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Sr. CP/CA No. Purpose Sections Name of Parties Name of the Remarks
No. Legal
Pronouncement of Order

1. MA 2326/2019 For Order U/s 7 Of (IBC) Bank Of India Cyril Amarchand

In V/S Mangaldas
C.P.(IB)-1399(MB)/2017 Mandhana Industries Limited
Priority List

2. C.P.(IB)-3793(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Premier Road Carries Limited Udwadia & Co
AMS Trading and Investment Private Limited
3. C.P.(IB)-3900(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 7 Of (IBC) Chintamani Enclave Private Limited PDS Legal
Rajesh Construction Company Private Limited
4. C.P. (IB)-4302(MB)/2018 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Dena Bank S.K. Singhi & Co
Max Flex & Imaging Systems
5. C.P.(IB)-3829(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Zenith Birla (I) Ltd Ami Jain
Grand Foundry Ltd
6. C.P.(IB)-1049(MB)/2019 For Admission U/s 7 of (IBC) Bank Of Baroda Singhi & Co
Sanghvi Land Developers Pvt Ltd
7. C.P.(IB)-1559(MB)/2017 Re-hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Zenith Birla (India) Ltd. Ami Jain
Bbnc Consultancy Pvt Ltd.
8. C.P.(IB)-4612(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 7 Of (IBC) Kishor Hassanandani & Nishtha Sharma Geeta Lundwani
SSD Escatics Pvt Ltd
9. C.P.(IB)-3784(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 7 Of (IBC) Sushil Sohanlal & Anr Atharva A
V/s Dandekar
Callista Realty Ltd
10. C.P.(IB)-4217(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Amit Rajpal AAK Legal
Shree Ahuja Properties and Realtors Pvt Ltd
11. C.P.(IB)-46(MB)/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) State Bank Of India India Law
Satec Envir Engineering (India) Private Limited
12. C.P.(IB)-3972(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Unique Rehab Pvt Ltd S & K Partners
Hindustan Unilever Ltd
13. C.P.(IB)-2935(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Great White Global Pvt Ltd AZB & Partners
Vijay Suraksha Realty LLP
14. C.P.(IB)-2936(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Anchor Enterprises Pvt Ltd AZB & Partners
Vijay Suraksha Realty LLP
15. C.P.(IB)-2937(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Great White Technologies Pvt Ltd AZB & Partners
Vijay Suraksha Realty LLP
16. C.P.(IB)-2938(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Shikhar Leasing & trading Ltd AZB & Partners
Vijay Suraksha Realty LLP
17. C.P.(IB)-3750(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 9 Of (IBC) Sterling And Wilson Powergen Pvt Ltd Vishal S. Shriyan
Genesis Resorts Pvt Ltd
18. C.P.(IB)-3786(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 9 Of (IBC) Sterling & Wilson Energy Systems Pvt Ltd Vishal S Shriyan
Genesis Resorts Pvt Ltd
19. C.P.(IB)-3264(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Shreeji Bottle Trading Company Kaushik & co.
Sapphire Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
20. C.P.(IB)-3272(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Shreeji Bottle Trading Company Kaushik & co
Health Secure India Pvt Ltd
21. C.P.(IB)-3328(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Metal Tubes (India) Disha Ashok Pitale
Raj Process Equipment & Systems Pvt Ltd
22. C.P.(IB)-4490(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 9 Of (IBC) Aquamarine Services Tejas Deshpande
Radius & Deserve Builders LLP
23. C.P.(IB)-3757(MB)/2018 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Smith & Co Juristech Legal &
V/S Partners
Sanika Chemicals Pvt Ltd
24. C.P.(IB)1625(MB)/2018 Hearing U/s 8 & 9 Of (IBC) J B Ecotex Llp Dhiren R. Dave
Shree Hanuman Texfab Pvt Ltd
25. C.P. (IB)-1103(MB)/2019 For Admission U/s 9 Of (IBC) Gandhar Oil Refinery India Ltd Verus Advocate
TPI India Ltd
26. C.P (IB)-2886(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 of (IBC) Site-N- Sign Mohammed Zain
V/s Khan
Signapurkar's Leather House Private Limited
27. C.P.(IB)-1629(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Deepak Sansarwal Suraj Kumar Singh
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Limited
28. C.P.(IB)-1630(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Jagdish Chander Suraj Kumar Singh
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Limited
29. C.P.(IB)-4087(MB)/2018 For Filing Written U/s 9 Of (IBC) Supreme Hydro Engineering Pvt Ltd Bose & Mitra & Co,
Submission V/S
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd
30. C.P.(IB)-2700(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Krishna Metal & Allied Products (India) Pvt Ltd Shubham G More
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd
31. C.P.(IB)-3347(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Powerwave Technologies Sweden AB Mahimtura & Co
Syrma Technology Pvt Ltd
32. C.P.(IB)-571(MB)/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Stpm Logistics Llp Ajay Law
V/S Associates
Mirange Ceramic Pvt Ltd
33. C.P.(IB)-1819(MB)/2019 For Admission U/s 9 Of (IBC) Mr Dilbagh Singh Rohilla Gautam Singhal
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Limited
34. C.P.(IB)-4491(MB)/2019 Hearing U/S 10 Of (IBC) T & U Systems Automobiles Pvt Ltd Radhe Agrawal

