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Executive Summary:

My internship was carried out in SACO Associates. located in the Rawalpindi,

(Bahria Town). Basically, it was carried out in different department as per there;

i. BP&SMD (Business Process & Services Management Department)

ii. Human Resource Department

The hazards and the problems faced or found in the organization are in its
promotional procedures. The employees are not satisfied with the working of the
promotional board .Some employees working in different capacities were not satisfied
with the present status of the work assigned to them. Internship report on the SACO
Moreover, the employees are not trained according their specialized task
performed by him/her. They are given general training so while performing the
specified task, it is difficult for him to be more accurate and it affects his/her
efficiency. In the era of specialization, the employee should be trained according to
specified task and the refreshing process should be conducted time to time.

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BP&SMD (Business Process & Services Management Department):

In this department, VP of BP&SMD Mudassir Qasim gave me instruction to

respond quickly whenever their notifications come around and direct that notification to
the concerning people. There, I renovate one multi-tasking form as well which is highly
appreciated and currently using at their other branches. All other regular works included in
this department like assisting others, tracking some paper works, Record keeping about
employees are organized. I work there for 8 weeks.

HR Department:

In this department I worked with Human Resource which is our biggest strength in
construction. Our core team comprises of highly skilled supervisors and artisans with a
proven track record in construction industry. Professional integrity being the essence of
our services, our selection of team is purely based on merit and stringent quality criteria.

1. Company Background:

SACO ASSOCIATES Was Founded in Rawalpindi in the Year of 2016.The Dedicated

Services of our Management, Engineers & Technically Skilled Staff have made SACO
ASSOCIATES a specialized organization in the field of fabrication, erection, sand blasting
& painting.

We have successfully executed Pipe Work Projects, Repair of Oil Storage Tanks,
Steel Structure Fabrication and Installation, Fire Fighting Networks on a Turnkey Basis.

At Real Engineering, we are totally committed to the success and satisfaction of

our customers. We strive to do what it takes each and every day to maintain our solid
reputation with our customers. Work with us and we’ll do our best to ensure you enjoy the

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Our construction range of services includes:

 Pipe Works
 Steel Structure
 Equipment Erection, Installation & Commission
 Storage Tanks
 Insulation & Ducting works
 Sand Blasting & Paint works
 Fabrication of Panels
 Design Consultation

To be recognized as a reliable source for engineering business success in
delivering world class engineering products services and turnkey solutions at the most
competitive price with best quality and high reliability.
To become an exemplary engineering contracting and manufacturing company
known for its project’s management skills, integrity and unflinching commitment of its
management to words customers and others business associates providing value to its

Company Core Values:

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These values affect the quality of our work and help our customers enjoy the

 Teamwork/Working Together
 Customer Satisfaction
 Change, Innovation, & Creativity
 Honesty & Integrity
 Mutual Respect
 Continuous Improvement
 Commitment & Accountability
 Role specification
 Workforce planning
 Training and development
 Performance management
 Legal issues
 Communicating with employees
 Evaluating performance
 Ensuring equal opportunities
 Making sure staff facilities are suitable and well-maintained

At Real Engineering, we are totally committed to the success and satisfaction of

our customers. We strive to do what it takes each and every day to maintain our solid
reputation with our customers. Work with us and we'll do our best to ensure you enjoy the

The Latest Ratings are:

Latest Rating Previous Rating

Rating Long term Short term Long term Short term
Entity AAA A-1 + AAA A-1+
Outlook Stable Stable
Govt. Debt AAA AAA A-1+

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Outlook Stable Stable
Date June 26, 2019 June 28,2018

2. Business Operations:

SWOT Analysis:
The SWOT analysis is done by the organization for the environmental scanning. The
strength and weaknesses and opportunities and threats are analyzed by organization from the
external environment. Real engineering Company analysis is given below:
 Strengths

Resources, competences or productive factors that let an organization realize the

strategies that support its mission.
Although their revenues are subject to fluctuation, construction companies are
generally able to remain profitable and cash flow positive in most economic
climates. This is due to the fact that these businesses can reduce their size
depending on the economy. One of the other strengths of operating a construction
company is that these businesses will always be called upon to deal with major
structural issues for commercial and residential facilities. The gross margins
generated by these businesses are moderate. The barriers to entry for a new
construction company are moderate depending on the location and the licensure
required by the jurisdiction in which the construction company operates.
Generally, a moderate scale construction company will require $150,000 to
$300,000 of startup funds. Primarily, these funds are used for equipment and
 Advanced project management
 Work force stimulation
 Having Knowledge about the subcontractors
 Modern Technology
 The use of modern framework
 Skillful work team
 Weaknesses

