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Complete the sentences

with was or were. 2. Rewrite the sentences in
the negative.
a) I ______ill last night.
a) I was with my parents in
b) Susan _______ on stage. the mountains. 3. Ask according to the answers.
c) They ______ at Scholl
________________________ a) ____________________________?
last Tuesday.
________________________ I was born in 1971.
d) Elvis Presley ______
b) ___________________________?
American. b) Tim was absent yesterday. They were my grandparents.
e) They _______ born in c) ___________________________?
1996. ________________________
He was a famous singer.
d) ___________________________?
I was at school yesterday morning.

5. Complete the sentences

with wasn´t or weren´t.

a) They _____ at the concert last

b) Paul _____ at school yesterday.
c) Her jeans ________ Portuguese. 4. Write Yes / No Questions and the answers according to the
They were American. information in brackets.
d) We ________ at home at eight
o´clock. We were at the cinema. 1. Susan was at the beach this weekend.
Yes, ________________________________________________.
6. Put the words in the correct order
2. Helen was born in Lisbon.
and make sentences.
No , ________________________________________________.
a) baby/ happy / was / I

b) was / a / great/ composer / Chopin.

c) exciting / was / football match / 9. Complete with Question tags.
A) Elvis Presley was a famous singer, ________________?
B) She wasn´t at home last night, ___________________?
C) You and your brother weren´t at the cinema, ________?

7. Make Questions D) I was twelve in 1985, _____________________?

E) Those singers were in London last year, ____________?
a) The 2004 Olympics / in Japan?
__________________________________ F) Tina was in France last week, _____________________?
b) Pedro Alvares Cabral / American? G) Mr. Smith wasn´t in Portugal last week, _____________?
c) Marilyn Monroe / a singer?