Ordinary List

35. MA 1291/2018 For Admission U/s 7 Of (IBC) ICICI Bank Ltd AZB & Partners
MA 2598/2018 V/S
MA 3140/2019 Usher Agro Ltd
36. MA 3644/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Bank Of Baroda HAS Advocates
In V/s
C.P. (IB)-3558(MB)/2018 Pratibha Industries Ltd
37. MA 1423/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Asset Reconstruction Company (India) Limited Vidhi Partners
In V/S
C.P. (IB)1339(MB)/2017 Precision Fasteners Ltd.
38. MA 3625/2019 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Andhra Bank Vesta Legal
MA 1354/2019 V/s
MA 901/2019 Sterling Biotech Limited
CP.(IB) 490(MB)/2018
39. MA 373/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Bank Of India S.K.Singhi & Co
In V/s
C.P.(IB)-408(MB)/2019 Saturn Rings & Forgings Pvt Ltd

40. MA 374/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Corporation Bank MDP Partners

In V/s
C.P.(IB)-1647(MB)/2019 Tasgaonkar Blossom Private Limited

41. MA 422/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) JM Financial asset Reconstruction company Ltd. V.Deshpande & Co
MA 50/2020 V/s
In Maruti Cotex Ltd.
42. MA 375/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Shailen S Gala Shailen S Gala
In V/S
C.P.(IB)-1015(MB)/2019 Mayurparkh Find Builders Private Limited

43. MA 427/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Bank Of India Cyril Amarchand

In V/S Mangaldas
C.P.(IB)-1399(MB)/2017 Mandhana Industries Limited

44. MA 33/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) Bank Of Maharashtra AKR Advisors LLP
In V/S
C.P.(IB)-1633(MB)/2019 D S Kulkarni Developers Ltd

45. MA 432/2020 Hearing U/s 7 Of (IBC) ICICI Prudential Real Estate Trilegal Peninsula
In V/S
C.P.(IB)4733(MB)/2018 Sunshine Housing & Infrastructure Private Limited

46. MA 3938/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Sunil Gurtoo A A Associates

In V/s
C.P.(IB)-2346(MB)/2019 Pec Fixing Systems Pvt Ltd

47. MA 3421/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) RDC Concrete (India) Private Limited Bulwark Solicitors
In V/s
C.P.(IB)-1500(MB)/2019 Richa India Infra Development Pvt.Ltd