Elements that interfere with the realization of the strategy (lack of resources,
competences or productive Factors)

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There is lack of skilled human and financial resources to support and
maintain the instructions in the field. The operating costs of a construction
company are very high. Beyond facility rental costs, payroll and workman's
compensation insurance are the two biggest expenses that are faced by these
businesses. There are also operating risks related to getting paid for work
completed for a client. The other factor that is a weakness for construction
companies is that there is always a number of competitors in any given market
seeking to acquire contracts. It is very difficult to properly position a construction
company's marketing messages in a specific market.
 Incapability of the work team to adjust to working with modern types formwork
 Resistance of the workers towards adoption of new working methods.
 Uncoordinated workers
 The possibility of injury at work
 An undeveloped interrelation with the subcontractors

The construction industry is one of the most complex sectors within which to manage

 The operational realities faced by construction organizations, means there is a risk

that the needs of employees are subjugated by performance concerns.
 There can be insufficient time for strategic planning because of the tendency for
construction projects to be awarded at short notice following a competitive
tendering bid.
 Several organizations may work together on a project, perhaps forming a joint
venture or some other form of special purpose vehicle.
 There tends to be a transient workforce that may be made up of different
contractors and subcontractors. There is an increasing tendency for construction
industry organizations to appoint sub-consultants and sub-contractors with skills
suitable for particular projects, rather than making internal permanent
appointments. This gives greater flexibility but can make training and long-term
planning more difficult.
 The workforce may work long hours, claim high travel expenses, have different
nationalities and working cultures, and so on.
 Staff turnover tends to be quite high on construction projects.

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 Personnel change as projects progress and different skills and experience are
 There are many health and safety risks which must be managed.
 There are a great number of legal requirements that must be satisfied.

 Opportunities

Opportunities are area of the external environment that can allow the organization
to obtain positive performances. There are vast opportunities for a construction company
to expand. First, they have the ability to aggressively ramp up their operations if additional
work starts to come in quickly. Second, construction companies can develop properties for
sale using their own capital. While this is risky, there are tremendous profits to be made by
developing residential and commercial properties in economically viable markets. This is
one of the ways that construction companies boost revenues.
 Favorable contract terms
 A reliable investor
 The possibility of working on future projects with the investor
 Favorable financing method according to the advance rate and payment dynamics
 The possibility of developing a functional and coordinated project team

 Threats:
The biggest threat faced by construction companies is the economy. During
times of economic recession or a bad housing market - the revenues and profits of
these businesses take a dive. As such, it is very important for operators of these
companies to manage their expenses very carefully when difficult economic times
occur. As with similar businesses, competitive issues are always an issue.
 A high level of ground water

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 A small area for storage and manipulation on the construction site itself
 A supervisory board is also the projector
 The investor constantly changes the allocation of premises inside the business object

Competitive Strategy:
The long-term plan of a particular company in order to gain competitive
advantage over its competitors in the industry. It is aimed at creating defensive
position in an industry and generating a superior ROI (Return on Investment).
 Be Empathetic towards Customers:
In customer support, the whole execution depends upon the client
requirements. The best thing to do in such a situation is handle it proactively.
 Treat the Agents Well:
Your agents are a lot like your brand ambassadors and the employees who
actually believe in the company and can stand by it would do the trick. Treat your
agents well; not just because they’re your staff but because they could be the best
PR agents for your company.
 Optimize & Maximize Customer Value:
Learn how to optimize and maximize customer value. It would be easier to
advocate that all customers are equal and be done with it. But some of your
customers are going to be more important than others.

 Work on Communication Skill:

You should understand that internal communications are equally important
as dealing with clients. While working in construction company, you will have to
perfect your communication skills. Your bond with the other members of your
team will have to be spot on so that your relationship with your customers can
 Use Performance Metrics:

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Performance metrics helps to analyze the work done and the efficiency rate
of your agents except for that, you get your hands-on precise data as well which
tells you exactly where you’re standing that always helps in the long run since,
you’ll know when to pull up your socks.
 Skill based Grouping:
You can have a set of some skill certifications; only after having passed a
certain level can an agent be declared eligible to take decisions in that particular
field. Not only does this guarantee that you run a skill-based service but also makes
sure that your agents put in efforts to prove themselves.

Organizational Structure:

SACO Associates is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations
and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider. SACO
Associates that is contracted to a company's neighboring (or nearby) country is called near

shore outsourcing.

