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Opinion |
July 25, 2008 |

Nashville Business Journal

Should Metro government


“There are a lot of great ideas
nashvillebusinessjournal.com |

This week’s question:


approve May Town Center? 2% 13% incorporated in the project,

Not sure. Not yet, Metro should but it’s location is entirely Should the Tennessee
study the project’s inappropriate.” Department of
YOU SAID: potential impact more. Transportation subsizdize
the Music City Star?
“Love the concept. How does
“No! Metro should not approve
this fit/compete with thoughts To vote, go to nashville.
this proposal, as it it shows enor-
on the Fairgrounds? The devel- bizjournals.com
mous short-sightedness without
opment of both areas would
benefit Nashville if done in
an environmentally sensitive green) urban development. Our
“We need projects in the down-
manner.” wonderful city is replete with
town — North Gulch, East Bank
and Metro Center — not on 36% pockets (some rather large) of
46% “In no way does Nashville need neglected areas so close to its
farmland, which lacks necessary No., we don’t need such
Yes, Nashville needs
a large-scale development. this large-scale development. I center that should be reclaimed
access and utility infrastructure.” the project and its tax dollars. sincerely hope no tax money was and developed first. It would
spent on this thus far. Honestly, be tragic to destroy this nearly
“‘Keep Bell’s Bend Country’” seems
it sounds like a bunch of propa- unspoiled and priceless tract of
to translate to ‘force the major
ganda created by those who have riverfront land.”
landowners not to develop their
Tennessee. This scenario seems missioners and council members money coming out of their ears.
land.’ The city is growing, and it
so likely to unfold to me that I require Bells Bend to contribute It’s just a pipe dream for some “With gas prices high and due
makes more sense to develop in
wonder whether it’s not the real to supporting the Nashville group to make money in a new to climb higher, with the need
town than to continue giving it all
game plan anyway.” tax base as it does the rest of and different way. Just imagine to focus on strengthening
to the surrounding counties.”
Nashville?” the benefits if just one quarter of downtown, with the loss of a
“This project will elevate Nash- what was currently spent on May unique and incredible natural
“No one wants development in
ville to new heights. Everyone “Nashville doesn’t need a second Town Center already went into resource turned into urban
their backyard, but can Nashville
will benefit.” downtown. The revenue projec- the Nashville education system.” sprawl — it is time to say no to
afford to bend to the will of only
300 existing residents when our tions are pure hype.” the wrong kind of development
Absoutely! I’m happy for Frank- “Another boondoggle. How will and choose creative alterna-
city stands to gain so much?
lin and Cool Springs, but I’m “It’s the wrong scale in the wrong Nashville ever get along without tives.”
Smart growth can happen.”
tired of all the attention and place. Development here should the continued urban sprawl?
headlines that go that way. occur, but this scale is more Think traffic’s bad now? Do you “When communities say no to
“I think the ultimate tragedy
Until the urban core gets back appropriate for downtown, the really want to give up some of new business, that is what they
would be to approve the intense
on their feet which I think is east bank, fairgrounds and areas the last of our green space to yet get, no new business. Ask Chat-
zoning only to have the “pretty
still five to seven years away, south of Broadway.” another attempt to be an Atlanta tanooga and Birmingham how
picture” disappear for lack of
Nashville needs Bells Bend and ‘mini-me’?” long it took them to recover
funding/feasability, etc. and
leave the good folks of Bells Bend they also need to redevelop the “Let’s finish with downtown after they turned down new
Fairgrounds — no land swap, first, because we are a few years “There are so many reasons this business back in the middle of
saddled with a more intense zon-
Nashville needs them both!” away from a project this big. shouldn’t happen, but chief on the 20th century. It took almost
ing more suited for the type of
Maybe find some companies to the list is the trend toward more 50 years and they’re still having
mediocre PUD development that
“Isn’t it about time that our com- come and take Nissan’s place!” compact and efficient (and, yes, to recover from those mistakes.”
we see all over suburban middle

Proposed legislation could wreak havoc on ownership rights for musicians, writers
By Gene Poole

“To promote the Progress of Science automatic copyright protection grant- The images she outlined were of It has been suggested by the U.S.
and useful Arts, by securing for limited ed to individuals that fixes that work families finding old photographs in Copyright Office that new databases
Times to Authors and Inventors the to any medium. dusty attics trying in vain to have them be established. But when the Register
Right to their respective Writings The bill would permit an intended retouched or repaired, but fearing law- Of Copyrights claims that they could
and Discoveries” user who has conducted a “reasonably suits since they could not find the pho- not certify these databases and that
— U.S. Constitution diligent search” in accordance with tographer to ask permission. the private sector would be responsi-

yet-to-be-established “best practices” Or a museum or library wishing ble, one must be concerned that indus-
hese words have stood as a testa- to be able to use the work in any to use archival tries whose only function is data min-
ment to the artistic rights of the way he chooses if he cannot find footage, but ing would now be the new gatekeepers
individual and have served as that owner. unable to do
What’s of our intellectual property.
the beacon that would illumi- And what happens if that pesky orig- so because of |
your Take?| Yes, there has to be reform. But,
nate the dawn of free expression. The inal copyright owner was to appear frustrations Respond to: the songwriting community must be
right to own one’s ideas or creations and claim his work was used with- associated with included and their opinions heard.
were deemed so important they were out his consent? Well, as long as the not being able to bizjournals.com I suggest, as do The National Music
built into the very fabric of the Consti- infringer “ceased expeditiously,” then locate the own- Publishers Association and The
tution. all the rightful owner would get would ers of the works. Nashville Songwriters Association
Two bills presently making their be a “reasonable amount” assuming Of course, future generations should International, that a separate class
rather hasty path through Congress “no willful intent” was established. prosper and flourish with new ideas. be created to distinguish and sepa-
could jeopardize the livelihood of any- Mary Beth Peters of the Register of Museums should be allowed easy rate museums and nonprofits from
one who the original intent of Article 1 Copyright office, testified before the access to the riches of our global cul- those in the professional
was meant to protect. House earlier this year and outlined ture. This exchange should be encour- music industry.
The Orphan Works Bill (H.R. 5889) the problems when a copyright aged, thus a creator in any medium
and its Senate counterpart (S. 2913) owner could not be identified or should be able to have that work Gene Poole is a music industry professional
would change the law related to the is unlocatable. accessed by millions of new end users. based in Nashville.