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Sr. CP/CA No. Purpose Sections Name of Parties Name of the Remarks
No. Legal
Pronouncement of Order

1. C.P.(IB)-4461(MB)/2019 For Order U/S 10 Of (IBC) Minesh Prints Limited Saurabh Pandya

Supplementary List

2. C.P.(CAA)740/MB/2020 First Hearing 230-232 Aristo Jewellery Ltd Akanksha Mota &
3. C.P. (IB)-741(MB)/2020 First Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) IDBI Bank Ltd India Law
Neev Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
4. C.P. (IB)-745(MB)/2020 First Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Virendra K Pawar Deepak D.
V/s Deshpande
Creatoz Builders Pvt. Ltd.
5. C.P. (IB)-748(MB)/2020 First Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Marvel Petroproducts Pvt. Ltd. Sahil Mahajan
Varsha Corporation Ltd.
6. MA 695/2020 MA 350/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) M/s. Edelweiss Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd. Cyrill Amarchand
MA 286/2020 MA 891/2019 V/s. Mangaldas
MA 2435/2019 MA 2165/2019 M/s. Bharati Defence & Infrastructure Ltd.
MA 1516/2019 MA 1267/2019 AZB Partners
MA 1268/2019 MA 1940/2019
MA 1081/2018 MA 2584/2019
MA 2884/2019 MA 3185/2019
MA 3165/2019 MA 3098/2019
MA 3702/2019 MA 3733/2019
MA 3300/2019 MA 3897/2019
C.P. (IB)-292(MB)/2017
7. MA 3978/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Manorama Industries Pvt Fortis India Law
MA 2974/2018 V/s.
MA 1574/2018 Charbhuja Industries Pvt Ltd.
C.P. (IB)-1024(MB)/2017
8. MA 717/2020 Hearing U/s 7 of (IBC) JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Co. Ltd. Fortis India Law
In V/S.
C.P. (IB)1833(MB)/2017 Jejani Pulp And Paper Mills Pvt. Ltd.
9. MA 3409/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Andhra Bank MDP Partners
MA 2297/2019 V/S
In Project Master Electricals Pvt.Ltd
10. MA 3619/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Corporation Bank MDP Partners
In V/S
C.P.(IB)1921(MB)/2018 Eurobond Industries Pvt.Ltd
11. MA 710/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Panjab National Bank Fraser Mario
In V/s Alexander
C.P.(IB)-3080(MB)/2018 Unijules Life Sciences Limited
12. MA 722/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Mr. Jitendra Kantilal Shah Yasmin E.
MA 443/2020 V/s.
In Sutlej Housing Pvt Ltd.
13. MA 35/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Punjab National Bank Unisan & Co
In V/S
C.P.(IB)-204(MB)/2019 Poscho Steels Pvt Ltd
14. IA 737/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) IDBI Bank Limited MDP & Partners
In V/s
C.P.(IB)-1587(MB)/2019 Pawar Electro Systems Private Limited
15. IA 739/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Canara Bank MDP Partners
In V/s
C.P.(IB)-2156(MB)/2019 KGS Sugar And Infra Corporation Ltd
16. MA 3456/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Arihant Multi Commercial Ltd Bekay Legal
In V/s
C.P. (IB)-2531(MB)/2019 Vibgyor Vinimay Pvt Ltd
17. MA 252/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) The Vishweshwar Sahakari Bank Ltd Kanj & Co
In V/s
C.P.(IB)-3345(MB)/2019 M/s Takshashila Hotels Pvt Ltd
18. MA 1265/2018 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Bright Steel Processors Thakore Jariwala
In V/s.
C.P.(IB)-724(MB)/2017 Lohaa Ispat Limited
19. MA 713/2020 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Nico Extrusion Ltd. Rashmi M Patil
MA 4004/2019 V/s
In Nicomet Industries Ltd.
C.P. (IB)-619(MB)/2018
20. MA 200/2020 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Aqua Omega Services Pvt.Ltd. HK Law
In V/S
C.P.(IB)-2104(MB)/2018 Great United Energy Pvt.Ltd.
21. MA 3899/2019 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd PRS Legal
In V/S
C.P. (IB)-3271(MB)/2018 Jupiter Broadcast Pvt Ltd
22. MA 684/2020 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Prabhat Steel Traders Pvt Ltd Siddharth Murarka
In V/s
C.P. (IB)-4694(MB)/2018 Ankur Iron Pvt Ltd
23. MA 706/2020 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) M/S Associated Road Carriers Ltd. Kalyani G Parmar
MA 664/2020 V/S
In Indsur Global Limited
24. MA 264/2020 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) E-Solve Infotech Pvt Ltd CS Ashokan
In V/s Achuthan
C.P.(IB)-799(MB)/2019 Reliance Webstore Ltd
25. MA 3902/2019 Hearing U/s 10 Of (IBC) Facor Steel Ltd. Omkar V.
In Deosthale
C.P. (IB)18(MB)/2017
26. MA 718/2020 Hearing U/s 10 Of (IBC) Shirdi Industries Ltd Rajesh Bhora
C.P. (IB)-839(MB)/2017
27. C.P.(IB)4076(MB)/2018 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Awaita Properties Pvt Ltd Crawford Bayley &
v/s Co
Tarapur Textiles Park Ltd
28. C.P. (IB)4148(MB)/2018 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Akriti Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd
