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Comprehensive list of Pro Tools shortcuts can be found in "Pro Tools Shortcuts Guide" (part of Pro

Tools documentation).

1. File Menu
Command+N New session...
Command+O Open session...
Command+Shift+O Open recent
Command+Shift+W Close session
Command+S Save
Command+Option+B Bounce to - Disk...
Option+Shift+I Import - Session data...
Command+Shift+I Import - Audio...
Command+Option+I Import - MIDI...
Command+Option+Shift+I Import - Video...
Command+P Print score...
Command+Q Exit

2. Edit Menu
Command+Z Undo
Command+Shift+Z Redo
Command+Option+Z Restore last selection
Command+X Cut
Command+C Copy
Command+V Paste
Command+B Clear
Control+Shift+X Cut special - Cut clip gain
Control+Shift+C Copy special - Copy clip gain
Option+M Paste special - Merge
Command+Option+V Paste special - Repeat to fill selection
Command+Control+V Paste special - To current automation type
Control+Shift+B Clear special - Clear clip gain
Command+A Select all
Option+Shift+5 Selection - Change timeline to match edit
Option+Shift+6 Selection - Change edit to match timeline
Option+[ Selection - Play edit
Option+] Selection - Play timeline
Command+D Duplicate
Option+R Repeat...
Option+H Shift...
Command+Shift+E Insert silence
Command+T Trim clip - To selection
Option+Shift+7 Trim clip - Start to selection
Option+Shift+8 Trim clip - End to selection
Command+E Separate clip - At selection
Command+H Heal separation
Option+Shift+3 Consolidate clip
Command+M Mute clips
Command+U Strip silence
Option+Shift+U TCE edit to timeline selection
Command+Option+H Automation - Copy to send...
Command+Option+T Automation - Thin
Command+/ Automation - Write to current
Command+Option+/ Automation - Write to all enabled
Command+Shift+/ Automation - Trim to current
Command+Option+Shift+/ Automation - Trim to all enabled
Option+/ Automation - Glide to current
Option+Shift+/ Automation - Glide to all enabled
Command+F Fades - Create...
Option+D Fades - Fade to start
Option+G Fades - Fade to end

3. View Menu
Command+Option+M Narrow mix

4. Track Menu
Command+Shift+N New...
Command+G Group...
Option+Shift+D Duplicate...
Option+K Set record tracks to input only
Command+Option+F Scroll to track...
Option+C Clear all clip indicators
5. Clip Menu
Command+L Edit lock/unlock
Option+Control+L Time lock/unlock
Option+Shift+B Send to back
Option+Shift+F Bring to front
Command+Option+Control+NumPad0 Rating - None
Command+Option+Control+NumPad1..5 Rating - 1..5
Command+Option+G Group
Command+Option+U Ungroup
Command+Option+R Regroup
Command+Option+L Loop...
Command+R Capture...
Command+Option+Shift+R Rename...
Command+, Identify/Remove sync point
Command+0 (zero) Quantize to grid
Option+NumPad5 Elastic properties

6. Event Menu
Option+NumPad1 Time operations - Time operations window
Tempo operations - Tempo operations
Option+NumPad3 Event operations - Event operations window
Option+0 (zero) Event operations - Quantize...
Option+P Event operations - Change duration...
Option+T Event operations - Transpose...
Option+Y Event operations - Select/split notes...
Option+NumPad4 MIDI real-time properties
Command+NumPad8 Beat detective
Command+I Identify beat...
Command+Shift+. All MIDI notes off
7. Options Menu
Option+L Loop record
Command+Shift+P QuickPunch
Command+Shift+T TrackPunch
Command+J Transport online
Command+Shift+J Video track online
Command+K Pre/post-roll
Command+Shift+L Loop playback
Command+Control+P Dynamic transport
Shift+/ Link timeline and edit selection
Command+Option+P Auto-spot clips
Control+Shift+T Edit/Tool mode keyboard lock

8. Setup Menu
Command+NumPad2 Session

9. Window Menu
Command+Option+J Configurations - Window configuration list
Command+Option+Control+W Hide all floating windows
Command+W Close window
Command+= Mix
Control+= MIDI editor
Option+Control+= Score editor
Option+= MIDI event list
Option+N MIDI editors - Bring to front
Option+Shift+N MIDI editors - Send to back
Option+' Task manager
Option+; Workspace
Option+O Project
Option+J Browsers - Bring to front
Option+Shift+J Browsers - Send to back
Command+NumPad1 Transport
Command+NumPad3 Big counter
Command+NumPad4 Automation
Command+NumPad5 Memory locations
Command+NumPad7 Video universe
Command+NumPad9 Video
10. Misc.
Shift+Space Half-speed playback
Command+Shift+Space, Shift+F12 Half-speed record