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S.No. Name of the Airport Address Designation of the Head Office Phone E-Mail Address
1 AGARTALA Airports Authority of India, Agartala Airport Director 0381-2342224 apdagartala@aai.aero
Airport, Agartala, Tripura
2 AGATTI Airports Authority of India, Agatti Airport Controller 04894-242615 apc_agatti@aai.aero
Airport, Agatti, Lakshadweep
3 AGRA Airports Authority of India, Agra Airport Controller 0562-2400844 apd_agra@aai.aero
Airport, Agra, Uttar Pradesh
4 AHMEDABAD Airports Authority of India,SVBP Airport Director 079-22869211 apdahm@aai.aero
International Airport, Ahmedabad,
5 ALLAHABAD Airports Authority of India, Allahabad ATM Incharge 0532-2580453
Airport, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
6 AMRITSAR Airports Authority of India, Raja Airport Director 0183-2214166 apdasr@aai.aero
Sansi International Airport, Amritsar,
7 AURANGABAD Airports Authority of India, Airport Controller 0240-2476147 apdvaau@aai.aero
Aurangabad Airport, Aurangabad,
8 BAGDOGRA Airports Authority of India, Civil Airport Director 0353-2698431 / apdbagdogra@aai.aero
Enclave, Bagdogra Airport, Bagdogra, 6450876
West Bengal
9 BENGALURU General Manager 080- 25223344/ apdbangalore@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, HAL
Airport, Bengaluru, Karnataka
10 BENGALURU Bengaluru International Airport, Chief Executive Officer 080-66782020 / mh@bialairport.com
Bengaluru, Karnataka 6678 2425
11 BEHALA Airports Authority of India, Behala Officer Incharge 033-24019117
Airport, Behala, Kolkata
12 BELGAUM Airports Authority of India, Belgaum Airport Controller 0831-2562020 apcvabm@aai.aero
Airport, Belgaum, Karnataka
13 BHAVNAGAR Airports Authority of India,Bhavnagar Airport Controller 0278-2212971 apcbv@aai.aero
Airport, Bhavnagar, Gujarat
14 BHOPAL Airports Authority of India,Raja Bhoj Airport Director 0755-2646001 apdbhopal@aai.aero
Airport, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
15 BHUBANESWAR Airport Director 0674-2596300 apdbbsr@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, Biju Patnaik
Airport, Bhubaneswar, Orissa
16 BHUJ Airports Authority of India, Bhuj Airport Incharge 02832-244147 aero_bhuj@aai.aero
Airport, Bhuj, Gujarat
17 CALICUT Airports Authority of India, Calicut Airport Director 0483-2712630 apd_calicut@aai.aero
Airport, Calicut, Kerala
18 CHANDIGARH Airport Director 0172-2659886 apdchd@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, Chandigarh
Airport, Chandigarh, Punjab
19 CHENNAI Airports Authority of India, Anna Airport Director 044-22561122 apdchennai@aai.aero
International Airport, Chennai.
20 COCHIN Cohcin International Airport, Cochin, Airport Controller 0484-2610119 / apd_voci@aai.aero
Kerala 2610115
21 COIMBATORE Airport Director 0422-2952155 apdcoimbatore@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, Coimbatore
Airport, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
22 DEHRADUN Airport Controller 0135-2412052 apc_vidn@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, Jolly Grant
Airport, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
23 DELHI Delhi International Airport, IGI Airport, Chief Operating Officer 0124-3376000
New Delhi.
