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Curriculum vitae

PERSONAL INFORMATION Pedro Manuel Martins Oliveira

10 Hallum Close, Salisbury, SP1 3JG (United Kingdom)

PERSONAL STATEMENT I have recently moved from Portugal to the United Kingdom, This change had a massive
impact in my life, everything is new to me, the culture, language and day to day routines.
But I believe that it will bring me a really good positive experience and learning towards a
brighter future.
I believe I am a ambicious, responsible, quick learner and hard working person. I look
forward for a new challenges everyday. Always open to new experiences and to go above
and beyond, and this is the main reason I am applied for this job position.


25/02/2017–Present Chief executive officer

Dourofit, Porto (Portugal)
- Staff recruitment, training and supervision;
- Budget management, salaries and bills payments;
- Enhancing profitability by organizing and delivering an appropriate range of fitness activities and
- Keep statistical and financial records;
- Maintenance of fitness equipment;
- Administrative tasks;
- Business promotion and marketing;
- Dealing with enquiries, complains and emergencies.

01/2015–05/2015 Design Engineer Assistance

LusoClima, Gondomar (Portugal)
- Assistance in building project design;
- Strutural, electrical, architectural project assistance


12/05/2018–13/05/2018 Certified in Nutrion Periodization Applied to Body Composition and

Well X ProScholl, Lisbon (Portugal)
- Carbohydrates Biochemic aspects;
- Basic rules to build a diet plan;
- Energetic impact in the Hormonal Metabolism;
- Meal content, fractionation and satiety;
- Nutrient Timming

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Curriculum vitae Pedro Manuel Martins Oliveira

- Case Study

01/2017–03/2017 Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist

Well X Pro Scholl, Lisbon (Portugal)
- Metabolic and Nutrition fundaments;
- Sports Suplementation;
- Nutrion, Hypertrophy and Strengh
- Nutrion and Weight Management;
- Nutrition and Endurance
- Advanced Skills in Sports Nutrition;

Instituto Superior Politecnico de Gaia, Porto (Portugal)
First Year Completion
Course: Management

Instituto Superior Politecnico de Gaia (University), Porto (Portugal)
Fisrt Year Completion
Course: Mechanical Engineering

Instituto Superior da Maia (University), Porto (Portugal)
First Year Competion
Course: Renewable Energies

09/2009–07/2013 College Completion Certificate

Escola Secundaria Carolina Michaelis
College Course: Science and Tecnologies


Mother tongue(s) Portuguese


Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production

English A2 B2 A2 A2 B1
Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - Self-assessment grid

Communication skills - Ability to adapt to different working environment;

- and communication skills;
- Ability to communicate effectively;
- Active listening;

Organisational / managerial skills - I am a flexible team player with the ability to analyse, plan, organize, execute and report work
- Excellent organisation and time management skills

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Curriculum vitae Pedro Manuel Martins Oliveira

- Experienced in leadership (responsible for a team of 3 people)

- Experienced in supporting team supervision and management of resource

Digital skills SELF-ASSESSMENT

Information Content Problem-

Communication Safety
processing creation solving

Independent user Proficient user Independent user Independent user Proficient user

Digital skills - Self-assessment grid

- Advanced command of Microsoft Office™ tool

- Independent Internet User

Driving licence A1, A2, B1, B

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