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Published by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Phoenix, Arizona Issue 1-G


1_ •7=11 auditors with three proven successes will be awarded
tne tune t1raCI!< II .bachelor of scientology degrees
Now it's the "Mimemeter"! This is a World-wide validation of Scientology took a step forward today with ac-
smaller edition of the Mathison Electro- ceptance by the Hubbard Association of Scientologists of a program of case
psychometer which can be taken any-
where, because it requires no A-C current, history compilation.
yet results are similar to those of the old Co-operating in this program is the Hubbard College Graduate School
stand-by. The machine sells for $48.50, in Phoenix, Ariz., which not only is lending its facilities but is granting the
f.o.b. Los Angeles, and delivery is degree of Bachelor of Scientology to all competent auditors caring to par-
promised within a few weeks. ticipate.
Adele and Roman Mazurek of Chicago
took a "tenting" vacation this year: two More than $50,000 has been expended to date by dianetic organizations in
weeks of it in Minnesota ... Mrs. Ara T. attempts to compile adequate validation material. Much of that which was
Dildian of Suffield, Conn., is SCIENTOL- accumulated was used, and served to dem-
OGY'S first paid subscriber. onstrate to the public and professional
such as rises in intelligence quotients, de-
Idella Stone is starting the Summary world that the older science of dianetics scriptions of techniques, etc.
Course in Pasadena under arrangements qualified as capable engineering effort in
with Hardin Walsh ... Her 'phone num- Participation in this program is open to
ber is SYcamore 6-8556 ... Jack Horner repairing and understanding the body and any auditor eligible for one of the degrees
is in England teaching a basic course . . . mind. Although many cases so gathered of Scientology.
Haskell Cooke and John Galusha, Jr., are were spectacular, the length of time re- Requirements for the Bachelor of Scien-
in New Orleans processing a special. They quired to relieve chronic somantics by tology certificate are: Successful practice
love that weather ... Burke Belknap and these early techniques was such as to in- in the field, valid prior certification as a
his wife are in Florida . . . Mary Beth hibit any large flow of validation material. Hubbard Dianetic Auditor, and three case
Horner is starting a Child Dianetic center Today, with the swiftness with which histories which are validated by the sig-
in Phoenix . . . J. M. "Smoky" Brand Scientology is able to relieve chronic nature of the pre-clear and notarized by
motorcycled to Phoenix from El Paso re- somantics, it is possible for an auditor to the auditor.
cently by way of recreation when he was demonstrate effectively the workability of
given three days off from his fire fighting The case histories must be those in
the science on several cases within a rela- which chronic somatics, or major aberra-
activities. tively short time.
Bob Arentz has shelved the E-Meter tions, have been successfully reduced.
cans a few weeks while he processes gas- Those who have worked with dianetics
Certification as a Bachelor of Scientol-
thirsty cars on the Idaho-Utah line . . . in the last two years, and who have de-
ogy is the first requisite before an auditor
Bob Smith has left Phoenix to join Perry voted themselves during the last eight
may work toward a doctorate. Second, he
Chapdelaine's Health and Happiness In- months to study in the newer science, Sci-
must have practiced on a sufficient num-
corporated group in Oakland, Calif. . . . entology, now are being asked to contrib-
ber of cases along one line or on one sub-
H.D.A. Earl Canard has joined the Detroit ute their findings and case histories to the
ject to prove the efficacy of Scientology on
Dianetic Center to assist the busy and effi- compilation of a validation text which will
that subject beyond question. Also, he
cient Olla Curry and Refa Postel with be published by the AssociatioJa of Scien-
must know all the latest techniques, and
their auditing. tologists and given broad distribution.
he must be a MEST clear.
Mrs. Charlein Hutton of Vancouver, B.C., An auditor is asked to submit notarized
statements concerning cases on· which he To assist this program, the Graduate
came to Phoenix for an ultra-special un-
has worked, or which he has chosen to School has cut its registration fee for the
der LRH himself, and decided to stay for Bachelor of Scientology degree to $25, and
the: Professional Auditing Course with the work as part of this program, made out on
forins furnished by the Association. The is making no other charge. Five copies of
Phoenix Scientology Institute . . . Mrs. the Validation book go automatically to
Jeanne Warfield, an H.D.A. of Little Rock, forms have been standardized, and are
designed for reproduction by multilitho- each successful candidate.
Ark., the "brand newest" of tl:ie Associates,
is sorting a stack of case histories to see haph process. It is hoped by the Association that wide
which three she'll use for the Bachelor of The Validation Book will contain these participation will produce a document so
Scientology degree. Her goal is Certificate case histories as submitted by the auditors. complete that it will establish Scientology
No. 1 ... Another new associate: Walter In addftion, it will contain some of the even more firmly in both professional and
Hanan of Nall_1pa, Idaho. material already. collec.ted in Scientology, public spheres of interest.
Page 2 journal of SCIENTOLOGY

