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Time Activity Person/s In Expected Output Resource Materials

Frame Charge
10 Registration Student Keep a record of who  Attendance sheet
minutes organizers will be attending and  Ballpen
participating the  Nameplate
formation seminar.
10 Opening prayer Student leader Seek spiritual  Prayer guide (Visual)
minutes guidance
15 Opening remarks and Student leader Introduce the kids of  Visual Aids
minutes Introduction what the formation is
all about.
15 Ice Student Energize the kids and  Visual aids
minutes breaker/Animation/Energizer organizers keep their energy  Game props
high through games,  Speakers (music)
dancing, etc.
45 Lecture 1: Getting to know Student Participants will gain  Presentation/Projector
minutes yourself speaker knowledge about  Visual Aids
knowing themselves.  Videos
15 Break/Energizer Student Eat then energize.  Snacks
minutes organizers
60 Lecture 2: Getting to know Student Participants will gain  Visual Aids
minutes the people around you speaker knowledge about  Presentations/Videos
how to treat the  Sound system
people around them
nicely. It will provide
them a background
about what is right
and wrong in
interacting with
15 Brainstorming/Group Student Share what they have  Pen and Paper
minutes sharing/Group output organizers learned through  Props for group works
drawing, group jingle,
tableau, and
interpretative dance.
60 Break and Bonding Student The participants will  Lunch Meals
minutes organizers be provided a packed  Music
lunch and will eat
together with the
student organizers.


1. Project title
2. Description
3. Objectives
4. Date and time of implementation
5. Subjects
6. Location
7. Resource materials
8. Pre-implementation requirements
9. Risk assessment
10. Procedure
11. Project implementation matrix