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Sanjana Jobi

Period 2
30 August 2019

The Tent 5-10 pm The Tent is perfect for small, artists to make their mark. It is also well
suited for dance and electronic music. I chose DJ Megara for the first act at
5-6 DJ Megara
5 pm as it is on brand for the EDM performances in the Tent. I then chose
6:15-7 Chicken Fried Chicken Fried Awesome as the second performer as it is an up and coming
Awesome rock group with an electronic sound, again on brand for the Tent. Onyx
Eyes also has a great interest in this band which is why I signed both of
7:15-8:15 DJ Swedissh
them. The third act is DJ Swedissh Cheff who is an artist who frequently
tops the dance charts which goes well with the Tent’s open space. The
8:30-9:30 Bionic Men fourth and final act for the tent set at 8:30 is Bionic Men. I put them last as
their performance has a light show so it needs to be dark to get the best
Amphitheater 4-10 pm
possible execution. Bionic Men is also an electronic group with a vivid stage
4-5:20 Les Salter and the presence
The Amphitheater is perfect for more classy artists as this style of seating
5:50-7:20 Robert Miyagi allows for a more upscale performance. I chose Les Salter and the Ignition
for the first set of the day at 4 pm as it is a small bluesy rock group from
7:50-8:20 Forgotten
Arkansas perfect for this stage. The second act is Robert Miyagi is a pop
folk artist who often performs with a guitar. The following act is Forgotten
9-10 Macy Dynamite Indigo is a small local band who shows great promise. This was an
opportunity for Econchella to showcase its own local talent. The last and
final act of the day for the Amphitheater is Macy Dynamite, an excellent
The Stadium 6-12 pm performer with many hits, who even performed on the Grammys. She is
perfect for the closing act and the crowds will love her.
6-7:30 Onyx Eyes
The Stadium is perfect for large scale sets for popular artists. The first artist
8:00-9:30 Fractured of the day is Onyx Eyes, at 6 pm, who is labeled the greatest active live band
in the world. This set will definitely be a smash hit for the audience. The
10-11:40 647 next artist is Fractured Coccyx is a pop punk band who has song that top
Buckingham Way the charts, and some that are gold records.. The last set of the day for the
Stadium is 647 Buckingham Way, at 10 pm, an alternative rock trio that has
a Grammy winning singer, the perfect way to close out Econchella.

Sanjana Jobi
Period 2
30 August 2019

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