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Tri Banh

Lynn Hovde

English 102


List all of the attempts to negotiate and resolve the conflict List all possible solutions or ways to minimize the conflict.
In 1997, the United Kingdom returned Hong Kong to China After sign the treaty, China promised that Hong Kong would keep
and they had signed the treaty since 1984. Under the treaty their country as before nothing changed under the system “one
mention that Hong Kong will eventually be returned to country two system”
China after 50 year from the treat have gone through since
Under the treaty which will be expired 2047 the basic laws In 2003, china wanted to take over Hong Kong with the one
still have validated to Hong Kong’s freedom system country not two anymore even though the due date of
treaty have not over yet.
In 2003, around 500000 Hong Kong people went out the The government took the China’s extradition after the protest
street to against the plan of allowing China’s extradition became worst.
went over the Hong Kong Country (Article 23)
In begin of 2019, Hong Kong people sent out the five In 2019, Carries Lam’s statement came out that three over five
demand of freedom to the government if the china wanted to demands was gone through the agreement from two government.
become a part of Hong Kong they would follow these five
In the beginning of March 2019, Hong Konger against the In early August 2019, the violence came out which Hong Kong’s
Carrie Lam’s statement which was three over five demand of police or China’s police attack the protestor to stop what they did
freedom went through the agreement from two governments. in the airplane.
The protestor came to the local area to let everyone from
other countries know what happened.

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