SCIENTOLOGY success 'ain't

scientology society
Journal of the Hubbard Association
of Scientologists rolls opened to two
1407 North Central
Phoenix, Arizona worth the fuss' classes of members
Editorial Director: ALPHIA HART
Enrolment in the Hubbard Association
Published Twice Monthly By what standard is the success of ther- of Scientologists is open to all those inter-
apy to be judged: that of the pre-clear who ested in the science and its potential
Ten cents per single copy
$2.50 per year hails improvement as a miracle? or from achievement on the international, national,
the standpoint of the auditor who, when group, or personal level. '
Copyright, 1952, by the Hubbard Association of questioned, replied: "It ain't worth the
Scientologists There are two classes of membership,
technical and general. Technical member-
A few months ago, Mrs. Martha Dildian ship is restricted to those skilled in the use
what is scientology? of Suffield, Conn., contacted John B. Sku- of Scientology, in business, in communica-
pen, Boston auditor, and agreed to a lim- tion, and in therapy. General membership
"Scientology" is a new word which ited amount of processing. She was willing includes all other classes. Certification as
names a new science. It is formed from the to spend only $100. All her life, according a Hubbard Certified Auditor is necessary
Latin word, "Scio," which means KNOW, to her own definition of her case, she'd had for technical membership.
or DISTINGUISH, being related to the a semi-paralyzed left arm, shorter and The advantages of membership are
word "scindo", which means CLEAVE. bent, and a "humpback" shoulder, two many. A member receives a ten percent
(Thus, the idea of differentiation is strong- inches higher than the left. After 14 hours' discount on all purchases of Association
ly implied.) It is formed from the Greek processing, her shoulder dropped, her left publications and material. By means of
word "logos," which means THE WORD, arm straightened out and ·lengthened, and directories, he is put in touch with other
or OUTWARD FORM BY WHICH THE she suddenly found herself able to do Scientologists and groups. He receives,
INWARD THOUGHT IS EXPRESSED things with her left arm which previously without further charge, a year's subscrip-
AND MADE KNOWN; also, THE IN- had been impossible. The arm had been tion to the magazine, SCIENTOLOGY,
WARD THOUGHT or REASON ITSELF. so weak that she could not set the brakes which contains in every issue articles on
Thus, SCIENTOLOGY means KNOWING of her car, nor could she comb her own pertinent subjects by L. Ron Hubbard, and
ABOUT KNOWING, or SCIENCE OF hair. other features. A year's subscription of the
KNOWLEDGE. To her and her friends, the "cure" was magazine covers twenty-six issues.
A science is not merely a collection of outstanding. To Skupen, it was merely Founded by the many members contrib-
facts, neatly arranged. An essential of a added proof of results he's come to expect uting to the research of L. Ron Hubbard,
science is that observations give rise to after handling a long list of cases. in the Spring of 1952, the organization has
theories which, in turn, predict new ob- been self-supporting for some time.
servations. When the new observations are Writing about the case, Skupen said: "I
made, they, in turn, give rise to better simply had her scan out the effort, coun- Various programs are being sponsored
theories, which predict further observa- ter-effort, emotion and postulates regard- by the Association to achieve the goals of
tions. ing her arm .... Scientology. These goals include an erradi-
"The most important material touched cation of criminality so far as possible
A science grows. Its most important throughout the world, the prevention of
