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temperature Analysis With the

Help 0f LM
by Shahin Bano

Submission date: 19-Mar-2020 10:59AM (UTC+0530)

Submission ID: 1277994321
File name: temperature_detecting_1.docx (516.87K)
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“temperature Analysis
With the Help 0f LM 35”

subm1tted t0

Kiit Deemed to be University

In Part1al sQulsQ lllment 0sQ the Requ1rement sQ0r the

Award 0sQ



s0HA DAs 1629001
sHAHlN BAN0 1629092




BHUB ANESWAR. 0Dl sHA —751024
MAY 2019
Kllt Deemed t0 be Unlversltr
sch00l 0sQ C0mputer Englneerlng
Bhubaneswar, 0D1sHA 751024

th 1s 1s cert1 sQy that the prt)ject
ent1 tled

“temperature Analysls
Wlth the Help 0sQ LM 35”
subm l tted by

s0HA DAs

1s a rec0rd 0sQ b0nasQ 1de wt)rk carr led Out by them. 1 n the part 1al sQulsQ1
lment 0sQ the requ lrement sQ0r the award 0sQ Degree 0sQ Bachel0r 0sQ Eng 1neer
1 ng (C0rnputer sc lence & C0mmun 1cat 10n Eng 1 neer 1 ng) at K 11t Deemed t0
be un 1vers1 ty. BhubanesWilf. th 1s wt)rk 1s d0ne dur 1 ng year 201 b-2019. under
Our gu 1 dance.

Date: / /

( Pr0sQ. C0-Gulde Name ) ( Pr0sQ. Gulde Name

Pr0ject C0-Gulde Pr0ject Gulde 2

We are prtJsQ0undly gratesQul th Pr0sQ. sARltA tRlPAtHY sQ0r
her expert gu1dance and c0nt I nu0us enc0uragement thrtJugh0ut t0 see
that thl s prtJject r1ghts 1ts target s1nce Its c0mmencement t0 I ts
c0mplet l0n. ................ . .

s0HA DAs

the 1nternet 0sQ th1ngs (10t) 1s the 1nternet w0rk1ng 0sQ

phys1cal dev1ces, veh1cIes and Other Objects wh1ch c0ns1sts
0sQ an embedded system w1th sens0rs, actuat0rs and netw0rk
@nnect1v1ty that enable t0 c0IIect and eKchange data. the
10t aII0ws Objects t0 be sensed and/0r c0ntr0lled rem0tely
acr0ss ex1st1ng netw0rk 1nsQrastructure, creat1ng
0pp0rtun1t1es sQ0r m0re 1ntegrat10n 0sQ the phys1cal
w0rld 1nt0 c0mputer-based systems, and result 1n
1mpr0ved accuracy, esQsQ1c1ency and ec0n0m1c
benesQ1t. the 10t 1s a rap1dIy 1ncreas1ng and pr0m1s1ng
tech n0l0gy wh1ch bec0mes m0re and m0re present 1n Our
everyday Ives. sQurtherm0re, the techn0l0gy 1s an
1nstance 0sQ the m0re general class 0sQ cyber-phys1cal
systems, wh1ch aIs0 enc0mpasses techn0l0g1es such as
smart gr1ds, smart h0mes and smart c1t1es. C0ns1der1ng
the h1gh-rate devel0pment 0sQ 10t techn0l0g1es, and the
s1gn1sQ1cant 1ncrement 1n the number 0sQ the c0nnected
dev1ces, c0mprehens1ve 0verv1ew 0sQ the 10t system a1ms,
arch1tecture, challenges, appI1cat10ns, pr0t0c0ls, and
market 0verv1ew were d1scussed. 1n Order t0 g1ve an
example 0sQ 10t s0Iut10n, a s1mpIe 10t dem0nstrat0r was
1mplemented us1ng the current asQsQ0rdable hardware, and
cl0ud esQsQ1c1ent s0sQtware. W1th th1s dem0nstrat0r,
the s1mpI1c1ty and des1gn sQIeX1b1I1ty 0sQ 10t s0Iut10n
were h1ghI1ghted and tw0 0sQ the 1BM 10t s0sQtware,
N0de-RED and Bluem1x, were exam1ned.
Keyw0rds: 1nternet 0sQ th1ngs, M2M c0mmun1cat10n,
ARM mbed, N0de-RED, Bluem1x

0verv1ew :
1nternet 0sQ th1ngs 1s a var1ed t0p1c that has ev0lved due t0
c0nvergence 0sQ mult1ple techn0I0g1es.1t 1s an emerg1ng t0p1c 0sQ
techn1caI, s0c1aI, and ec0n0m1c s1gn1sQ1cance.
Data Ana!vs1s senses the mean1ng are made 0sQ the data gathered
1n quaI1tat1ve research, and by wh1ch the emergent kn0wledge 1s
appl1ed t0 cI1ents' pr0blems.
th1s pr0ject rec0rds the temperature thr0ugh0ut the day analys1ses the
data 1n acc0rdance t0 that regulates the alr c0nd1t10ner t0 ma1ntaln a
standard temperature wh1ch w0uld be s00th1ng .