It will be the classification of all the possible job profiles of SACO Associates. This
classification can be done on the basis of several factors. Here it is done on the basis of
power & influence one possesses in the company. On this basis, the classification is
explained below:

Top Management  Chairman

 Board of Directors
 Managing Director

Executive Level Management  Vice–President / Head of

Operations/ Chief Investment
 Senior Assistant Vice-President
 Assistant Vice-President

Mid-Level Management  Manager

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 Associate Manager
 Assistant Manager

Junior Level Management  Officer

 Junior Officer
 Trainee assistant
 Probationary Officer

CEO is the main person of the company. In SACO Associates the CEO monitors the
four departments the marketing department, HR department, Finance department, QA

 The main purpose of Marketing Department that they made the policies regarding
to the products/services. The Marketing manager monitors the marketing
 The main purpose of HR Department is fulfilling HR objectives enables the
company to meet its goals, which in turn, enables accomplishing the business
strategy. Therefore, an HR objective is a department-specific step or process that
enables the HR department to make a contribution to the organization's strategic
 The main purpose of Finance Department is to pay District obligations accurately
and in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act. To record and report all financial
transactions in compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as
professional standards and procedures.
 The main purpose of S and P department is they are managing the records and
measure the performance.

1. Research &Planning Division

2. Recovery Sam Division
3. Credit Division
4. Finance and Accounts Division
5. Internal Audit Division
6. Operation Division
7. Human Resource Division

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8. Information System Division

3. Work Description:

There are the following duties that I perform as Administration officer are as follow:
 Manage office supplies stock and place orders:
I have used an Excel file because it was not a large inventory. When any of
items is short, I would place an order. When I took care of ordering for a
department with a director, assistants and other admin assistants, I would ask them

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to email me or post a log inside the supply cabinet and staff would indicate if items
were out.
 Prepare regular reports on expenses and office budgets:
I have use MS Access to maintain a regular report on those items that are
short and the office budgets.
 Answer queries by employees and clients:
I have to answer all the questions that employees ask me to answer for
example an employee is absent a day then on the next day employee asks me to tell
the NCNS policy so I am answering all the question related to employees.
 Update office policies as needed:
I have to update all the polices related to the employees in my internship
period company made a Sandwich policy so it’s mine responsibility to tell all
employees about that policy.
 Maintain a company calendar and schedule appointments:
I have maintained a company calendar in my internship period if the clients
want to meet the company management then I have to schedule an appointment
under the guidance of Mudassir Qasim.
 Book meeting rooms as required:
I have to book a meeting room if any of managers want to meet any of
operation department manager and their teams.

 Distribute and store correspondence (e.g. letters, emails and packages)

Its mine responsibility to distribute the entire letters and send the emails
and packages to managers.

 Arrange travel and accommodations:

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It’s one of my responsibilities to arrange the traveling trips and
accommodation under the guidance of Mudassir Qasim.
 Schedule in-house and external events:
I have to maintain in-house and external events with the guidance of
my manager.

I complete my internship as an Administration Officer from July 09, 2019 till

September 09, 2019

I work 42 days (expect Saturday and Sunday) as an internee and its complete 9 hours shift

and approximately 378 hours.

4. Analysis:

As an administration officer in SACO Associates, I analyze how to organize and schedule

meetings and appointments. I analyze how to Produce and distribute correspondence memos,

letters, faxes and forms. I analyze how to order office supplies when the item is not available, I

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analyze how to send order. Book travel arrangements are one of the toughest responsibilities

under the guidance of Mudassir Qasim, I analyze how to arrange travelling trips. I analyze how

to provide information by answering questions by the employees.

I analyze many things as I mention above, I analyze a lot of things and I am very much satisfied

with my internship. I complete my internship under the guidance of Mudassir Qasim and the

person work on the administration is directly reported to the HR department.

As an administrative officer my top three strengths are as follow:

 An administrative officer I needs to be able to speak and write very well as they

portray the image of a company in their communication.

 An administrative officer I am a member of a team. A team only works with good

team players where achievements are seen as joint efforts. Relationships with their

executives and co-workers must be established and a partnership of dependability


 An administrative officer there is a lot of duties with very little time. Part of this

job is to make things happen, timely and completely. Making priorities out of the

duties that need to be executed is the secret to avoiding getting overwhelmed.

By this strong management Building for Future Ltd standing in market last 20
years. A lot of challenges get from various ways to this company. But strong management
system become gets strategy with the time. Firstly, it shows the strategic profile of current
of potential persons as well as the companies. Secondly, building for future ltd value to the
customers need and wants. Finally, it draws how and where invests the factors and how
can be future profit.

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At real engineering, we are totally committed to the success and satisfaction of our
customers. We strive to do what it takes each and every day to maintain our solid
reputation with our customers. Work with us and we’ll do our best to ensure you enjoy the

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