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Module 2

1. What is Ethical Dilemma? Discuss the sources of ethical dilemma.

2. Explain structure of Ethical Dilemma with its definition
3. How to resolve Ethical Dilemma? Explain it in detail
4. Define Ethical Leadership with its various styles
5. Define characteristics of an Ethical Leader
6. Explain how attitude & belief helps in ethical decision making. Also explain the steps of
ethical decision-making.

Module 3
7. Explain 5 unethical issues in Finance and Provide remedies to overcome such issues
8. Explain Creative Accounting & discuss the Satyam case
9. What are the ethical issues in financial statement? - Discuss
10. What are the ethical issues in financial market? Elaborate
11. Short Note – Duties of an Auditor
12. Short Note - Ethics & Insider Trading
13. Write down Characteristics of management prone to fraud
14. What is creative accounting and why it is necessary?
15. Why Satyam Fails? – Discuss with details

Module 4

16. Define role and importance of marketing in present era

17. Why ethical marketing is required?
18. Define ethical issues in Product with example of HUL,ITC,P&G
19. Define ethical issues in Price with examples of Parle and Britannia
20. Write down in detail – ethical issues in Marketing Mix with examples
21. What are the ethical issues in marketing? Describe the ethical issues in advertisement in detail
22. Discuss ethical issues in Human Resource Management with some practical Examples
23. Short Note: Workplace Ethics
24. Write down – Rights and duties of an employees
Module 5
25. Short Note: Agency Theory
26. Short Note: Stewardship Theory
27. Short Note: Stake holder theory
28. Discuss – Role of board of Governors
29. Write down Role of corporate governance in detail
30. Discuss – Factors affecting quality of corporate governance

Attempt Any 25 Questions

Important Instructions:

▪ Assignment submission date: 23rd March, 2020 (Monday)

▪ Assignment should be written in project papers/blank papers and submitted in folder
(Books are strictly not allowed)
▪ Answer should be descriptive and should justify the questions
• Late submission is strictly not allowed
• Marks will be awarded on the basis of content and proper explanation with examples
• It is compulsory to submit all the assignment
• Assignments copied from others will be rejected
• Answers should be contains introduction of the topic, definition, main body and conclusion for
Higher marks.
▪ Failure to submit the assignments on time would lead to failure in internal marks as
discussed in class