Ab0ut Our pr0ject:

1nternet 0sQ th1ngs generally resQers t0 scenar10 ,where netw0rk
c0nnect1v1ty and c0mput1ng capab1I1ty extends t0 Objects, sens0rs and
everyday 1tems n0t n0rmaIIy c0ns1dered c0mputers. thereby,aIl0w1ng these
dev1ces t0 generate m1n1maI human 1ntervent10n.Data 1nterpretat10n
resQers t0 the 1mplementat10n 0sQ pr0cesses thr0ugh wh1ch data 1s
rev1ewed sQ0r the purp0se 0sQ arr1v1ng at an 1nsQ0rmed c0nclus10n.
W1th the merg1ng 1mp0rtance and need 0sQ b0th these
appl1cat10n, th1s pr0ject sh0wcases the c0mb1ne appl1cat10n 0sQ 1nternet
0sQ th1ngs & Data Ana!vs1s.
• tak1ng temperature as data, 1t 1s rec0rded sQ0r 24 h0urs at an
1nterval 0sQ 5 m1nutes.
• these data are then calculated t0 0bta1n average temperature sQ0r
an h0ur.
• these data are analyzed and acc0rd1ngly a sQeas1ble temperature 1s
set t0 ma1ntaln a standard temperature.
the data are recorded w1th the help 0sQ BOItCIOud and the the backend
1s 1nc0rp0rated w1th the help 0sQ Rstud10. 5
L1terature survey

What 1s B0lt ?
CIOudBOIt 1s a hvbr1d cl0ud management platsQ0rm devel0ped by
ClOudBOlt s0sQtware sQ0r depl0y1ng and manag1ng v1rtuaI
mach1nes (VMs), appl1cat10ns, and Other 1t res0urces, b0th 1n publlc
cl0uds and 1n
pr1vate data centers.

sQeatures 0sQ B0It

A W1sQ1 OR A GsM CH1P An easy 1ntersQace t0 qu1ckIy c0nnect
y0ur hardware t0 cl0ud Over GP10, UARt, and ADC. AIs0, c0nnects t0
MODBUs, 12C, and sP1 w1th an add1t10naI c0nverter.

ROBUst C0MMUN1CAt10N B0It 1s equ1pped w1th 1ndustry standard

pr0t0c0ls t0 ensure a secure and sQast c0mmun1cat10n 0sQ y0ur dev1ce data
w1th the cl0ud.

sECUR1tY B0It has bu1It-1n sasQegua rds t0 secure all user data
sQr0m unwanted th1rd-party 1ntrus10ns and hacks.
MACH1NE LEARN1NG Depl0y mach1ne Iearn1ng alg0r1thms w1th just a
sQew cI1cks t0 detect an0mal1es as well as pred1ct sens0r values.

C1rcult D1agram
Bu1Id1ng the hardware:

Our LED has tw0 legs, the I0ng leg (An0de) we shall 1nsert 1nt0 p1n 0
0sQ the B0It 10t. the sh0rt leg (Cath0de) we shall 1nsert 1nt0 the GND
p1n. Plug 1n the B0It t0 a p0wer s0urce and let 1t c0nnect t0 the 1nternet
(the green LED 0n the b0ard sh0uld turn On and sh0w ready.)

Once the B0It 1s 0nI1ne, head Over t0 y0ur c0mputer and Open a web
br0wser, we shall crasQt a URL that w1II turn On the LED.

the URL c0nnects t0 the B0It 10t cl0ud and uses y0ur AP1 key and
dev1ce 1D, then we pass a c0mmand t0 turn On p1n 0. th1s
c0mmand 1s called ‘d1g1taIWr1te’ and we pass the c0mmand the p1n
number/name and then the state H1GH, wh1ch means ‘On’, LOW
wh1ch means ‘0sQsQ*.

s0 here 1s the URL https://cI0ud.b0It10t.c0m/rem0te/YOUR AP1 KEY/d1g1taIWr1te?

p1n=0&state=H1GH&dev1ceName=YOUR B0Lt DEV1CE 1D

type th1s URL, remember1ng t0 change the AP1 and B0It 10t and press
Enter. Y0ur LED w1lI c0me t0 I1sQe! that was s1mpIe! N0w t0 turn 1t
0sQsQ, just change the H1GH 1n the URL t0 LOW.

