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Ampacet shifts focus to colour and advanced Contents

additives, adds new markets and regions MATERIALS
Final roundup of polymer additive and
colorant introductions from NPE 2018 2

G lobal colour and additive mas-

terbatch producer Ampacet
Corp has announced that it is
the company’s products and services,
participation in trade shows, speaking
engagements and its latest news.
Ampacet presents UV stabilizer
masterbatch for long-life
greenhouse films 3
GCR Group offers compostable mineral
realigning its priorities to focus To improve its global customer support, masterbatches 4
on colour and advanced additives, the company reports that it is rebuilding Colour Tone introduces NIR-detectable
as well as extending its reach its support teams ‘from the ground up’, black masterbatches 4
into new regions and markets. In with multidisciplinary sales and technical Viba unveils protective masterbatch
addition, the company says it is teams at its facilities worldwide. In the for HDPE agricultural netting 5
refreshing its emphasis on innova- area of sustainability, Ampacet has devel- BYK develops wetting and dispersing
additive for highly filled PVC systems 5
tion, expansion, global support oped a sustainability policy encompassing
Superior Graphite reveals additives
and sustainability. the company, suppliers and employees. product line for polymers market 6
Ampacet reports that, in future, it The company reports that it is taking Troy launches silicone-free defoamer
will focus on colour, special effects an active role in promoting the so-called for polymers, rubber and more 6
and advanced functional additives, and circular economy in the plastics industry, COMPANY STRATEGIES
expand the market sectors it serves to and is encouraging suppliers to do the Ampacet shifts focus to colour and
include appliances, automotive, health- same. Ampacet team members will also advanced additives, adds new
markets and regions 1, 7
care, 3D printing and aerospace, among be participating in local recycling pro-
Clariant opens two new additives plants
others. It is also extending its geographi- grammes and projects, it says. in China, breaks ground on a third 7
cal footprint into new regions as well as In related news, Yves Carette, who as BASF inaugurates EMEA application
increasing its presence in existing ones, CEO and president was responsible for Visit us @
centre for plastics additives 8
the company says. In a press release guiding the company through this direc- Nabaltec is expanding and reorganizing
its US operations 8
announcing the strategic changes, out- tional change, has since retired after a
Evonik further expands precipitated
going president and CEO Yves Carette 32-year career with Ampacet. The imple- silica capacity; announces corporate
explained that Ampacet believes ‘a com- mentation of the company’s refocused streamlining initiative 9
pany should always be moving forward’, global strategy will therefore be led by Visit us @
Gabriel-Chemie breaks ground on
second Russian production facility 10
which entails periodically reassessing, Carette’s successor Alvaro Mendoza, for-
realigning and shifting priorities. merly the company’s VP Operations. FINANCIALS
The company’s directional change Mendoza joined Ampacet in 1996 as Holland Colours reports steady gains
in annual sales and earnings 10
is underscored by a refreshed ‘strong, regional sales manager, Latin America,
dynamic and modern’ logo and a and subsequently held a number of LITERATURE
new tagline – ‘Plastics Reimagined’ leadership roles within the company. Visit us @
Ceresana publishes updated study of
the global carbon black market 11
– which ‘signifies the future, as plas- He was appointed VP, Americas in
tics move into new applications and April 2016, overseeing the expansion of EVENTS CALENDAR 12
become more sustainable’, according Ampacet’s capabilities in Argentina and
to Carette. Ampacet’s website has also Brazil, before assuming the role of VP,
been revamped and will now provide Operations in February 2017. Visit us @
additional details and specifications on Continued on page 7...

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The new product is reported to be effective at low con- a third plant – a joint venture for the production
centrations, often below 0.1%, and across a wide range of of stabilizers in Cangzhou, some 1250 km further
pH and temperature. It offers ‘excellent system compat- north – on consecutive days in June.
ibility’, making the new defoamer especially effective in The new facilities in Zhenjiang are the result of a multi-
low-viscosity systems, Troy claims. ‘Troykyd D767 is an million Swiss francs investment announced by the company
excellent defoamer for systems requiring a mineral oil- and last year for its Additives Business Unit (BU) [ADPO, July
silicone-free product’, comments Dr Izzy Colon, Troy’s 2017], and are dedicated to the production of Clariant’s
senior VP, Science & Technology. It shows ‘demonstrated AddWorks synergistic additive solutions and Ceridust
value’ in defoaming/air release of aqueous systems, and is micronized waxes. Both of these product lines are used in
a VOC-free product that is well-suited for modern green various applications across the plastics, coatings and ink
applications, she adds. industries. Clariant says that the additional local production
Troy Corp develops and manufactures speciality materi- capacity will allow it to provide more tailored solutions for
als that enhance the properties and performance of its cus- these three industries at shortened lead times. Such tailored
tomers’ products and processes, and is committed to help- solutions are viewed as a key component in continuing to
ing manufacturers meet global requirements for compliance expand Clariant’s sales in China, as they meet the demand
and sustainability. Founded in 1950, the company is head- for environmentally compatible and safe products as out-
quartered in Florham Park, with sales offices throughout lined in the country’s 13th Five Year Plan and the industrial
the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Troy policy ‘Made in China 2025’. They also allow Clariant to
materials are used in more than 100 countries worldwide. differentiate itself in the market environment.
According to Stephan Lynen, head of Clariant’s Additives
More information: www.troycorp.com BU, speaking at the opening ceremony for the Zhenjiang
plants, the company already has a strong focus on China,
with its additives for plastics, coatings and consumer
industries. ‘With the new investment and our enhanced
COMPANY STRATEGIES innovation capabilities, our focus on this market is being
strengthened further’, he says. The new plants – which are
...Continued from front page Clariant’s first fully owned production facilities in China –
Headquartered in Tarrytown, NY, USA, Ampacet complement the company’s long-standing regional network
employs more than 2000 people worldwide. It operates of commercial and technical support, not only for China
25 manufacturing sites as well as technical and colour but also for the whole of Asia, Lynen comments. Clariant is
development centres in 18 countries throughout the ‘pursuing a dedicated strategy aimed at increasing and sharp-
Americas, Asia and Europe. The company offers a broad ening the focus on China’, adds Clariant executive commit-
range of custom colour, special effect, black, white and tee member Christian Kohlpaintner.
speciality additive masterbatches for flexible and rigid In Cangzhou, the joint venture between Clariant and
extrusion processes and applications. Beijing Tiangang Auxiliary Co Ltd (Tiangang) is targeting
the growing demand in China for process and light stabiliz-
More information: www.ampacet.com ers. The ground-breaking ceremony marked the start of con-
struction on a ‘world-class production facility’ for stabilizers
that will form the heart of the partnership between the two
Clariant opens two new companies. The facility is expected to come on stream in
additives plants in China, the first half of 2019, producing high-end stabilizers for the

breaks ground on a third Asian plastics and textiles markets, Clariant reports.
The joint venture between Clariant and Tiangang was

D emonstrating its strong focus on China,

which is one of the most important strategic
markets for the company, Clariant inaugurated a
established in September 2017 [ibid., February 2018], and
combines the technology and production knowledge of
both companies to provide ‘even better process and light
duo of fully owned additives production facilities stabilizers’ for various growing industries in China, includ-
at its site in Zhenjiang, and then broke ground on ing automotive and textiles, the companies say. According

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