growth is not in numbers of facts but in was birth itself. In birth, for some reason,
it was necessary for her to twist her insanity, the establishment of new and bet-
the clarity and prediction-value of its ter systems of education, and the general
theories. Many fields which call them- shoulders, drop the right one and raise the
improvement of the lives of individuals.
selves sciences substitute fact-collecting left, and immobilize the left arm in order
for theorizing, others substitute theorizing to get through the birth canal. Why, I do The fifteen thousand persons now active
for observation. Without both, there is no not know. She was not a large baby and in Scientology can, if well organized and
she wasn't the first child. self-determined, affect, possibly, the
course of history, for never before has man
The "e:xact" sciences contradict each "Second on this was an automobile acci- had the ability to break the vicious cycle,
other daily. This is not because their ob·· dent of a few years ago which injured her or the dwindling spiral and decay, which
servations are wrong, but because they left shoulder and required her to have her awaits individuals and nations.
cling to old theories that conflict instead arm in a sling for many weeks with the
of finding the newer, simpler theories. joint of the shoulder immobilized and The cost of membership is $2.50 a year.
It is granted on application to the Hubbard
Scientology has introduced new simpli- raised. Third was a second auto accident
Association of Scientologists at 1407 North
cities of theory into the field of human with an operation on the nerves serving
Central A venue, Phoenix, Ariz.
thought and has brought the study of hu- the left shoulder to relieve continual pain.
man though up to a level at which it be- Fourth was an incident at about four years Three issues are sent free to prospective
gins to embrace all thought and all life, when her left arm was hurt slightly and members before they are taken from the
not only of man, but of all organisms. she got buckets of sympathy .... Fifth an lists.
Scientology is not a therapy for the sick, incident doing exercises in sclrnol where
although from Scientology such a therapy she was bawled out for not trying hard DORIS COLBURY GRAFFAM, H.D.A.
may be derived. enough with her left shoulder. They all Hubbard College Associate for Houston, Dallas,
lifted very easily, though somewhat Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi,
Thought is the subject matter of Scien- sticky . . . " New Orleans, and adjacent territory.
tology. It is considered as a kind of "en- Beginners' course in auditing and lectures.
ergy" which is NOT PART of the physical The irony was that it cost the pre-clear Advanced course in Scientology, lectures, and
much more than the $100 limit she'a co-audit instructions.
universe. It controis energy, but it has no Local H.C.A. certification by L. Ron Hubbard
wave length. It uses matter, but it has no placed, but not for therapy. Her entire
Physician-supervised intensives
mass. It is found in space, but it has no vardrobe, designed to minimize the ap- Consultant: Donald T. Graffam, Ed. D.
position. It records time, but it is not sub- pearance of her deformity, had to be made Lectures - Psychometrics-correlated Adult
Education Classes
ject to time. The Greek word (and letter), over. In addition, there was the cost cl
THETA, is used as a symbol for thought new glasses for her improving eyesight. Address: 2 West Oaks South Drive
as an "energy." And they're getting even better. Houston 19, Texas
-Reprinted from the Introductory Lecture To date, however, there have been no MOhawk 9911 and MOhawk 9627
to the Professional Course. complaints about this expense.
journal of SCIENTOLOGY Page 3