W1th that s1mpIe test, we m0ve On t0 s0meth1ng a I1ttIe m0re c0mplex,

th1s t1me we shall c0ntr0l a m0t0r us1ng Pyth0n.
system Requ1rements

Java Vers10n
B0Lt can be 1nstaIIed On nearly all Java-based handsets s1nce the
br0wser requ1res 0nIy Java M1DP 2 and CLDC 1.0 Or h1gher

B0Lt aIs0 runs well On Palm-p0wered dev1ces w1th J2ME supp0rt.

Andr01d Vers10n
B0Lt sQ0r Andr01d was released sQ0r pr1vate beta test1ng 1n
May, 2011 and 3.0 vers10n was subsequently made ava1Ia ble On
Andr01d market 1n Oct, 2011.

Blackberry Vers10n
B0Lt d0es n0t w0rk well w1th BlackBerry dev1ces. Blackberry users
need t0 1nstaII the BlackBerry-spec1sQ1c vers10n 0sQ B0Lt.

W1nd0ws Vers10n
B0Lt runs well On selected W1nd0ws M0b1Ie 6 dev1ces 1ncIud 1ng
HtC t0uch, M0t0 Q, M0t0 Q9c (w1th W1nd0ws M0b1Ie 6.1 0s) and
M0t0 Q9h. H0wever, B0Lt d0es n0t supp0rt M0t0 Q8 W1nd0ws
M0b1Ie dev1ce.

R Language :
R 1s a language and env1r0nment sQ0r stat1st1caI c0mput1ng and
graph1cs. 1t 1s a GNU pr0ject wh1ch 1s s1m1Iar t0 the s language
and env1r0nment wh1ch was devel0ped at Bell Lab0rat0r1es
(sQ0rmerly At&t, n0w Lucent techn0l0g1es) by J0hn Chambers and
c0lleagues. R can be c0ns1dered as a d1sQsQerent
1mplementat10n 0sQ s. there are s0me 1mp0rtant
d1sQsQerences, but much c0de wr1tten sQ0r s runs unaltered
under R.

R pr0v1des a w1de var1ety 0sQ stat1st1caI (I1near and n0nI1near

m0deII1ng, cIass1caI stat1st1caI tests, t1me-ser1es analys1s,
cIass1sQ1cat10n, cluster1ng, ...) and graph1cal techn1ques, and 1s
h1ghIy extens1ble. the s language 1s 0sQten the veh1cIe 0sQ
ch01ce sQ0r research 1n stat1st1caI meth0d0l0gy, and R pr0v1des
an Open s0urce r0ute t0 part1c1pat10n 1n that act1v1ty.

R 1s an 1ntegrated su1te 0sQ s0sQtware sQac1I1t1es sQ0r

data man1puIat10n, caIcuIat10n and graph1cal d1spIay. 1t

• an esQsQect1ve data handl1ng and st0rage sQac1I1ty,

• a su1te 0sQ 0perat0rs sQ0r caIcuIat10ns On arrays, 1n
part1cular matr1ces,
• a large, c0herent, 1ntegrated c0IIect10n 0sQ 1ntermed1ate t00Is
sQ0r data analys1s,
• graph1cal sQac1I1t1es sQ0r data analys1s and d1spIay e1ther
On-screen Or On hardc0py, and
• a well-devel0ped, s1mpIe and esQsQect1ve pr0gramm 1ng
language wh1ch 1ncludes c0nd1t10naIs, I00ps, user-desQ1ned
recurs1ve sQunct10ns and 1nput and Output
system Des1gn

Pr0blem p0sed:t0 rec0rd the atm0spher1c temperature & acc0rd1ngly

regulated the temperature 0sQ the Alr C0nd1t10n t0 ma1ntaln a
su1table temperature as per human c0nven1ence.
th1s 1s s0lved w1th the help 0sQ a temperature sens0r.
A temperature sens0r 1s an electr0n1c dev1ce, c0mpr1s1ng a
therm0c0uple Or RtD, that prov1des sQ0r temperature measurement
through an eIectr1caI s1gnaI. A therm0c0uple 1s made sQr0m tw0
d1ss1m1Iar metals that generate electr1cal v0ltage wh1ch 1s d1rect
pr0p0rt10n t0 changes that Occurs 1n temperature.

Reas0ns t0 use LM35 as c0mpared t0 Other temperature sens0r:

• LM35 1s a prec1s10n 1C temperature sens0r w1th 1ts

Output pr0p0rt10nal t0 the temperature 1n Cent1grade.
• the sens0r c1rcu1try 1s sealed hence n0t subjected t0 0x1dat10n.
• 1t aIs0 p0ssess I0w selsQ heat1ng .
• 1t d0es n0t cause m0re than 0.1 C temperature r1se 1n st1lI alr.


