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Foreword by JOE ROGAN Se UNLEASHED (Ss TOOT Tee Natio iel slel Pe si kd ia gL U) gD = 10) Ua TSS VCO S48 BD eas SMe J) lee | MARTIAL ARTS DISCIPLINE EDDIE BRAVO) with tcicn keauss Contents Foreword by Joe Rogan, Host of NBC’s “Fear Factor” .. Acknowledgments About This Book .. Introduction ‘My Evolution The Proving Ground... 2003 Abu Dhabi Qualifiers 2003 Abu Dhabi World Championships The “Gi Versus No-Gi" Controversy.. 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu ... 1 The Half Guard. Introduction to the Half Guard......27 Key Concepts ... Lockdown Double Under-Hooks . Half Guard Part 1: Sweeps. Old School «2.0.00 Plan B Twist Back .... Half and Half Half and Twist ... Half Quarterback Sweep Quarter Twist Back... Half Guard Part 2: X-Guard .. X-Guard Sweep .. Double X Half Guard Part 3: Submissions Apollo (with Sweep) Kamikaze Calf Crank Ken Shamrock Toehold .. Electric Chair with Sweep ... 2 Rubber Guard Introduction to the Full Guard Rubber Guard Key Concepts Mission Control .. Rubber Guard Part 1: Mission Control Over-Hook Triangle from Mission Control =" Contents Over-Hook Omoplata from Mission Control .. The Duda Rubber Guard Part 2: New York.. New York Triangle Choke from New York .. Left Arm Bar from New York Omoplata from New York .. Omoptata to Inverted Arm Bar Omoplata to Straight Arm Bar. Omoplata to Triangle The Go-Go Plat Invisible Collar Rubber Guard Part 3: Spider Web .. Basic Arm Bar to Spider Web. Arm Grush to Art Bat .es.cse.02.90 Triangle Arm Bar The Slide .. X-Break .. Silverado .. 3 Twister Side Control... Introduction to Twister Side Control .. Key Concepts The Twister The Banana Split ‘The Crotch Ripper... e101 103 104 108 ‘The Calf Crank .. i Kimura Off Twister Side Control..118 Plan C (Near Arm Bar Off ‘Twister Side Control).. 4 The Mount ... Introduction to the Mount Key Concepts . Monkey Mount Slow Triangle... Arm Triangle ... Inverted Arm Bar.. Arm Bar ftom the Mount . Loco Plata ... 5 The Back Introduction to the Back Key Concepts .. Basic Rear Naked The 100 Percent Marcelo 6 Passing the Guard ... Introduction to Passing +153 the Guard ... 153 Key Concepts 185 ‘The Underpass. 156 Staple Gun 158 Tornado.. 160 Twister Pass No-Hand Pass .. 162 164