48. MA 3903/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Taxman Publications Pvt. Ltd. Kunal Kanungo
MA 3906/2019 V/s
In International Book House Pvt. Ltd.
49. MA 4116/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Nico Extrusion Ltd. Rashmi M Patil
MA 4119/2019 V/s
In Nicomet Industries Ltd.
C.P. (IB)-619(MB)/2018
50. MA 4117/2019 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Amod Stampings Pvt Ltd R&R Associates,
In V/s
C.P.(IB)-3641(MB)/2018 Trans-Fab Power India Pvt Ltd
51. MA 406/2020 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Zheijang Medicines & Health Products Imports & Dhurve Liladhar &
In Exports Company Ltd Co
C.P.(IB)-2241(MB)/2019 V/S
Waxsen Lifescience Pvt Ltd
52. MA 381/2020 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) SNP Porjex Pvt Ltd D. S. Momaya &
In V/s Co
C.P.(IB)-2070(MB)/2019 Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd
53. MA 380/2020 Hearing U/S 9 Of (IBC) Pradeep Sales & Service Pvt Ltd V.K Gupta
In V/s
C.P.(IB)-3761(MB)/2019 Aditya Vidyut Appliances Ltd
54. MA 414/2020 Hearing U/s 8 & 9 Of (IBC) Biostadt India Ltd Vertis Legal
MA 419/2020 V/S
MA 420/2020 Sonachi Industries Ltd Navid Memon
55. MA 429/2020 Hearing U/s 9 Of (IBC) Aqua Omega Services Pvt.Ltd. HK Law
MA 200/2020 V/S
In Great United Energy Pvt.Ltd.
56. MA 423/2020 Hearing U/s 10 Of (IBC) Unity Infraprojects Ltd. Naik Naik &
In Company
C.P. (IB)-1058(MB)/2017
57. MA 428/2020 Hearing U/s 10 Of (IBC) Shirdi Industries Ltd Rajesh Bhora
C.P. (IB)-839(MB)/2017
58. CP 4453/2019 Hearing 252(1) PR COMMISSIONER OF INCOME TAX-13 MUMBAI Akhileshwar
V/s Sharma
ROC MUMBAI / Thermosil Engineers Pvt Ltd
59. MA 424/2020 Hearing 241-242 Union Of India, MCA
MA 369/2020 V/s
In Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd &
CP 3638/2018 Ors
60. MA 392/2020 Hearing 241-242 Fibra Shipping Agency & Ors Suresh Dubey
MA 410/2020 V/S.
In Dreams The Mall Company Ltd & Ors
CP 265/2017
61. MA 368/2020 Hearing 230-232 Fast Track Diagnostics Pvt Ltd Vinay J. Bhanushali
62. MA 397/2020 Hearing 230-232 Babani Investment & Trading Pvt Ltd Bare Legal
In Chambers
63. C.P.(CAA)4044/MB/2019 Hearing 230-232 Marathon Nextgen Townships Pvt.Ltd Rajani Associates


1. Although all efforts have made to give accurate information in the Cause List, the possibility of an inadvertent error cannot be ruled out
and regretted, if any.
Counsel/Professionals are required to sign the Attendance Sheet at the Court Room before the hearing starts & assembly of the Court.
2. As per rule 9 of NCLT Rules 2016: "The sitting hours of the Tribunal shall ordinarily be from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm. to
4:30pm, subject to any order made by the President.”
3. Cause list has been revised to hear part heard matters.
4. In terms of Rule 92, NCLT Rules 2016, read with other relevant rules, and with due regards to instructions given time to time, I Confirm the
availability of all Folders with Orders in Chronological Order with their entire proceedings as per above cause list and hereby confirm the readiness of
the Court. Submitted for approval and instructions, if any please.

Note:-Parties are directed to file their hard & soft copy of the written submission with direction to send the same in word as well
as pdf format on the email id of registrar-mum@nclt.gov.in