
Connection pooling/thread dumps/heap dumps/jndi name space
Virtual host requirement in application server
How to edit JVM parameters in application
What is EJBS/war/jar/ear
While deploying the application error debugging
What are all thing to be given while deploying the application.
Websphere performance tuning
Configuration the GS with authentication mechanism and user
Java version then installation of JDK and JVM
automation of application installation using JACL and JYTHON
some co and level commands.
how to edit the default port in WAS?
fixpack installation on was
difference between webserver and appserver
basic knowledge on MQ series.
need to be concentrate on important xml files in WAS
between embedded httpserver and individual IHS server?
What is websphere?
Websphere Architecture
What the different types of webserver support are in was?
What different versions are of was and what is difference b/w those?
What are cell, node, nodeagent and purpose of those?
What are the different types of profiles?
What are JVM, how to set max and min values of Heap size?
What are the webservices?
How many types of contailners available in WAS?
What is virtual host?
Default port for soap, jmx, bootstrap and application server, Application server
security port?
What is JNDI?
What are the JDBC providers?
What is DataSource, types of database drivers available in WAS?
What is different b/w single and multi schema?
What are the different modules are WAS?
What are the types of Authentication mechanism available?
How many users register available and explain about?
How to configure session management?
How to configure WAS variables?
What are the types of session management available and difference b/w?
What are the replication domains?
What is the deployment manager?
What are the node groups, core groups?
How to configure performance monitoring?
What are the diffent types logs available in WAS?
How to enable trace?
What are the log file available and uses?
What is SIB?
How will you deploy applications?
How will you map modulus to servers?
What is the class loader, class load modules available?
What is parallel start in JVM?
What is messaging engine?
What is default log level?
What is java core and heap?
What are the different stages in thread dump?
How to take thread dump?
How will you configure to take thread dump automatically?
What is the class path and garbage collector?
What are user-roal, group-roal?
What the scripting languages are in was admin?
What is the diffent scope available?
Diffent config files in http server and was server?
What is the use of plug-in?
Explain request flow from end user to db through webserver, pluign?
What is thread?
What is the command to check CPU utilization?
What is ssl and how to config ssl?
What is the use ikeyman.sh?
How to configure SSL between endusers, web servers, app servers and LDAP
What it the use of collector.sh?
How to federate the node to dmgr?
What is the difference between syncNode.sh and Nodesync.sh?
How to remove the node?
What is the use of cleanupnode.sh?
What is the use of dumpnamespace.sh?
How to take and restore the backup?
Generate plugin-cfg.xml?
How to launch wsadmin client?
FFDC and what it is?
What is the default database used in WAS?
What is the JMS provider available?
What is the IBM Tivoli or IBM tool?
How to enable trace for plug-in?
Expansion on SOAP,SSL,UDPI and WSDL?
What is the use of embedded HTTP server?
How to catalog and uncatalog for DB?
What are the fields in session DB?
What is the cluster, different types of cluster and purpose?
How to create JVM and what are the diffent ways to deploy application?
What is AST? PMR? When will you create for IBM, What are the information need to
send to IBM?
What is the JAAS and JCCA and CORBA?
What is XA connection and different XA Datasource? faces and face comity session
What is cookie?
How many ways to config session management?
grep, find, less, ls, topas, top, nomon command?
How to update single JSP file?
What is roll out update, terminate, ripple start?
What is the use of HA manager?
Routing algorithm in plug-in?
What is the use of weight age in application?
What is the rederatary repository?
Porte let container, what is SIP?
How to install parch and fix pack?
How to upgrade websphere?