Shreepati Build Infra Investment Ltd
29. C.P.(IB)-4180(MB)/2018 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Starwort Engineers Pvt Ltd Crawford Bayley &
V/s Co
Tarapur Textiles Park Ltd
30. C.P (IB)-171(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 7 of (IBC) Pon Pure India Chemicals India Pvt Ltd Ashish Agarkar
Health Secure (India) Pvt Ltd
31. C.P.(IB)-1230(MB)/2019 For Admission U/s 7 Of (IBC) Rajarambapu Sahakari Bank Limited Anand
V/s Prabhawalkar
Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd
32. C.P.(IB)-3486(MB)/2019 For Admission U/s 7 Of (IBC) Indiabulls Consumer Finance Ltd Apex Law Partners
21 Auto India Pvt Ltd
33. C.P.(IB)-3603(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Meena S Gupta Amit Tungare
Varsha Corporation Limited
34. C.P. (IB)-3923(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Bank Of India Limited argus Partners
Pranav Construction Systems Private Limited
35. C.P (IB)-4172(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 7 of (IBC) Rangbarshi Projects Private Limited Mamta Binani &
V/s Associates
Bhattad Brothers Realty Private Limited
36. C.P.(IB)-4464(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 7 Of (IBC) Gajendra Investment Ltd. Divya Shah
V/s Associates
Satra Property Developers Pvt Ltd
37. C.P.(IB)-4474(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Altico Capital India Ltd P & A Law
Suvidha City Pvt Ltd
38. C.P. (IB)-4588(MB)/2018 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) Haji Abdul Gani & Co. M S Dehlvi
Yellow Banana Pvt Ltd
39. C.P.(IB)-4600(MB)/2018 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Vadali Infotech Pvt Ltd Indialaw
Soru Technologies Pvt Ltd.
40. C.P.(IB)-1525(MB)/2019 For Filing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Dhruba Charan Pradhan Ethos Legal
Consent Term V/s Allaince
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd
41. C.P.(IB)-4655(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 9 Of (IBC) Bright Outdoor Media Pvt Ltd Mohammed Zain
Vs Khan
Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd
42. C.P.(IB)-373(MB)/2020 Hearing U/S 9 Of (IBC) Blue Star Ltd. V. Deshpande &
V/s Co.
Expo India Exhibition Pvt. Ltd.
43. C.P.(IB)-414(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Akbar Travels Of India Pvt Ltd Mishra & Co
Rolta India Ltd
44. C.P.(IB)-1436(MB)/2019 For Admission U/s 9 Of (IBC) Sandaw Prints Pvt Ltd Apex Law Partners
Reliance Webstore Ltd
45. C.P.(IB)-1848(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Bsmart Tech Pvt Ltd Classic Law &
V/S Associates
Aurangabad City Water Utility Company Ltd
46. C.P (IB)-2981(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) J. K. & Sons Impex Pvt Ltd Dipti Shah
Nectar Prints Pvt Ltd
47. C.P.(IB)-3431(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Mitsubishi Elevator India Private Limited Devul Dighe
Shree Ahuja Properties Private Limited
48. C.P. (IB)-3651(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) JRS Infrastructure Bhuvan Arora
Hindustan Construction Company Ltd
49. C.P.(IB)-3819(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Jay Bhavani Enterprises V K Gupta
Satra Properties (India) Ltd
50. C.P.(IB)-3822(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 59 Of (IBC) IL & FS Capital Advisors Ltd Vinod Kumar
51. C.P.(IB)-3986(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Rexel India Pvt Ltd P.R.Mahajan
Mittal Corp Ltd
52. C.P.(IB)-3998(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) AJ Corp Singapore Exim PTE Ltd Rahul Totala
New Plastomers India Ltd
53. C.P.(IB)-4220(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Spectra International Ltd Vimal Sanghavi
Prithviraj Plastics Pvt Ltd
54. C.P.(IB)-4319(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) Hi Tech Computers Services Nashik Pvt Ltd P S Thakre & Co
Secutech Automation India Pvt Ltd
55. C.P.(IB)-4329(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) M/s. J. Kumar Infraprojects Ltd Tejas Deshpande
M/s. View Craft India Pvt Ltd
56. C.P.(IB)-4331(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd Tejas Deshpande
V/s Panchsil
DS Infradwellers Pvt Ltd
57. C.P.(IB)-4332(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) Northern Heavy Industries Group Co. Ltd Dhurve Liladhar &
V/s Co
Reliance Infrastructure Ltd
58. C.P (IB)-196(MB)/2020 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) JMD Precision Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Lex Juris
CG Power and Industrial Solutions Ltd.
59. C.P.(IB)-351(MB)/2020 Hearing U/S 7 Of (IBC) STUP Consultants Pvt Ltd Ajit Singh Tawar &
V/s Co
Rolta India Limited
Ordinary List

