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Nurse Yuni Hi, what,s your name

New Nurse My name is Sarah, and you?

Nurse Yuni I’m Yuni, I haven’t see you before

New Nurse I'm a new nurse here

Nurse Yuni Where are you from?

New Nurse I’m from Palangkaraya

Nurse Yuni How long have you been in this country?

New Nurse I have lived here for 2 months

Nurse Yuni How do you like this country?

New Nurse yes, I really like living in this country

Nurse Yuni Nice to meet you

New Nurse Nice to meet you too


Do this in pairs ! Ask your partner more about her/his personal information


• What’s your name?

• What’s your hobby?

• Where are you from?

• Where do you live now?

• How long have you been living there?

• Where did you study nursing?

• How long have you studied here?

The answers

• My name is Sarah

• My hobby is reading books and reading novels

• I’m from Kapuas

• I live in I live on sapan street 2A number 157

• I have been living there for 2 years

• I study nursing at Palangkaraya health polytechnic

• I have studied here for 6 semesters


 Why you became a nurse

 to be able to care for a sick person until he recovers I feel happy to be able to help
people with my services

 What you are doing now

 as a nurse, what must be done is that nurses can provide good and professional
nursing care by applying the values of professionalism and behaving or behaving
in accordance with good ethics and morals, so the patient's healing process can
take place effectively. In addition, by applying the values of professionalism and
behaving according to good ethics and morals, a nurse can improve quality
 Your career plans

 my career plan is that in the future I will continue my school again to take a
master's or s2 degree after I work as a nurse in the field I want to try to be a
college teacher

I used to be a historian when I was a child because I was happy to talk about the past, I didn't like
biology because I thought it was a bit complicated, but when I saw my sister working as a nurse
she told me that if you were your nurse will better understand how important health is in your
life and also you will definitely feel happy that is not explained in words after you successfully
treat people until healed.
and after I graduated from school I also told my mother that I was interested in applying for
college to become a nurse
after I was accepted into the college I also went to college for 4 years and after that I will
continue 1.5 years to take a professional degree
Task 4 : Useful expression…
• Would/can you show me/point at the location of your pain?
 yes, I feel itchy and like irritation in my left arm here

• Show me where the location pf your pain is?

 in my left arm here

• Where is the pain?

 here on my left arm

• Is it (irritate) in your + (my left arm)

• Do you feel pain in your + (left arm )

1. I feel a lot of pain in my knee
2. my ankle hurts
3. my head was throbbing
4. my back feels itchy
5. my finger is hurt
6. my throat hurts
7. very bright rays will hurt the eyes
8. my leg hurts from running too much
9. saya merasa sakit di kepala
10. (painful) perut saya terasa sakit sekali