nearly 100 auditors

attend '80 and 88'
lectures in phoenix
Nearly a hundred auditors attended the
Summer Session in Phoenix, Ariz., June
23 to June 28.


According to letters received from these
and their comments while here, the Sum-
mer Session was one of the most success-
ful so far, both in terms of information
delivered, and handling.
Those attending the session were given
22 hours of lecture by L. Ron Hubbard on These are our Associate Schools:
the developments of Scientology in the
field of processing. The subject of the lec-
tures was "Techniques 80 and 88". Volney SCIENTOLOGY INSTITUTE
Mathison, inventor of the electropsy- 3027 West 28th Ave., Vancouver, B. C.
chometer, gave nine hours of lectures and
demonstration on the uses of the electro- PHOENIX SCIENTOLOGY INSTITUTE
psychometer. A248 North 32nd, Phoenix, Ariz.
Three of the volumes which were on the
waiting list of publications, the INDIVID- SCIENTOLOGY
METRIC AUDITING, and SYMBOLOG- 7070 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 28, Calif.
ICAL PROCESSING, arrived in time to
be issued to those attending. McCURDY FOUNDATION, Inc.
Some of those present were: 122 Avenue Minorca, Coral Gables, Fla.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Lane, Beaumont, Texas; Dr.
Nan Mccurdy, Miami, Fla.; Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert
Taylor, Phoenix; Mr. and Mrs. Maurie Kamman,
Phoenix; Mrs. Ethel Adler. Phoenix; John C. Cooley,
El Segundo, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spencer,
26 Common Street, Boston 16, Mass.
Phoenix; Olla Curry, Detroit, Mich.; Refa Postel,
Detroit; Inez Graf, Chicago; Hardin Walsh, Holly-
wood; Julia Lewis, Compton, Calif.; Idella Stone,
Pasadena, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Ross Lamoreaux,
Phoenix, Ray Perrier, Phoenix; Lawrence Holcomb.
859 Balra Drive, El Cerrito, Calif.
Doris Graffam, Houston; Don Graffam, Houston;
John W. Galusha, Pueblo, Colo.; Haskell Cooke II,
El Paso; Emily McDaniel, Bellaire, Texas; Ann Man-
dell, Dallas; Mr. and Mrs. John McCormick, LaJolla,
2 West Oaks South Drive, Houston 19, Texas
Calif.; Helen O'Brien, Philadelphia; Evans W. Farber,
Los Angeles; Mrs. Pearl Strafello, Spring Valley,
Calif.: A. R. Simpson. Texas City, Texas.; Laverne DETROIT DIANETICS AND SCIENTOLOGY
Jammaron, San Diego; Carl Jardine, San Diego; Doro-
thy Pettis, San Pedro, Calif.; Melvin Wells, Red Bluff,
8901 Dailey Court, Detroit 4, Mich.
Calif.; Tom Maxwell, New Orleans; Conrad Crowder,
Berkeley, Calif.;
Charles Grube, Chula Vista. Calif.; Dr. Gladys Hale,
Pierre, S. Dak.; Mr. and Mrs. James Struckmeyer,
Phoenix; Mr. and Mrs. George Peterson, Phoenix;
1312 East 42nd St., Seattle 5, Wash.
Jean Freeman, Livermore, Calif.; Kurt Steuernagel,
Seattle; Mr. and Mrs. David H. Greene, Paducah, Ky.;
Robert Cantwell, Cairo, Ill.; Kathleen Radsliffe, Los HUBBARD DIANETIC FOUNDATION
Angeles; Adele Mazurek, Chicago; Marie Graybeal,
122 North Mole Street, Philadelphia, Penn.
L. D. Bulman, Phoenix; Dr. J. P. Massaia, Phoenix;
Mrs. John R. Howard, Hardtner. Kas.; Ray Kinney,
Los Angeles; Mary Cleveland, Los Angeles; Aarom DIANETIC COLLEGE OF IDAHO
Forst, Los Angeles; Bettye Walton, Pasadena, Calif.;
Carl Warner, Peoria, Ill.; Rev. R. John Bloomquist.
111 - 16th Ave. South, Nampa, Idaho
Peoria; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Robb, Peoria; Robert
Waller, Peoria; Don Bartholomew, Phoenix; George
Seidler, El Cerrito, Calif.; Mrs. M. W. Stansfield, CHICAGO DIANETICS INSTITUTE
New York; James Elliott, Phoenix; David Fried, Phoe-
nix; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Malleck, Phoenix; Ruth L. 855 North Dearborn, Chicago, Ill.
Winne, Glendale, Calif.;
Edward Buckley, Detroit; Bud Ewbank, Phoenix;
John Robinson, Phoenix; Gordon Beckstead, Phoenix;
Mr. and Mrs. Al Huffstickler, Phoenix; Mamie Lilly,
Santa Ana, Calif.; Volney Mathison, Los Angeles;
1824 Wright Ave., Little Rock, Ark.
Lulu Loy, Albuquerque, N. M.; Myra H. Carlock, Phoe-
nix; J. M. Brand, El Paso; and Larry Platt. Phoenix.
Contact them for
122 North Mole Street - Philadelphia
A Communications Center of Dianetics
and Scientology
HCA groups start Mondays
8 weeks days - 16 weeks evenings Processing
John Noyga HDA Helen O'Brien HDA
Rlttenhouse 6-5714-Please phone for appointment
Book distribution . . . Dianetics and Scientology
. . . Frequent notification of titles on hand . . .
Certified Training
Orders or request to be on mailing list should be
sent to P. 0. Box 116, Philadelhia 5, Penn.
Page 4 journal of SCIENTOLOGY

Can You Afford the Time?

