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JOB TITLE / AIM: Jsa for mobilization of crane , erection of spools and welding cutting and grinding and Air Blowing
PARTICIPANTS: Aamir, Maqsood, Zahid Farooq
Attach copies of any relevant documentation/ drawings.
Part 2: Job Safety Analysis

Job Steps:
1. Mobilization of plant, materials, equipment and personnel
2. Lifting and Placing of pipe on sleepers
3. Welding, Grinding and Cutting job
4. Tie in on existing spools
5. Air Blowing
6. Demobilization

Alternatives Considered: N/A

Now undertake the JSA and record in the table below. Use prompts on JSA Prompt Sheet and Hazard Checklist PA-HSEC-02-040-002-F03.
Part 3: Contingency Plans.
Standard PPE,S
First aid kit
HSE supervisor on site shall be the first response in case of emergency
Radio communications to be maintained on site at all time

Part 4: Review. After the job has been completed, JSA leader should note: any hazards, which were identified in the original JSA? Any practices
that need to be captured in the OMS? List action items, changes, and transfer any changes to the Change Management system.
File: 10.30
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
No (Copy from part 2 of form) (Use Hazard Checklist)
1 Mobilization of plant , materials , Unauthorised equipment/tools brought out to All equipments should be properly tagged and
equipment and personnel site inspected by DEL E&P responsible person prior to
their mobilization onsite.
BHPB operations are required to inspect, approve
and tag all equipment to be used in hot work.
Unskilled and uninducted personnel starting Ensure that all personnel prior to start the have
the job been inducted by Descon and BHPB operations.

Workers starting the job unfit to work All persons not fit to work shall not be allowed to
work at the project site. Descon pre start medical
undertaken as part of project induction process.
Persons unaware of hazards before they All persons to be oriented about the hazards in the
commence the work activity. job by going through JSA at Pre –Start Tool box
Hand Injury Ensure proper hauling of materials/get help if
required/Wear hand gloves.
2 Lifting and Placing of pipe on Use of mobile crane 1.Complete BHPB projects Pre – lift check list
sleepers prior to commencement of activity.
2-Ensure crane, wire rope and all lifting gear have
third party certification in place.
3-Ensure crane operator and rigging supervisor
certifications are in place.
Load coming in contact with existing line 1-Ensure BHPB operations approved hard scaffold
barrication is in place before lifting commences.
2-Tag lines to be maintained on load at all times.
3-Operator to be fully aware of this hazard.
4-Careful supervision of this activity shall be in
place at all the times.
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
No (Copy from part 2 of form) (Use Hazard Checklist)
All valves and flanges on all lines must be
monitored and controlled by BHPB(Gas detection
at all times)
Improper rigging activity Competent rigger must be appointed in this activity
also crane operator.
Crane operator must follow rigging supervisor
Ensure that double tag line is used.
Dropped Load 1-Check slings and crane for certification prior to
2-A minimum of two tag lines to be attached to
loads at all times.
3- Ensure rigging is checked by rigging supervisor
prior to lift.
4-Check outrigger stability for soft ground.
Crane overload 1-Use fit for purpose for crane in accordance with
lift plan.
2-Crane operator not to exceed SWL at any time
3-Rigging supervisor and crane operator to check
load plan against load charts prior to lift and
prepare lift plan for lift.
4- Position cranes so that minimum radius can be
maintained to complete the lift.
Uncontrolled load lift Two tag lines shall be used for each lift and every
Person located within boom radius during lift Boom should be extended in a controlled
manner under close supervision only
1. Ensure that area is fully barricaded with
number of persons in area limited to essentials
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
No (Copy from part 2 of form) (Use Hazard Checklist)
Exposure of workers to various hazard like Ensure that the workers must wear the proper PPE
hand injury, dust, eye injury prior to work
Ensure all workers are equipped with safety boots,
safety glasses, non-slippery gloves, clothing, and
Workers will be oriented about the proper posture
and positioning during the execution of the job
Lack of supervision Supervisor must be on site at all times work is in
3 Welding, Grinding and cutting Welding slugs Ensure that all the welding is done in fire
blanket cover all around the joint where
welding is going on.
Asbestos/ Wet fire blanket shall be placed on all
DCP fire extinguisher shall be placed where
welding activity is performed.
Back Injury Ensure workers properly inducted about the
proper positioning Ensure workers are
complying with the min, PPE requirement
Safety shoes, and helmet safety glass dust mask.

