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#10 BSOT 1B

The Essence of Technology

Technology is usually connected to artifacts created by humans, they could be machines, the
methods used to create such artifacts. It is a generic term which is also the technology that people
develop that could make their lives easier, faster, and more productive. As it its used today, it usually
refers to “high technology which are computers, smartphones, rockets, “etc. It is involved in purposeful
application of knowledge, experience and source to be able to create, process, and produce which
humans may need. It can also be used on health, personal well-being and lifestyle, economy and
ecosystem. Technology also help us adapt in this fast paced society, it is also the source to keep and
treasure our precious memories. It can also bring our love ones together no matter our distance, the
happiness we find when we share moments with our love ones, and the time will come that we human
beings useless because today we are so dependent to technology. When most of us prefer to be buried
down in our 6 inch screen, rather than the bigger picture beyond our small screens.

Although modern technology has solved numerous problems which human face and became an
important role in the development of our world. People also believe that technology makes them more
convenient and safe. Having the impossible things before, now possible by a single tap or click. Just like
the shifting from hunting society to an agricultural society and establishing a commercial society due to
invention of new tools. With these changes made such dramatic changes in history. However, the
contribution of technology to society should not be eliminated and should be distributed evenly.
Although technology has given us so much benefits and took us to great heights, there are still many
people which can’t see themselves without it as technology recreates the essence of humanity and it
encourages us to think of all things in the world as standing by, ready for consumption. It definitely
affects our perception of the natural world. As humans create technology, in a way technology also
creates us.

It is a necessity, our problems that we need to solve in the end we invent a solution. We rely on
technology and innovation to solve it instead. The trial and error is sometimes not used, because
technology provide us solution in seconds. Technology also is to defer labor; it also points to an
important issue. Capitalism increases the need for employment, and technology reduces the availability
of jobs as most companies prefer faster and cheaper working environment. This reflects an
unsustainable condition. As a socialist environment technology could flourish, in a capitalist society
money is the barrier to all technology.