P1n C0nsQ1gurat10n:

P1n Number P1n Name Descr1pt10n

1 VCC 1nput v0ltage 1s +5V

sQ0r typ1cal
2 Anal0g Output W1II 1ncrease by
10MV sQ0r ever r1se
1n 1C.

3 Gr0und C0nnected t0 the

gr0und term1nal 0sQ
the c1rcult

+ S to
10 470

2 K/
C0nclus10n & sQuture sc0pe

1nternet 0sQ th1ngs (10t) 1s creat1ng an env1r0nment

0sQ c0nvergence 1n the s0c1ety. th1s techn0l0gy env1r0nment
br1ngs a parad1gm sh1sQt 1n Our pr0sQess10nal and pers0nal
I1sQe. As a c0nnected env1r0nment, 10t adds cust0mer
value and I0yalty. t0day, 10t 1s be1ng 1mplemented
everywhere wh1ch 1s 0sQ human c0ncern I1ke smart c1ty,
smart env1r0nment, secur1ty, smart bus1ness pr0cess,
smart agr1culture, h0me aut0mat10n and healthcare.
search eng1ne g1ant GOOgIe has already taken 1n1t1at1ves t0
mark 1ts
presence 1n the sQ1eId 0sQ 10t. 1t 1s try1ng t0 transsQ0rm the
10t by
putt1ng thelr enthral c0ncept 0sQ mak1ng the phys1cal URL
as sQuture 0sQ 10t 1nstead 0sQ apps wh1ch we c0mm0nly
1n th1s
pr0cess, the br0wser w1II d1spIay a beac0n style br0adcast 1n
wh1ch the nearby Object w1II appear wh1ch w1II be present 1n
the near pr0X1m1ty and can be c0mmun1cated d1rectly
w1th the
help 0sQ URL’s acc0rd1ng t0 the presQerence 0sQ users and
strength 0sQ the smart Object. On the Other hand 1BM and
L1beI1um has launched 6L0WPAN devel0pment platsQ0rm
sQ0r i
10t wh1ch w1II enable every s1ngIe sens0r and dev1ces t0
c0n nect d1rectly t0 the 1nternet us1ng the new 1Pv6
pr0t0c0ls. Ch1na and many Eur0pean c0untr1es are
1nvest1ng h1gh am0unt 0sQ thelr GDP 1n mak1ng smart
1nsQrastructure sQ0r e.g. smart R0ads and Br1dges sQ0r the
0sQ pe0ple. 1n th1s smart br1dges 1sQ c0rr0s10n 0r 1sQ
any malsQunct10n happens 1t w1II c0mmun1cate d1rectIy
s0that repalr w0rk can be d0ne at the pr0per t1me. smart
agr1culture 1s aIs0 1n research, Waspm0te has taken th1s
1n1t1at1ve sQ0r
0pt1mum pr0duct1v1ty us1ng the sens0r netw0rks
t0 ma1ntaln
m0n1t0r1ng capac1ty 0sQ cr0p cuIt1vat10n thr0ugh0ut the
pr0duct10n cycle. sQ0r example, depend1ng On s01I hum1d1ty
Waspm0te can send a message (thr0ugh the Z1gBee
0r by sMs) t0 aut0mat1cally sw1tch 0sQsQ water1ng
Or t0 change
water supply, thus c0ntr1but1ng t0wards esQsQ1c1ent water
Over 50 m1II10n sens0rs and smart watches, smart meters and
smart ph0nes, wash1ng mach1nes, sQr1dges, wearable
and many m0re th1ngs w1II be c0nnected Over 1nternet
by 2020.
the 1nternet 0sQ th1ngs, 1ndustr1aI 1nternet and 1nternet 0sQ I
Everyth1ng 1n 2015 w1II m0rph 1nt0 the 1nternet 0sQ
Anyth1ng[11].10A w1II 1nput all data 1n an un1sQ1ed
way w1th a
c0mm0n s0sQtware "ec0system". th0ugh many 1t c0mpan1es
are n0w busy 1n address1ng 1nter0perab1I1ty 1ssues and the
challenge 0sQ c0ntr0II1ng hardware dev1ces thr0ugh
the w0rld c0mmun1ty 1s n0w m0v1ng t0wards creat1ng
0pp0rtun1ty t0 I1ve 1n a "c0nnected I1sQe" env1r0nment.

temperature Analysis With the Help 0f LM

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Submitted to BITS, Pilani-Dubai
Student Paper 1%

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