60. MA 715/2020 Hearing 213,241-242 Kanhiyalal Tahilram Kewalramani & Anr. Pragnya Legal
In V/s.
CP 467/2017 Urban Sancturies Developers Pvt. Ltd. & Ors.
61. MA 714/2020 Hearing 213,241-242 Deepak Kanhiyalal Kewalramani & Ors. Pragnya Legal
In V/s.
CP 468/2017 Kestrel Import & Export Pvt. Ltd. & Ors
62. MA 738/2020 Hearing 252(1) Vasant Litho and Offset Printing Private Limited Rohan Mehra &
In V/s Asociates
CP 2220/2019 ROC, Mumbai
63. C.A.(CAA)1407/MB/2018 Hearing 230-232 Dales Laboratories Pvt Ltd Anjana Sharma &
C.A.(CAA)1408/MB/2018 Dales Remedies Pvt Ltd


1. Although all efforts have made to give accurate information in the Cause List, the possibility of an inadvertent error cannot be ruled out
and regretted, if any.
Counsel/Professionals are required to sign the Attendance Sheet at the Court Room before the hearing starts & assembly of the Court.
2. As per rule 9 of NCLT Rules 2016: "The sitting hours of the Tribunal shall ordinarily be from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. to
4:30pm, subject to any order made by the President.”
3. Cause list has been revised to hear part heard matters.
4. In terms of Rule 92, NCLT Rules 2016, read with other relevant rules, and with due regards to instructions given time to time, I Confirm the
availability of all Folders with Orders in Chronological Order with their entire proceedings as per above cause list and hereby confirm the readiness of
the Court. Submitted for approval and instructions, if any please.

Note:-Parties are directed to file their hard & soft copy of the written submission with direction to send the same in word as well
as pdf format on the email id of registrar-mum@nclt.gov.in