24 DIBRUGARH Airports Authority of India,Dibrugarh Airport Controller 0373-2382755 apcdib@aai.aero
(MOHANBARI) Airport, Dibrugarh, Assam
25 DIMAPUR Airports Authority of India,Dimapur ATM Incharge 03862-243157 inchargedimapur@aai.aero
Airport, Dimapur, Nagaland
26 GAYA Airports Authority of India, Gaya Airport Controller 0631-2210129 apc_vegy@aai.aero
Airport, Gaya, Bihar
27 GOA Airports Authority of India, Civil Airport Director 0832-2540806 apdgoa@aai.aero
Enclave, Goa International Airport,
28 GONDIA Airports Authority of India,Gondia Airport Controller 07182-646079 apcgondia@yahoo.com
Airport, Gondia, Maharashtra
29 GORAKHPUR ATM Incharge 0551-2273485 oic_vegk@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, Gorakhpur
Airport, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
30 GUWAHATI Airports Authority of India, Airport Director 0361-2841909 apdght@aai.aero
L.G.B.International Airport, Guwahati,
31 GWALIOR Airports Authority of India, Gwalior ATM Incharge 0751-2470080 inchargeatc_vigr@aai.aero
Airport, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
32 HUBLI Airports Authority of India,Hubli Airport Controller 0836-2337692
Airport, Hubli, Karnataka
33 HYDERABAD Airports Authority of India, Airport Director 040-27903785 apdhyderabad@aai.aero
Begumpat Airport, Hyderabad,
Andhra Pradesh
34 HYDERABAD Chief Executive Officer 040-66764154 sripathy.p@gmrgroup.in
Hyderabad International Airport Pvt
Ltd, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport,
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
35 IMPHAL Airports Authority of India, Imphal ATM Incharge 0385-2455138 oicaeroimphal@aai.aero
Airport, Imphal, Manipur
36 INDORE Airports Authority of India, Ahilyabai Airport Director 0731-2629455 apdindore@aai.aero
Holkar Airport, Indore, Madhya
37 JABALPUR Airports Authority of India, Jabalpur ATM Incharge 0761-2603452
Airport, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
38 JAIPUR Airports Authority of India, Jaipur Airport Director 0141-2550623 apdpajpr@aai.aero
International Airport, Jaipur, Rajasthan

39 JAISALMER Airports Authority of India, Jaisalmer ATM Incharge 02992-252960

Airport, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
40 JAMMU Airports Authority of India, Jammu Airport Director 0191-2437843 apd_jammu@aai.aero
Airport, Jammu, J&K
41 JAMNAGAR Airports Authority of India, Civil Airport Controller 0288-2712187 / wilsonalf@hotmail.com
Enclave, Jamnagar Airport, 068
Jamnagar, Gujarat
42 JODHPUR Airports Authority of India, Jodhpur Airport Controller 0291-2512934 apcvijo@aai.aero
Airport, Jodhpur, Rajasthan
43 JORHAT Airports Authority of India, Jorhat Airport Controller 0376-2311456 apcaaijht@yahoo.com
Airport, Jorhat, Assam
44 JUHU Airports Authority of India, Juhu General Manager 022-26616738 /
Airport, Juhu, Mumbai 6693
45 KANDLA Airports Authority of India, Kandla Airport Incharge 02836-257628
Airport, Kandla, Gujarat
46 KANGRA (GAGGAL) Airports Authority of India, Kangra ATM Incharge 01892-232374 sic_kangra@aai.aero
Airport, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh
47 KANPUR Airports Authority of India, Kanpur Airport Controller 0512-2383553 oic_vika@aai.aero
Airport, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
48 KHAJURAHO Airports Authority of India,Khajuraho Airport Controller 07686-274767 mk_sinha@aai.aero
Airport, Khajuraho, Madhra Pradesh
49 KOLKATA Airports Authority of India, NSCB Airport Director 033-25119977 apdkolkata@aai.aero
International Airport, Kolkata, West
50 KULLU (BHUNTAR) Airports Authority of India,Kullu Airport Controller 01902-265037 apcbhuntar@aai.aero
Airport, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh
51 LEH Airports Authority of India, Leh Airport, Airport Controller 01982-251783 oic_vilh@aai.aero
Leh (Ladakh) J&K
52 LILABARI Airports Authority of India, Lilabari ATM Incharge 03752-234179
Airport, North Lakhimpur, Assam
53 LUCKNOW Airports Authority of India, Chaudhary Airport Director 0522-2435404 apdlko@aai.aero
Charan Singh Airport, Lucknow, Uttar
54 LUDHIANA Airports Authority of India,Ludhiana ATM Incharge 0161-2844569 oic_vild@aai.aero
Airport, Ludhiana, Punjab
55 MADURAI Airports Authority of India,Madurai Airport Controller 0452-2690717 apc_vomd@aai.aero
Airport, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
56 MANGALORE Airport Director 0824-2220400 apd_mangalore@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, Mangalore
Airport, Mangalore, Karnataka
57 MUMBAI Mumbai Internatinal Airport, CSI Chief Executive Officer 022-66852001 / sanjayreddy@gvk.com
Airport, Mumbai 66850222
58 MYSORE Airports Authority of India,Mysore Airport Controller 0821-2596802
Airport, Mysore, Karnataka.