Regular Model
ARCON MFG. CO. $98.50
1214 West 30th Street "Mimemeter"
Los Angeles 7, Calif. $48.50
Journal of SCIENTOLOGY Page 5

electronics gives life to freud' s theory

associative process to be, and is considered to be, indispen-
sible for both the auditor and the psycho-
The patient is made all the more ready
to do so by the fact he knows the practi-

quickly breaks case analyst. In this state it is especially diffi-

cult to pick from the babblings of a patient
the clue for the material which, if brought
tioner is watching the needle. This causes
the patient to speak with much greater
honesty than he otherwise would observe,
with use of e-meter to light, may relieve his stress.
Despite its importance, associative pro-
for he conceives his mind to be "read" by
the practitioner.
by I. ran hubbard cessing requires very little technical back- A practitioner should know the follow-
ground or information. It can be utilized ing manifestations:
Years after free association as de- by one who has had no more than the most (1) A sharp drop of the needle for
veloped by Sigmund Freud had been elementary instruction on a psychometer- emphasis to the right as you face the dial
abandoned as a therapy, the develop- such as how it is turned on, how the elec- denotes the existence of a heavily stressed
ment in electronics has revised, at trodes are connected, and how to keep the subject. It detects, for the practitioner, the
least in part, the techniques of the needle balanc~d in the.middle of the meter. existence and whereabouts of an emotional
strain, which, if talked about, may release.
Viennese master. The patient is given the electrodes to
In the days when none could expect a hold. If he is particularly disturbed, they (2) A steadily rising needle, which is
great deal from psychotherapy, Sigmund are strapped to his hands with adhesive orie that keeps drifting to the left as you
Freud introduced the advance of free asso- tape, and a mitten is placed over one of face the dial, denotes an avoidance of a
ciation. In this technique, the patient was the hands holding the electrodes so that subject which, if probed, will bring about
permitted to discourse freely and wander- banging them Jogether will not disturb the the reaction of fear. This shows, in most
ingly until the doctor could gain a clue as needle reading. instances, an effort on the part of the pa-
to the source of his trouble. The doctor The patient is permitted to talk freely, tient to escape. The rise may be continuous
sought to obtain his data by evolving, from discussing anything he cares to discuss. and carry on for some time. The rise is
the clues given, that in which the patient The practitioner simply watches the halted by asking the patient what he
was seeking to escape, or what he was needle on the E-meter. The discussion of would like to get away from, and why;
repressing. This was the famous system of the patient will shortly cause him to ap- whom he would like to get away from;
mental catharsis as developed by Freud proach the subject which must be relieved. what situation he finds unbearable in the
and Breuer in the years prior to 1894. As he begins to approach his clue, the past. When this is touched upon by the
There were many difficulties with the needle of the E-meter will take a sudden patient, the needle will stop rising and
technique of free association but the main and sharp drop. give a short sharp drop.
one was the lack of positive evidence for Before permitting the patient to dis- (3) An idle needle, one which is drift-
the doctor on what the patient was avoid- course, the practitioner makes a pact with ing slightly to the right and slightly to the
ing, or repressing. him, if possible, that at any time the prac- left very easily and gently, denotes a
Years later, the technique is made work- titioner says "Now!" the patient immedi- comfortable status of mind on the part
able for the first time by the development ately will tell him what he was thinking of the patient, and tells the practitioner
of an electronic instrument, the electro- about at the moment the word "now" was that he is nowhere near any subject that