Spool Risers Ensure that hard hat shall be worn be aware of

the above risers in the work place.
Noise Ear plugs shall be worn at all times while
working near compressors
Hot Surfaces Be aware of existing hot surfaces in the working
Personnel struck by sparks, steel buffer wire  Wear PPE. (Safety glasses, face
or shattering grinding disc, electric shock shield, gloves, safety boots)
 Frequently check condition of
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
No (Copy from part 2 of form) (Use Hazard Checklist)
grinding disc
Ensure electrical equipment has current test &

Electrocution Full PPE to be worn by welder including leather

welding gloves and welding helmets –hard hat
A BHPB temporary work instruction shall be in
place for welding units not fitted with a VRD.
Ensure positive contact earth clamping is
completed.Earthing clamp to be positioned as close
as practicable to welding point
Ensure welding unit unit is fitted with RCD and
tagged by DEL E&P and approved / tagged by
BHPB operations and DEL E&P and inspected for
defects prior to use.

Fire Hazard Area to be kept clear of all debris and good house
keeping completing prior to commencing job.
Fire blanket and fire extinguisher on site .Ensure
that no flammable or combustible materials are in
the area.
All sparks to be contained.
Works to be done under BHPB HWP
Improper PPE Full PPE including leather gloves to be worn by
welder at all the times
Welding Balaclava to be worn
Hi-vis vest shall not be worn
No scarves are allowed
Eye injury BHPB approved face shield (with poly carbonate
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
No (Copy from part 2 of form) (Use Hazard Checklist)
visor) to be worn at all times.Safety glasses to be
worn under Visor.
Double eye protection to be in place for all
grinding and cutting activities.
Ignition source All work to be undertaken under a BHPB
operations hot work permit.
Personal interface Other workers not involved in the job must not
come closer to the area. Only concerned persons
should be allowed.
Personnel trip or become entangled in earth Personnel to be aware of moving
cables dragged on ground. equipment and cables
Pinch point Hazard Ensure that no grinders shall be used with
positive lock.Ensure it was color coded and
inspected prior to use.
Back injury Ensure proper handling and positioning
whgile hauling a material.
Grinder disc becoming jammed in cut The grinder and cutting disc must be
inspected prior to use , any defective discs
are not to be used.
Pieces of debris flying from grinding discs and All persons using grinders need to be
striking surrounding personnel competent and wear the appropriate PPE.
Grinder to have a suitable guard in place .
Accidental activation of grinder injuring the Grinders must be placed Disc down on the
grinder operator ground when not in use.
Ensure grinder is disconnected from power
source prior to changing /adjusting disc
when operator needs to get to the other
side of the pipe he should place the grinder
under the pipe before crossing the pipe
4 Tie in on existing spools Hand injury Ensure proper hauling of materials/get help
if required/Wear hand gloves
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
No (Copy from part 2 of form) (Use Hazard Checklist)
Back injury Ensure proper hauling of materials/get help
if required/Wear hand gloves
5. Air Blowing High Pressure Burst Ensure that no any person will be on the Air
blowing area.
Ensure sufficient man power will be designated as
watchman to ensure nobody will enter the Air
blowing zone
Ensure that workers performing the testing are
Ensure that during Air blowing no other workers
touching the pipe
Ensure that the Relief valve was install and whip
coupling is in place.

6 Demobilization Leaving area in unsafe place Ensure proper house keeping is completed at
completion of activities.