59 NAGPUR Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Senior Airport Director 0712-6650103 vkyadava@miplnagpur.com
International Airport, Nagpur,
60 PANTNAGAR Airports Authority of India,Pantnagar ATM Incharge 05944-233685 oic_vipt@aai.aero
Airport, Pantnagar, Uttrakhand
61 PATHANKOT Airports Authority of India, Pathankot Officer Incharge 0186-2235267 oic_pathankot@aai.aero
Airport, Pathankot
62 PATNA Airport Director 0612-2220683/ apdpatna@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, Jai Prakash 6450716
Narayan Airport, Patna, Bihar
63 PORT BLAIR Airports Authority of India, Veer Airport Controller 03192-235619 rkhanda@aai.aero
Savarkar International Airport, Port
Blair-744 103
64 PUDUCHERY Airports Authority of India,Puduchery Airport Controller 0413-2255506
Airport, Puduchery
65 PUNE Airports Authority of India, Civil Airport Director 020-26683232 apdpune@aai.aero
Encalve, Pune Airport. Pune,
66 PORBANDAR Airports Authority of India,Porbandar Airport Controller 0286-2222234 atcpr@aai.aero
Airport, Porbandar, Gujarat
67 RAIPUR Airports Authority of India,Raipur Airport Controller 07717-2418167 apcrpr@aai.aero
Airport, Raipur, Chhattisgarh
68 RAJAHMUNDRY Airports Authority of Airport Controller 0883-2007838 svtdrao@aai.aero
India,Rajahmundry Airport,
Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh
69 RAJKOT Airports Authority of India, Rajkot Airport Controller 0281-2451849
Airport, Rajkot, Gujarat
70 RANCHI Airports Authority of India,Birsa Munda Airport Controller 0651-6450327 apd_verc@aai.aero
Airport, Ranchi, Jharkhand
71 SAFDARJUNG AIRPORT Airports Authority of India,Safdarjung ATM Incharge 011-24640859 oic_acs_sap@aai.aero
Airport, New Delhi.
72 SALEM Airports Authority of India,Salem Officer Incharge 04290-220060
Airport, Salem, Tamil Nadu
73 SHILLONG (BARAPANI)Airports Authority of India,Shillong Airport Controller 0364-2908740 apcbarapani@aai.aero
Airport, Shillong, Meghalaya
74 SHIMLA Airports Authority of India,Shimla Airport Controller 0177-2736835 apc_vism@aai.aero
Airport, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh
75 SILCHAR Airports Authority of India, Silchar Airport Controller 03841-282293 sarkardk@aai.aero
Airport, Silchar, Assam
76 SRINAGAR Airports Authority of India, Civil Airport Director 0194-2303311 apd_visr@aai.aero
Enclave, Srinagar Airport, Srinagar,
77 SURAT Airports Authority of India,Surat Airport Controller 0261-2727272 / apcsrt@aai.aero
Airport, Surat, Gujarat 2720109
78 TEZPUR Airports Authority of India, Tezpur ATM Incharge 03712-258306
Airport, Tezpur, Assam
79 THIRUVANANTHAPURAM Airports Authority of India, Trivandum Airport Director 0471-2500283 apdvotv@aai.aero
International Airport, Trivandrum,
80 THIRUCHIRAPALLI Airports Authority of India, Trichy Airport Director 0431-2341810 apdtrichy@aai.aero
Airport, Trichy, Tamil Nadu
81 TIRUPATHI Airports Authority of India,Tirupathi Airport Controller 0877-2285421 apctp@aai.aero
Airport, Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh
82 TUTICORIN Airports Authority of India,Tuticorin Airport Controller 0461-2271526
Airport, Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu
83 UDAIPUR Airports Authority of India, Udaipur Airport Director 0294-2655950
Airport, Rajasthan
84 VADODARA Airports Authority of India, Vadodara Airport Director 0265-2485356 rsdcruz@aai.aero
Airport, Vadodara, Gujarat
85 VARANASI Airports Authority of India, Lal Airport Director 0542-2622155 apdvns@aai.aero
Bahadur Shastri Airport, Varanasi,
Uttar Pradesh
86 VIJAYAWADA Airport Controller 08676-252729 apc_vobz@aai.aero
Airports Authority of India, Vijayawada
Airport, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
87 VISHAKHAPATTNAM Airports Authority of India, Airport Controller 0891-2518960 apd_vizag@aai.aero
Vishakhapattnam Airport,
Vishakhapattnam, Andhra Pradesh