psychometer, which was invented by Vol- uttered. The pact includes, if possible, an distresses him, or, if it follows an emotional
ney Mathison of California. While this in- agreement with the patient that one hun- outburst, tells him that the outburst itself
strument was developed primarily for the dred per cent honesty would be employed is spent, and that the subject now can be
needs of Scientology, Mathison has fur- -thus Mathison's use of Technique 100, abandoned for the moment.
thered its use by developing, as well, what by which he meant one hundred percent (4) A sticky, or rigid needle is one
he calls "Technique 100'', or "Associative honesty. which does not change, but if it does,
Processing". The technique is so-called The moment the needle drops, the prac- changes very slightly and with a jerk. This
since it imposes and even guarantees abso- titioner says "Now". The patient then tells sticky needle can be interpreted, for the
lute honesty on the part of the patient and him what he was thinking about while he purposes of associative processing, as an
provides the doctor with adequate and was speaking. It generally will be some- effort on the part of the patient to hold
useful clues. thing connected with his speech, and back information, or even use physical ef-
It is said by those who have employed therefore is easy to detect if he is not tell- fort to supress information. The practi-
this process that they cannot see how ing the truth. Further, if he is not telling tioner should ask the patient if he is at-
analysis could possibly be conducted with- the truth, the needle will dive again, under tempting to keep the machine from read-
out the use of the electropsychometer. the stress of the patient's repressing the ing (which the patient cannot) or if he is
Now that associative processing has been information should the practitioner ask actively and consciously repressing some
developed. its importance in the field of him, "Are you telling me the truth?" and information. If this fails to resolve the
psychotherapy cannot be slighted or even the patient tells him "yes." Otherwise the "sticky" needle, simply ask the patient to
over-estimated. needle will drop in response to the charge get a whole concept of waiting for some-
For the auditor or doctor who has min- of the data upon which the patient has body, or somebody waiting for him, or ask
imum time to spend with his pre-clear, or touched. him to get a concept of somebody stand-
patient, an E-Meter and a knowledge The practitioner then requires the pa- ing still, or the patient holding somebody
of Technique 100 can bring about an amaz- tient to give him a fuller amplification of still, and the needle may frer The patient
ing shortening of the number of hours of the data which caused the needle to drop. should be reminded occas~onally of the
processing necessary. With the aid of an The practitioner, still watching the needle, compact with the practitioner as to the
E-Meter and the technique of associative observes that on much of this data the 100 per cent honesty, as most patients
processing, it has been estimated that the needle does not react, but when it again have many things which they are de-
usual two year psychoanalysis probably drops suddently, the practitioner repeats termined, very knowingly, to supress and
could be cut to three or four months. In the word "Now" and once more the pa- not bring to light.
the field of Scientology, it is said that an tient tells him of what he was thinking, With this technique of associative proc-
hour of associative processing is worth below the strata of his speech. cessing, the hidden data which the practi-
more than fifteen or twenty hours of By this route, considerable depth can be tioner, if he is to advance the case, must
straight memory questioning. plumbed. The patient will unburden rapid- bring to the surface can be detected and
With reference to psychosis, or severe ly much of his repressed hatreds and con- released. No other effective method of
neurosis, the technique can be considered flicts. doing this is known at this time.
Page 6 journal of SCIENTOLOGY

character of 1.5 is
anger, with desire to
destroy people, things YOU DON'T WIS/-/
The tone scale is not a derived scale, but
one which has been constructed after ob-
servation of many pre-clears . . . .
If an individual is at 1.5 on the tone
scale, he finds reactive "pleasure" only in
the venting of anger. He has no actual con-
cept of pleasure, but he gains a feeling of Books always have been symbols of knowledge. What man learns,
dangerousness and therefore of "pleasure"
in the dramatization of his dominating or
he passes on to others by means of the printed word.
angry engrams. Whether you are in Scientology as a professional or only from a
casual intere.st, you'.11 find a complete line of books and pamphlets
If permitted to go on being angry, he covering every phase of the subject. Don't guess, KNOW. Don't wish
will remain stationary, to some degree, on
the tone scale, but if these dramatizations you knew, FIND OUT.
are balked or fought against, he will de-
scend down the tone scale, since he is not
permitted to experience the "pleasure"
which he can attain by being angry. His The following books are available from The Office
;·oal is to achieve destruction of things or of L. Ron Hubbard, 1405 North Central, Phoenix,
people. He has considerable joy in achiev-
ing that destruction. Arizona, or any of the Associate Schools:
People who are only temporarily at the
1.5 level, which is to say who are being
acutely 1.5, know well the satisfaction ob- 27 booklets supplementing and interpreting Processing)-A Self-help book, which also
~amed in smashing something. The chronir Mr. Hubbard's 1952 lectures. Each ..... 85c helps the Auditor get an occluded case
moving with rapidity ................ $2.50
1.5 can raise no higher than the smashing (No discount on broken sets.)
of things. No. 1-Introduction to Scientology, Part 1 WHAT TO AUDIT-This is a "must" for the
Auditor who wants rapid results. Here are
At times in the past it has been felt that No. 2-Introduction to Scientology, Part 2 the la test findings on the Time Track.
Some of the data may startle you, but you
the individual who threw things, who went No. 3-Properties of Theta can prove it for yourself ............ $2.50
into a rage, and who talked in desperately No. 4-Motion on the Tone Scale INDIVIDUAL TRACK MAP. A book of charts
destructive terms was at the lowest possi- No. 5-Thought showing the Auditor what to work and how
ble depth of insanity. This is very far from No. 6-Emotion, the Handling of Emotion
to chart his pre-clear's progress ..... $2.00
true. Anger is the very high bracket of No. 7-Effort and Counter-Effort, Respon- ELECTROPSYCHOMETRIC AUDITING. How
insanity. One should beware of those who sibility to get best results from your E-Meter. No
are lower on the tone scale and who bring more fumbling with a dramatizing pre-
No. 8-The Attack on the Pre-Olear clear when you know this book and the
about destruction only by covert means, No. 9-How to Handle Facsimiles instrument it describes .............• $2.00
for there is no forewarning of what they
No. 10-Indoctrination of the Pre-Clear HANDBOOK FOR PRE-CLEARS. The orig-
will do. inal self-help book which has done more to
No. 11-Resolution of Effort and Counter- produce results than any other book Mr.
Any pre-clear whose reactive mind (and Effort Hubbard has written ................. $2.50
all reactive minds are below 2.0 on the No. 12-The Electropsychometer
tone scale) is coming up toward a release No. 13-Thought, Emotion, Effort, Maybes
DIANETICS, The Modern Science of Mental
Health. The original book on Dianetics
will pass through the zone of anger reac- No. 14---Effort Processing: Demonstration that became a best seller within weeks
tively and will be furious with people who after it hit the book stores (Maximum dis-
No. 15---Training Auditors: Demonstration count 20%. This includes associates) $4.00
have done things to him and may even be
No. 16-Anatomy of Fae. One: Demonstration
furious at the world at large. This is a ADV AN CED PROCEDURES AND AXIOMS.
symptom of his getting well, not a symp- No. 17-Theta Bodies These are the late 1951 techniques, and
they're still rapidly efficient in producing
tom of his going mad. No. 18-Entities results. In this book, what's needed to
No. 19-History of the Theta Line know about thought, emotion, and effort
People are not easier to handle below processing are described so that the new
No. 20-Theta Line, Mest Body Line techniques can be used with optimum re-
the zone of anger. People below the zone sults . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2.50
of anger are much more dangerous, since No. 21-Theta Body Anatomy
they will take much more devious steps to No. 22-How to Audit a Theta Line SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL. The second hard-
cover book on Dianetics. Here's a treatise
bring about death. They do not bring No. 23-Theta Bodies that gives you all you need to know about
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journal of SCIENTOLOGY Page 7

the handling of arthritis

by I. ron hubbard
The disability commonly called The second is its harmonic, .75, the area of done for the arthritic, many processes
arthritis is actually a chronic somatic grief, where the suppression of_ l~s~es of which can be used. It is impossible in this
of the depository type. allies or possessions causes a ng1d1ty, a short space to give one of the many case
belated effort to hold that which already histories of arthritis, under process, or to
Calcium or other minerals become has departed. The third is the next har- give all the techniques, or complications of
deposited in the joint structures, or monic, 1.5. This is the band of anger. cases concerning it.
on the bones of the body and there The .375 often is easy to process, but the Of all the ills of man which can be suc-
impeding circulation and often caus- apathetic state of the individual occasion- cessfully processed by Scientology, arth-
ing swelling, occasion consider ab 1e ally denies the auditor cooperation, eve_n ritis ranks near the top. In skilled hands,
pain. though it appears to be present. The .75 is this aliment, though misunderstood and
Joint limitation of motion is often best relieved by a discharge of grief, where dreaded in the past, already has begun to
marked, and quite commonly prog- this can be obtained; but grief in a chronic become history. Twenty-five hours of Sci-
.75 is quite often occluded. The processing entology by an auditor who fairly under-
resses to a point where the individual of the 1.5 is best effected by running an-
must use crutches or a wheel chair. stands how to process arthritis can be said
ger, both the anger of others toward the to produce an invariable alleviation of the
The arthritic may have any joint or pre-clear and the pre-clear's anger toward condition. Some cases, even severe ones,
area of his bone structure so impeded others. have responded in as little as two hours of
that the ailment may be manifested All three leyel\; of arthritis can be af- processing, according to reports from aud-
by claw hands, or hunched back, or fected interestingly by running sympathy itors in the field.
stiffened knees. for persons who are in a motionless posi-
Characteristic of the disability is a cer- tion, such as the ill, and by running sym-
pathy of others for the pre-clear when he
tain immobility of the body and muscles.
has lain in a motionless position, as in ill-
special "technique 88"
This stillness is strongly contrasted to the
spastic's twitching motions. ness. The next most important thing to book soon to be mailed
The sufferer from arthritis generally is run is waiting, or enduring, both on the
part of the pre-clear, or others, and when "Technique 88", the special memorial
subject to endocrine failure. The thyroid edition promised those who contributed
is deteriorated, the estrogen or androgen they have waited, or endured for him, or
on his account. These incidents by them- a minimum of $25.00 to Scientology when
glands are relatively inactive. The glands offices first were opened in Phoenix, has
which monitor the calcium in the body and selves have commonly produced an allevi-
ation of arthritis. been sent to the bindery and soon will be
its solution in the bloodstream are evi- ready for mailing.
dently particularly inactive. The complete and entire reduction of
Calcium in solution in the blood be- arthritis, so as to inhibit its return at any A printed edition of "Technique 88" as
comes deposited in areas having restricted, time in the future, depends on the running yet unnamed and for which no price has
or sluggish, flow. In Scientology, it can be of electronic incidents by Technique 80, in been set until more is known of its size
demonstrated that a restriction of circula- particular its famous black and white pro- and format, still is in the process of being
tion is present in those areas which have cess. written. No attempt is being made at this
suffered previous injury. The injury, al- There are many things which can be time to even forecast a delivery date.
though perhaps forgotten, or suppressed,
nevertheless can become active, thus plac-
ing a mental block over the area to become
affected and inhibiting normal mental
communication and physical functioning
with and in that area.
The damage to joints in any arthritic
can be demonstrated easily by testing the Rising paper and printing costs have forced a readjustment in
individual on an E-Meter where it will be the discounts given buyers of books, pamphlets, and lecture tapes.
discovered that the area affected indeed
has been injured.
Arthritis, then, is structurally a deposit Effective September 1, the following discounts will be in effect:
of calcium or other mineral, in an area
which has' been restricted by an old in- Founding and General members of the H. A. S. ·······-·--·------------·-------10%
jury. The injury is held in suspension and
in place in the area by restimulation of the
environment which contains some of the Professional (HDA's and HCA's) members of the H. A. S. ______________ 20%
factors present when that area was in-
jured. It is a condition of such an injury,
in order to be in suspension sufficiently to
cause arthritis, that the sufferer himself Registered Groups --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------30%
must have administered a like injury to
another person.
The processing of the chronic arthritic
No change in discounts to
may be pleasant or difficult. This depends our Associate Schools
upon where the individual may be found
on the tone scale.
Arthritis occurs at three places on thE Future shipments restricted to cash in advance or C. 0. D.
tone scale. The first is .375, an area of ex-
treme apathy where motionlessness in
general makes it easy for deposits to occur.
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Because the uninitiated should know just what type of science we have,
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